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Trump: US Is Withdrawing From Iran Nuclear Deal


Trump: US Is Withdrawing From Iran Nuclear Deal

UPDATE: Trump officially announced that the US is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

“This was a horribly one sided deal that never, ever should have been made,” Trump said.


US President Donald Trump will reveal on May 8 whether the US will abandon the nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions.

However, Israeli media already reported that Trump will likely announce that the US withdraws from the deal. A senior diplomatic correspondent of Channel 10 News Barak Ravid reported on May 8, “that President Trump has rejected the understandings that were drafted with American negotiators over the last four months regarding a possible fix of the Iran nuclear deal.”

According to Barak Ravid, on May 4, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo organized a conference call with representatives of France, Germany and the UK.  Pompeo thanked the colleagues for the efforts to convince Trump not to withdraw of the nuclear deal. However, he stressed that US President “wants to take a different direction”. Following the report, “senior officials from the EU, France, Germany and the U.K. will meet today in Brussels to prepare for Trump’s announcement — both politically and economically”.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the Iran nuclear deal, while the EU powers see it as one the best ways to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons.

On May 8, deputy commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Hossein Salami stated that Iran is not afraid of US sanctions or attack, according to Iranian Fars news agency.

“Our nation is not afraid of U.S. sanctions or military attack. Our enemies including America, the Zionist regime and the allies in the region should know that Iran has prepared for the worst scenarios and threats,” Salami emphasized.

On May 7, Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Baqeri cleared up that Iran is ready to respond against any possible act of aggression, according to Iranian Press TV channel:

“If the enemy casts a covetous eye on our interests or conducts [even] a slight act of aggression, the Islamic Republic will give an appropriate response at an appropriate time.”

Meanwhile, Israel has contributed own efforts to undermine the Iran nuclear deal.

On April 30, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented alleged evidence of Iran’s secret operation to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Netanyahu stated that the Israeli intelligence service had collected secret materials, including 55,000 pages of text documents, proving this allegation.

Obviously, Israeli Prime Minister was trying to persuade the US to end up with the Iran nuclear deal.

On May 8, Netanyahu blamed Iran for deploying “very dangerous weapons” in Syria threatening “destruction” of Israel. He said that Iran “openly calls, daily, for the destruction, the elimination of Israel from the face of the earth and practices unmitigated aggression against us and against anyone else in the region”.

Netanyahu warned that any country, which targets Israel, should know that Tel Aviv will retaliate



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