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Trump: NATO Has To Focus On Tterrorism, Migration, Russian Threat

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Trump: NATO Has To Focus On Tterrorism, Migration, Russian Threat

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

The NATO has to focus on terrorism, migration and threats coming from Russia, Donald Trump has said US President Donald Trump has said during the military alliance meeting in Brussels.

“The NATO of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration, as well as threats from Russia, and on NATO’s eastern and southern borders,” he said.

The Trump statement followed an announcement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that the alliance will join the US-led coalition operating in Syria and Iraq.

It seems that the US administration and NATO are now going to exploit the ‘Russian threat’ issue in order to justify their actions in the Middle East.

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Joe Doe

What NATO has to do with immigration. This is not about people and countries safety is rather about finding the boogeyman and justify the military spending. NATO never made us safe and never will. Look what happen just recently in UK. Did the NATO save Manchester, UK, taken away our freedom and liberty prevent terrorist attack , NO. SO long people will tolerate governments stealing our money for the military complex nothing will change.


I suppose the main thing that NATO has do do with mass immigration due to conflict , is that NATO has a big responsibility in causing the wars that beget refugees. This fact is not what NATO wants to hear though :)


It’s more than that, although Nato wars and regime changes are one of the underlying reasons for migrants, but the majority are economic migrants from more central Africa. They are directly enabling and employing these “sea rescue” groups a.k.a human traffickers operating in the Mediterranean within 10 miles of Libyan coast. Nato and EU de facto are the trafficking elements. In 2015, Merkel sent out an open invitation to the first 100k or 200k or so “refugees” from the third world that they would get free living, disco money, bimmers and all the other goodies by just coming over. Of course, 100k or 200k soon turned into millions and rate still climbing.

Carol Davidek-Waller

“The Russian threat”= Economic viability and defending its borders. Creators of terrorism = the US and its puppet, autocratic Gulf states. Cause of terrorism = military adventurism. Solution = everyone go home.


The puppet speaks.


I don’t think you can really say “focus” and then continue with “all of the above”. Just kidding I get it, NATO is focused on “more”. So now the Trump reset is confirmed still-born, will Russia finally reciprocate for Obama’s last-minute ambassador expulsion? Nobody will respect you unless you first respect yourself.


Words fail at such a display of stupidity.

Peter Moy

Trump is wasting his time asking for support from these NATO puppets, lackeys colonies and worms. They will just smile, shake their heads and yes him to death knowing that they are militarily impotent. I’m sure that the ISIS, terrorists, militants, etc., etc. are really worried about more advisers, trainers, the powerful Danish Army or a German health & welfare unit entering these wars. Trump’s request is useless with these 3rd rate apparatchiks. They have billions of dollars of modern equipment that they are afraid to use. Pathetic. Uncle Stupid (Sam) is by himself, again.

John Marks

“NATO joining fight against ISIS”? All NATO members are already in ‘Merka’s “coalition”. Or do Stoltenberg and Trump think adding four letters will make a difference? Anyway, the Americans have done little but help ISIS (17th September, 18th May). The only ones really fighting them are the Syrians, with Russian assistance.


Yeah, the wankees. Create the problem, and now create an solution, how, ugh….. medieval. Trump is the enemy of man, NATO an pure terror org, and now they want to go to the Levante and Africa since they are starting up the “fight for democracy” and against “terror”. Aka to humanize more lands back to the stone age.

I know of an video that will never, ever, be shown in the western MSM incl the Norse. We have had an bombing in Manchester and people marched to show their support for the victims and demonstrate against terror witch in it self is noble. But, and I wounder, do the same people, and this time I will control my language not to use to much profane expressions all tho this British f….. deserve it, and the pack of rotten souls whom marched in the streets and cried about Children been killed. huh And the same MSM screamed about chemicals. But the truth is much much uglier. Depleted Uranium. And do read the comments, and then you will see the hate, the staggering nonsense and ignorance. This is still used all over the various war theaters, as we speak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNi_1pbSqGY

I know the Brits don’t give an f…. about them because they are Muslims, the facts are that this isnt even true, but this shit kicks randomly and will continue to main and kill for thousands of years, in Iraq, in Syria, In Afghanistan, everywhere where the western/uISISas army are engaged.

I wounder if that Shit for brain, Ivanak Trump will cry when watching this one, but then again She is an Wankee, and wankees like the Norse dont give an f…. about other children, and they are Arabs, period. This days I read only Kill Muslims, all over the MSM, in every paper, kill Muslims, kill em all. This mantra is pimped hard in Norway this days, and everybody, and I mean everybody is on it, they all want Muslims to be killed and thats now, wipe em out, yeah, the “humanistic” Norwegians.

I know one thing, the day of judgment, God never forgets, you may, but never think you will get away from this, we have an brief moment here in this world, compared to the eternity after. There is NO second chance, if you dont do anything now, while you are living, your eternal light, given to you by our lord, will be taken away and you will go to hell.

May the lord have mercy upon this children, and like Vietnam, it will continue to kill, and it still damages humans, and children. I hate you so much it hurts. The hypocrisy, the one sidelines, the hideous propaganda, have never been more obvious than now, I cant watch this March. attack and all the bonkers fear porn pimping without wanna puke, when I know how many million children killed by the west. Images of hideous humans claiming they are against terror, yeah, how uh….. “noble”.

They write constant in the western MSM about Hitler, and the Holocaust, witch is highly questionable, but I know of an regime that have killed millions and children to, in concentration camps, run personally by W. Churchill and the Brits, but again, they are just sub-humans, this mentality is still alive and kicking, in the year of the lord 2017, kill Muslims.

Yeah, and the Brits demands that we feel sorry for them, I do, to the ones killed, the rest may just simply burn in hell. And you will burn in hell. be certain, you will.


Leo Jansen



Damn…. looks like the war-hawks have gotten to Trump on the ‘Russian issue’. What happened to “wouldn’t it be great if we got along with Russia”?


No threat from Russia. The issues they have are the ones the idiots in the NATO countries created themselves. Not a Russian soldier in sight but plenty of useless 7th century cultists.

Real Anti-Racist Action

NATO is just a Zionist made mechanism for geopolitical control over indigenous European ancestral homelands. After Zionist won the second world war, they needed a mechanism to control the indigenous populations of Europe, as Jews are foreign colonialist invaders from the Middle East and are an ME tribe bent on control of other tribes ancestral homelands.

John Marks

What Russian threat? FFS.

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