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Trump Orders Pentagon To “Immediately Establish A Space Force”


Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

During a press conference Monday, Donald Trump announced that, as he hinted previously, he’s ordering the Pentagon to “immediately” establish a “space force” as an independent service branch. That’s right: Today might be the day that future generations look back on as the anniversary of the creation of the legendary US Space Force, guardians of intergalactic order.

Trump Orders Pentagon To "Immediately Establish A Space Force" Trump Orders Pentagon To "Immediately Establish A Space Force"

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Trump said “we must have American dominance in space. Very importantly, I am hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a Space Force as the Sixth Branch of the Armed Forces.”

The force will allow the US to become “the leader by far” in space as it looks to revive the space program, which once fascinated a generation of Americans. Trump also vowed to return the US to the moon, and to reach Mars roughly around the time Elon Musk is applying for a non-extradition permits.



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  • Alexandra

    Gives new meaning to Space Cadet!

  • Jesus

    “””The force will allow the US to become “the leader by far” in space as it looks to revive the space program, which once fascinated a generation of Americans. ”””

    Back to square one, and learn how to produce reliable rocket engines for starters.

    • MeMadMax

      We’ve got reliable rocket engines, The F1 and RS-25 ran flawlessly. The F1 put a man on the moon, 6 times, and is still unmatched in rawhorsepower. The RS-25 helped send the shuttle into orbit over a hundred times without failure. The RS-25(and similar versions of it) are being recycled into the new Space Launch System to head back to the moon and whatever else…

      So… where is this unreliable rocket engine you are talking about? If you are trying to suggest that the russians or chinese produce more reliable engines then I will refer you to exhibit X, as they have had their fair share of numerous blowups of their own:

      • Jesus

        Why is US buying Russian rocket engines for space launches?

        • Wise Gandalf

          because ypu are stupid to sell for 10% of its value :DDD
          asinus russicus :DDD

      • Jesus

        F1 engines have not been built for a while they were prevalent during the Saturn project in the 60’s and early 70’s.

        “””Sixty-five F-1 engines were launched aboard thirteen Saturn Vs, and each first stage landed in the Atlantic Ocean after about two and a half minutes of flight. Ten of these followed approximately the same flight azimuth of 72 degrees, but Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 followed significantly more southerly azimuths (80.088 degrees and 91.503 degrees, respectively). The Skylab launch vehicle flew at a more northerly azimuth to reach a higher inclination orbit (50 degrees versus the usual 32.5 degrees).[16]

        Ten F-1 engines were installed on two production Saturn Vs that never flew. The first stage from SA-514 is on display at the Johnson Space Center in Houston (although owned by the Smithsonian) and the first stage from SA-515 is on display at the INFINITY Science Center at John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.”””

        • MeMadMax

          Really? I was not aware of that………………………………..
          And, you are wrong. They are working on recycling the F1 in the SLS too:

          • Jesus

            From your source :

            “””A team of engineers working at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. are studying the venerable F-1 for possible use in NASA’s new heavy-lift Space Launch System, or “SLS.””””

            Possible use. Right now they are not using F1 for any launches.

          • MeMadMax

            Doesn’t matter, its still flight ready and they have a half dozen or so layin around waiting to be stuffed inside a rocket…

    • gustavo

      USA are using Russia rockets because of they low cost and high efficiency.

      • Jesus

        That is an oversimplification, Lockheed Martin 15-20 years ago started using the RD180 rocket engines on their Atlas series rockets.
        Delta 4 rockets are big, rough and very noisy susceptible to damage sensitive satellite components trying to launch.

        Without the Russian RD 180 engine US cannot reliably launch satellites or replenish the international space station.

        “””The Delta IV can carry a larger payload into low earth orbit than the Atlas V, 60,779 lbs. vs. 41,478 lbs. But a Delta launch is much more expensive.

        Plus, the Delta IV is—strange thing to say about an enormous rocket—very fast and noisy. According to Aviation Week, “There is some concern that the acoustic environment and acceleration profiles in the Delta IV nosecone could be too violent [for some Air Force and Navy satellite payloads].” Getting payloads “dual manifested” so that they can fly on either the Atlas or the Delta “requires detailed engineering work,” says AV, meaning “is slow as hell.””””

        • Wise Gandalf

          USA has space shuttles, if they need precise thing. The us army uses still shuttles.

          The new type of american rocket will beat all russians.

          Btw., not the russian rockets are the best. Ariadne, the french. in last 12 years no failure. the indian rocket are also good, cheaper than russians. so, within 1 decade russia will stay with old rockets, who nobody will use, no money for the development of new ones. you ruskes are extremly stupid nation. with selling your only advance system allow america to run forward faster. and you will be the big loser. you also touht them to buld space stations. soooo much idiots can be only the russians. you gave them the know how for nothing.

  • John

    Back off on your medication Capt. Donald.

  • Stephen

    Terrorist Trump.

  • Stephen

    The lives of the child butchers Trump, Salman, Netanyahu and Israel are not beneficial to this world. They are evil. Therefore, their elimination is better for the future generations of this world.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    I may be mistaken, but isn’t there a treaty prohibiting the militarization of “space?”

    • Garga

      Exactly. There’s an “Outer Space Treaty” which prohibits the stationing of WMDs in space (Earth’s orbits and outer space) and military activities in the celestial bodies and specifically limits the use of the Moon and other bodies for peaceful purposes only. Here’s a link to the US Department of State about it.

      That being said, what’s going to stop the US of A from breaking and breaching yet another international treaty?

      • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

        Nothing. Breaking treaties is the entire history of US “diplomacy.”

      • Steven Howard

        Treaties only apply to non-exceptional countries. The sorts of places where the leaders and military are occasionally held accountable for war crimes in international tribunals – usually where they are on the losing side against exceptional countries or aren’t puppet dictators tasked with looting their nation on behalf of same.

      • MeMadMax

        It only refers to basically nukes in space and claiming a planet as their own…

        Theres lots of different ways we can kill each other that are actually pretty simplistic. Like the kinetic destroyer for example is just a mass fired at whatever the target is to destroy it. You can also use it to create a somewhat very large explosion on the surface using just the sheer speed of the mass, even thou that mass is nothing more than a hunk of steel.

    • v76

      Merika has broken every treaty it has ever signed since it landed on the Americas… why would this be any different.

    • Benny Flores

      Not a single nation with the capabilities to militarize space will actually follow any proposed space de-militarization, it would be suicidal to actually follow such a policy.

      • gustavo

        So,,,, what ? Do you think USA-Israel care about this ?

        • Benny Flores

          I’m saying it’s stupid to follow anything concerning the demilitarisation of space.

    • Nosferatu

      I may be mistaken but is there a treaty that US actualy follows?

      • gustavo

        Yes, USA follows its own secret treaty.

    • FlorianGeyer

      In the great tradition of the US and treaties, Trump just broke it :)

    • gustavo

      The prohibition depends on what USA want.

    • Val Shadowhawk

      Ha! Ask any indigenous person how they feel about such ‘Treaties’. All of which were broken. All of them.

  • Snowglobe

    Trump is trolling the world. Methinks that this is part of the show.

  • Garga

    Are they going to send their “space marines” to the “Imperial school of Stormtroopers’ shooting”? They had a “Star Wars” program in the ’80s after all. I just hope they ask Lockheed Martin to design and build their “Death Star”. I’d imagine a faulty exhaust portal will be their least problem.

    These guys are obsessed with dominating. Perhaps they’re compensating for “something”.

    • BMWA1
      • Garga


        If you’re livin’ in a bubble and you haven’t got a care

        Well, you’re gonna be in trouble, cause we’re gonna steal your air

        Cause what you got is what we need and all we do is dirty deeds

        We’re the Spaceballs, Watch Out! cause we’re the Spaceballs

        We’re the master of space

        Hey, Don’t mess around with the Spaceballs

    • SG
    • Promitheas Apollonious

      They had, past sense and they will never get one going ever again as the minds they was hoping to give them the solutions for what they wanted to do have left USA in 84 that was also the year the program collapsed and lost all their momentum into technology.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Hollywood will come to the rescue.

        The various US government agencies admitted to vetting ( censoring) circa 220 Hollywood films in order to promote better American Exceptionalism for decades.

        Scholars researching this submitted a Freedom of Information request that subsequently detailed circa 7500 such government censoring of Hollywood movies.

        Having seen the latest film of Dunkirk that has been laregely promoted as a victory since the actual retreat from France , where ALL the equipment heavier that a rifle was abandoned by the British Army at Dunkirk.

        As an aside, my mother was in the WRNS ( Womens Royal Naval Service ) during WW2 and boarded a landing ship that had just transported German POW’s to London docks from Normandy in June/July 1944. The wretched state of the German soldiers was compounded by the pungent smell of long unwashed bodies. There is no reason to believe that the British being evacuated at Dunkirk were not is a similar state . The latest film mainly depicts them in smart uniforms etc.

        Bullshit it seems never fails to baffle the brains of the majority :)

    • FlorianGeyer

      The ” space marines ” will be trained on the borders of Gaza by the Israeli’s at their ‘ Imperial School of Murder’ .

  • Daniel Castro

    The saddest part is many muricans (and many others who aren’t even muricans for that matter), probably have orgasms listening such huge load of crap out of Trump’s mouth… trump himself certainly do not believe in this shit.

  • Stephen

    The world is in chaos due to bunch of evils Trump, May, Macron and Salman of whom forces have intruded into unarmed countries Palestine, Syria, Yemen etc, butchering children and holding nations hostages there.

    We cannot leave this world to the future generations with full chaos.

    There is no safety for the future generations of this world. All world leaders must work together and eliminate all those evil elements that responsible for this chaos in this world for the safety of future generations. Then in future money that spend on wars and weapons will be spend on education and other welfare activities.


    Does this mean we shall also have Jihadist in space? :)

    • Empire’s Frontiers

      Reminds me of the joke about President Shrub 2 and the Saudi Prince who liked Star Trek.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      HEY WATCH STAR TREK & STARGATE. All your questions will be answered there as, they been answered to tramp, by the experts on the subject.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Will the US Space Command be using Russian rocket engines to propel the Space Marines into the new US Occupied Territories ? :)

  • Tudor Miron

    Is there enough fund alocated for space transgender toilets??? If no than there’s need to reconsider!
    Pink cosmic troops – sounds intimidating.

    • Vitex

      I’d be intimidated by a 120kg transgender marine….

    • Concrete Mike

      Sardaukar ;)

  • matt

    PIGS…. IN…. SPACE!!!!

  • Siegfried

    ” Trump Orders Pentagon To “Immediately Establish A Space Force”
    Dvmba##, you cannot defeat the Taliban with their obsolete archaic AK-47.
    And WHO shall transport your troops in Space? .. SOIUZ? :)

  • Empire’s Frontiers

    It’s more likely that a so-called space force already exists.

    Perhaps not in the sense of deployable Marines re-entering the atmosphere, but present nonetheless.

    It seems likely, even imperative that the Americans have considered the need to be able to destroy enemy communication networks and global positioning systems while defending American property in orbit.

    I doubt many satellites on either side of a conflict would survive the early hours of the fighting, but the defense and destruction of such devices orbiting the globe has likely been solved for quite awhile.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      of course it has been solved dont you watch hollywood? Now all is left for the americans is to actually do it in real life too. In few hundred years I am sure the get it right if they still exist, that base on what is realities on earth and not in the fantasy of some, the future is not so good for them.

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        You’re saying it doesn’t seem plausible that metal, light blocking, signal producing devices traveling predictable circular routes can be intercepted by military means?

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          That is what the laser weapons are for and already been tested according to some.

          But to have a space fighting force no the americans dont have the technology. May be the russians with the micro nuclear reactor they have developed maybe can do it by having nuclear powered airforce. Other than that you have a target on predictable orbit.

    • FlorianGeyer

      And after that the area of space used for satellites would have so much debris whizzing around that future satellites would need to be built like tanks :)

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        This is what I think.

        In the case of destroying targets in space, precision strikes would be less effective than wide area destruction.

        Then with all the birds out the sky it’s about being able to occupy that space in the new conditions.

        As our Grecian friend is pointing out, routine space based fighting forces are a preposterous notion for today’s world.

        But the militarization of space is long behind us.

  • Cat

    With who’s rockets? Russias? Chinas? Indias? Thats what I though. You scrapped your shuttle program, only viable program to launch military hardware into space at a frequent rate and on the cheap. The west is so far behind in military rocket tech that I dont think this bew branch will do shit for at least another two decades. More US taxpayer dollars wasted though. Not to mention the countless peace treaties that will be violated.

    • SG

      If the US military-industrial complex wasn’t so corrupt, monopolized and profit driven, they could probably catch up in a decade or so.

      • Promitheas Apollonious


  • Raise the shields and arm the phasers, Mr Chekov. Those Klingons will never dare attack Earth!

  • MeMadMax

    This pretty much suggests that the MIC has ran out of ideas on how to bleed the american taxpayer dry by “reinventing the wheel” on some geewhizbang airplane that is stealth(not stealth)…

    … now we militarize space to further blow up the MIC checkbooks…


    • Promitheas Apollonious

      something like that, yes.

  • You can call me Al
  • Nosferatu

    Mayby the US space force could try to land on the Moon, but this time for real.

  • Vitex

    Love the Starship Troopers reference. Underrated (if not prophetic) movie

  • gustavo

    Who order what ? I order you to order me to do something.

  • Barba_Papa

    Excellent! Throwing even more money away that the US doesn’t have will only serve to hasten its collapse.

  • Otto Heinrich Wehmann

    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

  • dhinds

    President Trump wants to “dominate” space before providing adequate housing, food, water and education for the United States’ own citizens?

    With priorities that out of sync with the nations immediate needs, he should reconsider or step down.

  • Brad Isherwood

    Only AI can survive Van Allen radiation belts and hard Galactic Radiations beyond that.
    No Astro Nots have been higher than 400 miles up in the Space Shuttle.

    NASA never landed a Man on the Moon
    Jack White photo study ends the NASA charade.

  • gustavo

    Trump and northamerican are just jealous of Russia aerospace force. So, why don’t we have a USA aerospace force ? It looks like that USA has been left behind advanced weapons and organization system. She will need to be on hurry to be even with Russia soon, but money can get almost everything !

    • Wise Gandalf

      Russia has no space force. It is forbidden, too.

      • gustavo

        I meant just the name, I forgot to clarify. Of course, USA is proposing something really crazy.