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Trump ‘Open’ To Working With Iran And Russia To End Syrian War

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Trump ‘Open’ To Working With Iran And Russia To End Syrian War


The Trump administration remains open to working with Iran and Russia in order to end the Syrian war, Sean Spicer, the White House spokesman, said at the daily news briefing.

“The United States remains open to working together with both Russia and Iran to find a solution that leads to a stable and united Syria,” Spicer. “But in order for us to work together to bring an end to the violence in Syria, Russia and Iran need to acknowledge the atrocities of the Assad regime and use their influence to stop them.”

It looks that this was the first time when the Trump administration declared a readiness to work with Tehran and Damascus over a possible peace solution in Syria. However, the US attitude towrads the situation remains pretty hostile because it continues to blame the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance as the main side responsible for civilian casualties in Syria.

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Douglas Houck

A positive statement but still a ways to go. Israel and SA etc. still want Assad to be kicked out. Don’t see it happening.

Leo Jansen

That´s not going to happen! There are still many Powerful people who want Assad to get Killed and USA is one of them no mather what Trump has to say!

Expo Marker

Does anyone else smel that!?
Smells like…BS!

Note to Trump:You will not achieve peace when you constantly try to force Iran and Russia to do what you want.

Pave Way IV

The US should feel lucky that it’s dealing with Russia in Syria. Russia has ALWAYS had the class to extended plenty of ways for the US and evil cabal to bail out without losing face – it’s just that the US has never taken advantage of them (arrogance). Nonetheless, Russia will (once again) do whatever it can to let the US and Trump claim some kind of victory in Syria if that’s what it takes for the US to finally throw in the towel. Russian diplomats have incredible levels of tolerance for the juvenile behavior of US diplomats.

The US would never reciprocate in the same situation. My US leaders act like spoiled little brats that just can’t let anyone else win no matter what. There would always be sanctions, pouting and covert acts of terror to penalize any perceived opponents ‘win’.

Desperado Rogue

Hitler let Churchill and the BEF escape at Dunkirk and all of Germany paid the highest price for this mistake. He later learned that playing honourably with the anglo-zionists only ends up with the people you love being harmed.

Plus there is Maidan, MH17, Odessa, the “terrorist” shoot down of the Russian commercial jet in Egypt. The list of false flags perpatrated against Russia is almost endless.

If Putin extends another face saving “compromise” to the anglo-zionists it will surely come back to bite him in the rear.

Pave Way IV

What’s the alternative for Russia – WW III over Syria? Russia has said time and time again that it WILL help Syria take out head-choppers (FSA, Nusra, ISIS), but it WILL NOT fight Syrian battles on their behalf against the Kurds, Israel, Turkey or anyone else.

While Russia strongly objects to U.S.-sponsored land/oil/resource-theft in eastern Syria, they will not get directly involved in the fight (other than to defeat ISIS). If Syria can’t hold the east against the U.S.-backed SDF, then it’s Syria’s problem. This is not Russia ‘giving’ eastern Syria to the U.S., it’s simply Russia keeping out of Syrian affairs. Besides, a U.S. controlled eastern Syria with U.S. bases would most certainly be another Afghanistan for the U.S. – we will bleed to death there just like in Afghanistan and accomplish nothing.


No Russia needs to do more to help Syria, because its not just ISIS looking to destroy it, but Israel, US, Saudis, etc. This is a multi dimensional conflict

Desperado Rogue

“it WILL NOT fight Syrian battles on their behalf against the Kurds, Israel, Turkey or anyone else.”

The war in Syria is not about Syria per se. It is far more about Russia, Iran and Greater Israel. If Russia looses Tartus and Latakia she will be bottled up in the black sea basin, and Crimea will be the next target.

Hitler made dozens of peace offers and played strictly by the rules trying to somehow mollify the anglo-zionists. It was a waste of energy that, again, his people paid bitterly for.

Putin seems to have given up on the propaganda war in the west, also just as Hitler did, despite what small inroads sputnik and RT may make.

Putin is not Kim Un, with a couple of questionable nukes. He alone has the power and ability to finally crush the anglo-zionists because he alone cannot be threatened with a real nuclear holocaust.

Clearly the most vulnerable target is the petro-dollar and the hundreds of trillions of derivatives. Putin could easily blow over this house of cards. The only question is why doesn’t he.

Tudor Miron

Comparing Putin with Hitler is just out of this world. Hitler made dozens of piece offers to his real masters (anglo-nazi). Hiler never invaded UK while there were no forces there to oppose him. Instead he went on Russia (much much more difficult task). Don’t read different propoganda just look at facts. Hiler was in direct official confrontation with UK and France. He took france in 6 weeks – UK hero allys (that tells you a lot how NATO will behave if something serious happens) runned away as you mentioned Dunkirk. There’s no other logical explanation of Hitler behavoir (UK fairytales aside) – not invading UK, other than he never really intended to. He would never come to power if UK/US (jew money) would not help him.

Rodney Loder

Trump assuming the moral high ground while he presides over a man made famine in Yemen, and it’s not the first time this century the US have used this tactic to achieve their ambitions.
February 2010 US war ships began blocking Humanitarian aid shipments entering Somalian Ports, causing over 100, 000 of the weakest Somalians mainly the beautiful babies to die of malnutrition, murdered by Obama.
I saw it last reported on the internet by Antiwar.com.
I wasn’t allowed to have a computer at the time and heard many BBC reports of the tragic US criminal actions on the overnight early morning international transmission, the aid workers were outraged.

Alex Black

It is one of those offers that are impossible to accept. I will say we can be friends if you admit you beat your wife type of a situation. There are at least two reasonable ways to dissect the facts. Either Assad is a horrible monster, or he isn’t. If Assad is a terrible monster, then alternatives must be considered and working with Russia will not be an option unless they admit this, or U.S. withdraws the ridiculous demand. If Assad is not a monster, then Russia can either admit to something Assad didn’t do or refuse to cooperate with the U.S. on Syria. In the former analysis, Russia must decide whether or not Russian strategic interests depends on Assad and the limit on that relationship. In the latter analysis, then Russia is forced with a choice to betray an ally for a dubious benefit of jumping on Team America in Syria, knowing full well that the Deep State will never allow a meaningful relationship with Russia.


Trump has to get rid of the deep state first then if he really wants peace and stuff


We know from J. Assange’s book “WikiLeaks Files” (2015) that this war against Syria began back in 2006 . Assad shooting protesters, turned out to be Al Qaeda agents shot them , the “gas attacks” , “barrel bombing “, “shooting prisoners” etc., is all obvious propaganda designed to sell America’s “humanitarians intervention” .
Russia and Iran , need to ask themselves if the initial reasons they entered this fray are correct , or have changed . I believe they are correct , and things have not changed .
Can they allow themselves to loose this war , or pull together their courage , and win .


What a nice refreshing change of attitude!!! I can only hope Mr. Trump is being sincere and is working to destroy the “deep state”!!


”But in order for us to work together to bring an end to the violence in Syria, Russia and Iran need to acknowledge the atrocities of the Assad regime and use their influence to stop them”

That’s same rhetoric as Obama. Aka, make Assad leave and install our puppet and then we can have peace.

Nothing changed.


Trump showing his true face, he used us to get the votes and just instantly transformed into another Zionist puppet in a matter of 2 months.

Solomon Krupacek

you are american?


european, I didn’t vote but I supported

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