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JUNE 2020

Trump Is Going To Use Detained CFO Of Huawei To Negotiate ‘Deal’ With China


Trump Is Going To Use Detained CFO Of Huawei To Negotiate 'Deal' With China

US President Donald Trump said that he would intervene in the arrest of Chinese Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou if that would be to the benefit of US interest, in an interview with Reuters on December 11th.

At the request of U.S. authorities, Huawei Technologies Co. executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver on charges of violating U.S. sanctions against Iran. She was arrested on the same day Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met and announced a 90-day truce in the US-China trade war – December 1st.

When he was asked whether he would intervene in the case, he claimed that he is ready to do anything, as long as it’s to the benefit of the US.

“Whatever’s good for this country, I would do. If I think it’s good for the country, if I think it’s good for what will be certainly the largest trade deal ever made – which is a very important thing – what’s good for national security – I would certainly intervene if I thought it was necessary.”

When he was asked whether the US would extradite the Chinese executive, Trump had the following to say:

“Well I think I’d want to speak to China. We’ve spoken to the Justice Department. You know – it wasn’t good what happened with the company, you understand that, in terms of what they did. And this has been a big problem that we’ve had in so many different ways with so many companies from China and from other places. So I want to see what China requests. So far they have not made that request.”

Meng Wanzhou faces charges regarding her alleged misleading of multinational banks regarding Huawei’s control of a company operating in Iran, putting the banks at risk of violating sanctions on Iran. If she is extradited to the US, she would face charges of conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions.

Essentially, she would not be extradited immediately, since there is a possibility for her to be used as a “bargaining chip.” This is an example of “ISIS-style,” “blackmail” policy, which apparently the US is willing to resign to. It would be interesting to see what would happen if China detains a high-profile US citizen and then wants to strike a deal with the US.

Sharmine Narwani, a Middle East analyst and commentator expressed her concern regarding the US policy in this matter.

In the past, Trump has intervened on behalf of a Chinese company. Earlier in 2018, he revisited penalties for Chinese company ZTE Corp for lying to the US after the company pleaded guilty to violating US sanctions on Iran. The reason was that the telecom maker is a big buyer for US suppliers.

He said that she could potentially be released.

“Well, it’s possible that a lot of different things could happen. It’s also possible it will be a part of negotiations. But we’ll speak to the Justice Department, we’ll speak to them, we’ll get a lot of people involved,” he said.

Essentially, plainly saying that she would, in fact, be a bargaining chip.

Trump also expressed his optimism that he could strike a deal with Xi to resolve the trade war, which has caused US stock market declines and has raised concerns of economic turmoil in 2019. He praised that progress had been made on that “front.” Trump also said that trade talks with Beijing are on-going by telephone.

“They’re buying tremendous amounts of soybeans. They’re back in the market … I just heard today that they’re buying tremendous amounts of soybeans. They are starting, just starting now. We’ll probably have another meeting. And maybe a meeting of the top people on both sides. If it’s necessary, I’ll have another meeting with President Xi, who I like a lot and get along with very well.”

Commodity traders in Chicago, however, said they have seen no evidence of a resumption of soybean purchases by China.



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  • Fernando

    Wow, using a women as a bargaining chip. What a disgrace. What next, children?

    • Albert Pike

      Let’s snatch away each others daughters. Gives ‘Where we go one we go all’ a completely new meaning…

    • Sinbad2

      It’s the famous “art of the deal”.

    • grumpy_carpenter
    • so

      Am I reading the funny pages now?

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      For that they have social services in full swing. They dont need to start now, they started since they created the service, allegedly to protect them.

      Why you think they call it SS?

    • Ricky Miller

      Count on it.

    • Tommy Jensen

      Women are not the vulnerable girls you have been taught. American women torture men in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. American psychopath women are CEO´s in the MIC and CIA.

      The reason why MSM tells you women are weak and suppressed, and men the brutal suppressors are alone men´s hard earned money.

      • Fernando

        I do agree with your comments. Sure, some are gold diggers. I live in Africa. Women have a lower status. Society has old fashion gender roles. There is considerable inequality. Their ideas how and what men and women do and behave are based on old rules and customs. In some rural settings here “they” not only take the women on some witchcraft charge but her family, children and entire tribe, all made to pay for her sins.
        Women throughout history were enslaved by men, despite being the stronger sex. Gender and social class of women may be a huge issue in first world countries but here all people want to do is survive. My point was simply ….will the system next target children. Sure, they do….they do make the ultimate sacrifice in any conflict zone.

        • Tommy Jensen

          I dont see women enslaved throughout history or being a stronger sex?
          The bible define the basic natural role of men and women.
          Women have at least 9 mth pregnancy and min. 2 years breast feeding for each child, during which they are vulnerable and need protection.
          This gives the stronger man the natural role as head of the family with responsibility to feed, protect and roof, and the wife and children with responsibility to assist and respect the man as defined in the bible.
          This is nature giving roles, not roles to be redefined about who is above who or survival, or women can also be men and other bs.

          In this natural role as second in the family, women has during history made contributions with high intelligence, braveness, art and social leadership and there is much respect and admiration for women´s position.
          Any redefinition of women will be artificial and contrary to nature, and lead and will lead to degeneration, as we see today.

          In Africa you have at least the social family protection, but as you mention women are not treated well in many societies, I suppose due to pressed survival conditions. Anyway I think we are mostly in line.

        • disqus_JLOHCnD7fL 5+

          • Fernando


        • bluewater

          website is michaeltellinger.com


          • Fernando

            Thank you

  • oldenyoung

    the King Liar ..of the banana republic speaks…China will consider this a kidnapping for ransom….

  • Sinbad2

    Notice how quickly Canada released Meng Wanzhou after China arrested one of George Soros minions?
    Kovrig worked for ICG which is a Soros project.

    Also notice how the media is portraying him as an ex diplomat?

    • Brother Ma

      What ? She has been released already ? Free to go to China?

      • Nightcrawler136

        On bail.

        • Brother Ma

          Thank You.

      • Kelli Hernandez

        No. On bail strict house arrest

    • Good pick China. Next time pls arrest Soros and don’t release him in any circumstances.

    • Kelli Hernandez

      Interesting. Indeed a former diplomat as he is being portrayed yet he works for US NGO in China.
      So will China now kick out all US NGO’s in China???
      Payback is a bitch??

  • Nightcrawler136

    The Mafia state becomes more brazen on a daily basis!

    • Kelli Hernandez

      And with it far more reckless. U$ Zionazi unhinged .

      • Brother Ma

        How nice of Leftist-ruled Canada to help big bad Us in its geopolitical aims. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Canada has become such a vassal regardless of who is in power.

        • Tommy Jensen

          All leftish will do anything for money, anything! For the good of the weak, the children, the vulnerable and for the environment and the clima of course.

  • You can call me Al

    I really think they have bitten off, too much to chew here.

    Kidnapping a young lady, who has health problems is one thing; but kidnapping a Chinese young lady who is a Chinese executive of a smart phone provide in China and WHO’s Father is the founder of said Company and a multi-multi billionaire (with I assume some political clout) is another.

    The basis of such kidnap were US sanctions in Iran – that no-body agrees with & the fact that the US and Korean phone manufacturers are terrified that Huwei are years ahead on the 5G networks.

    I hope to God, that this is the time that the US walks over the cliff face, like the ridiculous lemmings they are.

    • ruca

      While at the same time getting their minions to block Huawei 5G all around the world. Sounds like a plan, not just a convenient catch.

      • You can call me Al

        YES, I agree. it looks again like only US Capitalism and Globalism is allowed.

    • Kelli Hernandez

      Difference between China 5G is that there is no spyware. 5G US HUGE spyware.
      US wants China to have back door on their 5g. China should tell the US to stick it.
      And Russia and China are NOT subjected to US gangster sanctions on Iran. US needs to learn that it does not rule the world. A dying empire in last huff and puff before big boom

    • Sinbad2

      The Chinese response has been smart, they didn’t arrest a business person, they arrested a political agent.
      When I looked up Michael Kovrig and International Crisis Group, I also found Andrew Downer, the guy who started the Trump is a Russian spy BS.
      Trump is obviously to stupid to realize that George Soros is the guy who framed him, but the Chinese seem to be on to it.

    • Tommy Jensen

      It just shows US force negotiating out from a position of strength.

  • peter mcloughlin

    President Trump is quoted as saying he might intervene in the Meng Wanzhou case ‘if it’s good for the country’. But what is good for the US might not be good for China. America is facing a challenge to its global standing. In this it is fulfilling the pattern of history.

  • Kelli Hernandez

    “Commodity traders in Chicago, however, said they have seen no evidence of a resumption of soybean purchases by China”
    Interesting. By all media accounts China just ordered 500,000 lbs of soybeans

    How is China violating sanctions on IRAN when China is NOT bound to gangster tactics by the Zionazi filth running the country?

  • Joe Kerr

    Nah, using Meng as a bargaining chip is a non-starter, and if Tump thinks he can use her thus, he’s deluding himself. China will simply play tit-for-tat and use Kovrig the same way, and even take another one if necessary. The Brooklyn mob have bitten off more than can chew.