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JULY 2020

Trump Hits Syria a Second Time and Signals to the World that the U.S. Empire is Coming Apart at the Seams


Trump Hits Syria a Second Time and Signals to the World that the U.S. Empire is Coming Apart at the Seams

Written by Brian Kalman exclusively for SouthFront; Brian Kalman is a management professional in the marine transportation industry. He was an officer in the US Navy for eleven years.

A number of days have passed since naval and air assets of the United States, France and the UK struck a number of targets of the Syrian government within that nation’s sovereign borders. The attacks took place during the early morning hours of April 14th. I was getting ready to celebrate my 43rd birthday that day, and became aware of the attacks in an otherwise good mood on the evening of April 13th (local time) on the U.S. east coast. I, like so many people, whether ordinary citizens, independent media commentators, government officials (even a few in the U.S.), analysts, and former generals and ambassadors, simply could not understand the logic behind these attacks. It soon became apparent that the narrative surrounding the “surgical strikes”, not just the pretext for their being conducted in the first place, but the details of how they were carried out, began to become questionable. Under what rationale could the U.S. establishment explain that the alleged chemical attack was carried out by the Syrian government, when such a decision would be totally illogical in that it would be of absolutely no benefit to the Syrian government? Additionally,  why would the U.S. and its allies time such an attack to immediately precede the arrival of an OPCW team dispatched to determine if a chemical weapons attack actually took place or not? As more information was released by both the U.S. and Russian governments detailing the actual cruise missile strikes, it soon became apparent that the narrative presented by the U.S. government was not at all true. So, what was the motive and the purpose of such an attack, and what actually took place?

It is quite easy for anyone at this point, with over seven years of the Syrian conflict behind us, to realize that the Syrian government was not the perpetrator of a chemical attack, let alone an attack that would have nothing but negative ramifications and zero benefits. Many such attacks had been carried out in the past, and were found to be carried out by the opposition, not the government. There is a reasonable amount of evidence to suggest that some of these “attacks” were either wholly staged, or that opposition factions killed men, women and children and then positioned the bodies to fake video and photo “evidence” of such attacks. The notorious “White Helmets” have been implicated in some of these incidents. Almost every time, Western and Gulf states invested in the ongoing proxy invasion (it has never been a civil war) have seized on such deplorable and tragic events to call for a widening of the conflict. The comments made and investigations carried by UN commission member Carla Del Ponte and MIT professor Theodore Postol (professor emeritus specializing in WMD and NBC warfare) all but proved that the chemical weapons attacks that were the pretext to the aborted Obama administration intervention, and Trump’s first cruise missile attack against the Syrian Arab Airforce airfield at Shayrat last year, were actually perpetrated by the opposition, not the Syrian government. The narratives pushed to frame Syria’s president Assad as the perpetrator of these crimes have been proven to be utter fabrications. Are we truly to believe that this chemical attack, if it truly was a chemical attack at all, was once again perpetrated by a Syrian government that had already beaten the Islamic radicals in Douma on the battlefield, had liberated thousands of civilians kept as human shields, and had received the terrorists’ agreement to surrender the territory in exchange for free passage to a different, yet ever shrinking opposition held territory? The Syrian military has been winning the war for a long time now, and with every victory, the true nature of the “rebel” opposition becomes clearer. They are not a grass roots national opposition, but a barbaric menagerie of Islamic fundamentalist mercenaries working for the interests of their paymasters in Washington, Paris, London, Riyadh and Doha. I almost forgot the air support and medical services provided courtesy of Tel Aviv.

How long can the western mainstream media keep pushing the same ridiculous narrative? I guess they can push it as long as gullible or apathetic populations keep buying what they are selling, or remain unconcerned by the immoral, illegal and treasonous criminality of their governments. As a U.S. citizen who values the universal, inalienable rights of all of the worlds’ people, I have been utterly appalled by the conduct of my government. Or more accurately described, the shadow government, or deep state. Call it what you will. I am very aware that I am not alone, but have increasingly found, like so many other aspects of the social and political fabric of this country, I am falling on one of two increasingly polarized sides. Americans either increasingly understand and are disturbed by the fact that their government, the mainstream media and Hollywood (The Ministry of Propaganda) are lying to them about pretty much everything, or blindly accept what they are being told, either out of stupidity, apathy, an inability to confront the negative ramifications of reality, blind allegiance to a corrupted and decadent version of what the country once was, or a combination of some or all of the above. Is it really so much easier to ignore the ugly truth and bury your head in the sand? As a Syrian soldier fighting on the front lines to salvage a country that is still one of the most secular and tolerant nations in the Middle East, this is hardly an option. As an American with no greater worries than who won the baseball game the other night, or if their president had sex with a porn star, I guess they have the luxury of such a misguided and ridiculous level of ignorance and indifference. I sincerely mean no insult to the many hard working Americans who are truly disturbed by the actions of “their” government and are concerned about the horrible war in Syria, all the while are struggling to make ends meet and raise good and moral children in an increasingly immoral American society.

With a full understanding of past events in the Syrian conflict, how does one explain what happened last week? What is the real reason that the U.S. and its loyal European vassals fired cruise missiles into Syria and what was actually achieved in material terms? We have all heard the narrative pushed by the U.S. government and their MSM propagandists, that 105 cruise missiles (very new and smart!) were launched by naval and air assets, mainly targeting three Syrian government locations engaged in the development and/or storage of chemical warfare agents. Trump asserts that all the missiles hit their targets, not one was intercepted nor malfunctioned, resulting in a flawless, precision strike. U.S. media parroted the Pentagon’s talking point that Syrian air defenses could only “blindly” fire surface to air missiles in response. I am really at a loss as to how you can actually blind-fire a radar guided surface-to-air missile at an aerial target, or under what circumstances this would even be feasible, but what do I know, I don’t work for CNN.

The Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) has presented a very different analysis of the strike, stating that 71 out of the 103 missiles fired were in fact intercepted. According to the Russian MOD, Syrian air defense forces engaged 110 enemy cruise missiles, firing 112 surface-to-air missiles to intercept. So, who is telling the truth, or more accurately, a more truthful version of what actually happened? At this point it is hard to say what actually took place; however, there is enough circumstantial evidence to state with confidence that the narrative presented by the U.S. government is not even remotely probable. After the Russian and Syrian militaries reported that almost 70% of incoming missiles were interdicted, and videos illustrating the probable aerial intercepts over Syrian territory (although this is still only circumstantial evidence) emerged, the U.S. DOD released a few grainy, black and white “before and after” satellite images of sites supposedly targeted and destroyed in the strikes. With all of the high tech surveillance capabilities at its disposal, the U.S. could only rebut with this scant, amateurish proof? General Schwarzkopf’s press conferences during operation Desert Storm decades ago made this presentation appear laughable in comparison. Even more damning was the footage shot of the aftermath of the attack on the supposed chemical weapons research facility in Damascus, the Barzah Research and Development Center. Are we truly to believe that 76 Tomahawk cruise missiles successfully struck this one small complex of buildings? What is the size of this complex, between 5 and 10 acres? Some structures, although burned out and heavily damaged, were left standing after being struck by over 76,000 lbs. of high explosives? Each Tomahawk (most likely the Block III TLAM-C in this scenario) is equipped with a 1,000 lb. blast/fragmentary unitary warhead. Why waste 76 Tomahawks on a single target? To send a message, or because you calculate that a high proportion of the missiles will likely be intercepted by Syrian or Russian air defenses? Are we truly to believe that 76 Tomahawk cruise missiles successfully struck the Barzah complex?

Trump Hits Syria a Second Time and Signals to the World that the U.S. Empire is Coming Apart at the Seams

Barzah Research and Development Center. The automobiles in the satellite imagery give a good idea of scale. Was this complex hit by 76 Tomahawk LACMs loaded with 76,000 lbs. of high explosives? Were chemical weapons, or precursor agents present at the site?

Another obvious question not asked by the sycophantic mainstream media, is what would happen if a chemical weapons facility located in a heavily populated suburb of Damascus, supposedly stockpiling Sarin gas, happened to be blown sky high? Wouldn’t at least some portion of Sarin gas, or other deadly chemical substance particulates be released into the surrounding environment? What better way to avenge the immoral murder of innocent children than to bomb a chemical weapons plant in a heavily populated city, right? Sarin gas is a highly toxic nerve agent, with a lethal exposure of only 35mg. per cubic meter per minute for two minutes, resulting in death for a grown adult. And yet, no civilian casualties were reported. Does this strike anyone as being totally improbable, or even a little bit implausible? That’s because it is. This totally implausible narrative only reinforces the assertion (verified by the OPCW no less) that Syria surrendered all of its chemical weapons in 2013. As the Syrian government professes, the Barzah Research and Development Center obviously is not engaged in chemical weapons research and development. They may be involved in researching God knows what, but not deadly nerve agents as the U.S. government insists.

To be honest, I have no idea what really happened in the early morning hours of April 14th in Syria. Two very different versions of events have been presented as the truth. All I can do as a logical and rational human being is look at what is known, or at least probable in light of the circumstantial evidence available. There is no photographic or video proof to suggest that 105 Tomahawk cruise missiles all hit their intended targets successfully. There is circumstantial evidence to support the accretion that they did not. There is very clear evidence to support the assertion that the Barzah Research and Development Center was not engaged in developing or storing chemical weapons, because if this was in fact the case, there would have at least been some civilian casualties as the result of this facility being destroyed. I am no chemical weapons expert, but it is simply counterintuitive to think otherwise. The release of even a minute amount of sarin gas would prove deadly to some of the thousands of civilians living adjacent to the facility.

So what was accomplished as a result of the grand 105 missile strong attack? Was the U.S. portrayed as the omnipresent, all-powerful arbiter of law and order in the world, or revealed to be a playground bully with not enough might to back up their bluster? If the U.S. attack did go off without a hitch and all missiles hit their intended targets, what was the real result of this costly exercise (approximately $200 million in ordinance, not to mention the cost of using the aircraft, submarines, and warships to deliver said ordinance)? Did Trump exhibit strength, or ineptitude? Did the “strongest military in the history of the world” just reveal a chink in its armor? Russia and Syria may assert that 70% of enemy cruise missiles were successfully intercepted, but even if the real number was only 50% or even 30%, it would reveal that the often touted U.S. military superiority is a total falsehood. The modern and capable Russian air defense assets in the region never fired a shot. At least a portion of U.S. advanced cruise missiles were defeated by decades old Soviet technology. If true, this reality should shake U.S. military planners to the core.

Trump Hits Syria a Second Time and Signals to the World that the U.S. Empire is Coming Apart at the Seams

Do these guys really believe the narrative they are peddling? They look like two kids that got caught doing something bad and had to get their stories straight.

As my friend The Saker often asserts, the U.S. establishment (including the Department of Defense) simply has no real strategy in the Middle East. I would argue that it has no overall geopolitical strategy at all. We are witnessing the death throes of a dying empire which has become the biggest believer in its own narrative, a narrative based on delusion and hubris. This is a very dangerous reality, and hopefully one that will come to a conclusion that costs a minimal of lives. Hundreds of thousands of lives have already been ended in an immoral, criminal attempt to destroy yet another sovereign nation in the Middle East. A nation that dared to walk its own path in the world. The destiny of Syria will be determined, for good or ill, by the Syrian people and that is how it should be. I would also assert that there may very well be a war within the power structure of the U.S. state itself, and the apparent schizophrenic foreign policy and polarized domestic intragovernmental conflict we are all bearing witness to are clear signs of this. Not all is what it seems, or at least not what the MSM propagandists would like us all to believe. One day in the near future, I may end up looking back on my 43rd birthday and remembering the day when the first chink in the empire’s armor was revealed, the tapestry of lies started to unravel, and the world began to see that the emperor truly has no clothes.



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  • Martyn Tucker
  • Nigel Maund

    To say that the Wesrtern World and their Israeli – Zionist – Jewish masters stink to high heaven of dishonesty, wicked chicanery, lies, deception, crimes and utter duplicity would be the understatement of the entire Century. Don’t you get it US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand?????? We don’t believe you any more, or your wholly owned and controlled MSM brainwashing the electorate, because we know who controls you and who you’re really working for and at what for, and it certainly isn’t or has ever been your electorate. Your real masters have always been the Anglo – American – Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal of criminal looters, plunderers, parasites, userers, paedophies, warmongers and murderers led by the Rothschild’s clan and their coterie of fellow travellers in corruption and crime.

  • hope springs eternal.

    Excellent sir! Many thanks.

  • Mitch8888

    True, but UN-digested “truth”.
    Here is where you are going:
    Imagine “you” strike another for what his enemy did?
    What does that make you?
    Imagine yourself to be the victim, the enemy and the striker in this picture?
    THEN you see what is happening now – and you need not make so many words?
    Consider this an “enzyme” in your creative
    Then you can do your real work.
    And I approve. fwiw

  • Java Ape Timelord

    The official narrative is that which is given by the government of the country, in this case it is the sovereign Syrian Government.

    All other narratives are “conspiracy theories” as stated by CIA etc many times.

  • JP Moreau

    perfect analyse ! Graet to understand reality !

  • Mo Richard

    Wowww. Thanks for giving us such a gift for your birthday. This is a clinical analysis as you would expect a normal human being to present. Happy Birthday.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Dont bother with the why. What disturbs me is the “bet”/risk the US was willing to make, They were willing to risk starting a hot war with Russia and damn the rest of us.

    • Barba_Papa

      That!!! A thousand times that! And nobody in the media and on the streets was worried about that! It friggin’ boggles the mind. We talk about the Cuban missile crisis still, and how much the world came to nuclear war. But back then the nuclear powers had less nukes then they do now, especially the Soviets. And now we had a modern day Cuban missile crisis AND NOBODY GIVES A FUCK???

      • Nod

        water fluoridation FTW…

  • Prince Myshkin

    Thanks for showing the picture of https://hiast.edu.sy/en in your report. One of the glaring failures of the propaganda machine that the western MSM is and also many other critical independent commentators is this. If this was really a Military facility churning out sophisticated CW armaments then why does it not have any perimeter fortifications? Also why is the large hill on it’s northern flank completely undefended (high ground attacks anyone?) Also why would the Syrian government have such a facility located for the past five years within striking distance of the lunatics in Jobar only five Kms to the south who are heavily armed with TOW missiles, RPG’s Mortars Heavy machine guns etc.

    This is the insanity that (((they))) want us to believe.

    Just check Google Maps and you can see that this is literally a typical open campus.

  • hvaiallverden

    If you think pre-agreements on targets, it sound credible, the second is simple, the physical abolute is about range, simply physics, you cant cover everything, with something, that is per def not possible so you, and I if that/something happens, have to make prioritys, what can be expendable in an crisis situation, dont forget that and dont stear our self blind on the stats.
    And why on earth do you bother what the MSM writes, what you should focus on is the alternatives, where the truth is more, uh…. better, be carefull, there is some well pissers, and to my astonishment, some newly awaken ones, even AJ sees the same, I was even thinking to pardone that yapping man for his few falts, I must be getting old, hehe, senlie ; ),

    Second, the use of defencive systems, they to have ranges to where they can be of use, but to be honnest, someone is lying abit, I stil think this was much worse, since it the first time I can remeber that the UssA (Union of sociatlistic scumbags of aMurica) have ever admitted anything, never about their own short comings, and the Mad Dogs causion, regarding involvements with Russia.

    I hope, that Russia, and I in fact asume that, they had full control, thats why I am abit agitated when it comes to the pussy footing of ISISrael, their greatest weekness, is to think the ISISraelis are an sort of sane partner, to me, an greater threat than the bonkers Banana republic UssA.
    They at least is an honest asshole as far you can go, but the ISISraelis are master ass likers, feeds you with fairy tales, political clap traps, to whining about racism, while ISISrael is doing them self the opposite, its so glaringly hypocritical as its possibly can be.
    Because they work on the ilusions of consensuses, racistic and hateful, they are behind the massive wall of hate propaganda, do read the names on thos that writes, even in Norway, nobody is genuine Nordick, not one of them, and they lie about everything, from AGW to Russia, all the time.
    Its an non stop barrage of sniveling drivel and yet, thats all they get, in Norway there is no oppstiton to this wars, an coward spineless people, like the other Khazar empire ISISrael they love to watch Yankikes do their dirty work, and gloath over others, because they to think they are expetional, they way they got away with over 30 years of systematic doping thru the use of Asmah medication, witch is loaded with steroids, but hey, they have asmah.
    No shame what so ever.

    Yup, intresting times ahead.
    What this agreement or trying to make deals to have the Saudi-barbarians to take over Syria, where the UssA rests, is hillarious, but the problem will be as it is to day, as we apeak, the UssA, will they leave completely, airforce and so on, or stay as an suporter of the Saudi-scums.
    Because I dont consider them to an threat at all, to be frank.

    Then we have to even dumber Kurds, what the f….. are you doing, Kurds, you had it all, f…. it up, and now you dont have anyone with you ex. the banana republic UssA and ISISrael.
    What went thru your mind Kurds, do you never learn.

    And never forget this, full spectrum dominance, they use different names on this doctrines,as Wolfowitch etc, to the New american century, but they all rest on one premis and thats full spectrum dominance.
    And never trust them, they have to do something, if not, never belive an single word, they have lied foor centurys wars as long they have existed and somehow they are now, uh….. nice.

    Fool me ones, and so on.


    • Prince Myshkin

      If/When Yanks finally bug out the Kurds are gonna be so screwed. I don’t pity them at all.

  • Law Se


  • RichardD

    “As my friend The Saker often asserts, the U.S. establishment (including the Department of Defense) simply has no real strategy in the Middle East.”

    This wouldn’t be my take. The strategy is the Jew world order hegemony plan for Israel, and the Jews embedded in the nations that they’ve taken over, to protect Israel and take over and enslave their host populations in Palestine, and the US, UK and France, the NATO Jew 3. And to use these parasitical hosts to take over and enslave the planet.

  • AlexanderAmproz


    President Trump’s War Crime is Worse than the One He Accuses Assad of

    by DAVE LINDORFF FacebookTwitterGoogle+RedditEmail

    The single most important thing that happened Friday night when the US military on President Trump’s orders launched a wave of over 100 cruise missiles against Syria was that once again the US violated the most profound international law of war: initiating a war of aggression against a nation that posed no threat, imminent or otherwise, to the US or its allies.

    Called a “Crime against Peace,” this violation (whose perpetrators, under the precedent set in the Nuremberg Trials that followed World War II, can face capital punishment), is considered worse than any other war crime because, as US Nuremberg prosecutor Robert Jackson explained in his argument at the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals, a war of aggressionis “not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

    President Trump, during his televised White House announcement just after the launching of his bombing attack on Syria, said, “The purpose of our actions tonight is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread and use of chemical weapons…We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents.”

    He was making the argument that the US, acting on its own authority without any sanction from the UN Security Council as required under international law, somehow had a duty to, on its own, punish Syria for its alleged violation of a Geneva Convention against the use of chemical weapons.

    Putting aside for a moment the important question of whether the Syrian government actually did use chemical weapons in the Douma suburb of Damascus, which is in fact highly suspect, even if that country’s leader, Basher al Assad, did order the use of a banned chemical weapon, Assad’s crime would be far less serious than the crime Trump and the US perpetrated under international law.

    Fortunately, it appears as if saner members of the largely crazy Trump administration — notably Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a retired four-star Marine general — prevailed over the neoconservative warmongering chicken hawk John Bolton, recently ensconcedin the ever-changing National Security Advisor spot, with the result that the much ballyhooed US cruise missile attack on Syria’s purported “chemical arms infrastructure” was limited to three sites.

    More importantly, earlier talk of hitting “command-and-control” centers like government buildings in Damascus, or Syrian air bases — places where Russia had warned that it had its own military personnel and that could have provoked a Russia military response — was pushed aside and such targets were left off the hit list. That meant the risk, about which Mattis pointedly warned in recent days, of this US attack morphing uncontrollably into a war between the two nuclear superpowers operating in Syria, the US and Russia, was minimized.

    Fortunately too, for the Syrian people in target areas of the US cruise missiles and the handful of missiles launched by America’s two willing “allies,” Britain and France (whose participation was meant to give a sheen of “multilateralism” to the crime), at least some reports including from Russia claim that up to two-thirds of the US missiles launched were knocked down or blown up in the air by Syrian anti-missile defenses.

    So we aren’t facing the threat of a nuclear exchange, or a tense period in which US and Russian soldiers and airmen face each other with tense fingers on triggers in the midst of the Syrian conflict.

    For now.

    The question is what happens next.

    First there needs to be a real investigation, official and by real journalists — the thing that should have happened beforeTrump jumped in with his blustery missile attack (as he Tweeted: “Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!”) — into whether there was a chemical attack at all on April 7 in the suburb of Douma, and if so, who was behind it.

    The claim of an attack is being made by the so-called “White Hats,” a supposedly non-governmental medical aid organization backed and funded by the US and founded by a member of British intelligence which reportedly has links with the Al Nusra terrorist organization in Syria. The Syrian Red Crescent organization which is affiliated with the Red Cross and has a much better reputation as both an aid organization and as a non-partisan truly medical service, has not confirmed a chemical attack. Meanwhile, the Russian television service RT is reporting that the White Hats actually rushed into a Damascus hospital where victims of fighting in Gouda were being treated, and set off a panic among patients by shouting “chemicals, chemicals!” and dousing people with water, leading to the charge of a chemical attack. Russia is also claiming that British intelligence agents were behind the staging of the event.

    Many critics are noting that, as in prior questionable cases of the Syrian government being accused of using bannedchemicalweapons, this one occurred not when the government was losing and in a desperate situation, but when it was close to winning control of an area and was really in the “mopping up” phase. Indeed, rebel fighters had already given up and were availing themselves of an evacuation agreement, boarding chartered buses to take them to a safer area in the north of Syria, when the alleged “attack” occurred. (Why one has to wonder, would Assad have launched a chemical attack in that situation, knowing it would provoke another US military response? It makes no sense.)

    It is also suspicious that the UN had already ordered inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to go to the site of the alleged attack to look for evidence of chemical use, but the Trump administration couldn’t even wait the four days it would take them to get there to launch an attack — an attack that is bound to delay their arrival and make finding that evidence increasingly difficult and problematic.

    It is also significant that the OPCW has been instructed only to search for evidence of chemical weapons use, not to determine blame for its use.

    The danger of course, is that if the Syrian government has not been the perpetratorof this or earlier gas attacks, as some investigative reporters like Robert Sheer have claimed, those who would then likely be responsible — the anti-Assad rebel forces — could be encouraged by this attack and the one Trump launched last year after a similar questionable use of chemical weaons, to launch more such faked Syrian attacks, in hopes of luring the US deeper into the Syrian civil war quagmire.

    Obviously, such concerns are not being even considered at the White House. Indeed, if this contrarian line of reasoning is correct, it would be more likely that the US and its allies, Britain and France, are involved in the planning of such “false flag” attacks on civilians.

    The US media, are largely cheerleading this attack, with reporters asking for details about its success at hitting alleged targets of Syrian chemical weapons storage, manufacture and research, instead of demanding answers as to the attack’s legality. When the decision to launch the attacks is questioned at all, it is not its obvious violation of international law that is raised, but the far subordinate question of whether the president has the right to order such an attack on his own, without the prior approval of Congress. While that is certainly an important question for Americans to ask, given that there was and is no imminent threat of Syria attacking the US or US forces (which in any case are in Syria illegally), it would hardly be any better if Congress did declare war on Syria, since that too would be a war crime under international law.

    Clearly we are now in a very dangerous period, with a president, unconstrained by a Congress controlled by his own party, at the same time facing grave and mounting legal threats to his presidency. He is clearly looking at ways to divert media attention from himself and his own criminal behavior and to get an increasingly restive public to rally ‘round the flag and around himself as “commander in chief” of a nation at war.

    • RichardD

      I think that what we’re seeing is one more Jew pump and dump of the type that these vultures are justifiably famous for. If their hegemony plan fails, plan B is asset stripping of the host or hosts that failed to obtain it for them.

      As far as WW3. I doubt that the US will go for this.

      I predicted in my analysis on these threads in the lead up to last weeks attack. That even the Israel firster US legislature is getting fed up with the President of the United State’s groveling to the evil Jew miscreants and is moving to reign in his criminally insane mad bomber for Israel activity before he gets us all killed:

      “A group of US senators have put forth a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) bill that would limit President Donald Trump’s authority to attack other countries, days after he ordered a missile attack on Syria.

      Unveiled on Monday by Senators Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Tim Kaine, a committee Democrat, the new AUMF bill allows any sitting US president to take military action against terror groups like al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Daesh and other non-state actors.

      However, in order to attack any nation state, for instance Syria, the bill suggests that the president must first inform Congress and give lawmakers two months to decide whether military action is necessary.

      Without any expiration date, the new AUMF will replace the 2001 war authorization act passed by Congress in the days following the September 11 attacks”

      – US Senate moves to limit President Trump’s war powers –


      This puts a break on these types of mad dog attacks. If it had been in place last week, it would of slowed down and possibly prevented the attack which is an obvious scam that damages the US reputation considerably. And makes it more of pariah than it already is.

      This attack has been a complete public relations disaster for the US, France and the UK. With the scammers running these governments repeating the mistakes of the past. And permanently damaging their reputations in the process. With the main target having repeatedly been certified clean by the inspectors, and not even waiting for an investigation of the alleged attack when they easily could of. And with after action inspections that will almost certainly fail to justify the strikes, and will expose the justification for the entire military operation as a complete fraud.

      There is almost no public support for what the NATO Jew 3 have done:

      This is a recent British poll on attacking Syria:

      “Even though most Britons believe a chemical attack has been perpetrated, only 22% of Britons would support a cruise missile attack against the Syrian military”

      – By two to one, the public oppose missile strikes on Syria –


      The last time a US president tried this, the public opposition coming into congressional offices was almost universally opposed. Nothing has changed, if anything they’re more against it now than they were before:

      “About 60 percent of Americans surveyed said the United States should not intervene in Syria’s civil war, while just 9 percent thought President Barack Obama should act.”

      – As Syria war escalates, Americans cool to U.S. intervention –


      The Afghan war also has close to zero support in the US. These Jew world order hegemony wars stem from the Jew stranglehold on the politics of the US, France and the UK. Which are 3 out of 5 of the most Jew infested nations on the planet.

      I’ve been asked in the past what my solution is to these problems. And having read these threads you know what it is. Get rid of Jews by outlawing their evil cult, dejudifying the planet, and creating a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity. Which includes delisting Israel from the UN and replacing it with Palestine.

    • Sinbad2

      Good, so we get to watch Trump and his whole cabinet get hung, that is good news, it would be even better if May Macron Bush Blair etc etc get hung as well. Oh what a party that would be.

  • Pietka

    Al that b.llsh.t to acheive nothing
    First 9/11 ,then war on terror with Afghanistan and Irak , then R2P ( right to protect) in Lybia and Syria and to acheive what ? .??
    Get kicked out of Irak by the iranians , don’ t implement of the kurdish free state , yinon plan has failled the israelies are going Ape
    Like the russian representative at the United nation said : everything the US touch turns to sh.t

    • Barba_Papa

      That has been the case for a long time. And yet they keep on trying. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      I can only suspect that the US is being run by ideologues who place more stock in their ideology then reality. And the Neo-Cons on the right, and SJW’s on the left both fit that bill.

      • Ivan Freely

        You don’t need to suspect that the US is run by ideologues. It’s true and the worse part, some of them are more concerned with eschatology, trying to make it a reality.

      • Nod

        “Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will.If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it ”
        | David Rockefeller | ( see trade deals removing soverignty,immigration, imperialism, and inequality as the effort “to build a more integrated global political and economic structure”)

        This is common sense, for anyone who has the tinniest clue about our monetary system.

    • Nod

      except USA is only the muscle. Fueled by the petro dollar.

      “Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will.If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it ”
      | David Rockefeller | ( see trade deals removing soverignty,immigration, imperialism, and inequality as the effort “to build a more integrated global political and economic structure”)

  • FlorianGeyer

    I am pleased to read more and more well written, logical and literate opinions from the USA that question the current and indeed past US government narratives.

    In effect the takeover of the US, Canada,NZ,Australia and much of the EU by self serving and venal cabals was completed decades ago.

    The schism’s that we now see in the governance (tyranny) of these nations will likely bring their demise as just like rival street gangs and terrorist gangs in Syria, they all fight each other like starving rats in a barrel when their share of the plunder declines

  • You can call me Al

    Totally aside – a must read by everyone from the Daily Express in the UK; if you never thought they could dig that hole deeper……..this is about the none existent chemical attack in Syria….


    PS Look at the comments section.

    • Nigel Maund

      The Daily Express is a dispicable, low life, British rag masquerading as a newspaper when it’s little more than a “circus barker” for the British establishment, and entirely touts the Zionist NWO mantra’s of its paymasters and controllers. To call the Express writers journalists is like equating an uneducated moron with Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. The Express writer’s are low grade hacks, or, better still, “guttersnipes”, more suited to writing in MARVEL comics or sensationalist rags like “the Public Enquirer” than a newspaper. Most of them cannot even spell let alone write English. If they ever had the wit, or courage, to publish the truth, they would lose their jobs instantly and never get another job as a journalist ever again. Or, ………even worse they would be assassinated or would conveniently commit suicide……………….? …..Sound familiar?

      • You can call me Al

        I know that, hence my post.

  • Pelin Dilnaz

    Pointless conflicts…

    • Sinbad2

      All wars are about money, and the money the US wants comes from a monopoly on energy supplies to Europe.
      After they win this war?, the US will start on Russia via Ukraine.

  • russ

    First let’s address the misnomer “the Department of Defense” LOL… We American’s are desperately clinging to our story of superiority, that is if we are aware enough to realize it is a dying fable. The rug is slowly being jerked out from under us. That’s like jerking a table cloth out from under a table full of dishes, slowly. As Williams wrote in “Bringing the War Home”, denial is the greatest of human propensities. BTW, great article.

  • Stephan Williams

    Well reasoned, well said.

  • Joe

    Very good write up except that he misses one very important point.

    How the heck can one evidence provided by a nobody in the street, post it in Social Media becomes basis for an attack on another nation risking global nuke war with Russia? Gets the attention of the PRESIDENT OF USA and goes all the way to UNSC?

    Does that mean that every time one nutty rebel wearing a WHITE HELMET… show such videos again and US PRESIDENT WILL send their carrier groups to Syria to strike again?

    Now EVEN IF IT IS TRUE that Assad is mad to do so, it still cannot go into this level of attack .
    The world in fact is now run by …whatever name you can call them… to me its kids.
    It is like revenging the few babies to kill millions of babies….

    These guys are MAD with childish Nikki saying US is ever ready to strike again upon such actions by those terrorists.

    These guys love terrorists …

  • bj Antigua

    you left out the possibility of deliberate disinfo. the deep state vs. trump. they will be sorry. last time deep state scooped up a lot of militants. now is opportunity to eliminate forever. russia likes to finish a job that they started . . .

  • John

    In my opinion, it is an excellent and eloquent summation of the current circumstances. As Mr. Kalman put forth, many in the US have awakened to and are very unhappy about the behavior of many in who we have entrusted the destiny of our nation. They have both failed and disgraced us. What has transpired cannot be undone. That, the future is to heal.

    One thing is assured. Mr. Kalman is not alone. Other born and raised US citizens, like myself, express ourselves against what is taking place, in front of the eyes of those who watch us and weigh our words on places like SF. Many more are awakening and coming to also stand by the ones who are being harmed, both domestically and internationally. Hopefully, what is coming can be stopped before it is too late. I wish well to all.

  • Douglas Houck

    Can we kill this concept that blowing up these buildings would release Sarin?!!!

    Sarin is a liquid (half of which is isopropyl alcohol). It’s atomized, not vaporized when used.

    Sarin is a binary agent that is unstable when mixed together with a shelf life of weeks. Therefore, everyone but the US (who make it a bit differently), store it in its two seperate components. It’s only mixed together just before using it.

    Therefore, if you blow up the storage faciility, (the Barzah Research and Development Center would be where it was made but not stored), you will NOT get a Sarin atomized cloud, and no causualities.

    Yes, if you blew up compressed chlorine gas, you could release a toxic gas cloud, but it would take ton containers (like a railroad car). At no time in the entire Syrian war has anything but a very small amount of chlorine gas been used. We’re talking kilos not tons. Also, since chlorine gas is ubiquious in a society, there is no reason to study it nor store it in special locations. Everything about it is already known.

    Finally, you’d think that the Syrian government (who are intelligent enough), would have figured out a better method to disperse compressed chlorine gas than the regular twist valve on the gas cylinder lying on the bed that they showed. Nobody is that stupid. A simple pulled pin release would work much better. Or better yet a small explosive charge.

    • Sinbad2

      I don’t know the boiling point of sarin, but isopropyl alcohol boils at 82c.
      Now look at the pics of the destroyed buildings, notice how they are mostly black?
      Now what do you think might have been hot enough to burn those buildings?

      Obviously you don’t realize that high explosive detonations create a lot of heat, heat that would have boiled virtually all liquids in existence. Those gas state liquids would then revert to their liquid state when the heat was reduced.

      If there was any sarin, or any other WMD, there would be traces of it at least as far as the blast zone and probably much further, especially down wind.

      As for the Syrian government dispersing gas via dropping a gas bottle, obviously they could do a much better job. A small charge attached to the bottle would spread the gas far and wide, with the added advantage that the cylinder would be destroyed, and not be able to be put on the front pages of the western propaganda outlets.

      But of course the people who are really using gas FUKUS, want the cylinders to be photographed.

      • Douglas Houck

        You will not expect to have toxicity from Sarin from any of these destroyed buildings.

        As stated above, Sarin (O-Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate) with a boilding point of ‎158 °C (316 °F) is an unstable liquid and nobody other than the US stores it as Sarin. It is always stored in its two parts, methylphosphonyl difluoride and isopropyl alcohol. Blow these two compounds up and nothing. Even if you had Sarin in its true form, as you point out the heat of the explosion would vaporize it and that would be it. To weaponize Sarin you need a small explosion, just enough to atomize it but not vaporize it (it does not reconstiture back into Sarin). Too much explosion and you’ve ruined it. It is difficult to weaponize, and only technicalogical nations have been able to figure it out. The first use of Sarin by the Japanese cult was to heat the liquid and then use fans to blow it into a neighborhood. The second time, on the Subway, they brought it on-board in plastic bags and then pricked the bags with sharp pointed umbrellas as they walked down the train trying to get small droplets. The cult worked on how to weaponize it for over two years.

        Now because Sarin is a liquid and chlorine is a compressed gas, you can’t mix the two together in a compressed gas cylinder and get the Sarin out. There was no information given to support the use of Sarin in the attack.

        There is no way that Sarin or its precusors that had been bombed would create a toxic cloud. Simple chemistry.

        As far as the White Helmet photographed gas cylinder, it supposedly had just crashed through a concrete ceiling but showed no evidence of damage. It was an obvious prop.

  • HighLord Gaz

    Good article, but it seems that the author isn’t aware that the OPCW inspected the Barzah Research Center as recently as Nov 2017 and found no activities that are “inconsistent” with the agreement on surrendering CWs and ceasing their production.

  • Ronald

    “I would like to assert that there very may be a war within the power structure of the US state itself”.
    That is an important consideration, regardless of the number of missiles downed, the targets were largely of no significance, unless you believe the CW propaganda.
    Hopefully this is Trumps “making America great” PR stunt as he passes the war ball to Saudi Arabia and withdraws US troops.

    Well written.

  • frankly

    So refreshing to hear an American talking sense, especially an officer from the armed services. He touched on so many topics in a very informed way. Awesome piece of work thank you Brian Kalman.