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JULY 2020

Trump: Google Should Be “Sued” For Manipulating Election In Favor Of Hillary


SouthFront fully understands Mr Trump’s attitude. However, the question arises what steps Mr Trump and other victims of New World Order agents are going to undertake to combat this evil?

ZeroHedge reports (source):

President Trump tweeted Monday morning that Google parent Alphabet should be “sued” for artificially inflating the number of Hillary Clinton supporters from 2.6 million to 16 million – though he doesn’t offer much context for the information.

The Tweet took some of the wind out of Alphabet’s sails on a day where markets were broadly recovering.

Trump: Google Should Be "Sued" For Manipulating Election In Favor Of Hillary

Shortly before Trump’s tweet, JW’s head Tom Fitton tweeted about the organization’s latest document dump after it obtained more documents on what the FBI knew about Bruce Ohr, his wide Nelly Ohr, and their relationship with the Ohr’s.



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  • Hasbara Hunter

    MEANWHILE IN THE U.S. of A……who gives a shit?

    Hey Trumpster your Headchoppers are getting Butchered in Idlibistan….perhaps you missed it…

    • Justin

      Those are Obama admin CIA head choppers u stupid cunt!
      When are u dumb SouthFront idiots gonna wake up to this?
      Have u ever wondered why the US MSM attacks Trump and Putin? DO YOU? Or does that not computer in your tiny brain? Why do they hate him so much?
      USA has good guys in charge!
      Dumb people like u THINK (because youre dumb) that Trump is an Israeli bitch!
      Get Red pilled and wake the fuck up!

      Venezuela = China
      Epstein = Israel
      “Keeps your friends close but your enemies even closer”!
      Trump keeps his enemies close (re: Jerusalem, Golan Heights)
      LEARN to read between the lines you 2 Dimensional thinking fuck tards!

      • Hasbara Hunter

        The U.S. has FUCKED UP since 1776 you Brainless Dumfuck….Show me something GOOD comin’ from the Divided States of Murica


        • Justin

          Would u like me to list all the wars the muslims made?
          Every war England made?
          How about France?

          Your an idiot posting those!
          You forgot to mention the USA gave Germany and Japan freedom and democracy!
          Tell me which countries have done that in history?
          Are Germans and Japanese rich and happy today?
          You bet they are! Why didnt u mention this?

          Trump IS overthowing the pedofiles, the masonic order etc etc! The reason u dont know this is because youre dumb!

          you’ll realise u are dumb soon! Dont worry!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Can you send me a List of Iranian Wars please? Remember their last War was started by the CIA & Saddam Hussein….they had every right to defend themselves….

            I am not very fond of American Freedom & Democracy since 1776 as you probably can understand…Them Jews & Knights Templar built America…

            Trump can either be a Clown…a Zio-Puppet…or a very…very Good Actor… Time will tell….

          • Justin

            would u like the locations of their uranium enrichment plants in Syria?
            How about their Medium Range ballistic missile plants South front FINALLY reported on 6 months a go!
            Oh what about Syria’s (iran’s) SECRET nuclear Fascility that was just exposed to the world only 2 months a go!

            So lets do the math here….
            Iran was enriching Uranium in Syira in order to get around Obama’s Treaty agreement?
            Iran was building MRBM’s in Syria?
            Syria had a SECRET Nuclear Plant that was not registered with the NNPT?
            Obama knew about this?
            So Trump’s cruise missile volleys that were apparently “shot down” actually did hit something?

            Well why didnt South Front tell us this?
            Oh wait, you mean i have to go to another website to find this out?
            Or can i just wait until southfront reports on it!

            Oh wait a minute, South Front did report on it! So why the fuck do i support Iran when the 2 faced mother fuckers were continuing their nuclear weapons development in Syria?

            Oh shit am i a dumb cunt?

            oh shit!

            Would you like Southfronts news link on THESE FACTS?

            Wanna play a game pea brain?

          • Hasbara Hunter

            You did not answer my Question I will repeat it:

            Can you send me a List of Iranian Wars please? Remember their last War was started by the CIA & Saddam Hussein….so they had every right to defend themselves….

          • Justin

            i said ill send u the locations of the Iranian nuclear fascilities and missile factories in Syria!
            i will not send u a list for iran because they havent had a war for 3000 years!
            Persians lost to Greeks pretty badly you must admit!

          • Justin

            like i said, your not smart enough to be making comments!
            Because first u have to actually KNOW what u are talking about!

            You are sooo dumb, that u dont even realise that u and i are on the same team!
            all i am doing is ABUSING YOU because u are sooo far behind in your knowledge, that i have to sit here tapping my feet waiting for you to catch up!

            The USA is not bad anymore!
            The USA was HELPING CHINA and IRAN and So was ISRAEL!
            I bet that last sentence made you blow a gasket!
            Dude… the NEW US administration is KILLING all the bad US traitors! You really think John McCain died of Cancer? Did u see his last interview the day before he died? he was fit as a fiddle! He was sentenced to DEATH!
            Not a conspiracy theory, hundreds of millions of people in the world KNOW THIS (except you)

            Israel’s Intelligence services just got FUCKED UP!
            You dont even know about this do you!!
            Ask yourself why u dont know!

            You didnt know about the intelligence war?
            u didnt know what really happened with the Russia Sub incident and why it happen just 36 hours before Trumps’ military parade?
            You didnt know about the shoot down attempt of Airforce 1 when Trump was meeting Kim Jong UN in Singapore? (photo evidence with time stamps to prove)

            Has your stupid fucking pea brain worked out WHY North Korea has decided to become friendly with the USA yet?

            HAVE YOU FIGURED IT OUT YOU DUMB CUNT? or are u making up your own reasons??

            wake the fuck up!
            why is it taking YOU so long to find out?


          • Hasbara Hunter

            Good folks are always on my side…there are Good Americans & Bad Americans…all I do is looking at the top of the Pyramid…once the shit hits the fan I will be ready…no problem…I have learned many things I say from American sites…Like Zero Hedge…Veterans Today & in Personal conversations with Americans… Differences in opinion ain’t the problem… Unity is what matters when the Shitstorm hits…I know my Enemy are the Bloodsucking AngloZioNazi Elites…not the common poor Folks

          • Justin

            the unity exists! Media and internet giants make it seem less so!
            USA not going to war with Iran (good)
            USA pulling out of Afghan (leaving skeleton force)
            USA pulling out of Syria
            Trump wants Russia to re-join G8
            Trump wants to invest in Russia (said it loud and clear)
            Epstein Case is big! This destroys Israel’s control! WATCH!
            Israel and its proxy China are the enemy!
            Venezuela is a proxy of China (blockade or sanctions of venez means China cant get enough oil)
            Blocking Venez helps Trumps trade war!
            Iran is good (as Persia) but IRGC and the Religious leaders are corrupt! Remember, the world powers control both sides in a war always which is why they set Iran free via Obama! Dont tell me u know nothing about Valerie Jarrett, Soros and Alaweed! If u know who they are and their relationship with Obama then YOU KNOW IRAN’S LEADERS ARE BAD!! The “hostility” between israel and iran is CONTROLLED by ISRAEL!

            Mossad, MI6 and the CIA are GLOBALIST INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES who are HELPING, aiding and propping up China, Iran and North Korea!

            North Korea has been free’d
            China is being dealt with!
            Iran is being Dealt with!

            Notice they were all dealt without WAR?
            Not one shot fired!
            So is Trump being a war monger NeoCon? Or is he trying to save Humanity??

            Start to KNOW your enemy!
            If they controlled the “enemies” in Syria
            They can also control the “enemies” else where!

            Since the fall of the Soviet Union it was a free reign to rape and pillage!
            They took control EVERYWHERE!!! (except Russia hence Russian Intelligence put Putin into power)
            They went into Serbia (threat) and dealt with them
            Middle east (behaved like kids in a candy store)
            took over North Korea and kept them as “an enemy” and gave them Tech!
            Propped up China (which was a peasant farm to use as a future Globalist, monopoly, Super power and ruler)
            Aided Iran for the use of a future war in which the USA would be USED to destroy BUT destroying the USA in doing so, leaving China as the last top dog!

            Israel (granted by China) would take over Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc etc (greater israel)
            This is the plan!

            Now that Trump and US military intelligence has taken back the power they are now our friends (humanities friends)
            The enemy of my ENEMY (Zionist, Globalist, Israel) is my friend!

            The USA as of right now is your friend!
            Trump is keeping his friends close but his enemies (Israel) even closer!

            The art of war! — SUN TZU
            The art of the deal — Donald Trump

            “All warfare is based on deception”

            Epstein = Mossad
            Epstein = USA foreign policy control
            Epstein = USA tax payers funding Globalist Hedge Funds

            Why does the GLOBALIST media (controlled by JEWS) attack Trump?
            Why do they claim “Russia Collusion”?
            Why push Racism?

            Trump is KILLING ISRAEL!
            But speaking nice words and announcing nice deeds!
            This STOPS the “Anti-semitism” card being played!

            intelligence wars are DECEPTION WARS!
            2 faces! double play!
            Understand the game! Learn the game and learn the information!

            You are still in cave man mode!
            “USA bad”
            “Israel bad”

            Globalists are bad!
            Intelligence agencies are bad

            Nationalists vs Globalists
            Black hats vs white hats!

            Now… the NSA is good!
            Now the USA administration is good!
            China IS Israel / Globalists!!!
            China IS black hats CIA and Mossad!

            intel wars
            trade wars
            cyber wars
            Divide and conquer VS hearts and minds!
            Extreme left vs Alt Right!

            please just start to understand! become 3 dimensional!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            You sound logical….calling everyone here in Southfront an idiot doesn’t add anything to your story… Banging with your fist on the table not always the best way to try & make people listen…As far as I am concerned everyone is welcome to tell his or her point of view…that is called Freedom of Speech…and I truly hope that you are right because I consider the World as it is today a Satanic Shithole…and a drastic change is badly needed…either Peaceful (which is preferable) or Bloody & Violent…whatever is needed

          • Justin

            i am Australian!
            i came to this site in 2015 and i was exposing people who i thought were CIA backers! i hated BIG time on Israel and the USA!
            i said Great things about Russia (i still do) and great things about Syria (still do) and Iran (i dont anymore)

            Once the new US admin came in, i started to research because i was hearing Trump say great things! Then i was reading /pol on 8chan (i used to read on the dark web) and discovered intelligence leaks that told us things that not only turned out to be proven true but were also proven!

            Then i understood that it wasnt about the USA at all! The USA was hijacked (as it has been in the past)! But what wasnt different from what i used to know was the bad guy! The bad guy was and still is Israel!

            The one thing i didnt understand was Trump’s support for them! Until i read more leaks and understood what was going on! The art of war!

            Just because Trump said “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” doesnt make it a fact! Neither does recognising the Golan heights! The UN doesnt recognise it! In fact the UN never has!

            But what does these 2 announcements (along with pro israel statements) grant Trump for the cost of FREE WORDS? it grants him credit with Israel for which Bibi cannot speak bad about because if he did speak bad about Trump, his re-election would be doomed!
            In the eyes of Israeli’s Trump is brave and a hero!
            What these same israeli people dont know is that their nations intelligence agency has been controlling the USA for decades! As well as the UK and the EU!

            Trump cannot arrest intelligence officers who have immunity, therefore he gets them on pedophilia, human trafficking etc etc!
            These were the tools of Mossad to not only reward its puppets but to also generate money and hold dirt and control over those who used the pedo honey trap! Those puppets are rewarded with money, sex dolls and a lasting power in careers (banking, politics, corporations whatever). but if they did not play along, death!

            Now with the help of good people in intelligence positions within the US military, things have changed and these evil people are being drained!

            these evil people were so bad that they even had insurance policies in case this ever happened to them!
            Their insurance policies were North Korea and a Nuclear submarine stolen from Ukraine when the Soviet union collapsed!

            Both of these “insurance policies” needed to be taken out of the game and so they were! (which is why the July 4th military parade in every capital city of the USA) was held so not to panic the population and have extra protective umbrella of anti air and soldiers on the ground!

            The nuclear sub was taken out BY the RUSSIANS!
            Secret and new russian spy sub tracked this rogue sub and its accompanied Russian attack sub killed the rogue sub! The good guy attack sub was damaged! (its what we heard about in the news)

            This sub was to be used to fire nukes from the border of russian and US waters above alaska!

            Russians tracked it for 1 year until this july 4th date!

            North Korea has been free’d from globalist (Mossad and former CIA control)

            Now the Control grid of political dirt has been captured (Epstein) now they have lost a lot of CONTROL!
            They will LOSE their puppets!
            Rats will squeal! (have squealed)

            Now all they have left is the media, China, some politicians, false flag shopping mall and school shooters, google, twitter, facebook and “RACISM”! They have celebrities and Election cheating! Illegal immigrants (to vote democrat) and google swaying 15 million votes!

            But all of this is being taken down or indicted!

            Watch what happens when IG Horowitz gives his report!

            Watch them panic!
            This is when all the bad shit in the world will occur!
            And that bad shit (bad events) will be the death scream of the NWO!

            And then, freedom! (but the worlds economy will be fucked)!
            But we get to start a new!

            This is not bullshit i just dreamed up! This is actually happening! So keep an open mind! The USA is saving us! Russia is saving us!

            Hong Kong riots are US funded! (but its a good thing)
            Antifa is China and Soros funded!

            Currency wars, trade wars, world wars!
            You do not want China to win this! Trust me! and they wont!
            if China wins, Israel and the Globalists win!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            I followed the Money….& the Social Credit System in China…Dualism is goin’ on everywhere…

            Petro-Yuan the Next “Reserve” Currency? The Jews always took “their” money with them when they had to run…

          • Justin

            SDR’s are next! The current fiat money system is going to die including China’s!
            Now the competition is for the SDR %! Think of an SDR as a pie! A mix of strong currencies being used as the worlds reserve currency! The US and China were both going to have the biggest and almost = pieces of this SDR pie! France, UK, Germany, Japan much smaller pieces! However BEFORE the Global financial collapse occurs, the USA (via Trump) is fighting back hard by strengthening its dollar, bringing back its industries as much as possible, collpasing the Chinese economy so that the USA gets a much larger piece of the new SDR pie! This new SDR system will be the new international credit system!

            If you dont know what an SDR is then google it but its whats going to happen! EU will collapse before then which is also what the USA is hoping for!

            Think of all these entities as a mafia and the last one standing wins! Since Trump is in power the Chinese are screwed! Nobody can defeat trump at the moment so they are trying to collapse the US economy so he doesnt win the next election!

            Reality is that we the world want the USA to win! WHY? Because the world will recover much faster AND Democracy and human rights will continue to exist! HateAmerica all u want but they are on paper a free nation (ensured by their guns)! The world stays free is America wins! If China wins, Communism!

            And please dont tell me u like Communism!

            Crony Capitalism is bad but only when corruption wins!
            But Communism means we are all fucked! It means the Globalists win and they dont give a fuck about us!

          • Justin


            i know its Fox News but that doesnt matter in this interview!
            This man is working for the Clintons!
            Understanding what the intelligence leaks have already informed us about is that Ted Cruz, Rubio and Trump were all spied on BY THE CLINTONS!

            The Clintons USED the FBI to do this (starting with the CIA).

            But now the Clintons are so worried and so scared that they are now ADMITTING to this but saying that they (the Clintons) themselves were also spied on! THIS IS A LIE!

            They are so panicked that they are now throwing the former heads of the FBI who were helping and spying FOR CLINTON under the bus! They are such Scum that they are destroying those who did their own dirty work!

            Maybe you dont know much about this, crowd srtike and Fusion GPS and Steele and Halper! But what u have to know IF YOU CARE ABOUT THIS WORLD is that THIS IS THE BIG THING!

            Not the Syrian war!

            The war against the Globalists, zionists, Israel, Soros, Rothschilds, their spy agencies (CIA, MI6, Mossad), Fed reserve banks, EVERYTHING, this is happening NOW in the USA! This is the REAL game of thrones that nobody on this website understands!

            If you dont want to read but want to know who to listen too i can give you a name! He is the HIGHEST LEVEL of US intelligence! Former head of Black Ops, Wrote the book on Counter Terrorism, is the actual Character that the movie Jack Ryan is based on! This man is the highest of highest of military intelligence and only started showing his face for the first time EVER 3 years a go! This man knows what is going on and is telling us! His views are confirmed via other online leaks which have already foretold everything happening now 2 years a go!

            So if u truly care about the world and you understand that Israel is the true enemy, then listen to this man (who is a Jew himself) but a patriot! if you want his name i can send you a link!

        • Justin

          you dont know whats going on!
          To prove to you that you dont know what is going on, answer me one question..

          Why does the MSM media attack Trump if he is following the same USA foreign policies??

          (I bet you avoid answering)

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Why would I avoid any questions? America Home of the Lies Land of the Broken Treaties… Smokescreens & Aliens…one big Theatre… but again: Trumpster might be alright…just like elements in the CIA, FBI in other words: Rebellion within the Deep State… which I do hope is going on… Because Nations are getting Destroyed & Robbed…Kids are getting Murdered Raped & used for Pineal Gland injections to keep Satanic Queen Elizabeth, Mister Rothschild & Co. Healthy & Fit

          • Justin

            Do you know why America (and many other nations to be honest) are the “home of the lies and broken treaties”?
            Because they are the most powerful nation! They have been hi-jacked by Globalists! They try to take away citizens guns whilst they rig their elections! Why not try looking at the real problems within the USA! Is the American population dumb? YES and was engineered that way! But they are the only ones who can save us too! If the USA can throw off this octopus wrapped around its face the whole world will be free again! If Denmark, Holland or Australia got its corruption removed would it make any difference? NO!

            America needs to win so we all can win! Thats why its important that US citizens keep their guns because with great power comes great responsibility!

            Its OK to hate Globalists but dont hate America! Remember the goods deeds too! You think if Japan or Germany won we would have been treated well? Japanese would practice their samurai sword swings on Australian soldiers in Prisoner of war camps!

            What did the USA do? Set them free to become economic powers again in only 45 years time!

            The USA was a threat! They hi-jacked it! Now the USA is fighting back! And what are you doing?? You are not helping… youre just bitter and angry! UNDERSTAND THE GAME FIRST!!! Thats your job!

            Because if you are complaining the way you do you are only helping the bad guys!
            Get on the right team and start learning more! get the hate out of your heart and listen to the information!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            I have been in the USA many times…travelling the Rocky Mountains up to Canada…visited many Reservations & Many States… Good Americans are not my Enemy… My Enemy is at the Top…every Organisation thoroughly Corrupted and especially in the States… But also here in Europe…I am a European citizen and just as guilty as an American Citizen….

          • Uppity White Man

            You judged me.

          • Justin


            They killed this guy!

            We are living in the best times in History! Do you want to see the TRUE powers of this world go down?? You want to avoid WW3 or maybe understand it already started?? We took away their ability to start ww3 via False Flag! Now if they want to start it, they have to do it by China!
            Russia IS NOT ON CHINA’S SIDE!
            Russia and Putin KNOW who is bad and are helping Each other!

            CHINA IS FUCKED!!!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Just like the CIA Killed Michael Hastings

            David Crowley a Gray State…Whacked too

            Yeah the War already started…I still have Faith in Good Human bein’s…I have to…I consider myself among the 3% that will form the Resistance in case of an Emergency…

            ISraHell will go down it is an Evil Entity…a Tumor in the Middle East..
            Behold an Empire coming down…those are Great days indeed…WWIII should be about bringin’ the Evil Elites down who always played a game of Chess with us the Scum as Pawns…Clean up the face of this Planet…Child-Abuse…Kidnappings…Wars…Organ & Human Trafficking…Torture…Nature Destroyed & Abused…Animal-Holocaust….I am talking about the Work of the Devil here…his “Royal” Elite Servants have a Human face just like you and me…and they bleed Red just like you & me…

          • Justin

            Then i am with you!

            Good to see like minded people!

            Understand though, America now has a good leader and he is playing Israel! Literally playing the Art of war!

            How do i know this?

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7eb7d7471e3d1bb9ef7adbddcffb01c07ab8fa30b6b337bf1ce5ec2eb59f5bb9.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e4cd22cbc6141ce8e9eb4586d1bf8a5c876a7ca1c48e40afd2efbe7e7323cb5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b6f20100a9a7fad9d7224a772788f3b7e6479cb28c852aa413a3edbd406a983.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a9ccc3204331acc7893be92d902415673498bef5e55309074cf9c63b94f498a4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d73ca2d1a74ee5d77d0fedeef2fc9655755c0207922a8db4db9e7552a8ac0ffa.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7920a8fb1abb1972d9c260dd22c4806bc3181d5e6107c59abe6b8986300ca870.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d4d5cfb0d80070bb158795848ee7540f61474066eae43313ddc322774b87f9e0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d125777dfdfe41cc900344f0062cc2859c18ac4bf760cd44ddfc2da48070a077.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b365ec214eb19d00f05cf5e229bd2cea938fe72f7f2a9f5431f8aa72dcaad6b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac72d724b4a38912e077f5930661c537a34bf15d979a5deac08b90d4ff2e843f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/708d38841bdfe4e4f2fb989538e4966ad3cae3aa57a6f1d4a5fb2147d303122e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9a9552a561e7843a649d3e68f1e782365e527a1b20aae68c9c26acd99a32e9a.jpg

            Putin set them up!
            Steele (Former MI6) was duped by Putin! Putin Intel agents gave FALSE info on Trump and Steel used it! Trump was ready for the “Russia Collusion” because the US mil intel KNEW they would try to make an “insurance policy”!

            They didnt verify it because they THOUGHT Clinton would win (Rigged election)

            Trump saw out the Collusion Delusion with Muellar!
            Now the investigators are being investigated!

            The US military was going to make a military coup in 2014 until they asked Trump to run for president!
            Trump is a white hat intelligence agent (same as Putin)! Always has been! Doesnt drink, never took drugs, attended all parties, funded both parties! They always knew what was going on! 9/11 was the final straw! 14 years planning in the making! largest military planning EVER!!

            God Wins!

          • Justin

            Example of military planning!
            If you know about the squad of 4 Democrat congress women who are very hard against Trump and very HARD against Israel!
            They attack Trump as being a racist and also make a lot of crazy accusations that even democratic supporters think are crazy!

            This is Perfect… so perfect in fact that they are too perfect!
            Because Trump counter attacks them while they verbally attack Israel and say TRUE things about Israel! But since Trump DEFENDS Israel what is happening is people are hearing bad things about Israel and it has broken through the “Anti-Semetic” defence shield!

            So now for the next 12 months we will hear TERRIBLE and TRUE things about Israels treatment of Palestinians (from the squad) whilst those same squad members are socially protected under their own social umbrellas (female, black, hispanic, palestinian and hispanic)

            These 4 squad members (although seem bad for Trump) are actually AGENTS for White hats!
            They are a TROJAN HORSE!

            By attacking Israel with TRUTH (racist, money changers etc) and attacking Trump also, this allows Trump to verbally defend Israel which grants him the jewish vote AND forces Israel to Support him politically and officially!

            All the while, in the world of under the table deals and intelligence wars, Israel is at WW3 with the USA!

            They have lost their insurance policies, their pedo control and money is being taken via the human trafficking exec order to cease assets!

            That is why the MSM (which is Israeli and Mossad / former CIA controlled) is attacking Trump so hard! Trump has forced the MSM to either Defend Israel or Attack Israel! They have chosen to Attack Israel hahahaha!

            Do you see what has happened??

            The NSA (white hats) have ceased the narrative upon the most powerful weapon (the MSM)

            The media MUST support women, blacks, hispanics, palestinians and muslims but BECAUSE these 4 women are attacking Israel…. the media has to back them up HAHAHAHAHAHA!

            Trump defends israel, keeps his Christian Republican backers and GAINS Jewish voters and israeli “political support” hahaha!

            Do you understand now???

            Its an intelligence war!!!!
            The war of the mind!

            Those 4 bad democrat women are a trojan horse for us!
            They are so bad that they help us!
            They spew the truth about Israel but lies about Trump therefore helping us against them but aiding us against Israel! its sooo beautiful!

            i hope u understand what we mean but those of us who have been reading the intel leaks, we knew all about this!

            drop the weapons, stop sharpening your knives….. get yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show! its going to be biblical!

            VATICAN is going down (Its an actual child trafficking business that delivers them like a pizza and keeps the names and info on those it delivers too so they gain control)!

            Trump has already exposed this to them on video inside their own buildings! And u probably didnt even notice it! i wish u knew what i knew brother! you’d be extremely happy!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            It is a scenario I hoped for since a couple of years…but I am very well aware of all sorts of False Narratives… which is not very strange if the world around you all of a sudden turns out to be one BIG LIE..

            Trump still can be anywhere…but that does not really matter….Americans should wake up & Fight the Enemy within’ the Trojan Horses & Traitors… Europe will follow…America still their Big Brother…

          • Justin

            Brexit soon, Le Pen will win and bring Frexit! The rest will fold quickly!

  • Snowglobe

    “SouthFront fully understands Mr Trump’s attitude. However, the question arises what steps Mr Trump and other victims of New World Order agents are going to undertake to combat this evil?”

    The word is that in the last 2.5 years work has been going on in the background and that a large stack of sealed indictments have been piled up. The current administration is on their third Attorney General in this time frame and it is believed that Google is one of the numerous cases that have been prepared in advance.

    The way that Google and many other issues is going to be dealt with is “Lawfully”.

    Time will tell.

    • Justin

      Google is a Traitor!
      “Google works Directly for China!” – Joint Chiefs of Staff!

      • Snowglobe

        Yes, there is that little project that they do not want to talk about called “dragonfly”.

        • Justin

          and the counter to dragonfly (launched the day before) is……


          And the dumbasses on this site have no idea what this is or what it means! All they can say is “America bad”!

          But u and i… we know what is going on!

          White hats made it obvious!
          Morons on this site dont realise we are on their side nor do they know who are the good guys or who are the bad guys!
          They think its business as usual when trump was elected!


          • Hasbara Hunter

            Seeing is believing…show us what you Good Americans have got…Hang every Filthy Traitor in Washington, the MIC, the Deep State & Wall Street…

          • Justin

            You are so judgemental and angry!
            The MIC has good and bad in it but guess what, they dont want China to take over but the Globalists do!
            So u need to make a decision sunshine….
            on one hand you have Israel, Mossad, black hat CIA assets and zionist globalists all trying to enrich, transfer industries and tech from the West to China so that they may rule from China!
            They are trying to use the USA and its military for Israels middle east ambitions and at the same time draining US wealth and propping up Chinese wealth!

            So while u sit their and cheer for China and Iran, YOURE ACTUALLY CHEERING FOR ISRAEL, THE CIA, MOSSAD AND THE GLOBALSIST!

            YESSSS…… if you SUPPORT China and Iran…. u support Israel and the CIA!

            So while u hate what i am saying, i am saying you are a traitor!

            your tiny brain hasnt done the basic math!

            1. transfer industries to China for 30 years
            2. transfer tech
            3. put USA into oil wars for Globalists USING the MIC
            4. USA pays 7 trillion for the wars
            5. Soros (Zionist Globalist), Bin talal Alaweed (Sunni Wahhabi), Valerie Jarrett (Shitte Muslim)
            Have u ever thought why a Shiite, Wahhabi prince and an Iranian Shiite WOULD WORK TOGETHER??? HAVE U EVER WONDERED THIS?

            i think i need to talk to u like a fucking child so u can understand.

            ok 8yo biy, u know how the CIA created and controlled ISIS and Al-queida? yes?
            Good buy
            You know that Israel did the same with Hamas? yes?
            good boy
            So u see how the CIA and Mossad created and controlled their perceived “bad guy” enemy? yes?
            good boy!

            Did you know they also created the IRGC, North Korea, China?
            You didnt know they created those bad guys too?
            you dont believe it?
            u didnt notice the China getting all the US industries?
            U didnt notice China copying Russian Jets?
            u didnt know taht china copies, steals and corrupts other nations?
            u didnt notice google was the CIA?
            u didnt notice Google helping China and not the USA?
            u didnt notice Clintons transferring Uranium to Iran?
            u didnt notice Obama wearing Muslim attire?
            u didnt notice obama giving free reign to Iran yet Iran was caught making nuclear weapons in Syria?

            U didnt realise that Israel likes to prop up its enemy, contgrol its enemy and use them as an excuse to attack?
            u didnt notice israel uses the US for Israel’s own ambitions?

            Israel wants to move the NWO to China
            Wants Iran to start a war!
            Wants Saudi to fight it and fund it
            Wants USA to collapse
            Wants china to stay out of it all and become the world leader
            Israel would be the ONLY free nation in the world!
            USA dead!
            China ruling (with communism and spy grids and social credit systems)

            i bet u cant wait for this!

          • Justin

            Do you know why Trump is talking about buying Greenland?
            Do you understand why?
            i knew why 2 years a go!
            i wonder if people on this site barrack for nations like they barrack for a football team or if they are willing to change their minds if they are presented with new information!
            i have tried and tried, but people dont care! I was a hater of the USA too but not since Trump came in! People on this site just see Venezuela, Syrian missile attack etc etc! They dont see the pull out of Syria or Afghanistan or the avoidance of war with Iran or the improved relations with North Korea! They are blinded by their hate and from my view, the countries they support (China) is actually supporting Israel!

            FOOLS on this website! FOOLS!!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            To be honest the Biggest Fools I See are the Brainless Arrogant Americans…Who think that Their country is the best Goddam’ Country in the entire fuckin’ world….I support Russia…the Syrian Peoples…The Palestinians…the Iranians…the Afghani Peoples & the Iraqi Peoples…they have suffered a lot the past couple of Decades…thanks to the Americans…Millions of innocent people Exterminated…Gold & Oil was Stolen….No Goddamn excuses…Nothing…Drag Those Filthy Warcriminals to Court & Execute Them If Found Guilty…Period…No Mercy

          • Uppity White Man

            Nuke the mid-east, Then everything will be settled.

          • Snowglobe

            “But u and i… we know what is going on!”

            Yes we do! :-)

            …and as we both know, 20% is going to continue coming out through he media because they can no longer ignore it, while the other 80% is being dealt with in black ops.

            The tech companies and social media are only one small aspect of what has to be dealt with and what is currently going on.

            This is a good summery of another aspect that is being dealt with behind the scenes. We got an Epstein and a prince in the MSM media though. It is a good start at the 20%. ;-)

            At some point people are going to have to realize that there is a war going on to take down the globalists and maybe they will begin to trade in their 70’s looping 8 tracks for something that can accept new information and recognize that there are things going on in the here and now.


          • Justin

            hey my friend, something i would like you to know (maybe you already do) but if you dont you will be excited to hear this news!

            The Squad of 4 are White Hats!
            You are probably saying WTF?

            Listen up! They are actors!
            A Trojan Horse against the democrat party and Israel!
            This was leaked!!

            let me give you the obvious details first!
            1. all are women
            2. hispanic, palestinian, black, muslim
            3. All hate on Trump with CRAZY insinuations that are EXTREME left!
            4.the extreme left women (squad of 4) hi-jacked the Democratic parties moderate candidates and forced CRAZY progressive candidates for President to push for Communism, Socialism, free everything! They will lose more than half the support of Dem voters who dont support these things!
            5. BUT… they attack Israel with REAL and FACTUAL accusations! They have literally broken through Israels “anti-semitic” defence barrier (the Jews worked hard to construct )because they are women, hispanic, black, palestinian and muslim! The left have been supporting these “minorities” so much that they cant go backwards AGAINST them hahaha
            6. NOW, the dems must support the squad of 4 whilst they now switch to ATTACKING ISRAEL with TRUE accusations without being punished by the anti-semitic powers!
            7. Trump simply defends israel, does small and meaningless things for israel (Jerusalem, golan heights) Thus Israel must support Trump in return! (officially)
            8. But israel’s MSM attacks Trump but look bad doing so! Trump gains Jewish voters support, Bibi’s support yet is fucking Mossad via Epstein and the “CRAZY” Squad of 4’s relentless attacks on Israel that rings true in many peoples minds!

            Military intelligence planning at its finest! From day one!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7eb7d7471e3d1bb9ef7adbddcffb01c07ab8fa30b6b337bf1ce5ec2eb59f5bb9.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e4cd22cbc6141ce8e9eb4586d1bf8a5c876a7ca1c48e40afd2efbe7e7323cb5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b6f20100a9a7fad9d7224a772788f3b7e6479cb28c852aa413a3edbd406a983.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7920a8fb1abb1972d9c260dd22c4806bc3181d5e6107c59abe6b8986300ca870.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d4d5cfb0d80070bb158795848ee7540f61474066eae43313ddc322774b87f9e0.jpg

            God Wins!


          • Snowglobe

            “hey my friend, something i would like you to know (maybe you already do) but if you dont you will be excited to hear this news!

            The Squad of 4 are White Hats!
            You are probably saying WTF?

            Listen up! They are actors!
            A Trojan Horse against the democrat party and Israel!
            This was leaked!!”

            Well, well, well! I had not been expecting to read this over my morning coffee. Much appreciated.

            For the last year I have been keeping my eye on “The Squad” and never before had I seen the perfect shi* storm of females in action. I say this as a female…Some of the stunts of this gaggle of women has been bat shi* crazy. They have left me stunned in front of my screen.

            No, I did not know, but I had suspected that something might be going on with AOC and Omar a few times. The boldness and assertive babblings were something out of a script it seemed. Once the story line came out about Omar being married to her brother though I threw my popcorn in the air and decided to wait because it is not possible to untangle this mess without cheat notes.

            One of my favorite parts was when Trump tweeted to defend Pelosi from them because they were calling her racist and she turned around and defended them instead. Then Trump told them all to go home to their countries to fix them and then come back and tell him how they did it….Pelosi defended them again saying that he was kicking them out. It has been quite insane. :-)

            I admit that my stomach knotted up when Trump made the concessions to Israel, but yes, they were empty and meaningless.

            “5. BUT… they attack Israel with REAL and FACTUAL accusations! They have literally broken through Israels “anti-semitic” defence barrier (the Jews worked hard to construct )because they are women, hispanic, black, palestinian and muslim! The left have been supporting these “minorities” so much that they cant go backwards AGAINST them hahaha”

            This is absolutely true. I had wondered how the Zionist defense barrier could be broken through, but yes, it is happening. The sheer brilliance of this tactic to break through the Zionist strangle hold is stunning.

            It is an amazing time to be alive! Cheers!!! :-)

          • Justin

            And this is how intel agencies work! This is ONE OF the ways they hi-jack political systems and movements! It is an art to form a coup and make it look like a revolution or vice versa!

            These 4 women are doing more damage to Israel and the Democrats than the Q people or the Republicans ever could!

            When people stray too far left, its not so hard to insert agents to push them over the edge of no return!

            My prediction is the newly formed (about 12 months old) “Walk Away” movement that i am certain was also created by white hats! It is headed by both Gay and Transgender people (therefore has a left defence shield) that encourages moderates or even left (but not extreme left) people to walk away from the CRAZY Democratic party (or to just not vote next time). This group will be pushing their views heavily around election season!

            What will also be happening before election season is the unsealing or indictments and convictions of deep state rats! FISA release, “Hollywood privileged” crimes etc etc!

            Added to this, the exposure and break down of the tech giants (which is already starting to happen)

            Its going to be glorious! We just got to hope Trump stays safe.

            It is so refreshing to find someone who KNOWS whats going on (on this site)! Im telling you, everyone here doesnt know how to search for information, accept verified info and then change their views or outlooks according to this info! Everyone just beats their chest and yells “America bad, China good”!

            But slowly the info gets released here too and i must admit, i do enjoy rubbing their noses in it! Especially after being attacked so often!

          • Justin

            Oh and by the way, it has been said that Greenland has many underground tunnels and bases a few hundred km from a US base there!
            This COULD BE where elites can go to hide out, have special services given to them or simply see / wait out a world war!
            This is not a leak! This is just information found by anons! The tunnels do exist! What they are for is up for debate! Trump talking about “buying” Greenland is a way of saying “we know whats there and where you will go when shit hits the fan”!

          • Snowglobe

            Thanks! :-)

            We have been having discussions about Greenland up here in the Tundra as well. Some conversations humorous, and some very serious.

            The humorous stuff looks like this….



            We must been on the same anon pipe lines. I have heard a bit about the tunnels too.

            Another thing that came up is that rare earth minerals are present in Greenland, and that China has been actively seeking to acquire/control them for a while already and that they are interested in building a base. .

            Also, this is not the first time that there have been discussions about the US making enquirers about the Greenland.


            There is also this messy bit of history where Henrik-Kauffmann tried to arrange to have the US protect Greenland from the Danish because he believed that they were an occupied nation and they did not want Greenland to end up in the hands of the Germans.

            In whatever way that Greenland can be used to thwart the plans of the elite, then I am all for it.

            Cheers! :-)

          • Justin

            haha, let me guess, you follow NeonRevolt?

            Yes ive also heard about the “rare earth” minerals that could take away the one ace up the sleeve that China has over the USA that are available in Greenland!
            But for some reason, i think that purchasing a country seems far fetched! Not uncommon (Alaska was purchased from Russia but only due to Russian debt) but i am not sure what leverage the USA has over Denmark other than NATO protection! The one thing that rings true to me is the “safe space”! I know that the South Island of New Zealand (probably the safest place on the planet where the grass is green and not frozen ice) or Tasmania Australia (not far from where i live) are the chosen and prepared regions of the world that many wealthy and powerful people have been flocking too over the last 15 years! As if they know something is coming? Maybe Trump, Putin and some good people know of this and have decided to intercept such plans! The thing i like about Putin is that he stood in the way of Obama, made a statement about the “NWO worshipping Satan” and hates Soros more than Trump does! Also when Putin put one of the Rothschilds in prison, he won my support!

            I assume that these elites have their insurance policies and their safe havens! I think that if Greenland contained such rare earth minerals then the USA would have tempted Denmark with $$$ a long time a go!

            It just makes sense that its a close safe haven for European Elites!

          • Snowglobe

            Greetings! :-)

            Whatever the exact reason for the interest in Greenland, in Trumps usual way he has managed to control the narrative and has the entire world pondering the real estate. I agree that a need to purchase it seems a little far fetched. I think that just before his trip to the G-7 he was trying to make the European elite feel a little bit of headlight glare. All “eyes on”.

            In my home group we have discussed areas that were rumored to be selected “safe places”. Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South America were often considered. The first time that I have ever heard of Greenland as an option was when Trump put it in the news. I agree that a safe home base for their families and future survival would be a top priority. I doubt that they are feeling the confidence and security that they did even a few short years ago.

            Someone follows NeonRevolt and posts links and I have read a few of his article. He definitely deep dives. A couple of months ago he wrote about the Ukraine and the corruption in the Orthodox Church over there. Ugly business.

            What I was wondering about Denmark, is that they still have royalty slithering around. I was wondering if Trumps abrupt turn around was to swat them across the nose and put them in their place. Speculation of course.

            A lot of people are feeling bored and antsy and are looking forward for “the” site to open up again next month. We are finding ourselves spending too much time speculating these days. :-)

          • Justin

            haha u make great points here! i agree on Greenland being the NEW safe place! Never crossed my mind before!
            I would say that Elites and Royals have a bad situation, especial Prince Andrew! i wonder what deals Trump can make to keep their names clean?

            BREXIT and trade deals too good to imagine with the USA? Hahaha those talks seems to be happening now!

            Maybe Greenland too if the Danish Royals have dirt on them also, im sure thy do!

            Yes i cant wait for THE site to re-open! i hear its September 5th but im not counting on it!

            Thanks for your links too, i read them all!

            How do we convince the nut jobs on this site on who the real enemies are? ive been trying for so long! started of doing it nicely then moved to full abuse haha!

          • Snowglobe

            This set of notes was just put up. Someone is doing a deep dive following up on the Epstein/Maxwell associations.

            It is also linking in Fentanyl and it’s transportation as well as human trafficking cargo info.

            I thought that you might be interested.


          • Justin

            where are you from? im from Australia!

          • Snowglobe

            G’day, mate! I am from Canadiana eh? :-)

          • Justin

            ahh, our commonwealth brothers and sisters! You maple leafs are more like us Aussies than New Zealanders! We understand each others humour :)

          • Snowglobe

            Indeed we do! There are good reasons that we are invited to gatherings. Humor and quick wit, but we are not allowed to sit together because we cause to much ruckus. ;-)

          • Justin

            yeah i love how he says things that are just out of the blue and then it opens up peoples interests to start researching! We are literally an intelligence agency ourselves! With legal groups such as Judicial watch we are able to keep these assholes on their toes and they cant make us disappear!

          • Snowglobe

            Well, he is at it again. He has been talking about the incoming hurricane a few times and there is no way not to notice that there is something odd about his choice of words. Worse than Andrew…..forgot to mention that it is aimed at Florida, sent Pence to Poland instead of going….*shrug* who knows what the weekend might bring.

            Also, there is this little bit…. [C] before [D]…..a humiliating report went out about [C]omey yesterday.

            Long live Judicial Watch! They have done what previous governments have failed to do.

          • Justin

            yeah i love the Storm and Hurricane link!
            Worse tan Andrew? Hahaha how Perfect is that as a point of reference!
            C before D (Coats before Declas)
            People like you and i already knew he was getting off light on the “memo” thing! But signing the Fisa and other thing Hillary are gonna destroy him! He’s going to jail for sure!
            They are truly a team now, JW and the Barr DOJ!
            Cant help but think China is having the rug pulled out from underneath them! Seems the ride is over and they will beg for a deal and Trump will just say “im not ready to make a deal”!
            Also im pretty sure that the FINAL prediction of “Sanctions Coming” means China! Hope you know what i am referring too!
            I think there will be Global (including EU) sanctions on China due to Fentanyl and Election interference etc etc etc!


          • Snowglobe

            Yes, Comey is being treated with kid gloves a little longer. It is disgusting to watch but they are not going to sully their case for later by laying petty charges now. He certainly deserves to be charged, but better/worse is coming.

            It has been a long wait to get to the point of dealing with Hillary. She is going to take them all down with her with U1, Clinton Foundation, Bengazi. and the rest of her filth.

            Some of the problems in China are the treasonous deals made by Americans with them. It is no small wonder that China wants to keep the deals that they have been previously operating under. There are age old techniques that China has used to deal with the barbarians. Show the higher ranking players the “good life” and let them screw their own people back at home….and they have. Nothing new here, but the traitors must be rooted out both in the US and abroad. There is going to have to be an ugly divorce before there is hope for China and the US to move forward. Until then Trump won’t be making any deals with China. There is no reason to. Who gets hit with more sanctions? I cannot even guess. :-)

            What I am waiting for is for a couple of players that have been in the background to make there way forward. They are like rumors and phantoms. The first is John W. Huber who they seem to have hidden in an office somewhere in Utah, and the elusive
            Ezra Cohen-Watnick that slinks around somewhere working for the AG.


            …and in the mean time there is Hurricane Dorian to deal with followed by subpoenaed Jim Watkins to appear in front of Homeland security on Friday. It looks like it is going to be another interesting week.

            It is also amusing to watch the volleying between Trump and Iran. It reminds me of what went on between Trump and NK before their first meeting. Do you remember that? When Trump was saying that he had a bigger nuclear detonation button than Kim?

          • Justin

            ahhh yes…

            Comey and Clinton and even Muellar are in trouble as Muellar was the FBI director at the time and even transferred the sample of Uranium himself to Russia!

            Yeah China is going to be a master piece! Hong Kong is showing them HOW and when the middle class lose their jobs, their homes, their lifestyle and see the Communist party living like Epstein’s they will have their own revolution! China is going to be ugly! Unfortunately Australia’s economy will crash due to China crashing but hey, we can still feed our own population! China will be sanctioned by the world! Its just come out (check the Epoch Times) that China DID interfere in the 2016 US elections!

            Ezra Cohen-Watnick is General Flynn’s boy :) he knows the same as Flynn (where all the bodies are buried :)

            Hey did you hear about the Chinese deep water port in the Virgins islands not too far from the coast of Florida? about 180 miles off its coast! the Hurricanes eye literally hit bullseye on this port! Why was this port there? why so close?

            Ahh yes 8Chan, i would love to hear the questions they ask him. maybe they will force the Q? :)

            Yes i remember “Dotard” and “fire and hell”! Then suddenly there is a “Earth Quake” in the NK mountains! Suddenly no more nuclear scientists!

            i tried to tell the people on this site! Was like talking to a brick wall!

            Finally someone here i can converse with! :)

          • Snowglobe

            Comey and Clinton and even Muellar are in trouble as Muellar was the FBI director at the time and even transferred the sample of Uranium himself to Russia!

            It is going to be good to FINALLY see this go down. There are a lot more words of disgust, contempt and lack of faith being tossed around against the FBI. I cannot help but think that this is part of the deprogramming so that the people will be connected enough to understand when the next round of exposure comes out. It is like it is being hammered into their head that Comey is getting off easy at the moment and when his name comes up with more crimes they will not be so easily manipulated into sympathy. Seeing Muellar and Hillary added to the list will warm my little heart. I am also waiting for the day when Obama gets properly lumped in with the rest of them. At the moment he is still skating for the most part.

            Unfortunately Australia’s economy will crash due to China crashing but hey, we can still feed our own population! China will be sanctioned by the world! Its just come out (check the Epoch Times) that China DID interfere in the 2016 US elections!

            Not much of a surprise there! ;-) Some day the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, propaganda has to end. It was sickening three years ago, disgusting now. I am not happy that your economy is going to take a hard hit. It is going to be rough all around but it is going to be easier understanding why. Globally we have cancer, and the cure is going to hurt, and as long as the media is intact they will be playing the fear card to panic the masses. As annoying as it is currently from time to time, it is easier to have a clue what is going on.

            Ezra Cohen-Watnick is General Flynn’s boy :) he knows the same as Flynn (where all the bodies are buried :)

            Flynn’s lawyer is going hard core. They have denied her security classifications to stop her from poking around to get at their dirty little secrets, and she is targeting to get all the charges dropped due to exculpatory evidence being withheld…….but we knew that a long time ago. :-)

            Hey did you hear about the Chinese deep water port in the Virgins islands not too far from the coast of Florida? about 180 miles off its coast! the Hurricanes eye literally hit bullseye on this port! Why was this port there? why so close?

            I certainly did! I also read some stuff about Denmark being in bed with the Chinese on the port and international shipping. I think that it might have been Denmark that Trump was putting in the spotlight and less so Greenland….but of course there are more connections that we don’t know about….yet! Yes, the hurricane hit bullseye, and then it stopped moving and lingered there for about 6 hrs…..or more. This was right after hitting Epstein’s island.

            There was a lot of footage of the storm surge flooding up to the second stories of houses when the eye of the hurricane was over them. The island is pretty much leveled. One channel that I do follow is IPOT. He is almost odd enough to be a Canadian. He did a good video about it yesterday.


            Ahh yes 8Chan, i would love to hear the questions they ask him. maybe they will force the Q? :)

            Well, somebody, someday, somewhere has to force the Q, and it certainly is not going to be the MSM.

            Yes i remember “Dotard” and “fire and hell”! Then suddenly there is an “Earth Quake” in the NK mountains! Suddenly no more nuclear scientists!

            I am sure that you saw the picture that Trump tweeted about a launch pad in Iran, if you have not done it already turn the picture upside down. It gives and interesting perspective. ;-)

            i tried to tell the people on this site! It was like talking to a brick wall!

            I find RL is even worse. People seem to feel the need to rush up to me and tell me the new news headline that they just read off of facebook. It hurts my brain. As for the site, things are in motion and they are going to happen in front of us all. Talking does not matter much any more. They will figure things out, or they won’t.

            Finally someone here i can converse with! :)

            Yes, it is a bit of a relief! :-)

            I just noticed that Trump is on a tweet storm while I have been writing this. I better go see who he is lambasting.

          • Snowglobe

            LOL!……followed up by a hissy fit from Tom Fitton of JW.

            Barr Should Reconsider His Decision to Allow Comey to VIOLATE LAW and the RIGHTS of the President


          • Justin

            yeah its sad but, remember even Q said that there are BIGGER charges coming! But you know what springs to my memory with the Comey and Trump meeting? I remember Trump saying, “maybe i recorded the meeting, maybe i did or maybe i didnt”!
            Im starting to believe Trump did record it and thus now the memo can be compared to the audio! This means this could be opened up again at a later date! Im not an expert but i TRUST Trump and i think JW is awesome but i think Trump is keeping this one close to the chest!

            There is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that Trump recorded this meeting with Comey! It is well known that Comey writes memo’s always! They would have known this and used it so later they can compare his memo’s with the recording!

          • Snowglobe

            This has been released before the Homeland security proceedings tomorrow morning. 8Chan is ready to go.


          • Justin

            thanks for the document. I read it in full!
            8Chan’s Jim Watkins did a good job with this statement by getting many questions out of the way before the hearing! I think the question will be asked of /pol
            They will ask questions about Qanon and if they view its board as a terrorist board! i think republicans will do the asking of this and we will hear Jim Watkins say that nothing has been said on the Q boards that are threatening!
            This might prompt the Dems to either end the hearing quickly or question more about the Q board! This will allow Jim to answer and then ask, “which statements exactly are you referring too?”
            Imagine the Dems trying to find a comment Q has made hahaha!
            i actually think that this meeting (along with Trumps tweets) will force the Q
            i honestly think that Q and Q+ knew this moment would come and prepared their republican congress people to ask the right questions! I think Trump will / might force eyes onto this hearing!
            There might even be some Antifa stuff exposed!
            i just have a feeling that this hearing (like the Muellar hearing) is going to backfire in the Dems face!
            Cant wait :)

          • Snowglobe

            I totally agree! It is time to go public…..and any darn way that they have decided to do it is fine with me! :-)

          • Justin
          • Snowglobe

            Excellent! Yes, I had heard about these going’s on. Finally there is an environment that the whistle blowers can speak and they might survive. A lot of people that like to beat up the US and a few other countries seem to grasp the actual threat level to the people who speak out. There are rosters full of people who have been eliminated for speaking up……and still are. NYC is having a police officer suicide epidemic at the moment.

            I love the Q text. They are going to keep him alive. :)

            I have an idea. At my usual hangout I pretty much lurk. There is a designated Q thread where people from all over share what they stumble across and things get discussed. Late 2017 and early 2018 there was a rumor going around that there were insiders posting amongst us. This was complete poppycock of course, but we definitely have 8Chan lurkers. They would be a fun bunch to hang out with as things progress. An Aussie perspective on world events would be something everyone would be interested to hear.

            I will put my email up top. Write me and I will send you a link if you like.

            The rest of the forum is filled with potato cannon competitions, to recipe sharing and cute kitten threads or whatever anyone wants to bring up as well as ancient archaeology and current events dramas. Q is carefully hidden in plain sight. The only rule…..don’t be a jerk and you will be fine. People who do not operate under basic sandbox rules get kicked out.

            If you have not already seen it the latest. :-)


          • Justin
      • Snowglobe
  • IMHO

    Google??? I have watched main stream media, aka ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etcetera, spin a liberal influence on elections ever since I can remember. Even Fox did their ever loving best to destroy Ron Paul and make him out as a fool because he didn’t hold to the Neocon agenda. What the DNC did to Bernie pails to what Fox did to Ron Paul.
    This fake indignant posturing toward Google just goes to show how hypocritical they ALL are. Google, Twitter and Facebook are just extensions of the liberal and/or neocon bias that has been in main stream media all along.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      Take a Scapegoat….Create a lot of Smokescreens let them Sheeples believe something is happening… In the End Americans will let themselves be fooled again….and again…and again…

      • Justin

        you are so un-woke!
        u have no idea what is going on do you! NONE!
        Why is it that some of UNDERSTAND and u dont?
        We hate israel too! But u just dont fucking get it! u dont even realise Trump is fucking israel because youre too busy crying over jerusalem and the Golan heights announcements!
        You have no fucking idea that THE HEAD OF MOSSAD is being BUSTED and ARRESTED and EXTRADITED to the USA (he was also Israel’s former president) and is being tried as a Foreign Combatant!


        THIS MAN…. is being extradited by Netenyahu to the USA to be tried!
        Israel is now under the control of the USA and not Israel commanding the USA anymore!

        The pedo honey trap (control) is dead!
        Military Tribunals have begun!
        The art of war
        The art of the deal
        (do you see the similarities here?)
        “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”
        Trump is praising israel with words but fucking them in ass with actions!
        YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO UNDERSTAND and this is why the Mossad and Globalist media is attacking Trump!

    • goingbrokes

      Yes but Google is much more insidious in its influence, and it influences elections in virtually every country. See what dr Epstein (yeah, I know, the name!) says about “search term suggestions”.

      • Snowglobe
        • goingbrokes

          Thank you Snowglobe!

      • IMHO

        I’m not saying Google isn’t bad. But I think you underestimate the influence of main stream media ever since… well, it’s inception. With the Op-eds, selective coverage, political bias and other brainwashing it’s no wonder people don’t know how to discern Google’s search results.
        The insidiousness is nothing new. Neither is the apparent stupidity of the average person. Why do they support Twitter, Facebook and Google in the first place, using their services while lambasting the MSM that spawned them? I just don’t get it.

      • Snowglobe
  • JustPassingThrough

    well just do it!!
    they’re hell bent on interfering in the 2020’s
    it’s called self-defence.
    and while you’re at it nail F*book and Twatter.