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Trump Gives Positive Response To Turkey’s Operation East Of Euphrates: Erdogan

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Trump Gives Positive Response To Turkey's Operation East Of Euphrates: Erdogan


US President Donald Trump gave a positive response to Turkey’s operation east of the Euphrates, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on December 17 following a phone call with the US President, according to Turkish media.

“We can start our operation any moment now in Syrian territory at any place, especially along the 500-kilometer border, without harming U.S. soldiers,” Erdogan said at the opening ceremony at Mevlana Square in central Konya province.

Erdogan said that he had told his Trump that “terrorists” must leave the region east of the Euphrates River.

“If they don’t go, we will send them,” he said. “The terror corridor [in Syria] is disturbing us. Since we are partners with the US, we must do this.”

The Turkish President also called on the US to uphold to the Manbij deal to clear the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) from the region.

“Our fight against terrorism in the Syrian territory will continue until a political solution is opened,” Erdogan said.

Last weekend, Erdogan announced that Turkey is about to launch to a military operation against the YPG in the area east of the Euphrates. According to sources in pro-Turkish militant groups, about 15,000 members of pro-Turkish militant factions are ready to participate in this attack.

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Gregory Casey

Sounds like all-out War between Turkey & it’s own pet Terrorists on the one side and the Kurdish YPG-SDF on the other : Time for the YPG-SDF to fold their tent inside the SAA and support the State of Syria against the Ottoman hordes.

Hasbara Hunter

Turkey is the one that can use Force against the Kurds under condition of Fighting Terrorists…btw aren’t there a lot of Turkey-Supported Headchoppers in Idlibistan? They could be very useful in the near future as insurgents up there….if Erdogan cooperates with Assad that is….

Glen Etzkorn

kurds hope to gain a port dashed preventing selling oil directly to the Israeli thieving war profiteers skipping Erdogon’s son from processing and then selling oil for cheap to Israel. Are they figuring ISIS will be history to soon for Turkey’s brainless favorite son to make up the loss?


It looks like a lot of people are eager for an excuse to prevent a defeat of ISIS in the Hajin pocket.

John Whitehot

like it has much more value than a propagandistic one.


ahhhh… so ALL r happy……. trump , putin and erdogan,…….


I don’t see how Putin would be happy if Turkey goes back to cooperating with the Anglo-Zionist empire.

Tommy Jensen

They are all working together as partners.


Putin is not working with Washington.

Hasbara Hunter

Even if he is….will the Russians be happy with it…That is the question….General Shoygu took Drastic measures after the Downing of the IL-20… Putin listened very well…a Leader that can listen is good for starters…


Of course, this is a NATO-USA plan, I remind you that Turkey is a NATO member and acts according.

Turkish Greywolves

cry lol, Turkey owned USA

Hasbara Hunter

US switching puppets from Kurds back to Turks? US knows it can’t use Kurds in the long term and still keep its relationship with Turkey. The recent news that Trump is considering extraditing Gulen to Turkey increases the likelihood that there has been some agreements behind the scenes between Turkey and the US.

You can call me Al

Turkey has to be careful now; messing with 1 off Global power is possible, but 2 (Russia and China (Iran somewhere behind the 2)), that will lead to some serious problems down the line.

Now forgetting the Turks for a moment, you have to have a little sympathy for the Kurds; whilst of course they dumped the SAA and fled into the hands of the US and then they were humiliated and dumped – whahahahaha. It reminds me of an ex-girlfriend; so the question is, will they try and run back to the SAA ?. I can see benefits if they did, BUT…… in my case, I told the ex, to fook right off.


While morally the Kurds deserve what they get, for practical purposes SAA and the camp of civilized people (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, etc.) must embrace the Kurds if they come running back since the alternative would be a much more difficult prospect of a Turkish occupied northern Syria backed by US/NATO protection.

Bill Rood

I have sympathy for Kurds who have remained loyal to the Syrian state, as some unkown number have. However, their leadership is dominated by the PKK, who follow a bastardized, ultra-nationalist version of Murray Bookchin’s political ideology. I was tempted to call it Herrenvolk democracy, but suspect it’s even worse. I don’t think they’ll hesitate to kill fellow Kurds who disagree with the program.

Promitheas Apollonious

Correction they did not run into the hands of US. When they believed they are getting a country at the expense of syria and iraq, the flags they was having in their gatherings was not american flags but israel flags.

You confuse the errand boys with someone else.

You can call me Al

Pedantic. Same same.


Dump the SAA? The SAA wasn’t even around to be dumped while the Kurds were being slaughtered. They had to fend for themselves with US support. Don’t act like they had a choice to be protected by the SAA because that was far from the truth. Now they’re survivors and they’re well equipped to defend themselves. They’re not attacking SAA. They need to give back what’s not theirs and reconcile with rightful government to become proper Syrians again.

You can call me Al

Well I agree with most of it; but in the beginning the SAA and the Kurd’s were working together, against ISIS.

Hasbara Hunter

Erdogan said he Would cooperate with Assad if he won the Election…..If Erdogan Breaks this Treaty we will know that Erdogan is in the Hands of the Puppet Master of Broken Treaties

Feudalism Victory

Yup looks like the kurds are being betrayed at the optimal time.


Icarus Tanović

They’ve never switched it from Turkish animals.


For a while it looked like they were about to cut the relationship. US literally tried to overthrow and even assassinate Erdogan since he stopped playing by the CIA playbook in Syria. I still don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but one thing is for sure, the US values its Turkish relationship far more than its Kurdish one.

Icarus Tanović

Erdogan just set all together up, before elections, to gain popularity. Even fake coup, and then he just accused USA for plot against him and Turkey. Even fight in DC was set up and fake.
Some free bees election points, and opportunity for him to step up and hold patriotic rally, and accuse Gulen, so proclaiming him self as a nationalist on which one Turkey’s survival depends.
I think you get it now little clearer.
And then unknown man assassinated Russian ambassador, no one knows who he is, where he is etc.
You see Turks are Khazars, and never trust a Khazar for a minute.
Turks wants their part of Syria, that’s all, folks. They want entire east Syria and Raqqah.
Neo otomanic appetite going insane.
And that plan, is straight from Zionistic and Pentagon, CIA heads.
Don’t be fooled, Turks are worst pest, with theirs intrusion war will continue for some time. Above all, they’re against Syria. And pro wahhabi head choppers.
But there’s remedy for them as well.


DNA results show that “Turks” are mostly indigenous Anatolians who used to speak various indo-european languages before having their language Turkified by incoming Turkic tribes from Central Asia following the Mongol invasions. The vast majority of “Turks” aren’t Khazars or Turkic in any sense other than linguistically. Regarding the coup that you believe to be fake, I’m open to that possibility however I tend to lean towards it being real since Erdogan really did stop cooperating with the US in Syria after the Russian jet shooting down incident. He seemed to have realized that the US was just using him as a pawn and wouldn’t back him up if conflict broke out. He temporarily pulled the leash on all his terrorist dogs in Syria in order to give SAA time and resources to deal with the Kurdish expansion which was happening in the east with the help of the US. I don’t know for sure what the truth of the matter is but I can see the logic in both explanations.

Icarus Tanović

So you say, well as you can see they continue to cooperate with USA, even undercover, after all that you’ve mentioned, but hands down good point. Anyways, where are you from? And where did you get that info on Khazars? What if people just do not believe that?


You can just search for “Genetics of Anatolia”, you’ll find plenty of academic resources. This article sums up the main points pretty well:


Yeah Turkey can’t just cut its connection with the US and NATO. There’s too much interconnectedness as well as complication and risk involved in such a move. First of all the very establishment of modern Turkey is a Western project. The Ottoman Empire was completely defeated in WWI and the Western powers were about to disintegrate it completely. The original plan of the Western powers was to carve up modern day Turkey and give each surrounding nations part of it in additional to creating 2 new states. However they later decided against this for geopolitical reasons. They did not want to create a power vacuum in Anatolia, which they imagined would be easy target for Soviet infiltration due to its geographic proximity so they left a large part of the Ottoman Empire to remain but made sure it was irrevocably connected with the West. They put a Freemason British agent by the name of Ataturk at its head, re-wrote their history telling them that Ataturk single handedly defeated all of the Western powers on his own and saved Turkey from the jaws of defeat, de-islamized and de-ottomanized the country as much as they could, created an independent military, media, and judicial institution, and created a whole new identity for the people which was anti-Eastern in nature as opposed to anti-Western. Even today on this website you’ll see many Turkish trolls with names and profile pictures involving “Wolves” and flags of fake nations they dream of creating on the lands of eastern powers (mainly in Russia, Central Asia, and China). This is the byproduct of the CIA programming that I told you about. Remember for centuries one the main objectives of the Anglo-Zionist West has been control over the Asian landmass. This is elaborated in detail in Brezinsky “The Grand Chessboard”. The CIA has spent decades brainwashing and radicalizing the Anatolian people to be the attack dogs and cannon fodder of the West against Eastern powers. The terrorist dogs that Turkey employs in Syria come mostly from Southern Russia, Central Asia, and Western China, exactly the places that the CIA wants to target in the future.

Despite Erdogan’s attempt at cracking down on CIA’s Gulenist movement, US/West still have a lot of influence in Turkey. The Gulenist organization is just one pillar of CIA control within Turkey. They have spent decades building extensive networks of agents, spies, and movements in all Turkish institutions. Second of all Turkey relies on the west for trade, investments, technology transfer, and military production. It also relies on NATO for its protection. Without NATO it is literally isolated internationally, no other country would risk their blood and treasure to defend Turkey in case of war/instability and it is vulnerable to being destabilized from within on ethnic lines. I’m Iranian by the way.

Icarus Tanović

You know lately Wikipedia sources and articles means to nothing in certain segments, especially history.
Are you Persian? Because, just several days ago I met some illegals, here in Sarajevo, from where I’m from. They’ve claimed, we’re Iranians, I addressed them in Persian, they’ve clearly answered in clear English, well we’re Kurds. And those migrants aren’t poor nor starving, can tell you that they’re wealthier than me.
Erdogan is American player. He wants all opposition dead, and wants Gulen, who is progressive, doesn’t dreams about Neo otomanic imperial dreams.
Well neo otomans doesn’t like Ataturk and his ideas, and they openly hate Gülen.

One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that AbdulWahhab was in fact English spy, not even Arab nor Muslim.
Just check Flynn and Federal court decision. “We have yet to see was it Russiagate, and what Flynn knows about that and Gülen.
Something is going on under surface. What is it, well we will see.


Yeah I am, although inside Iran the vast majority of Iranians don’t refer to themselves according to their tribe, they just identify as “Iranian”. Many Iranians inside Iran have delusions of what life in the West is like and risk life and limb to immigrate to the West. This is mainly due to extreme 24/7 anti-Iran pro-West propaganda that is being pumped inside Iran by Western and Zionist intelligence services. You’d be shocked at how much anti-Iran propaganda is produced to target Iran every day. Last time I heard there was something like 300 hours worth of anti-Iran videos being broadcasted inside Iran every hour on a 24/7 basis.

Regarding Gulen, I can assure you he is no progressive. He is a CIA asset and very anti-Iranian and anti-Russian. Also don’t forget he used to be very close with Erdogan himself. In fact they both come from the same political roots and used to be allies. The Gulen network used to be part of Turkey’s soft power projection abroad. Now Erdogan is trying to crack down on them everywhere. This doesn’t mean Erdogan himself is a good guy but don’t think just because Erdogan is a puppet then Gulen must be the opposite.

Regarding Abdul Wahhab, your assessment is probably correct. It would fit the pattern of behavior of the Anglo-Zionist empire.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, I am Bosnian, and there are free classes to learn Persian. Iranians have enormously helped us in War (El Mujaheed brigade), and we have had great connections with Hezbollah, but our Ulemma and grand mufti, together with President Alia Izetbegović scraped that in favour of Americans and Wahhabi Sotonistic movement, and turn blind eye on Wahhabi destructive nature and behaviour. That’s all beeing pushed by the USA.
One day, my friend we will celebrate fall of Evil Anglo-Zionist empire, and extinction of Wahhabi. Just like Hashurah.
New World will be born.
Salaam my brother. Don’t ever forget that I’d give my all for Iran.


Wow, that’s very interesting. I knew the CIA has been pushing Wahhabism in Bosnia but I didn’t know there were still die hard Iran supporters there. Thanks a lot brother, love and respect to you as well. Take care of yourself in that dangerous and unstable region. The CIA is starting their dirty games in Kosovo now. It could very well be the next region to blow up.

Icarus Tanović

You know that CIA has been pushing, supporting Wahhabism here for 25 years? You have that info?
Bless you.

Jimmy Jim

The idiot Trump is facing jail time and would agree to anything.


There are 3 options for clearing Idlib. The terrorists go to Turkey, Afrin and east of the river, or reconcile with the government. If the Turks are going to head east. Then now would probably be a good time to resume clearing Idlib with the DMZ agreement expiring December 31st with probably 90% of it not implemented.

Hasbara Hunter

That whole Idlibistan-Agreement is a Farce….it was created to buy time so that the U.S. & their Lapdogs had no excuse for False Flag Chemical Attacks & thus retaliatory Missile-Strikes….the sting was taken out with that Treaty…

Tommy Jensen

Trump also said to Erdogan he had giving a green light to Russia to completely wipe out the US base in Al-Tanf. If Erdogan said it and it is stated in the media, then Russia can count on it.


If the US stands aside and lets the Turks take more territory from the Kurds, then how long can it be that the Kurds realize that the US is not a legit partner…?

Let’s see what actually transpires here…Erdog has been known to exaggerate some…I don’t see the US completely cutting the Kurds loose as that would mean they have to leave Syria…they are only there because the Kurds ‘let’ them…[other than the at Tanf area]…


Trump is not on the same page with the pentagon, once again.

First he wanted assad to win. Then isreal told him no, bomb assad, prevent the liberation of idlib.

Then he wanted saudis to invade qatar. Pentagon told him no. Not going to happen.

Now he wants to protect MBS from losing power, offering Gulen to erdogan if they end pressure on mbs. The cia will nix this too. And he’s offering to placate erdogan in syria, in return to save mbs. But the pentagon will nix that.


Wake up folks … the double-dealing turks are working hand-in-hand with the doubling-down anglozionists to partition Syria …… the kurds will be discarded and put down as unwanted strays, and the so-called ‘FSA’ will expand with US & Turk support to partition north and east Syria. Swarms of terrorists are pouring in through the Turkish border … watch this number increase exponentially as the kurds become surplus to requirements … SAA & allies need to beware the Trojan Turk.

Hasbara Hunter

Erdogan said that he had told his Trump that “terrorists” must leave the region east of the Euphrates River…..


Promitheas Apollonious

and there goes up in smoke the grand plan of the russians. syria will have worst karma than the Yugoslavians had. You go in bed with a whore, expect nothing less.


Another good reason for the SAA and Friends to quit dicking around in Idlib, Homs, and Al Tanf, and figure out a way to get across the goddamn Euphrates. Preferably before Turkish Leopards start rolling into Raqqa. Turks haven’t yet figured out how to find reverse on a German tank, so it may be difficult for them to find their way home again once their little WOT mission is accomplished in Messopotamia.

Icarus Tanović

Finally! Kurds find that they’re only expandable to America. YPG will soon be pronounced as terror organisation by State Department. And Kurds gonna find them selves between rock and hard place. Gonna cry for help to Syria. Turkey is trying to act like Israel with intrusions to someone else’s counties.
It will be cold. For some long time. Turks will find them selves frozen, eventually.

Lazy Gamer

Where will the SAA move once it happens? Clearing the west, or shifting and crossing to the east?

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