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Trump Officially Announces Establishment Of US Space Force


Trump Officially Announces Establishment Of US Space Force

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On February 19th, US President Donald Trump announced the establishment of the US Space Force.

He did so with a falsely deep statement, that simply underlined that the reality of events is what the US sees it rather than what it actually is.

“Our destiny, beyond the Earth, is not only a matter of national identity, but a matter of national security.”

The announcement begins with the following:

“ESTABLISHING THE SPACE FORCE: President Donald J. Trump’s Space Policy Directive-4 is a bold, strategic step toward guaranteeing American space dominance that sets the framework for establishing the United States Space Force.”

Space Policy Directive-4 sets out a mission for the US Secretary of Defense, currently Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan, to develop a legislative proposal for the establishment of the US Space Force as the 6th branch of the US Armed Forces.

It will initially be established within the Air Force.

“The legislative proposal will embody President Trump’s vision for the Space Force by requiring this new branch of the Armed Forces to:

Strengthen America’s ability to compete, deter and win in an increasingly contested domain.

Organize, train and equip our space warfighters with next-generation capabilities.

Maximize warfighting capability and advocacy for space while minimizing bureaucracy.”

Furthermore, the statement reiterates the importance of space to US security, protection of lives and the US way of life.

“A VITAL NATIONAL INTEREST: Our use of space is necessary to keep our country safe, protect lives, and support our way of life.”

Furthermore, “The United States is the best in space, and our adversaries know it,” despite US reports claiming the opposite, as well as NASA using rockets produced in Russia for its launches.

One thing is a constant in US policy, however, “America will always seek peace through strength, and we will work with our allies and partners to secure that peace in space.”

POTUS also sees himself as a sort of visionary, since he “knows warfare is changing – space is now a warfighting domain just like the air, land and sea.” That is mostly the case since the US is the only country trying to militarize space to begin with.

The Trump administration is also pioneering – “No branch of the Armed Forces has been created since the United States Air Force was established in 1947, more than 70 years ago. The world has changed significantly since then.”

The announcement came shortly after a US Defense Intelligence Agency report which claimed that Chinese “Space Debris Clean-up” and other projects may be weaponized and used against the US.

In response to the claims of the report, Chinese spokeswoman Hua Chunying, on February 12th said that the DIA’s comments are baseless, furthermore these statements can be used as an answer to the entire space force concept.

“First of all, I want to make it clear that outer space belongs to all mankind. It is not exclusively owned by any one country and especially not the private property of the US. The DIA report made unwarranted and utterly baseless comments on the space policies of relevant countries including China. China upholds the peaceful use of outer space and opposes weaponizing outer space or an arms race there. For many years, China, Russia and other countries have been working hard and trying to reach an international legal instrument to fundamentally prevent the weaponization of or an arms race in outer space.”

Chunying also said that there have been negatives moves relating to the security of outer space in recent days.

“What merits particular alert and attention is that the US has described outer space as the “new war-fighting domain” and announced to establish a “space force” to regularly conduct outer space exercises, which makes it more likely to turn into reality the risks of weaponizing outer space and making it a battlefield.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also urged the US to work together with other actors, rather than against them to ensure the safety of space for all of mankind.

“It [the US] is using self-deceiving tricks to justify its own military building in outer space and R&D in advanced weapons. If the US side truly cares about the security of outer space, it should work with China and actively participate in the arms control process of outer space. It should make its due contributions to maintaining outer space security, instead of doing the opposite.”

The report also focuses on Russia. The section on it begins with a quote from a March 6th speech by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“Only with support from space will it be possible for the Armed Forces to reach maximum effective-ness…The Russian President has repeatedly stressed that our army and navy must not only meet the requirements of today, but to [sic] be prepared for tomorrow’s means of conducting armed struggle. The solution of this problem doubtlessly depends directly on the availability of a modern orbital constellation of military satellites.”

It doesn’t mention that any actions regarding space Russia and China undertake are mostly due to pre-emptive actions taken by the US.

The report deemed Russia not a significant enemy as China in space, but still a formidable one.

Back in June 2018, when Trump started his initial push for the US space force, Russian diplomats promised repercussions if US militarizes space.

“Militarization of outer space is the path to disaster,” Victor Bondarev, head of the Russian Parliament’s Upper House Committee on Defense and Security said.

”Let’s hope the American political elite still have the remnants of reason and common sense,” Bondarev said. “But if the United States withdraws from the 1967 treaty banning nuclear weapons in outer space, then, of course, not only ours, but also other states, will follow with a tough response aimed at ensuring world security.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also provided a comment on the possible formation of a space force.

“We’ve taken note of the US president’s instruction given to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to pull the military space force out of the Air Force and to convert it into a separate branch,” she said. “What makes this piece of news most alarming is the purpose of the instruction was described in very clear terms – dominance in space.”

“It’s not just guesses. It’s the understanding of the realities. Naturally, we keep the closest watch on Washington’s intentions and analyze the likely effects,” Zakharova said. “A military buildup in space, in particular, after the deployment of weapons there, would have destabilizing effects on strategic stability and international security.

“Russia takes a fundamentally different position and attaches priority to using and exploring space exclusively for peaceful purposes,” Zakharova said. “Over the past few years we put forward a number of initiatives for preventing a space arms race. We are determined to push ahead with pro-active work along these lines geared to obtaining specific results.”

The US DIA report also cited North Korea and Iran as possible, smaller, threats in space.

It is worth recalling that according to reports, Iran’s two most recent attempts to launch civilian and peaceful satellites to space resulted in failure.

There are also really no reports of North Korea launching military satellites or other infrastructure or hardware to space.




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  • Daniel Martin

    Just what the Americans ”need” right now, another branch of the U.S armed forces bottomless pit of monney burning machine, while 40 + million Americans wait in soup lines just to suvrive the day.
    It’s a shame to see that the American people are being held hostage by the Hydra called MIC and their corrupted lackeys in the U.S government.

  • Joe Kerr

    Collapsing infrastructure and homeless people freezing to death, but Trump’s “space force” is on its way, ready to zap any Chinaman under his bed.

  • potcracker777

    ONLY possible with the DIRECT help of Russia.Its russian made rocket engines that put american Military in space.Without russian rocket engines the americans are HELPLESS.
    So much to this continuing bullshit of enemies!!!
    just a hoax for the 99% sheep!!!!°!

  • Only the U.S. MSM would allow the U.S. govt to make it sound like we are defending ourselves while weaponizing space.

    If Russia or China made this announcement the copy feed would be burning up with panic over ‘aggression’. We are even in a panic over Iran’s meager attempt to achieve low orbit satellite for telecommunications.

  • You can call me Al

    So this is what they meant, when they said that the F-25 B was VTOL !!


    Can you only imagine they will crate with their space force.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    So the trash lost on earth, now they seek new battlefields in space?
    And now they can steal trillions of taxpayer dollars, and forced foreign “contributions”.

    Correct me if im wrong, but UN once wrote that space (Beyond lower orbit of planet earth) is not for any nation to take or make claim of.

    But again, its the United States of Hypocritics we are talking about.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      I think the americans are 20 years too late for space so by the time they catch up and they know it they be last in the race. the scam is so nasa gets what they can not get any more other wise and for the americans to think star wars and star trek was not just a movie. A lot of money there too.

  • vladput

    the down of russia has begun …

  • R PLobo
    • Sinbad2

      It was on TV the other night, and it’s so America.

  • Sinbad2

    Russia is decades ahead of the US in rocketry, so the US chooses to open up a new front where they can’t win.
    This is very good news for Russia.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Finally. We are getting rid of obsolete drone killings and can now use America´s new full spectrum outer space nano defense stealth invisible laser system with precision strikes within 10mm on all terrorists and our enemies.
    LOL…………………..and you guys cant do a s..t. about it. America won again!