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Trump Is On Fire Over Migrant Caravan Heading Towar U.S. Border, Declares State Of Emergency

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Trump Is On Fire Over Migrant Caravan Heading Towar U.S. Border, Declares State Of Emergency

Central American migrants walking to the U.S. start their day departing Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, on Sunday. (Moises Castillo/Associated Press)

US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency as a migrant caravan numbering around 7,000 moves closer to the US border.

Referring to the caravan from Honduras, the president expressed his disappointment in the Mexican authorities in a tweet:

A national emergency is when executive powers are deployed by the government to counter any threat to the country.

He also added that the US would be “cutting off, or substantially reducing aid” to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Trump also tweeted:

“Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were not able to do the job of stopping people from leaving their country and coming illegally to the US. We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.”

The three countries received upwards of $500 million in funding in 2017.

The migrant caravan gave up on legally entering Mexico due to the slow asylum application process and went around police at a border bridge. They swam and rafted across the river from Guatemala before deciding to reform their mass caravan and continue their journey towards the US.

As of October 22nd, the migrants are about 900 miles south from the US border.

In further tweets, Mr Trump said:

“Every time you see a Caravan, or people illegally coming, or attempting to come, into our Country illegally, think of and blame the Democrats for not giving us the votes to change our pathetic Immigration Laws! Remember the Midterms! So unfair to those who come in legally.”

Trump has also made several questionable claims regarding the caravan, which media has disproven.

  • Trump claimed that the caravan has people from the Middle East:

Trump claimed the caravan included “unknown Middle Easterners,” in obvious attempts to link the migrants to fears about Islam and terrorism. Numerous journalists are travelling with the caravan. There have been no reports whatsoever that anybody in the caravan has travelled from the Middle East. Trump’s claims follow a report by Fox and Friends host Pete Hegseth. He claimed that Guatemala had captured over 100 ISIS fighters trying to infiltrate the caravan. According to the Guardian he appears to be referring to a Prensa Libre a local Guatemalan newspaper which cited President Jimmy Morales claiming to have capture 100 terrorists and refusing to provide any evidence whatsoever.

  • Trump claimed that the migrants are “hardened criminals”:

On October 19th, during a rally Trump said the people in the caravan were “bad people”, “not little angels”, and “tough, tough people.” When Emily Cochrane, a NYT journalist asking for evidence to back his claims up, Trump responded: “Oh please, please, don’t be a baby… take a look.”

  • Trump claimed that “Democrats are paying members of the caravan to try and get into the US to harm Republicans in the midterms”:

There is no evidence that Democrats or other donors or politicians are financially supporting the migrant caravan.. Trump made reference to a video posted by Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, which shows people in Guatemala being handed money. Gaetz suggested the money may have come from billionaire George Soros, Trump suggested it came from the Democrats. Both of them have provided no evidence.

In reality, the video shows migrants being handed a single note of Guatamelan currency by people who are likely to be local residents or NGOs. The people in the caravan say it sometimes happens when they pass through towns. It’s usually less than a dollar, but enough to buy some food or water.

  • Trump claimed that “Democrats want caravans”:

Separately from the funding accusations, Trump also claimed that Democrats have “openly invited” illegal immigrants to the border and that they want “open borders” and “want caravans, they like caravans.” Some Democrats have, in fact, been sympathetic to the migrants. There is however no evidence whatsoever to prove Trump’s accusations.

The White House has not responded to any requests for elaborations on Trump’s claims. It is also unclear if he has the authority to carry out his threats without approval from Congress.

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Perhaps he’ll make like his BFF and shoot the kids with dumdum bullets when they reach the fence?


Check the mark near the door handle of the truck at the 30 second mark.


From this link… https://voat.co/v/politics/2805711

They all have “Turkish” names like Rosenthal and Goldstein, actual families that are of the handful of JewsJPG that own over 40 percent of the Honduran economy. This is Nelly JerezJPG, Honduras’ sub-secretary of international relations. She is in charge of and oversees migrant issues in Honduras. Why does she have an Israeli flag in her office? Why does it have the same prominence as the Honduran flag?

All these trucks and random stars of David that keep showing up everywhere? Yeah, so what happened was when Hillary was SoS she arranged a deal where Israeli mercenaries overthrew the government and gave it to the Jew families. Look there if you want to know what the hell is going on with this caravan bullshit. You think Jews don’t operate in shitskin countries?

…more at link.


President Trump slams Democrats over the caravan crisis



Another truck with that interesting mark near the door handle.
The Zettas in Mexico were so ruthless that when the Governor of Guadalajara would not bow to some blackmail, they stopped a bus with 50 passengers, cut them into one inch pieces, and delivered them on to the steps of his front door.
It took the combined efforts of the government and both east and west mafias to get rid of them.


That is some seriously sick sub-humans. Sadly, I think that they are still operational. Perhaps on a smaller scale.


Perhaps these “poor 7000 migrants” are them, ‘ on a smaller scale’.
Funding such a rag tag army is not a big deal for cocaine and heroin dealers.
It is estimated that 5000 so called, ‘Mexicans’ cross the border daily, that is why when Trump promised to build ‘the Wall’ Americans were so enthusiastic.


My understanding is that the need for the wall is less about Mexican people crossing the border, but it is about the massive crime syndicates that do business in both countries (…and Canada).

The most active gang that I know about is MS-13. They are also allies with Los Zetas, and La Raza as well as others. These gangs are vicious, ruthless and organized. Their drug dealing is secondary to human trafficking, focusing on children and teens, ….and they are huge in weapons dealing as well.

To make matters worse, this “spontaneous” caravan has already been linked to Soros funding. The money is used to set up truck relays, food and water stations, and of course drop off and set up for MSM photo ops. The women and children (approx. 20%) are strategically paraded out front to get seen on camera while the soldiers are kept to the center of the back, or walking in the woods.

Here is an MS-13 face that they are trying to keep off of the screen.


Tommy Jensen

US politicians feeds the crime syndicates and profit the drug business south of USA. The wall is only to make it look like “US government do something”.


We agree that the US politicians ARE the crime syndicates and that they profit from a lot more than the drug business. ;-)

Where we differ is, you think that things are carrying along as usual, and I think that there has been a change in the gremlins in the machinery.

I hope that I am right, and by January 1 I will know.

It things are business as usual, then there is no need to waste the money to build the wall at all.


People who have the need to leave their Culture Should do so, Legally. Laws exist for a reason. Yes. Your understanding and Grasp of reality is in a way a breath of fresh air.
People Who can enter another Culture Should do so Legally.


Thank you, and we agree.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

If they attempt to swarm the border, machinegun them.


Instead of a wall, the government is going to build more nuclear missiles.


You know you could stop all illegal immigration in an instant, if you just fined the people who employ them.
Thing is America wants virtual slave labour, to keep wages down and to do the work that Americans think is beneath them.
Also believe it or not, they keep the economy growing, the local population is tapped out and in decline. It’s the same in Europe, capitalism requires constant growth, and the old economies are maxed out.
Having said all of that, I would not be surprised if Hillary or her Jewish backers weren’t behind this caravan.

Oh and one more thing, they wouldn’t leave their own countries, if the USA didn’t pillage them.

Tommy Jensen

Poor 7000 migrants and the whole USA is on fire.

This is the least we can do for US after Europe got 1,5 mio Obama refugees without papers running through Europe´s highways.

Joao Alfaiate

I’m not a Trump fan but he is correct to take a firm line against this invasion. Tough action will also have lots of folks voting Republican in the mid term elections. The “open border” Democrats will cost their party big time. Trump’s middle east “policy” is disgusting but the truth is in the USA there is only one party when it comes to the region, the Zionist party, with Democratic and Republican wings.

Tommy Jensen

Its a media hoax.


Mr Trump,let me tell you something.
I am from eastern Europe if you think that People from Europe will come in America to steal jobs you are very wrong. Life in Europe is way million of time better than American life
We have the healthiest food in the world
We have the best social welfare system in the world
By far Less violence in the world
We have the greatest respect for life way better than America have.
And by far we are way smarter than America

Your country has killed million of people in search for mineral resources and still does till this day’s
You are one of the most corrupt Country in the world even if is hard to proof
If you think that if your country will Quit INF will make you strongest you are very wrong, it is enough 1 nuclear bomb to go off,all life will be over,.
Do you think that other countries will back you?
Have you ever wondered how many countries are actually hating your country? I meant REALLY HATE YOUR COUNTRY for all killings of innocent people AND DESTROYING OTHER COUNTRIES FOR AMERICAN STUPID BEHAVIOUR????? Oooo my God….

Think before you act……
And finally how many countries are actually going to back you up if a war Between Russia and Your Country will start????
My country’s people definitely will not but maybe my Government
But there is no Government whit out country people ???
Think ..Use your fucking Brains America

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