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“Trump Must Go”: Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. “Moderate Opposition”

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"Trump Must Go": Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. "Moderate Opposition"

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In recent days, around the US protests following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derak Chauvin, a series of novelty Twitter accounts have appeared.

It should be emphasized that these are, by no means, serious accounts calling for escalation of violence or anything of the sort, they simply very bluntly and openly mock the United States’ double-faced approach towards Iran, Venezuela, China, Syria and more.

“Syria has responded to our call. We are thankful for the Syrian leadership and their help towards the American people.”

“Syria to provide military assistance to moderate rebels in the US.”

"Trump Must Go": Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. "Moderate Opposition"

Click to see full-size image

"Trump Must Go": Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. "Moderate Opposition"

Click to see full-size image

"Trump Must Go": Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. "Moderate Opposition"

Click to see full-size image

"Trump Must Go": Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. "Moderate Opposition"

Click to see full-size image

"Trump Must Go": Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. "Moderate Opposition"

Click to see full-size image

"Trump Must Go": Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. "Moderate Opposition"

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These accounts, in a very apparent parody, present a situation similar to what has been happening in Syria in the past years.

They are presumably from Syria, Iran and Venezuela and call for support of the “moderate opposition” in the US in their fight against the Trump regime.

“The Trump-regime hates it, but it has to happen.

A new America is possible. Overthrow the regime.”

These include the “Free American Army,” the “US Interim Government,” “Jaish Al Chicago,” the “KFC Brigades,” “Hayat Tahrir al Burger King” and the “Bernard Brigades.”

“We are military defectors and civillian democracy activists fed up with the systematic oppression by the Trump-regime and its shabiha militias.

We ask China & Iran for help and assistance in reaching our goals.”

There are even statements from the “US Interim Government” in regard to ANTIFA, which can be read below. According to the statement, chemical weapons are being used on the streets and Trump is using them against his own people and that is unacceptable.

"Trump Must Go": Novelty Accounts On Twitter Represent U.S. "Moderate Opposition"

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Other Twitter users are joining in on the activism.

Twitter initially banned the account “Jaish al Chicago” and then, the Ministry of Defense of the group released a statement and it was restored.

The US Interim Government continues calling for help from Iran and Venezuela, with the all-too-familiar slogan “Trump Must Go.”

The KFC Brigades, in response to the US military being deployed to curb the protests, declared Washington, D.C. a “military zone.”

They also call for a “Free America” and that Iran had its revolution, and now it was the US turn.


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It would be funny if more officials from around the World follow Iranian example and troll US government calling for free elections in America and stuff

Jens Holm

I dont think thats funny. It has been fone by many for many many years.

Parts of the old election systems has its reasons, which is to make enough into a Goverment by winners take all. Today it makes no sense.

And fx the changing of voting borders should be stopped. We have a very good example for compensating, so many votes are counted as something if they are addded up. It is possible to do very good repair or maybee better to get sober borders and elections.

The changes of Ourts are made by all political parties with one representative of each. Its also based on laws against people actually get the seats they should have according to votes. It also onclude urbanisation.

Some few wide spread farmers as well as citypeople should not run more then they deserve. Its a miracle if We compare with, what we see in USA in several states, UK , France and others.


I said that it would be FUNNY, not that I take it seriously. Try to learn the difference.

good american

Jens has the humor comprehension of a severe autist.


Humor doesnt translate well across interdimensional space.


Please allow me to disagree, he’s a Dane, nordics are not known for their jokes, still he’s above of their average.

good american

I’m just being hard on him. I see that at times he/she seems to make an effort at humour.

Traiano Welcome

Only half satire …

Chinese Dog

Mutah assholes(iranians) and Chinese assholes will be taught a lesson by /nATO and allies which they will never forget


Yeah yeah yeah. Now go control your cholesterol levels, big mac!

Jens Holm

We will see. Things in the world is not just in lines as You assume. Often things You dont expect happens.

Corona combined with oil price madness of the worst kind is a very good one.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Looking forward to South Front’s Military Situation Maps for the 2020 – 2021 USA Civil War soon.

Jens Holm

TRy harder with Your hands under Your bed blancket. People hoping and wishing for civile wars should be in hail right away.

Because You are a non devellopping fiasco, You prefare they are too. Far out.

Jens Holm

We see the same kind of problems where the Presidents has too much power and cant handle that well enough.

The model for it is French and very good compared to many others. But the main problem is, thpse presidents – fx Edogan and Makjron – are difficult to get rid of. Presidents in those systems has to be protected, but not that much.

The reaction i Denmark just would be new election, which we already fo at least every fourth year. We have a Queen having no power in the top. We also could have a President with a littlle power. Finland has such a president deciding a few thigs.

By that there is not as much need for outbalacing the president by local selfrule or a limited job sharing in this is Yours, thats not Yours.

If it was small Denmark, We have had new elections some time ago. That sometimes dont solve the problems but at least give us somefresh air and people in newposition.

That has problems too. BUt Denmark for the moment are doing fine. The Goverment only has 25% of the votes and makes consensus with the rest.

But we also has big problems, when we have second class leaders and very difficult decissions.

We have handles Corona very well and still do, but other things are in corners and undecided,m because there will be no majority or better “consensus” about it.

I do think USA deserve another Leadership. Its much like we hardly see any. How can a good president hire so many people and next say, they are no good or very bad. Its the President which is the wrong in that picture.

So I kind of agree in words with this artificial opposition, but as for many conflicts I prefare none of them taking over. Moving bad deciders dont say the next one is better –

Unless they show a better program.

Thats why I like Sanders very much even they will not choose him. He has a program which makes a lot of sense and solve viota probpems for USA taking in and implementing needed parts compensating the bad side of the Kapitalisme in USA.

“I didnt do it” but the Danish Feudals and old men had to share more power with the rest of the population to devollop the country. They took selfowned farmers fir and they saw, that at least people should be able to a little more then read, write and understand as well as calculate things.

Art the same time a lot of poor were organized but partly went tobe emmigrant.

The magic part was, that he next steps were many and small and by that were given each time, things could make sense in making jobs and no uprise.

Even hard the low and high talked about things. We also reduced the power of the King and later on old mens parlament(secon chamber).

Thats was duable by us. But USA dont understand the needs as we do. We systematicly has spread the power and a lot to local ones even on the production line.

A good simple example is we see it as a wright people are allowed to have family picturesm where they work. We think that motivates people to wirk harder and better . Eplyed works for their family and not the owners. They work hard for their family and by that gives extra to the ones making the jobs

So we share. And we then also tax those people in income tax. They accept that because the state and local Goverments use the much money in things they can see and use. Thats freee school, free education, free hospitals, free healtcare, good roads and very good pension as well as there are pension funds as extra pension for many.

By that the poor layer are investments. People from there can go upin income and the rich loosers also goes down.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

The production of BS for domestic consumption on behalf of Democratic Party. But people should remember that Obama triggered the war in Syria and Libya.
There’s No Difference Between Democrats and Republicans: both parties represent only the WASP warmonger elites

Jens Holm

You really dont get how America is. They mainly are internals and doint care much for LIbya and Syria. If anything they care for getting oil and gas from there having good space for oilcompanies and no need of fuel for cars and the rest.

There is a lot of difference between Democrats and republicans, but it seemes to be a big waste telling You about it.

Conservatisme and Liberalisme isnt same thing at all.


Today’s Democrat Party are the descendant of the Progressive that, wanted to liberalize the Federal government from the strictures/limitations of the Constitution Of These uSA. In other words, in these uSA Liberals want to centralize and increase the power of the Federal Government.
Conservative, for the most part, do want to adhere to the Constitution and the concept of Federalism, that there are individual rights and the Federal Government only has those powers delegated to it.
In other words, the use of Liberals and Conservatives are reversed from their meaning in Europe.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The way I see it is that the Ideological Trump Republican Guard (ITRG) has more advanced weaponry but the Democratic Corporate Taliban (DCT) have more black martyrs on meth willing to die for their cause.


The Whitemanistani al-Boogaloo Brigades will perhaps provide the tipping point, and will probably be decided on whether or not the Trump regime will attempt to disarm the Whitemanistanis to curry pozpoints with Kushner.

Cheryl Brandon

Cheryl Brandon THE
was 18 when he was arrested during the Ferguson uprisings for lighting a
trash can on fire, and you can write to him at:
Joshua Williams #1292002
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
18701 Old Highway 66
Pacific, Missouri 63069 USA.


Trash cans be rayciss


It’s a shoe-in that the same alphabet agencies who have given full-spectrum support for the rainbow revolutions and insurgencies in Ukraine, Iran, Syria, etc., are now focusing their dark tradecraft at home in the US of A.

Not to suggest that the US Fedgov is acting in a concerted fashion. The US of A’s social and governmental cohesion is rapidly degrading, and various factions are vying for control. Guess which faction of Fedgov controls the CIA….


Not sure what is the benefit of removing the last president who is not obeying the banking cabal ? You there like to get you Bill Gates mandated flue shot ?

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