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Trump: Kurds Did Not Help U.S. In WW2. We Are Not Going To Rescue Them From Turkey

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Trump: Kurds Did Not Help U.S. In WW2. We Are Not Going To Rescue Them From Turkey


US President Donald Trump called Turkey’s operation in northeastern Syria a “bad idea”, but distanced himself from the Kurds (mostly Kurdish armed groups) because they did not help the US in World War II.

“They didn’t help us in the second World War, they didn’t help us with Normandy for example,” Trump said. “They’re there to help us with their land, and that’s a different thing.”

“The United States does not endorse this attack and has made it clear to Turkey that this operation is a bad idea,” Trump said in a statement.

“There are no American soldiers in the area.”

Kurdish armed groups that are the core of the US-backed forces became a target of the Turkish military operation after withdrawal of US troops from the Syrian-Turkish border. Ankara describes the Syrian Democratic Forces, the YPG, the YPJ and the PYD as terrorist organizations linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Kurds are reportedly fleeing the Syrian-Turkish border area towards US military facilities remaining in the northeastern part of Syria. It seems that even supporters of the so-called Syrian Democartic Forces do not beleive in their military might.

According to Kurdish armed groups, clashes between the Turkish Armed Forces and SDF units were ongoing in Ain Diraw and Derik last night.

On October 10, the main area of clashes was the countryside of Tell Abyad, where Turkey-led forces were reportedly gaining ground.

Trump: Kurds Did Not Help U.S. In WW2. We Are Not Going To Rescue Them From Turkey

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  1. Zionism = EVIL says:

    The treacherous Kurd turds deserve what’s coming to them. Trump is a racist moron and even rejects Russians who won WW2. The military fact is that the Kurds are cowards and running away as fast as they can.

    Istanbul: Turkish commandos have pushed deeper into Syrian territory east of the Euphrates river on the second day of an offensive against Kurdish militia, as a withdrawal by US forces opened up a dangerous new phase in the region’s eight-year-old conflict. So far the invading Turkish military has met little or no resistance and the speed of unimpeded advance has surprised most observers.

    NATO-ally Turkey has said it intends to create a “safe zone” in order to return millions of refugees to Syria under a Turkish occupied enclave.

    1. Saso Mange says:

      I only started to support Russian foreign policies as of recent, since their intervention in Syria. That was really honorable move by Putin and i respect that. Maybe ideologically i have different view that Russian politicians but what Trump was saying about WW2 was very disgraceful. Russian people made the most sacrifice in WW2 and without Russian offensive we would be speaking German today.
      The fact that Trump doesn’t acknowledge this fact is truly making more and more people leaning towards Russia, me included. Especially since now we have stronger Iran too. World is not American football field anymore.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        That is a realistic view. The problem is that the Anglo-racist faggots think that they did everything, despite the FACT that all their “feats” are stolen or built on sheer lies. Soviet Union which included all nationalities, including many Muslims, Armenians and native Russians, lost 28 million people defeating the Nazis. The Americunt arseholes lost barely 450,000 and mostly to the Japs in the Pacific and then the loser cowards nuked two Jap cities as invading Nippon would have cost a lost of men.

        1. Saso Mange says:

          It’s only true that American troops saved Britain and France, on two occasions. The more i read the more i believe that American really fought wars on Zionist behalf. Not for Europe at all, just for ‘bankers’ so to say. They even dare to say that by nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki they saved lives. It’s crazy.

        2. Saso Mange says:

          Good that you mention other nationalities in Russia. It’s good to see how some issues were solved there and also important fact is, about Chechen wars, that a lot of Russian public and even military were against those wars regardless of all the causes.
          Russia was also the first or one of first countries which banned the term ”Islamic state” since terrorism has nothing to do with religion. Meanwhile Zionist schemes destroyed what was left of Middle East, at the time. But things changed and it’s great for now with good prospects for future.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Not only that, when the Soviets unleashed the Operation Kutuzo, the vanguard units came from the far east and included Tuvans, Uzbek, Tajiks, Armenians, Georgians, Chechens, Circassians and majority Russians and these racist Jew brainwashed fucks think that somehow Anglo’s won the war.

        3. Barba_Papa says:

          Without US and British material support though the USSR would have collapsed in 1942 though. Lend-lease has been seriously downplayed and ignored by many Russians, even today. In 1941 the supply of British tanks and aircraft, while not that good, was very important to the Red Army as the Soviets were either losing their weapons factories in the Western USSR, or transporting them to behind the Urals. Until they came back online in 1942 British supplied tanks did play a major role in supplying Red Army tank units with any tanks basically. And without American grain deliveries the USSR would have starved by 1942 as the Ukraine, its bread basket, was under Nazi occupation. The food supply was so bad that people were living on restricted rations and that even by 1943 Stalin implored his generals after Kursk to fight their way into the Ukraine before the harvest, before the Germans could take that harvest and/or burn it all in a scorched earth retreat. And the great Red Army offensives of 1943 and onwards could not have taken place without the massive supplies of US steel to build additional Soviet tanks with, the trucks that supplied the Red Army, the quality fuel that was needed to fuel the Red Army and Air Force and the thousands of fighter aircraft and tanks that equipped whole Soviet armies. The Western Allies supplied so much equipment to the Soviets that it allowed the Soviets to concentrate their own production on key things, like tanks and fighters, because they no longer needed to build trucks and jeeps. The Americans even provided ships and landing craft to the Soviets so they could have partaken in the planned invasion of Japan. Chances are that without the atomic bombs the Red Army would have invaded Hokaido in late 1945. With US air and naval support probably.

          As for US KIA’s in WW2, 277.000 in the European theater and 112.000 in the Pacific. Which makes sense because the vast majority of the US forces were deployed against Germany in the Germany first strategy, while the campaign in the Pacific had to do with a lot less. And why American generals were so keen on ending the war in Europe in 1945 and not in taking Berlin, going past the Elbe or into Czechoslovakia. Let alone in starting WW3 against the USSR. US generals in the Pacific were desperate for the troops in Europe to come their way. Which is why many of the armies and divisions that had been used in Europe were also earmarked to take part in the invasion of Japan in 1946.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Russia had won the war by 1943 anyway and its sheer strategic mass defeated the Nazis and Russian capacity to endure. The western propaganda not withstanding.

          2. Saso Mange says:

            I agree that things were not simple BUT essentially it was human sacrifice which opened way to victory and Eastern front has played large role in that. That was the reason behind some of the support which was given by Western powers.

          3. Dawn says:

            Bullshit.. If you want to talk about Lend Lease – than get ur facts straight buddy! Till the end of 1941 amount of help that left anglos ports (not delivered mind you) was about 360 000 tons – 2% of lend lease help to USSR (including all sorts of help)! So by the time that USSR turned around Battle of Moscow this help had close to 0 impact on the battle! By the end of 1942 USSR have received (at least most of it) 16% of lend lease help – that is when Nazis were being already pushed back to Berlin! And big majority of the help came even after 1943 – when battle of Stalingrad had already been won!
            In overall – lend lease help accounted to 8-10% of USSR wartime production – no where near that significant as muricans with their excellent propaganda machine try to make it…

            PS: Lend lease help for USSR – was like 30% of the lend lease help that was given to Britain! Even France received 30% of the lend lease help sold to USSR – and there was more French and French tanks fighting against the USSR then fighting Nazis…
            Use ur brains to think what that means..

          4. AleK says:

            “Without US and British material support though the USSR would have collapsed in 1942 though. ” Of course not, typical murican propaganda endlessly repeated in the west ‘so what if 80% of german soldiers died in the eastern front, we sold Ruskies shermans and aircobras and trucks and condoms, so we won the war! Murica fuck yeah!’.
            The truth is- in 1941, the USSR had 25.000+ tanks, why do you think that a few crappy, obsolete british tanks made any difference? Germany basically lost the war in 1941, as Keitel said, failing to achieve their strategic objectives. In 1942. allied assistance was still negligible, and even completely without any help the USSR would certainly have NOT collapsed. Perhaps one or two peripheral offensives less (most of them badly failed anyway), perhaps even Operation Uran would have been somewhat smaller (*worst case scenario), perhaps no soviet spring offensive (also failed mostly); so what? Even better for USSR. Kursk? No significant difference. Bagration? Perhaps somewhat slower. But overall, USSR would have won the war if not in may ’45, than in june, august… or in early 1946. Collapse? Absolutely not. And please no need for copy paste quotes from Maga.com how many locomotives and condoms america sent (sold). All of that crap is less than 5% of soviet war production, mostly in the ending years of the war.

        4. Redadmiral says:

          Japan, was actually suing for peace months prior to being nuked. Yanki scum demanded unconditional surrender which included the Emperor being tried as a war criminal. The Japanese eventually accepted the above terms immediately after Yanki War Criminals Nuked Nagasaki 4 days after Hiroshima, on the ninth of August. There was no military defence capability for either city, with somewhere between 4 and 10,000 army reserves stationed between both locations. Today Yanki sleeze-balls have talked down the numbers of civilians casualties to 225,000 people. However the real figures are at least twice that amount.

          1. AleK says:

            There was NO military reason to nuke Japan at all. Japan ultimately surrendered because of soviet invasion, nukes were almost irrelevant. US AF was already capable to completely destroy japanese cities with conventional bombing (and they did, almost all japanese cities were already in ruins) but Japan didn’t surrendered, not even after destruction of Tokyo (with conventional bombs). Japan hoped that USSR would mediate between Japan and America in order to gain honourable peace, but instead USSR invaded Manchuria (Stalin kept his promise to western allies); soon the Red Army utterly crushed japanese defenses, they were simply unstoppable. For years japanese army officers constantly blamed imperial navy for all failures, but in Manchuria the army was soundly defeated (Kwantung army was once considered to be the best japanese army, an elite force; perhaps not in 1945. but still held an immense reputation among japanese military). This defeat meant losing all remaining military industry and resources in Manchuria, complete exposure of Korea, and complete isolation of all japanese forces in China. Plus, possible invasion of Hokkaido by USSR, something that Japan feared the most. Overall, japanese strategic position after soviet invasion was untenable.

            Nukes? The only reason why Americans used them is to impress/scare Stalin. A monstrous war crime and nothing else. Since then american propaganda mostly ignore soviet factor, while portraying US nukes as some ‘live saving’ devices (‘we killed 100.000s of japanese civilians to save millions’). The truth is: after USSR entrance to war Japan had no other option but to capitulate, nukes or not nukes.

    2. Ashok Varma says:

      The British racists used millions of Indian soldiers to win WW2 but even refused to acknowledge that. That is how European racists have a revisionist view of history and disregard for others.

  2. Saso Mange says:

    Instead of siding with Syrian legitimate government the Kurds decided to wave Israeli flags and go on their separatist way. Remember Kirkuk in Iraq?

    I knew that the same fate awaits Syrian Kurds too but they still believe in Zionist help and in age long desires which would give state to Kurds, like what would follow from Yinon plan. Stop dreaming and return to reality, Kurds can not take others territory to make their country as in Syria they only held Afrin and rest was Arab majority.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Actually, the Jew scum and their Americunt redneck poodles were using the treacherous Turds to kill Arabs and create a base for regional terrorism in the heart of Iraq at Arbil and Salahdin. The Kurds are a 5th column for the Jews and got carried. I have no sympathy for the pimping cowards.

      1. Saso Mange says:

        It’s sad really but bad political decisions by Kurd leadership is what’s responsible for their misfortune. I do not have sympathy for them either. Well said.

      2. Iranian Falcon says:

        Fuck off you babykiller shit of jews, you fuckin arabs sent terrorists when our people rised up in iran you disgusting morons arabs are piece of shits if it wasnt for us persians you and your islam shit would still live bedouin like you do still you uncivilized wretched 3rd world stinky rats.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          You are no Persian arsehole koskesh, but a Jew fuck. I can smell your kippa on the ethernet :)

          1. Iranian Falcon says:

            کیرمو بخورررر کیرمو بخور مادرجنده حرامزاده عرب عرب کونیییییییی تو ایرانی نیستی یه عرب کووونی هستییی کص امکم الاعراببببببب fuck you fascist arab whoreson

          2. Garga says:

            You are not an Iranian either. Sitting behind a keyboard in Albania and repeating whatever nonsense your “Shining Moon” desires is not being an Iranian.

            I’d like you to come back to Iran and see how much support can get from us.

            PS. If you have nothing to say in a discussion, shut your filthy mouth. Alas you can’t even write the curses right. I can’t tolerate you desecrate this forum with your filth in my mother tongue, so I flagged your ugly comment and I encourage other readers to do so, which you richly deserve.

          3. Saso Mange says:

            I didn’t know that you are Iranian from Iran, glad to have you here.

          4. Iranian Falcon says:

            You are also not an iranian just shia isis government terrorist of quds. You are no iranian you arr a servant for palestine and syria no one wants his nation be expense for other nations iran has not iranian government since 1979 you piece a shit. We back our Iranian kurds in syria and iraq iranian people do not follow your idealogy of chaos and murder and dictatorship you islamic mercenary dog!

          5. Vitex says:

            I blocked him, so much less to read :)

        2. Saso Mange says:

          Tel Aviv Falcon :)

          1. Iranian Falcon says:

            Just come to iran and see how much support you you bastard criminal supporters

          2. Saso Mange says:

            I do not want to visit Tel Aviv, it’s gay capital of the world and i do not like gay people.

          3. Iranian Falcon says:

            Fuck tel aviv and fuck mecca and fuck ankara and fuck qom and karbala. Whoever doesnt serve your thoughts you think its not iranian? Lol iranian people hate the islamic arab government serving syria and lebanon andpalestine in expense of iranian lives you fucker

          4. Semen Sh!tstain says:

            lol you’re not in Iran you pathetic little Kike :)

          5. Damien C says:

            100% it’s what they do best misinformation and fermenting mistrust

        3. Semen Sh!tstain says:

          go back to your oven, giant nosed vermin

        4. AlexanderAmproz says:

          Troll Alert !

    2. Iranian Falcon says:

      The only one armed kurds against daesh was US not assad not filthy Russia or iran. And also it was Barzanis with israel flag not all kurds of iraq not kurds of syria which are against imperialism and capitalism. Kurds had no choice but to take the weapons, or would be destroyed by Turkish/Qatar Armed ISIS. Also check Qamishlo massacre where no syrian civil war was there but assad butchers massacred kurds in a footbal match!

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Hope he used barrel bombs on the turds or even nukes would have been better :) Saddam was smart enough to gas the arseholes.

        1. Iranian Falcon says:

          I hope see your father someday and spit on him for the arab whoreson he throwed to this world

  3. ColinNZ says:

    For many years, certain populations (e.g. the Irish. Polish etc) have been the butt of intellectually-challenged references in millions of jokes around the world …. and now we have the Kurds who fully deserve to take their place at the top of this ethnic dustbin of humour. Here’s wishing you dummies a millennia of utterly deserved ridicule … don’t forget to close your own front door on your way out.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      But they fucking deserve it as they are more cowardly than the Pollacks who at least charged the Wehrmacht panzers with sabers and horse cavalry :) The Kurd turds are in a headlong flight and will end up behind SAA lines if they don’t disappear in Iraq. Not one Kurdish unit has fought so far.

      1. Jimmy Jim says:

        kikes with curds?

  4. Iranian Falcon says:

    What a maniac WW 2?!!! Lol and retarded people here and their kind still blame kurds bepart of Israel plan! How israel & US abondon their easy ally & plan?!?! What kind of fool you are open your eyes you Assad supporter babykiller supporters!

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      and guess what happened to the shah and his daddy, the Americunt kicked him out of his deathbed in the hospital and he ended up dying in Egypt and his daddy dear in South Africa. These western pimps have no concept of honor or friendship, everyone is disposable in the condom culture of fuck anyone which way you can. At least Assad is smart enough to pick the right allies.

      1. Ashok Varma says:

        The British racists plundered Persia like India.

    2. Saso Mange says:

      ”babykiller” as in Kuwait?

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        or 500,000 Iraqi children who died of medicine sanctions by Americunts and lack of food or in Yemen. The ugly bald Jew bitch Madeleine Albright even boasted about the Iraqi children’s death by sanctions.

  5. Jimmy Jim says:

    Yikes kikes, curds are toast, MAGA, MAGA, USA, USA!

    1. Kemal Büyük says:

      USA is under control if zionist-jewish cabal.

    2. Kemal Büyük says:

      Drumpf is zionist shill.

  6. Redadmiral says:

    Talk about being thrown under the Bus. What the fuck did these traitorous rats think would happen? Yanki snakes only ever had one objective and that is the destruction of Syria. And, Kurdish rats helped facilitate them to this point in history where they stood on the wrong side.

  7. Ashok Varma says:

    Even though the Turkish invasion is illegal, the Kurds who have a very strong western media presence have not been able to show any resistance.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that 109 “terrorists”
      were killed since Ankara launched the offensive into Syria the previous
      day — a reference to the U.S.and Israeli-allied Syrian Kurdish fighters.

  8. jm74 says:

    Stupid logic from trump and being a draft dodger he surely didn’t help the US in Vietnam so technically he should be sidelined. If ink represented trump’s IQ there wouldn’t be enough ink to make a dot.

  9. hvaiallverden says:

    The stectacle isnt that much about the Kurds, but ISIS, where I read some coments (MoA) witch I concure with was more about the thousands of so called capite ISIS uh….. happy head chopping freedom loving and raping fighters, the merc army of ISISrael/Saudi-barbarians and the Imperial banana republic Moronika, where as the Kurds whom have an row of alphabets where as all the various Islamic shams eh…. groups witch I cant remeber didly squat, and most of them where armed, founded, and trained by the Turks, is the prima goal, then the UssA can have an briliant exuse to continue in the present no-fly zone and occuptaion of eastern Syria where of course, the oil is because of, of course, fight terror.

    I shortened this to an level where even an Moronikan can undestand this, the Kurds are de facto, and de jure, an idiotic group of people whom have betrayed everybody excpets their masters whom they have waived flags for years, aka ISISrael and the UssA, and now, attacked by Turks, yup, what could possibly go worng.

    Then the “leagale” case about the Kurds, do you even know what and where they came from, the closes people to the Kurds are as we speak, since ISISrael Khazars are well known, its the Turks (donmeh jews, aka khazars, like Attaturk and the Young Turks etc, etc), and Kurds have only two options, surended and restore peace thru cooperate with the original inhabitants of this northern region and to coop with the central Syrian Gov, all witch they have attacked, and the northern natives witch they have more or less cleansed, the Jooho way, and/or move back to Turkien where they have an “nation” that is what and where the lines/lies are, then to claimed autonimical since they claim an status of been indiginus and then to rule in Syria an claim witch they historicaly have nada/nothing to back their claim on or for ruling the region, others have, but not the Kurds, witch are just one or two ceintrys old in that region compared to the others whom have been there since the dawn of man, like the Palestinians this groups have simply ceesed to exist, havent they, do notice that nobody talks about them at all, when it comes to the lying MSM apart for the buhuhu show about the scums, the Kurds.

    Thats why I went hard on the Kurds, because they are scums.
    But the main goal is to make this war continue, the second reason for me to be silent about the Russians is that they and the two others, have keept their cards close, but then again, others, like ISISrael and Saudis are keept out of the theater, so, witch again means we dont know much, and I will let things evolve a while before saying much more, but I am not that confident regarding both the Imperial banana republics banana throwers nor the Russian pussyfootings.

    yeah, intresting times, this drivel about ww2 is of course, meant for Moronikans, and he may have said Marsians for that matter, it would make as much sense in Moronika.


  10. FlorianGeyer says:

    Trumps crass WW2 statement only serves to display his disconnect with history and reality.
    In fairness much of the US population is suffering from such historical ignorance.

    1. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

      The Kurds did fight in world war 2 on the side of Stalin towards the end and after the war. Stalin equipped them to fight against Iran.
      Most people these days do not even know this basic history.

  11. Nosferatu says:

    Kurds sided with the bad side in this game, with the USA. Now they will pay for this mistake. It should also tell all politicians in the world that the west will always betray/give away everyone….

  12. gustavo says:

    Nobody is now on Kurds (USA-Israel puppets) side, and these traitors just deserve what is happening. However, Turkey (NATO member) must return Syria land to thier owner or else (they will suffer what kurds are suffering right now).

  13. Friend of Russia says:

    As usual US has betrayed its allies and ran away from the frontline. History of United States is the story of betrayal and treachery

    1. verner says:

      and lost wars (not to mention the huge profits and dividends coming out of the MIC).

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      It is rogue failed state and broken every international treaty too.

  14. Uncle Meat says:

    I’m sure there were US Jews fighting with the US military and allies, considering they had declared war on Germany in 1933.. And those in Germany at the time worked to sabotage and undermine Germany in WW1. I’m curious if Israel had existed ten years prior to its illegal creation whether any Israeli Jews would have participated in the Normandy operation?

    1. Vitex says:

      I feel it’s unlikely.

  15. Friend of Russia says:

    US military has become the laughing stock of the 21st century. first they threatened north Korea. But when they realised that North Korea could not be coerced, they meekly retreated. Then they threatened Iran. When Iran dealt a severe blow to the Saudi scum, US military ran away with their tails firmly tucked between legs. In both these cases the initial rhetoric was that US military is locked and loaded for the enemy. Whenever a crisis comes US military abandons their dependants and flees beforehand

  16. verner says:

    they made the bed and now will have to sleep in it – hard but not without a measure of right. kurds are notorious treacherous and sided with whoever who invited them in but now its clear that they would have been better off sticking to assad. and being the patsy for a bad israel play is just so sad – they are sacrificed so that the jews can keep the idea alive that there is a future for them jews on palestinian land, which there isn’t, outcome, the kurds are toast since they trusted israel’s best friend,the unhinged states of A and the jews are toast because the enemies around them are too many and now also well armed and well trained and many many many more of them – the jews are, fortunately toast big big way.

  17. jim crowland says:

    Russia, Greece, Syria, Armenia: Turkey must be partitioned NOW with all of you getting a portion and leaving a little turkey for remaining ottomans

  18. AleK says:

    He’s right tho, Kurds didn’t help in WW2, and I doubt they helped in 1776. either ?

  19. Vitex says:

    Word – Donald Trump didn’t help the US in WWII either

  20. verner says:

    any argument is an argument and this one happens to be correct so why the shit – my experience is that it is impossible not to find a pro-argument for any specific situation regardless what it is about – thus it would be possible to put together a cogent argument for hitler’s concentration camps, just as much as the jews put together a rationale why they operate concentration camp gaza. not much difference between treblinka and gaza is there, both’s objective is to reduce a number of human being of a specific race/tribe from this life.

  21. Omega says:

    Ignoring Trump’s silly WW2 reference; I don’t understand the Kurds. They have been used and abused since WW1 by the West for the promise of a land somewhere. The somewhere, based on the 1920 Treaty of Sèvres, can only happen on Turkish territory but that’s another matter. Not only did the land never come, they continue fighting like zombies in the hope (read: delusion) that a “Kurdistan” will materialize. Settle down already and side with the government hosting you.

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