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Trump or Clinton: not different at all

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The adviser of the Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei claims to see no difference between both of the US presidential candidates from the Democratic and the Republican parties.

Trump or Clinton: not different at all

The international affairs adviser of the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ali Akbar Velayati, has declared to the Lebanese TV station Al-Mayadeen that there are no clear differences between both of the contestants, at least not for Iran.

In regards to Hillary Clinton’s candidateship and stance, in the past, the former Secretary State has shown herself sort of combative when subjects concerning the Islamic Republic of Iran have been put under debate, for instance in 2008, when she stated that the government of the US could “totally obliterate” Iran in response to what she considered a direct nuclear threat to Israel, however it must be remarked that the Islamic nation has no nuclear weapons or has no aim to get them.

That’s not the only accusation the candidate of the Democratic Party does against Iran. Clinton has also been accusing Teheran of supporting international terrorism in the region by prompting the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, whose “terrorist activity” consists on defending Lebanon from Israel.

“The US Democrats proved, by refusing to fulfill their obligations (under the Iran’s Nuclear Deal), that they are not committed to the nuclear agreement. Therefore, they are not different from the Republicans”, Velayati claimed.

Last year, on July 2015, the so-called Nuclear agreement was reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of nations (Germany, Britain, China, France, the US and Russia). According to the deal, Iran accepted to reduce its nuclear activity and to accept the presence of international atomic monitors in its facilities to, in return, see all the economic and political sanctions against the country, in regards to its nuclear program, lifted.

The full implementation of the agreement is not a reality yet, since there are a series of problems coming mainly from Europe and the US. For instance, European banks are “afraid” of restoring their transactions of Iran, fearing possible retaliations from similar organisms in the US. Nevertheless, banks and US officials have tried to mitigate such worries.

In the other hand, the Republican candidate, Donald Trump has talked about his attempt to tear up the cited agreement. In response to this, Velayati said. “Americans should know that if they refused to implement the nuclear agreement, Iran could go for other options.”

The adviser also talked about Saudi policies, qualifying them as destructive and as a “political suicide”, citing Riyadh’s aim to strengthen public relations with Israel, the expansion of extremism and the unsolved situation of the conflict involving Yemen.

Situation of Syria was also part of his remarks. In regards to that issue, Velayati assured that if there were new elections in the war-torn nation, president Bashar Al-Assad could have big chances to succeed, adding that, after the “apparent silence” of Western nations demanding the deposal of Assad, it seems that a lot of countries have realized that the legitimate elected Syrian leader must remain in front of his nation.

 Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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Valhalla rising

the whole mainstream, neocons,neoliberals and what have you is against Trump and pro Clinton so why the fuck isnt there a difference.This is the first real choice in decades.

First Lastname

Exactly. It’s the first real choice in decades, and very likely the last, if we choose wrong. There’s a weird phenomenon happening right now. People are very (rightfully) disillusioned with the American political system, then someone comes along who actually has the potential to change it for the better, and people reject him because he’s using the system to change it.

It’s like, what they hate, they create.


The whole mainstream is so anti Trump they gave him 3 billion in free media.

Valhalla rising

This stupid fucking idotic argument.Yes he got media coverage TO FUCKING SLANDER HIM.The media coverage was to negative.I cant even remember to read one article or one TV news in the non US western news that was positive.Yes in this universe you have to use up time to slander somebody.This is so stupid i cant even believe that somebody brings that argument up.


Every speech he gives is shown unedited. The fact that many pundits slander him only helps him since basement dwelling morons like you believe in a ‘Jewish NWO media conspiracy’. It is not always the best strategy to positively hype someone up in the mainstream media, just give him the idea of invincibility and all the free time.

I can’t wait for the fascist billionaire Trump to lose the election. You know full well this is your last chance, as a right wing extremist, to get another Hitler in power.

Valhalla rising

so you bolchevik cultural marxist filth admit that my argument is valid nice..because its undeniable that he is slandered by the jewish owned media and it is undeniable that the mainstream media is owned to close to a 100% by jews just as it was the case in the Yeltzin years before Putin came to power.The west will soon resemble Spain 1936 and then its tabula rasa time for all the scum.

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