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Trump Goes Nuclear, Blames “Putin, Russia And Iran” For Alleged Douma Chemical Attack


Here we go.

Donald Trump once again demonstrates a “wise approach” towards the situation in Syria that apparently looks not so complicated for the US president.

So, according to Mr Trump it’s “President Putin, Russia and Iran” responsible for the alleged chemical attack in the Eastern Ghouta district of Douma.

The US president does not care that the alleged chemical attack took place when the only side that can capitalize on it is the so-called “Syrian rebels” in the area. MORE ABOUT THE ALLEGED ATTACK HERE

It’s also interesting to note that Trump used the tweet in an attempt to improve his image among mainstream “the Russians did it” media outlets. …to blame “Obama” and “Animal Assad” for the current situation.

Is Trump going to make an attempt to repeat his 2017 Shayrat missile strike in Douma? Let’s see.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that any foreign military actions against Syria over “fabricated” reports of chemical attacks may lead to the “gravest consequences.”

“Hoaxes on attacks using chlorine or other poisonous substances by Syrian government forces are continuing to emerge. Another such hoax that has supposedly taken place is the alleged chemical attack in Douma yesterday. At the same time, references have been made to the notorious NGO “White Helmets,” which has been repeatedly caught acting with terrorists, as well as other so-called humanitarian organizations based in the United Kingdom and the United States,” the ministry said in a statement at its website.

“It is necessary to warn once again that military intervention under far-fetched and fabricated pretexts in Syria, where the Russian servicemen are deployed at the request of the legitimate government, is absolutely unacceptable and might lead to the gravest consequences.”



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  • Rex drabble

    That was really un expected.

    • as

      Ha i love that pun lol

    • Tommy Jensen

      Same agenda as Obama.
      Promise peace and recall US troops. Oooops suddenly a chenical appears, more fresh troops to the area.



    • jerry hamilton

      He’s got a crystal ball. All witches have one.

      • so

        I knew it. Its the hair!

        • jerry hamilton

          Ha ha ha.

        • AJ

          He takes that off before bed

    • FlorianGeyer

      Netanyahu told him in a dream :)

    • gustavo

      USA does not proofs, it just need media, that is all.

  • leon mc pilibin

    The lunatic in charge spewing his lies,just like his gangster zionist cousins in little britain..How stupid do they think people really are?Their time will soon be coming to an end.

    • Rob

      Putin or Assad have not used chemical weapons because that is too small thing for these US, UK, France backed animals. Putin and Assad should use nuclear, nepham and bunker buster bombs to burn these all morans supported and armed by US, UK and France.

      • Merijn
        • Joe

          The clown aka kid in EH need no proof. Just the words of their allies the Terrorists or UK is good enough.

          Well hope they strike and Russia sinks one of two ships

          • Merijn

            They will probably back off…because they know this time it is DEAD SERIOUS…. they have No more Business in the Middle East…they Lost All rights…thanks to their own Behaviour…Pack Your Gear U.S. & Leave….buzz off..

      • Starlight

        Wow, mouth-breather states the OBVIOUS, and thinks he has done a good deed. Meanwhile the other side have PROOF, cos they themselves released a poison agent in one of the underground bunkers to ensure a supply of bodies that, in post-mortem, will reveal the ‘truth’. That is the genius of a false-flag. You get to manufacture ‘proof’ so when dribblers on the other side say it never happened, you go “look at this evidence”.

        • Rob

          Which evidence, where is evidence. Make some staged attacks then at least some 1% will believe it.

        • Peter Jennings

          Fear not, the Douma terrorists have magic water which renders all slef inflicted chemical attacks harmless. If there were bodies, they were probably locals kept for the use of.

    • Rob

      US, UK, France and Israel are worried that Syria are liberating their country back from us and if they liberate whole country from us then our illegal military bases and our terrorist recruitment and training bases would be the next target obviously. So in fact US and UK are not worried for Syrian nation because we see that how US, UK, France and Israeli migrants slaughtering Palestinians and Kashmiries since 1900 and these morans have ignore them and are not talking about them. They just talk about Syrian chemical weapons which creates doubt and suspicion.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Its a sudden US frenzy again Rob as we saw when Israeli /US/UK/French ‘advisers’ were said to have been captured in the other part of Ghouta.

      • Starlight

        Ah- the mouth-breathers tell us our enemies are “worried”- the same dribble mouth-breathers said about Hitler just before each of the bold nazi strikes in Europe. Hitler used false-flags too – one of the reasons the worthless old guard of military leaders in Germany dating from WW1 came to admire Hitler’s genius.

        • RichardD

          Coming from a head case who can’t get his facts straight and lies constantly, your comments don’t mean much.

        • Ariel Cohen

          Isn’t there another forum you can dribble your verbal incontinence in Starlight? We are all sick of your worthless crap comments . .

    • Merijn

      Donald J. Trump

      Many dead, including women and children, in a Hopelessly Failed attempted for a Coup d’Etats in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and infiltrated by U.S. ZioNazis and their little helpers the NATO Whores, making it almost completely inaccessible to outside world. President of the Divided States of America , Europe and NATO are responsible for backing ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, FSA, Jaysh al Saudi, Childbeheaders,Nour al Zenki which recently changed their name to SLF….and sum Others we soon will pay a Big price…for our behaviour
      15:00 – 8 Apr 2018


      27.1K people are talking about this

      • FlorianGeyer

        LOL, very good Merlin :)

    • Starlight

      Ah- our WORTHLESS football hooligan suporters are out in force, I see.

      All that matters is where we are at, and zionist appeaser Putin has taken us where appeasers always take us- to the very brink of total disaster.

      Trump is going to STRIKE. His sanctions against all major Russian companies a few days back give us absolute proof of this. He is going to, Hitler-style, assume appeasers always back down- and you know what? He is right.

      Our side dribbled on and on and on about the non-facts of the false-flag in the UK, playing directly into the hands of the British and Americans, giving MI6 the confidence to activate the next stage of their narrative. An SAS agent opening a container of a nerve agent in one of the underground bunkers where civilians were sheltering in East Ghouta. So easy- and in the contained space the poisoning would have worked perfectly. So now there are bodies where a chemical analysis would show death by chemical weapon- hence Trump’s “lock down” statement.

      Here’s a clue for the clueless- the two nukes dropped on Japan happened AFTER the Japanese government fully surrendered to the USA. Two previously untouched towns were chosen, hit by two different types of nukes, to record the effect of nuclear blasts on large urban populations. US military scientists recorded every last detail- and chose the towns for easy access to survivors for follow up studies. THIS is how perfectly evil the West really is- in comparison an SAS butcher gassing some women and kids is nothing to them.

      Trump talks as if the chemical attack were real because he knows, 100%, it is. And now hell is coming- all because Putin chose to act like a bitch appeaser.

      • leon mc pilibin

        WTF are you on about,?clown.Fake chemical attack,,zionists attack.Russia sinks a couple of ships.The beginning of the end of israhell.PERIOD.

        • RichardD

          Starlight is a very disturbed individual.

          • HighLord Gaz

            He’s just a stupid liar….

    • Rob

      SAA and their allies have founded some chemical weapons in the Douma pocket. Think when they start to liberate Yarmuk, Dumayr and Qalamun pockets so what kind of chemical weapons will be there. This is the hypocrisy of Trump and their allies. God save the whole world from these butchers.

      • nshah

        God save the whole world from these bastard butchers..!

    • NeoLeo

      He is not in charge. A senile, old clown. He is irrelevant, another Theresa May. A puppet.
      I believe he really meant to leave Syria. But CIA/US Military/Israel (the real masters) have different plans. So they just told him – “STFU and obey!”. And that’s what he does.

      • Harold Smith

        Orange Clown’s a “deep cover”/”sleeper” agent. He had no intention of following through on his pre-election intimations/campaign promises. That is rather obvious by now.

  • Joe

    Well confirmed the US is led by kids…
    Who in the world believe such BS ….

    Anyway ,….. hope they shoot the Tomahawks and Russia sinks one or two ships for starters.

    ONLY ASSAD NOT ALLOWED TO USE CW …. Terrorists can .

    • FlorianGeyer

      The only problem is that the US Kids have nuclear weapons.

      • D boy

        The other Elder kid havs as well.. Any mistake from America there would be war with Russia

      • Jesus

        Kids have to learn consequences that result from their whimsical tantrums.
        US is going into a nuclear challenge over this nonsense? No.

        • Starlight

          The appeasers of Hitler. At each stage the appeasers say the other side will never do x, never cross the line x- and then they do.

          • Jesus

            England did not have nuclear weapons against Hitler, I personally think that Russia should shock US with a strong conventional counterattack, and let them lick their losses and contemplate if they want to pursue their foolishness to a higher level of confrontation.

          • RichardD

            You’ve been running your inflammatory nonsense for months. Don’t you get tired of making a fool out of yourself?

          • Peter Jennings

            There were no appeasers of Hitler because he himself was delaying and waiting for the British gov’t to decide which side they were going to be on. He was hoping and convinced both countries could come to agreement. The Brit gov’t chose a drunk gambler with debts, jewish money, a ruined empire and 50yrs of debt repayments to the US.

          • dougstir

            The “appeasers of Hitler” knew that he really did not want that war and he attempted many times to stop it. France was the first to launch an attack on Germany, earlier in 1939, which the Germans quickly blocked. By that time Germany realised all talking was useless. The Polish army was getting ready to invade Germany and the Germans then decided to give them what the wanted

      • antoun

        but the us kids are cowards and queers no problemo!!

    • SnowCatzor

      I definitely agree that shooting down any tomahawks would be good, but attacking warships would be too reckless as it would start a war.

    • Peter Jennings

      As we have seen already. the terrorists are even producing and refining the chemical weapons from the raw ingredients. They then fabricate the delivery mechanism, whether it be mortar, shell, whatever. They have to have some serious help and know how behind them to be able to do all this. A bunch of crazy ideologist running around the dessert they ain’t.

  • 1691

    Things must be real bad for the zio gang.

    • Starlight

      Yeah- “real bad” – just like after the 9/11 false-flag, eh?

      • 1691

        No, starlite, worse. And you know it. That is why you are spitting your frustration here on the site. You are just another proof that things are real bad for the zio vermin.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    bomb the white house – done

  • jim crowland

    russians love to get rid of ex spies with radioactive “ice cream” or nerve gas, assad loves to gas civilians, militants, children dogs, whatever breathes….

    • While trolls love to post unsubstantiated drivel.

    • John

      Not really jim.

    • Ricky Miller

      And the United States and her usual cast of suspect running buddies love to invade small countries, arm jihadi street gangs, overthrow governments, joke about it and kill millions of people. If anyone stands up for themselves they are instantly demonized and dehumanized. Then attacked. Making the world safe for chaos. Keep drinking the kool-aid, Jim

    • AJ

      lol another troll for Israel

  • John Mason

    To stop the war in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen then maybe Russia should seriously consider getting rid of the US Government. A well placed missile would do the job, Russia could test out it’s newest hypersonic missiles.

    • 1691

      Yes, and the Hell Aviv local government.

    • Dušan Mirić

      Well, this is the job for Americans to do. To hang him high.

      • jerry hamilton

        They do the opposite in America. Google Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows death camps.
        They made him president.

      • CyricRenner

        They will never do it. Look at 911. Still no one held responsible, and no one ever will. It started with the Kennedy assassination, which really was a coup. American people did nothing.

        • Dušan Mirić

          I wouldn’t like to see him hanging, but overthrown…

    • nshah

      Yeah.. but Russia won’t do that..!

  • Ricky Miller

    President Putin himself should issue a statement soon, loud and clear about the posture that the armed forces of the Russian Federation will take if Syria is attacked again on these types of false accusations. Any show of hesitation will embolden the crazies in Washington D.C. and could lead to a dangerous situation that could now best be prevented by staking out a clear position and providing ample, head of state warnings.

    • jerry hamilton

      I think the Pentagon are under no illusions of what will happen.

      • Ricky Miller

        But they are. Trump’s tweets are likely a deliberate attempt this time to gauge a response. In fifty five minutes, two hours, then a bit later all the kinds of people who are screwing up this world the most will be sitting around a table saying: “No response? Good. Let’s proceed with our plan.” Very few voices will say otherwise. They want to slap Russia back, as Nikki “I’m not a real diplomat” Halley said on Friday Night. The snowball is gathering speed as it descends the hill this Sunday morning and things are being said here in America that will be difficult to walk back in a few hours. The media smell SAA blood.

        • jerry hamilton

          In that case, a lesson is in order.

          • Ricky Miller

            One can hope. But the lesson can be delivered way more safely by taking the step of issuing the syllabus now. And not just by a Defense or Foreign Ministry spokesperson…

    • John

      Hello Ricky. The Russian MoD has already told everybody what is going to happen if they see an attack coming to them, by anybody. If I remember correctly, this warning was passed on in March. One of the hallmark behavioral characteristics of Russia, concerning the REALLY important stuff, is that they don’t say it twice. A long time has passed until Russia came out and made that statement. It was extremely well noted by the West. This is part of the reason for the freak outs and double talking by President Trump and others. They have all the guns in the world but, they are not allowed to exit the armory with them. I wish well to you Ricky.

      • so

        Russia. The adults in the room.

    • Alpha&Omega

      Hear, hear

    • JPH

      Gerasimov already made such statement one or two week ago. That will do fine. Any missiles and launch platforms threatening Russian will be taken care of.

    • Sephy

      But putin is not a twitter boy

    • Starlight

      Already has, friend – and the Deep State is calling his bluff. You ALWAYS call the bluff of an appeaser, ALWAYS. That’s the rule of war. Hitler is the most famous example, calling the bluff of a whole continent of appeasers to perfect effect- but Hitler was only following in a very famous and sane political tradition.

      Putin is a ZIONIST appeaser. A day before this false flag, Putin’s main english language outlet RT was BOASTING about Putin’s weapon sales to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the wahhabi Gulf States, while proudly stating that Putin would seriously never arm enemies of the West, Like Iran or Syria.

      Putin lives on his knees, constantly spouting dribble about his “Partners in the West”. When Hitler made his initial bold moves in Europe, it wasn’t cos he knew the main powers were ‘weak’ but that they would never use their strength to oppose him. He knew this cos they APPEASED nazi Germany at every meeting. If, in the early days of Hitler’s conquests, France and Britian had made any move against Germany, Hitler would have been sunk.

      But Putin is a vastly worse appeaser, not least cos he lives in jewish chains. Threatened, he’ll ‘Dunkirk’ it, legging it back to Russia rather than fighting to protect Syria.

      • jerry hamilton

        How much do you get paid for posting this shit?
        Do your masters not understand we don’t buy it?

      • CyricRenner

        Did Hitler and Germany win the war? It is true western inaction emboldened Hitler, starting with moving troops across the Rhine, the defeat of France.Suddenly he new better then his generals and anyone else on military matters. What followed? One blunder after another. Stalingrad,collapse in North Africa, Dday, Ardennes etc. That is the problem with a little success, it can go to your head.

        I trust the Russian military a lot more then I do Putin.If we see a repeat of the missile strike on Syria on a bigger scale and Russia military servicemen dead, they will take matters in to their own hands. The American ships will be sent to the bottom.

        You think it was coincidence that the US convoy was shelled a few days with the resulting six day yankee jihadis? Recall the dead Russian contractors? Ok, admittedly more of the latter died, but don’t think for a moment that the US can run around killing Russians with impunity.

      • AJ

        Your logic is confused. The deep state (zionist) are calling the bluff on a zionist appeaser!
        You keep saying Putin supports Israel & is in bed with their goals so how can he be opposing them at the same time whilst being an appeaser

      • Peter Jennings

        President Putin’s “Partners in the West” keep changing because of failure and corruption. He must be quite tired by now after kneeling through so many careers. He sees them come, and he sees them go.
        I don’t have a problem with the remainder of your comment. Anyone can type rubbish if they really want to. You need to get off the first grade history books.

    • antoun

      dangerous situarion ahah !! with the queers no!!

  • That Guy

    Electing Trump has just delayed WW3. Electing Clinton would’ve led to WW3 earlier. Same outcome but delayed.

    • Robert Duran

      I have said that on many occasions

      • Jasmine16

        Does WW 3, ad possible nuclear armageddon, have to happen because some elites in Western Countries want to defend militant rebels, who share similar ideology to Al-Qaeda, that has committed terror attacks to innocent people in Western countries and other parts of the world?
        Do millions of people have to perish in order that hundreds of ruthless terrorists may live?

        • Robert Duran

          This has nothing to do with rebels(terrorist) or Syria. This is about a declining hegemonic empire willing to do anything to stall the obvious

          • CyricRenner

            Exactly. Buried in the headlines is news of the introduction of the new Chinese Petro-Yuan currency. Time is running out and you can see the desperation.

        • Ricky Miller

          That’s the risk that elites in Washington are willing to take, it seems. Of course, most of those elite neocon types own deep and luxurious private underground bunkers.

          • Merijn

            They will only die slower and rot away from the inside out… and believe me…if they can suvive…there will be One Angry Russian waiting for 30 years for them to pop out of their Bunker. And take revenge for his lost Loved Ones… and send a couple more

        • Merijn

          Population Management & Control…they want to bring back the number of people on this Planet…because it got out of control in their eyes…500 million peeps walking the earth is fine for them….then they can play Emperor….the problem is they want to survive themselves…that is how sick they are

    • CyricRenner

      To tell you the truth,I do not think it makes any difference at all. Trump isn’t in charge. Nor was Obama.

      • Peter Jennings

        Didn’t obomber spend more time on the golf course than any other president?
        which figures. him being an iron and all.

  • Eskandar Black

    Trump is being blinded by neocon fools who want a war, he told them he was leaving syria, so they re enacted the khan sheykhoun exactly one year later. Jaish al islam leadership should be taken alive and forced to admit what they did, vitally important to find terror associates, the white helmet, as they know much about the origins of this terrorist attack and the victims.

    • nshah

      lol.. that clown Trump is a neocon zionis himself..

  • Sime

    But again, there is OPCW in Damascus, 8 km far from alleged affected area. There are International mechanisms in place and repeating: LITERALLY AT THE PLACE. It is just matter of UN member states – including USA – to task them through appropriate channels. Strangely enough, RF is “begging” them to send OPCW to do their work and justifies their quite high salaries, but there are deaf ears only.

    • JPH

      OPCW already demonstrated last year how it is corrupted by those NATO members.

  • MH370

    wow trump going full throttle..maybe he;s been scold directly by the frustrated deep state

  • D.Szuster

    This man is so stupid that is really amazing how he’s so rich?

    • AJ

      He always goes on about his high IQ but hates to read. Clever people generally are book worms but not Trump.

    • BL

      You become rich if you move up the ranks of Jewish created secret societies like Freemasonry and others but you must first pass your tests and be filmed by the Mossad engaging on all kinds of sick and vile acts like child prostitution, murder, drug trafficking, etc.

    • oldenyoung

      He made most of his money(that his daddy didnt give to him) by not paying people back that he owed money too….from room cleaners to wall street….needs to get his knees broke…

  • D.Szuster

    Why Assad animal? Trump doesn’t like animals which are frankly better than humans?

  • AJ

    I bet Bolton has been whispering sweet nothings in Trumps ear demanding a response!

  • Nuno Cardoso da Silva

    The UK and the US – led by the animal Trump – are eager to start a war with Russia, thinking that they have the power to humiliate Russia. We may unfortunately be given the chance to see that they are very wrong. Any repeat attack on Syria by US cruise missiles may end with the launching ship being sent to the bottom of the sea.

  • so

    It gets old dosen’t it? Blah blah blah. Blah ba blah blah blah. And on and on. Pathetic.
    Anything except fixing the real problems.

    • jerry hamilton

      That is exactly what they are trying to correct.
      World domination is exceedingly important to them.

  • Dušan Mirić

    Nothing about killings of unarmed Palestinian protesters!!! What a shithole.

    • AJ

      The US blocked a resolution at the UN for an investigation into the killings of Palestinians – Israel could drop a nuke & Trump would back them up.

      • Starlight

        And if Putin didn’t KNOW Trump would block the investigation, he would have forced Russia to do likewise. Putin is more a protector of the depraved jewish terrorist state of Israel than is Trump.

        • AJ

          Rubbish the entire regime change plan for Syria is a US scheme under the direction of Israel. Putin is opposing this. If Russia wants what Israel wants then why is it helping Assad – you are spreading disinformation

        • gustavo

          USA gives Israel 4 B$$ a year, Russia does not. USA gives Israel any kind of weapon, Russia does not. USA blocks any UN resolution against Israel, Russia does not. USA (CIA) cooperate with Israel (Mosad) in intelligent gathering around the World, Russia does not. Russia is stopping Israel-USA-NATO plans to totally destroy Syria, Iran, and Russia itself.

        • AJ

          More lies as the record at the UN proves that it is the US that blocks any resolutions critical of Israel not Russia.

  • BL

    Looks like Animal Trump wants to cast the “Assad must go” curse on himself:


    • JPH

      Have a few more to add: Bolton, Hillary, Haley, McMaster (sorry gone already) , Stoltenberg, Rutte, Tusk, Juncker, May, Macron, Pompeo etc.
      There simply are too many in this NATO/EU neo liberal imperialistic bunch.

    • BMWA1


  • Sime

    Official media sources reported that an agreement has been reached between SAA and Islam Army to release all prisoners in Duma and to evacuate Islam Army combatants to Jarablus within 48 hours. I guess then Yarmouk Camp (last ISIS stronghold in Damascus Governorate) will be next (SAA has just deployed some reinforcement around the location). My two cents: where “CW” attacks will occur when these two “pockets” will be cleared? Daraa???

    • BMWA1

      Very good :)

    • CyricRenner

      The cease fire was necessary in order to give the actors the time necessary to stage a fake chemical attack.

      • Peter Jennings

        Most probably. They are desperate but the world ain’t buying it from a bunch of murderous thieves. The days of awarding journalistic prizes to murderers posing as rescue crews are gone.

  • oldenyoung

    anyone that doesnt realize that Trump is a soul-less liar, and hoping he will do anything good, are fooling themselves…This statement may be a bluff by Trump…but he is going to get trumped by his generals on this one…those NATO naval battle groups werent pre-positioned around Syria for nothing…This is still following the script the globalists need and has been planned for some time…This may get very hot, very fast…

    • Sime

      It is called Deception Ops at Strategic Level :-)

  • Robert Duran

    He has a point you know..”Animal Assad would have been history” … Qaddafi is history..look at Libya.. The best democracy in the world.They are even trading in people

    • JPH

      Do they also trade futures?

  • Nick

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they use this as a excuse to attack Iranian linked formations so as to avoid directly provoking the Russians and also put the Russian/Turk/Iranian alliance to the test in the process.

    Remember USA attacked Iraq after 9/11, the public is too ignorant and bigoted to care who is actually attacked as long as it means dead Muslims. Iran is where they really want to hit, the root of all evil in their eyes.

    • US-Navy Revert Shia

      Never the Neo-Cons may look like fools & Morons But They Are Not That stupid to Hit The Islamic Republic Of Iran You will see the Real Sleeping GIANT Wake up-!!!

      • velociraptor


      • Merijn

        You will see the World wake-up…perhaps the Zionazis have the Gold to buy…but not the Heart to fight….their World will burn…their Evil Plans Exposed…want War?…War you’ll get

    • US-Navy Revert Shia

      Hit Iran All Bets Are Off Pal-!

    • Ronald

      You have something there Nick, I (in N. America) have not been able to access FarsNews.com for two weeks now. Cutting communication with the target is standard practice.

  • US-Navy Revert Shia
    • AJ

      This look suits Bolton!

  • Russie Unie


  • Ma_Laoshi

    Putin should have sorted this out for good a year ago by *sinking the freaking ships attacking his ally*. Cowards don’t win wars; do nothing and you get an outcome commensurate with your effort.

  • BMWA1

    Russia F Ministry just announced RuAF and Syria AF now on Red Alert to attacks. See RU news media.

    • BL


      • BMWA1

        On phone later when on laptop

      • BMWA1

        Just got posted at SF….

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Is Trump really that friggin’ retarded? (It’s a rhetorical question.)

    • jerry hamilton

      How much say does he have in it?

      • FlorianGeyer

        Trump speaks when the strings open his mouth Jerry :)

    • AJ

      He often touts his own high IQ but I am not convinced

  • jerel

    Stupid man. The whole world was warned in advance about the terrorists nefarious plans. Was it listening, or was it a party to it? It’s becomes rather obnoxious to see this ignorant man Knee-jerk reactions to everything – he seems impervious to critical thought. It’s clear that he and his so-called diplomats are predetermined to wrought destruction and chaos – no matter what. It is surely frustrating to know that leaders like Trump in the world are up to no good – all the time.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    Trumpy, are you as stupid and cheap skate as you sound, or you can go lower, on the amoeba scale?

  • Patrick Jann

    Such dumbasses. In which way does it make sense to use chemical weapons if you^re on the winning side? I bet they could take douma with sticks and stones as weaponry :DD

  • JPH

    So the US actually invites the White Helmets to organize another false flag chemical attack. The Syrian government already controls nearly whole Ghouta and has been exporting ‘moderate extremist’ by bus to Idlib for a few weeks now. And now the US assumes we believe that the Syrian government is intent on trying to arrange its own defeat by using those impractical chemical weapons while so close to total victory?
    The US ads insult to injury when asking the public to fall for such an obvious false flag. Any reasonable well informed individual will reject this US false flag based propaganda.

    • AJ

      You’d be surprised at the amount of lazy people who only get their news from the MSM. Many will still fall for this.

  • MeMadMax

    Not only that but we had a heads up from russian intelligence that another attack was coming and the preparations were coming from:
    The US controlled Al Tanf area.

    They could have easily taken the chemical weapon(s) to douma and let fly.

    And no, douma or any other syrian town/city for that matter, is really under siege like the maps suggest. Often the SAA leaves some sort of humanitarian/surrender path open or there are lots of tunnels like in the jobar area. It is VERY easy to smuggle anything you want into these areas.

  • Trump is here, as so often, is being an idiot.

    Here is my earlier-today response to first reports in a British newspaper of this supposed event:

    Pure crap.

    The Russians are in the area and say no such thing happened.

    But the Pentagon/CIA keep trying to replay this tired accusation which was first used under Obama as an excuse to massively bomb Syria.

    Remember Obama’s phony words about “crossing red lines”?

    At that first instance, Putin got busy and organized an internationally-supervised removal and destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons.

    That stopped Obama from completely turning Syria into another Libya, an American-produced chaos.

    When I see any mention of The White Helmets, who are quoted in this story, I just smile at the absurdity.

    These clowns have been proved as frauds, producing fake videos with money from the State Department or CIA.

    They are connected in some way to George Soros, a crazed old billionaire who works tirelessly to change the world to his liking, often secretly cooperating with CIA. They receive a lot of hot-air publicity in Hollywood.

    They have been photographed doing things like handling supposed nerve gas victims with bare hands.

    And they’ve been photographed preparing children with make-up for videos of stricken kids.

    Their members are members of dirty outfits like al-Nusrah, just mercenary terrorists.

    And when I read the name, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, another source quoted here, I laugh right out loud.

    That supposed organization is a single guy in a bed-sit somewhere in London who keeps getting quoted about Syria, even though he has zero first-hand information.

    It actually is an embarrassment that any newspaper attributes anything to this guy except being a joke.

    Russia has again appropriately warned the US not to attack areas in which they have personnel.

    This is the second time they have warned the US, saying, quite meaningfully last time, that not only would missiles or planes be targeted, but so would their launch sources, as ships.

    That previous strongly expected American attack never happened, but what filled in the meantime?

    Britain’s ludicrous Skripal Affair, the case of nerve agent poisoning that never happened. Muddying the waters, attempting to increase tensions over Russia before another go at Syria.

    The Skripal Affair, too, is badly unraveling, making the British Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, and the Defense Minister look like fools.

    In all matters concerning Russia, we get not news, not even fake news, we get manufactured news – which is just what both the Skripal poisoning and this supposed gas attack in Syria are.

    This is the way the world’s affairs are going under America’s high-handed leadership and efforts to bend everyone on the planet to its will.

    I’ll just add, The Independent use here a rather shabby yellow journalism technique: it quotes its provocative headline, ‘Dozens of civilians killed in chemical weapons attack.’

    Of course, what that means is that you are taking no responsibility for the claim. A lot of dishonesty can be hidden by quotation marks.

    • jerry hamilton

      Bull Shit. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is in Coventry, not London.
      You got everything else right.

  • RamboDave

    It is time for Russia to perform a “crazy Ivan”. (this is a term from the cold war, when a Russian submarine would do a 180 degree turn on a US sub following behind it).

    Russia, right now, needs to turn up the war talk threats and rhetoric full blast to cause a war “debate” within the US. Otherwise, the neocons will be able to implement their gradual escalation in Syria, leading to the partition of Syria.

    Russia should announce a “training mission” to deploy a Division of Russian troops directly into the
    Damascus airport. After they are on the ground, then announce … “oh, and by the way, this Division has tactical nuclear weapons in it’s possession”.

    This will put an end to the neocon-Zionists fantasy of thinking that they can gradually escalate tensions and make Russia blink first. It will be the US Congress that will demand a full debate over the War Powers Act, and what the hell the US is doing over there.

    It will be the US that blinks first. The US anti-war movement will mobilize against this march to war. Trump will ultimately listen to his base, whom he assured during his campaign, that he was against these endless Middle East wars that, as Trump claims, has cost the US $ 7 trillion dollars.

    Does the US public really want a nuclear confrontation over Syria? The US, being a supposed Democracy, might want to debate that.

    Believe me, the Joint Chiefs and most US Generals are sick and tired of these endless wars to make Israel safe at the expense of 9,000 (and still counting) dead American soldiers. And, at the same time, not a single Israeli casualty!

    • CyricRenner

      Good point. They took a similar strategy in Georgia and it worked. The new weapons that Russia possesses carries with it more weight. I think Russia’s muted response to the first US strike on Syria was a mistake. It might lead to miscalculations.

      • Joe Dirt

        Russia’s strategy FAILED in Georgia! You really should read pre and post Russian military strategy in Georgia, you’ll see they have improved.

    • Merijn

      I agree with you…but it would be nice if some American Generals would be Brave enough to speak out loud…in the end we all fight for the same cause…to put an end to this Evil Madness…make sure that these Men no longer have acces to any buttons…or sooner or later the Earth will burn….
      The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph, is for Good men to do nothing.

  • Marcos Edder

    Trump is a puppet, more like an actor.

  • Bob

    Same tired old strategy, an attempt to halt the momentum of successful SAA offensive via international US-NATO political pressure over an alleged state based ‘chemical attack’. Equally, as East Ghouta is liberated by SAA from a minority of Islamist extremists, the real narrative is inevitably exposed despite western MSM attempts to hide it, and that reality sharply contradicts the US-MSM-hysteria version. The timing of another alleged state based ‘chemical attack’ also represents an active NATO ‘soft power’ strategy to muddy the real Syrian narrative from emerging in western public and maintain a smear campaign against SAA in western public.

  • antoun

    normal reaction at trump because donald trump is really the leader at jayhs al islam!!

  • georgeking

    As I said yesterday, expect another batch of Cruise Missiles from the USA to hit Syria and ships, subs or planes that fired them to mysterious sink or crash.

    • Icarus Tanović

      That’s what happened last year. 53 fired. 17 hit the target. How about that you stupid pussy grabber?

  • World_Eye

    Wait where is the evidence where are the dead bodies, where exactly this chemical attack has happen, I mean just like that Jaysh al-Islam says SAA used chemical attack and we all have to believe the lowest scums on the earth. The wahhabis motherfuckers. Hah please. I haven’t seen any picture or video about any attack or anything, in fact Jaysh al-Islam is surrendering now to SAA, fucking American cunts.

    • 1691

      You are right, of course, but don’t forget that the white helmets have connections in Hollywood. They can easily manufacture a video.

      • World_Eye

        But still if there was at least even manufactured video , to have basis on all this, but there isn’t nothing to back this attack you know what I mean.

        • 1691

          This is their modus operandi. They talk, they lie, their “diplomats” behave like street-wise mafia .What’s new? At least we know now and knowledge is power!

          • Icarus Tanović

            Unmasked monstrosities.

      • jerry hamilton
  • You can call me Al

    US foreign policy …..

    THINK !!!!


  • henrikrclausen

    The previous chemical attack was a false flag This looks like another one. Please spread

  • henrikrclausen
  • RichardD

    Right now Trump’s agenda is doing what the Jews want on a number of issues. When he gets the Mueller witch hunt and the impeachment proceedings shut down, if he does, we’ll have a better idea of what his agenda really is.

    At this time he’s ignoring the baby rapers crimes against the Palestinians and Syria. And saber rattling over chemical weapons false flag fabrications as a pretext for possible military escalation. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence for his commitment to America First priorities like stopping the overseas military adventures.

    “Israeli minister for military affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, said there were “no innocent people” in Gaza”

    – ICC calls on Israel to end deadly violence in besieged Gaza Strip –


  • RichardD

    Syrian army finds terrorist chemical weapons factiory:


  • Attrition47

    Let’s hope that the Russians take the gloves off this time and shoot the bastards out the sky.

  • SnowCatzor

    I usually like Trump but I really wish he would stop believing warmonger lies about Syria. Oh and now he’s saying Obama should have attacked years ago? Oh give me a fucking break…. didn’t you oppose that very thing back then?

    Really disappointed in him over Syria. Most of his fans don’t want war, but the deepstate does.

  • Domenic Patrone

    It not needed to use chemical weapons to kill a few civilians. They’re needed for use in a wider area to discomfort enemy soldiers and stop their ability to fight effectively in mass.

  • Jeth Roderet

    Trump has been this way ever since he touched the glowing Zionist/Saudi orb.

    • Icarus Tanović

      That’s good one. ‘Zionist/Saudi orb’.
      I’ll memorize this.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Where is the proof?

    • PZIVJ

      Proof is not a requirement in the west.
      You only have to have a twitter account.
      Hell of a way to run a countries foreign policy!

  • Icarus Tanović

    He’s stupid chauvinistic fascistic Zionistic wahhabi backer, pussy grabber.
    Woman abuser, De Niro loving, psycho.

  • Morehungrythanever

    We have been warned this false flag was coming. The video footage of this attack shows nothing conclusive. The mixed messages from the USA has made this even more curious. If the USA attacks Syria this time or perhaps next they WILL get slapped. Syria is becoming an extremely interesting little war with big potential.

  • HighLord Gaz

    Is there any limit to the inane stupidity of this wind-up toy?

    • goingbrokes

      No limit really. But the globalists have pushed many horrible/useless/inane/stupid characters to positions of power. This is so that we start demanding one world government because national governments are apparently so bad. It is a scam with many angles.

  • Cee Jay

    Jaysh Al-Islam is a Saudi Proxy and they used Chlorine gas mortar shells back in April 2016, hitting the Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood in Aleppo where there’s a Kurd population.

  • 888mladen .

    An artist’s attempt on Pr Trumps portrayal