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JUNE 2020

Trump Imposes Total Economic Embargo On Venezuela


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Late Monday President Trump signed an executive order imposing a full economic embargo against Venezuela after a week ago the White House began signaling it could seek to “quarantine” and fully “blockade” the Maduro regime if the president doesn’t immediately hand over power of his own accord.

The executive order freezes all government assets in the United States and prohibits all transactions by any Venezuelan officials, in what constitutes the first major expansion of sanctions targeting a nation in the western hemisphere in over three decades.

Trump Imposes Total Economic Embargo On Venezuela

File image via Time

The order focuses on human rights abuses and Maduro’s continued “usurpation” of power as necessary to enact the full embargo, and places the Latin American country on par with Cuba, Syria, Iran and North Korea. Though Trump recently signaled he was “bored” with meddling in Venezuela after a failed military coup earlier this year, the executive order is the latest in a string of measures intent on regime change.

“All property and interests in property of the Government of Venezuela that are in the United States … are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in,” the executive order says. Americans are further prevented from doing business with Venezuela’s government or officials, effective immediately.

Though it falls short of an outright trade embargo, it does dramatically escalate US efforts to force a Maduro exit in favor of US-backed opposition leader and self-proclaimed “interim president” Juan Guaido.

Trump Imposes Total Economic Embargo On Venezuela

Via The Wall Street Journal

A recent Bloomberg report also indicated Trump admin discussions have involved the possibility of imposing a complete blockade on the country by sea, enforced by US Navy ships.

President Maduro slammed on the comments last Friday, and directed his ambassador to lodge a formal complaint with the UN Security Council, saying any attempt to block the Venezuelan coastline is “clearly illegal” according to international law and norms. He said in a televised broadcast on Friday: Venezuela’s seas would remain “free and independent.”

“All of Venezuela, in a civic-military union, repudiates and rejects the statements of Donald Trump about a supposed quarantine, of a supposed blockade,” Maduro said in the speech. “A blockade, why would he announce that? It is clearly illegal.”



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  • Feudalism Victory

    All the rich corrupt Venezuelan officials with us dollar wealth are going to be mighty unhappy. This kind of action has successfully stirred up trouble for Putin among Russian elites. Will probably make Maduro jump at shadows now. Smart!

    Why exactly can’t Maduro accept american partnership in the oil sector. Trying to eat the whole pie isn’t working for them. Surely some of a lot is better than all of this conflict?

    • IanSeed

      So he should simply hand over HALF the country’s wealth to these thieves ?
      For an easy life ?
      is this what you’re saying ?

      • Feudalism Victory

        Well the percentage would be negotiated. But yes. The Americans control the supply lines through their navy. Like how third party transit companies get a cut when russian gas flows to Europe.

        It’s just business. Socialists cant understand it though. They only understand force and theft.

        • AM Hants

          Riddle me this, but, isn’t Russia a major shareholder in the Venezuelan Oil Company, the US seeks to pillage?

          Didn’t Chavez pay off the Rothschild debt and seriously upset the globalists by doing this? No doubt why he was taken out.

          • occupybacon

            Ok so he chosen the Moscow over Washington/London, same bunch of Oligarchs, only that with US you have food, with Moscow you have Patriotism

          • J Ramirez

            Tell that to all your homeless and people getting there welfare taken away so you can make more bombs!

          • occupybacon

            I don’t have time for that. I have bombs to make and to butt hurt people here

          • Concrete Mike

            Ill translate what you said for our friends that dont know english that well:

            I have no job.and no life so spend my day harassing people on the internet.

          • occupybacon

            You forgot your auto translate on. Here I fixed it for you:

            У меня нет работы и жизни, поэтому я провожу свой день, беспокоя людей в Интернете.

          • Concrete Mike

            No i dont need auto translate, my translation was accurate.

            Your a low life loser with no job.

            I got piers to dig later nerd!

          • occupybacon

            You got a stinky vodka bottle to survive one more day

          • Selbstdenker

            Isn’t this a rather stupid post? where do you have food when dealing with US? They steal your cloth if they can. read the book “Confession of an economic hit man”

          • AM Hants

            Same bunch of oligarchs?

            Now remind me, but, who sent many of the disloyal oligarchs to live a life in exile and where did they end up?

            Russia, the 11 time zone, self dependent nation, who not only can feed her own people, on non GM toxic food, but, also has picked up the US agricultural export market.

            Now how is the US going to pay back that $21 trillion and rising, national debt? That is before you get to the domestic debt?

          • Bill Wilson

            Nobody has owned shares in PVDSA since the early 1970’s when the Venezuelan government nationalized the oil & gas sector.

          • AM Hants

            Sorry, should have said ‘mortgage providers’.

            Venezuela’s PDVSA Mortgages US Refinery Citgo To Russia’s Rosneft
            Venezuela has mortgaged the remaining 49.9% of Citgo Holding Inc. to Russia state-controlled oil company Rosneft… http://curacaochronicle.com/economy/venezuelas-pdvsa-mortgages-us-refinery-citgo-to-russias-rosneft/

        • Brother Ma

          Who says Yankers control the supply lines? Russia should simply commandeer /man all oil tankers with still serving Russian troops in order to ” ensure completion of contractual obligations with Russian companies already signed etc” . Will the US navy stop a ship manned with serving ,uniformed Russian sailors and soldiers? I don’t think so!

          No tanker owner will mind nor will the Venezuelans and the Yanks will cry they cannot touch a tanker sailing by sporting a Russian flag! Hahaha

          I hope the Russian Armed Forces are reading this site for ideas in Game Rooms rehearsing scenarios!

      • occupybacon

        In 20 years that oil will not even matter. Starving own population for what? Russia is keeping Venezuela hostage as coin exchange, to obtain something in negotiations with USA.

        • J Ramirez

          You can’t negotiate with a country the that can’t keep its word, you have better luck trusting Satan ;}

        • Brother Ma

          Since when does oil not matter! Oil is everything ! That oil could make a Switzerland out of Venezuela and the people are starving because of embargoes not innately because of so-called Socialist rule.

          • Bill Wilson

            Venezuela is quickly becoming the South American version of Zimbabwe.

    • Concrete Mike

      Fuck the elites.

      Its not the bolivar way now is it?

      Maduro wont accept any deal from the americans, they never hold their end of the bargain anyways. One would be foolish not to recognize the greedy americunts for what they are.

      Sovereignty or death!

      • Feudalism Victory

        I would say negotiate with the oil majors themselves. They’re not political hacks for the most part just profit seeking business people. Governments just tax their people for money they don’t need to keep deals. Corporations have an incentive to do so as broken deals ruin businesses.

        Unfortunately Chavez had to shaft the oil companies and loot their investments.

        Well now he’s got the government involved and things are getting fucky. Don’t be such a fan boy. The chavistas dug some of this hole along with heavy handed us fed giv involvement.

        • Concrete Mike

          Im not a fanboy, i do have a good memory though.

          Look up orimulsion fiasco.

          We the market fucked venezuala royally, absolutly royally fucked them

          So this is one instance that i know that we canadians fucked venezuela. There are more stories i am sure, anything the americans touch turns to shit.

          • Feudalism Victory

            Funny I never heard of it orimulsion fiasco makes google think it was Venezuela paying us for not delivering?

          • Concrete Mike

            As a taxpayer of.new brunswick let me assure you , its is our crown corporation nb power that pulled out of the deal, AFTER IT CONVERTED OUR LARGEST THERMAL POWER PLANT COLESON COVE TO BURN IT!!!

            Lo and behold NB Power pulls out of the deal for “reasons”, and now we have to pay almost 1 billion$ to convert the goddamn thing back to bunker-c.

            So guess what buddy, we the tax payers of new brunswick payed for this goddamned mess .

          • Brother Ma

            I bet the Company was pushed to do it for Uncle Sam’s sake? Did it happen under Harper? I hate that guy if only for his slavish devotion to The Pentagon ,as i know nothing of his record as PM for Canada.

          • Feudalism Victory

            Well consider me edified.

          • Feudalism Victory

            Things turn to shit sometimes with americans to be sure. They’ve been on top too long they are decaying inexorably. Bunch of clown shoes making decisions and anti depressants make for crazy people. Its healthy to feel depressed and anxious sometimes. It’s a good sign that your paying attention.

        • AM Hants

          You mean when he paid off the Rothschild Debt?

        • Brother Ma

          Oil majors have no pull. In this instance ,the Pentagon would overule what any oil major would say. Trump already got rid of his “Texan Oil Major representative “who was Secretary of State.

      • AM Hants

        Must admit, loving Bolivia, owing to their actions in the UN.

    • IMHO

      Ok then, I want half of your paycheck and savings account. Give it to me now or I will stop you from being able to make a paycheck or accessing your savings AND I will starve your children in the process. Why? Just because I want it and I don’t like you. And don’t even try to fight back.
      That is basically what you are supporting. It’s called extortion.

      • Feudalism Victory

        See my reply above

        • Brother Ma

          Your reply is bullshit and you seem to think that business and money solves everything. Well guess what , if i had total power over your household and you were starving and i asked to fck your grandmother ,what would you do? Negotiate ? Come on gran,screw the Yankee ,it is better you do this so we can eat some scraps.

          Now i know ,many women and families find themselves in this position and i do not think less of them for accepting. However ,fight back a little ! Make waves ,punch them ,spit on them and at least try to protect your Granma’s dignity ! Then your Granma will at least think her grandson is not a total piece of shit!

          Get it? Money and ” a little is better than nothing “does not always work. Even monkeys sharing bananas know that!

          • Feudalism Victory

            If you had total power you wouldn’t ask.

            Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think maybe the finer points of human nature you may not prefer to dwell on.

            Perhaps the granny would volunteer to help the family?

            Maybe they would eat their neighbours. Long history of cannibalism among humans.

        • IMHO

          I see no reply. “See my reply above” is not a reply. It is a copout. You have no reasonable reply because your argument is devoid of common sense intelligence. No one willingly negotiates with the criminal who tries to break into their house.
          Resistance is not futile.

          • Feudalism Victory

            I got a few close indignant replies like yours. Look above to the other poster.

            Basically its just business. Venezuela’s actions cause many other effects on different players. It’s a rough old world and there’s no fairness guarantee they can sell oil as they please.

            Perhaps you’d like a safe space?

          • IMHO

            That is the stupidest, most evasive comment I’ve heard. You are either an idiot or a troll if you think extortion is “just business”. What a sorry piece of shit you are.
            Yes I would like a “safe place” where people can do business without threat of violence or economic theft.
            You are a typical two faced hypocrite because there isn’t a person in this world who wants to be forced to do business at gun point yet you are all for it when it’s the apostate U.S.A. who is doing it to others. Like I said: You are a sorry piece of shit.

          • Feudalism Victory

            Lol. Ok well you take care out there. I too would like a nice fair world. And it is mostly at the local level. But at this global level its fucking savage.

            They have to be aware using their massive oil reserves impacts other massive players. It’s a fact of life and makes me glad I have smaller problems.

          • IMHO

            It’s not a matter of how people or countries act, it is a matter of what actions you support. You have indicated support for diplomacy at the barrel of a gun simply because it exists.
            Just because theft exists doesn’t mean you should support it, just because murder exists doesn’t mean you should support it, just because rape exists doesn’t mean you should support it, just because adultery exists doesn’t mean you should support it, just because faggots exist doesn’t mean you should support them, etc…
            It applies to all problems, big or small. Without resistance you are destined to lose every time.

  • Kilgore Trout

    F**K ameri3ka!!!

  • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

    Did Venezuela attack US corrupt government or any other country around the world? Negative, so this US embargo is illegal. US has attacked hundreds of countries around the globe and deserves an total embargo from any civil country.

  • Pave Way IV

    Wait a second… that Guaido guy is still around? I thought he was holed up in a luxury hotel in Colombia drowning his sorrows in hookers, cocaine and sacks of US dollars?

    Meanwhile, Bolton has ‘threatened’ Russia and China that their continued support of Maduro may mean that a fantasy future ‘Guaido government’ may not be willing to pay back either the billions in cash or the millions of tonnes of oil production Venezuela currently owes both countries. Because the US wants to steal that for itself. How can we do that if Venezuela wastes it’s money and oil paying back Russia and China? WE elected Guaido and all the resources of Venezuela are ours – we stole it from the Venezuelan people fair and square. Obey the Bolton!

    By the way, what ever happened to Abrams – did they suicide the old geezer for ‘losing’ Venezuela? Too bad, buddy. Swim with the sharks…

    • Brother Ma

      First thing i would do if I was a judge in a tribunal sentencing Obtuse Bolton ,would be to order the plucking of his walrus -moustache by a panel of Venezuelan Fishwives’ hands!

  • Raptar Driver

    This is exactly what the world should do to the U.S.; completely turn your back and stop dealing with the Beast, stop using its currency, stop all trade, all talk, anything. It is you the rest of the world that props up this monstrosity, turn your back and watch the monster die.

    • Brother Ma

      Yes and go further. Exit the SWIFT system and use alternatives if any. Yet,which of our govs has the balls to do this against America? Not anyone in Europe barring Serbia maybe?

    • Justin

      This is about China!
      China owns Venez! Venez is an oil Giant!
      China Bought and owns the panama canal of which their single aircraft carrier cannot use and if China wanted to use the panama canal for its war ships, they would be sitting ducks!

      This is all about the trade war and denying China with oil as a means of production! This hugely effects China and their economy will die!

      China is devaluing its currency thus money is leaving China!
      They must control citizens who try to keep the value of their savings thus creating a frenzy amongst its own population!

      USA enjoys companies returning to the USA or going to USA friendly nations such as phillipines, Vietnam, Mexico etc for cheap labour markets!

      China is fucked! only choice they have is to kill the President! (which im sure they will try)!
      China is screwed!

      Be sure Russia will sell them oil but at 2 times prices! which only means China cant compete like the manufacturing country they were!
      Happy days for Russia!

      • IMHO

        I think you are right. This is more about stemming Russia and China’s influence in the west than it is about Venezuela itself.

  • verner

    and in washington dc the left hand works independently of the right hand and more than ever shows how a dysfunctional government fails to govern – so while dunny the dunce thinks one thing the mad hatter bolton and side kick abrams think differently and are brazen enough to ignore the commander in chief’s tweeted edicts and pursue the regime change program in contravention to the constitution and the legislators on the hill (who prefer to stay mum in order not to threaten their future. what a sad situation the world is witnessing.

    • Doom Sternz

      White Supremacy and Fascism is the Key to understanding America’s Venezuela aggression (supreme international crime). Venezuela is a story of four centuries of white rule and It all came to an end with the 1998 election of Hugo Chavez who won with the overwhelming support of the Mestizo (indigenous) majority.

      This rejection of white supremacy continues under Maduro, Chavez’ chosen successor. Social investment in Venezuela during the Chavez administration reduced poverty from nearly 50% in 1999 to about 27% in 2011, increased school enrollment and brought real democracy to Venezuela. Venezuela was the wealthiest nation, by far, in South America. Hugo Chavez became President on 2 February 1999. Venezuela reached its all-time-high economic-growth rate in 2004 after 5 years of Socialism.

      The economy rapidly declined as soon as the U.S. started its coup-attempts and imposed sanctions. It was the US that murdered Chavez. It is estimated that the sanctions have been the catalyst for up to 40,000 deaths in Venezuela.

      Here is why the US attempted to return white supremacist rule to Venezuela. David and Charles Koch need the XL Keystone Pipeline. The XL Keystone pipeline will take Canadian tar-sands oil to Texas Gulf Coast refineries. Why bring the filthiest crude on the planet to Texas? The refineries of the Texas Gulf Coast are optimized for heavy crude. It would cost billions of dollars to rebuild the giant Flint Hills Corpus Christi Refinery, owned by Koch Industries, to use the less-polluting Texas oil drilled nearby.

      The Kochs built the giant Flint Hills Corpus Christi Refinery to process heavy crude from Venezuela. At the time the plant was built Koch Industries were pillaging Venezuelan heavy crude for a fraction of its true value. When Hugo Chavez became President of Venezuela he insisted Koch Industries pay full price for the heavy crude.

      Trumps quoting of the Monroe Doctrine is an act of white supremacy. The purpose of the Monroe Doctrine was to declare the United States opposition to colonialism (sic). What a completely dishonest and despicable person he truly is. He has attempted to murder Maduro, start a civil war and threatened military invasion to re-impose white supremacist rule against the democratic will of the Mestizo majority. Yuan Guido has promised to return control of the oil to US companies (ie Koch Industries, Flint Hills Corpus Christi Refineries, there are no other refineries that can process this heavy crude) if he is placed in power.

      Hence Trump tells us that Yuan Guido is the democratic leader of Venezuela. Trump himself obtained 3 million less votes, Pompeo (no votes) and Bolton (no votes). Guido has never stood for election anywhere. Meduro however was re-elected with a huge majority.

      Lets be quite clear about this: the people who support his White Supremacy (colonial rule) are no better than he is.

      • Feudalism Victory

        Bah calling racism is like calling some one hitler. It means you have no arguments just want to shut down debate.

        • Doom Sternz

          Racism and White Supremacy are two different things. I think there is a huge amount of argument supporting my assertions. Just who is trying to shut down the debate as i see you actually have no argument. Just saying.

          • Feudalism Victory

            Divide and conquer is an old maxim. This insistence on viewing history through racial prisms is part of that. Parroting white supremacy is helping to maintain the only division that truly matters – power/class.

            I guarantee you powerful white people have as much disdain for ordinary white people(deplorable rednecks in MSNBC parlance) as they do for non whites(rather patronizingly called people of colour)

            And they have more in common with coloured rich powerful people – many of whom are helping form and enforce trumps so called white supremacist agenda.

      • Brother Ma

        Very informative and i learned a lot. Although in practice White Rule is what will happen if US plans succeed , I don’t think all the vultures are moving on Venezuela because of it. They are moving in because the elite of Yankeestan are scheming ,bloodthirsty cnunts and it would make no difference the colour those vultures are!

  • Ma_Laoshi

    Sorry but if you don’t arrest, try, and hang this Guaido character, if you don’t react decisively to repeated American violations of your airspace, in short if you cower under the bed in fear, then the Dark Throne will feel they’ve got you by the balls and they have to push just a little bit harder. Protect your country or live with the consequences.

    • Brother Ma

      True as this Guido would have been hung in any country prior to WWII.

  • AM Hants

    How will that work, when Russia and China are working closely with Venezuela and do not trade in the $US?

    Plus, what legality has Trump got and doubt he has UN approval for his gangster antics?

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, and not an word about this in the western MSM, nox, dead silent, since this is to hammer the civlians, it dont do anything else, medics to food, and this just shows us all that Trump the ConDon, is just that, an raving lunatic witch the majority of the pissants hails as an 154 D Chess player, right or is it that I just have TDS, acoding to even dumber f…. in the alternative shi…. sorry medias.


    The sole definition of pure evil, and this scumbag is sucking up to the Kosher Nostra, as a lot of others are, even in Norway they stil lie about Iraq, but whines about me been an f…. white trachonalist because I hate this f…. whom made this possible, 500 000 children died and they lust laugh, yup, of course, it was wurth it, right TrumpTards.
    The next, video, I warn you, this have images that beats any horror movie to pulp, so be carefull, its downright horrible, Depleted Uranium, and its effect, and do read the coments, specally coming from the friends of Trump, the Wahabi Saudis and ISISrael, for many, this is cool and makes jokes about it, the american way.


    You speak about the devil, I can ashure you, even the devil would cry, nothing, abolutelly nothing beats humans when it comes to atrocitys, nothing is as bad as the UssA and its vassals.
    And they just do whatever they want, because they have the MSM and the MSM complyes, incl pissfull… sorry peacefull little shithole Norway, our rightwinged and leftards all was pro-war, and denied everything after, DU is stil in use, and have an half time, of somewhere around 2400 years, all for an fist full os shekles.