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Trump: “Game Over” As Barr Confirms No Collusion, Dismisses 10 “Episodes” Of Potential Obstruction

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Attorney General William Barr said during Thursday’s press conference that while there was no collusion and the White House fully cooperated with the Mueller probe, there were 10 ‘episodes’ where Trump may have obstructed the investigation which Barr and Rosenstein disagreed with.

The White House press corps was visibly livid following Barr’s statement – with one reporter honing in on the AG’s suggestion that Trump faced an “unprecedented” situation. Barr shot back; “Is there another precedent for it?”

President Trump chimed in with a Game of Thrones themed “No Collusion”, “No Obstruction” tweet.

Update: Barr confirmed that Congress will receive the report at 11 a.m., and it will be posted on the Justice Department website. He also reiterated what he noted in a four-page summary of the Mueller report; that there were no findings of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Thanks to the special counsel’s thorough investigation, we now know that the Russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of President Trump or the Trump campaign.


Watch live as Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discuss the upcoming release of the nearly 400-page Mueller report.

While Mueller determined that President Trump and his campaign did not collude with Russia in the 2016 US election, the special counsel left the question of whether Trump obstructed the investigation up to Barr and Rosenstein – who concluded that Trump did not obstruct. Of note, a four-page summary of Mueller’s findings provided by Barr states that the special counsel probe “does not exonerate” the president.


Later today the public will finally get their hands on the long-awaited Mueller report – albeit with color-coded redactions to identify the multiple reasons that certain information from the almost 400-page report can’t be shared with Congress or the public.

Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Rod Rosenstein will hold a press conference Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in Washington to discuss the release, while the report will be delivered to Congress via compact disc between 11 a.m. and noon according to Bloomberg.

Trump: "Game Over" As Barr Confirms No Collusion, Dismisses 10 "Episodes" Of Potential Obstruction

Democratic leaders blasted Barr’s decision to brief the White House before the release of the report – with five House chairmen releasing a joint statement demanding that Barr cancel the press conference and “let the full report speak for itself.” According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, Mueller’s testimony in front of Congress “as soon as possible” is the only way to restore public trust after what they called Barr’s “regrettably partisan handling” of the report.

“This press conference, which apparently will not include Special Counsel Mueller, is unnecessary and inappropriate, and appears designed to shape public perceptions of the report before anyone can read it,” reads the letter.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who signed the letter, also chimed in on the way the Mueller report is being released

In a taste of the bickering in store, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) mocked Nadler, tweeting that he’s “deeply troubled” by the way the Clinton email probe ended, the way the Trump-Russia collusion probe began & how some at the DOJ/FBI abused FISA for the Page spy warrants.”

The Report

Mueller’s massive investigation saw more than 2,800 subpoenas issued, nearly 500 search warrants, and around the same number of witness interviews, according to Barr. Also included by Mueller was a series of exhibits, however it’s unclear if that will be released.

Some members of Congress will be allowed to view a copy of Mueller’s report “without certain redactions,” according to a Wednesday filing by federal prosecutors.

“Once the redacted version of the report has been released to the public, the Justice Department plans to make available for review by a limited number of Members of Congress and their staff a copy of the Special Counsel’s report without certain redactions, including removing the redaction of information related to the charges set forth in the indictment in this case,” they wrote in the filing.

According to Bloomberg, citing a person familiar with the matter, the Mueller report will answer a key complaints Democrats have had since Barr released a four-page summary of the report; why did Mueller decline to make a decision on whether to charge Trump with obstruction of justice – something he spent months investigating?

The special counsel found there was evidence “on both sides of the question” of whether Trump obstructed justice and that his probe didn’t “exonerate” the president, according to a four-page summarythat Barr released last month.

Nonetheless, Barr and Rosenstein concluded that the evidence on obstruction didn’t warrant a criminal charge after Mueller submitted his final report. –Bloomberg

The Mueller report won’t be a comprehensive narrative that “tries to reconstruct all the events of the 2016 campaign,” notes Bloomberg.

Justice Department regulations say that Mueller should explain in a report to the attorney general the decisions that he made on who to prosecute, and he can choose to discuss additional relevant findings.

Barr is going beyond what’s required under Justice Department regulations by sharing any of the report. The regulations require only that he inform Congress if the special counsel was prevented from taking a significant action. Barr has said there was no such situation. –Bloomberg

What to look for

For starters, it will be interesting to note whether Mueller actually investigated the genesis of the FBI’s decision to launch their counterintelligence investigation on the Trump campaign, as well as the history and use of the controversial and largely unverified “Steele Dossier” used to obtain a surveillance warrant on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Some have suggested that FBI’s investigation was a setup from the beginning. Recall that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid an opposition research firm, Fusion GPS – who paid a former UK spy, Christopher Steele, who compiled a bogus dossier using Kremlin sources, which was then used against Trump both at the federal level and in court of public opinion.

Also recall that Maltese professor (and self-admitted Clinton foundation member) Joseph Mifsud seeded Trump aide George Papadopoulos with the rumor that Russia had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Papadopoulos would later drunkenly pass this information to Australian diplomat (and Clinton ally) Alexander Downer, whose report reached the FBI and launched operation crossfire hurricane

The FBI would then employ at least one spy to “infiltrate” (spy on) the Trump campaign.

Also of interest will be clues as to why Barr and Rosenstein didn’t establish that Trump or his campaign did not obstruct the investigation.

That said, Democrats are hoping that the report might reveal evidence of Trump-Russia collusion that simply didn’t rise to the level of charging anyone with a criminal conspiracy.

The report also might reveal who on the campaign directed long-time Trump associate Roger Stone to communicate with WikiLeaks about releasing information damaging to Democrat Hillary Clinton in the weeks before the election.

It could also shed light on the relationship between Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who Mueller prosecuted, and Konstantin Kilimnik, who Mueller has said has ties to Russian intelligence services. Kilimnik was indicted last year on conspiracy to obstruct justice. –Bloomberg


Barr and Mueller have worked together over the last several weeks to redact key portions of the report – and have used color-coded labels to indicate why various things can’t be seen by Congress or the public. These include grand jury proceedings, classified programs and ongoing investigations – as well as things that could damage the reputations of individuals who were “peripheral” to the investigation.

Barr says he won’t withhold damaging information about public officials, however – including Trump – simply to protect their reputations.

The attorney general also could withhold details of internal White House deliberations, citing executive privilege. He told lawmakers on April 9 that he decided not to seek Trump’s input and had “no plans” to assert the privilege traditionally asserted by presidents who say they need to be able to have private conversations.

That type of information could reveal Trump’s conversations before he fired FBI director James Comey and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, as well as attempts the president made to fire other top Justice Department officials. –Bloomberg

“A heavily redacted report should not be acceptable to anyone, especially if the report was redacted to protect the president or his associates,” said former New York federal prosecutor Harry Sandick, currently a white-collar criminal defense lawyer.

Prosecutors gave some clue as to what’s going on with the redactions – which are also intended to protect the privacy of uncharged third parties and investigations on “a number of matters” which Mueller has passed along to other prosecutors.

“It is unknown how long some of these investigations may remain ongoing,” said Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Kravis. “And some of the privacy interests that are being protected may persist indefinitely.

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You can call me Al

Oh I gave up, when it stated……

““Thanks to the special counsel’s thorough investigation, we now know that the Russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of President Trump or the Trump campaign.”

Sp the pesky Ruskies still did something – What ?.


Whatever the Empire and the Democrats in particular wants them to have done. So they have something and someone to blame.



You can call me Al

With you there.

Concrete Mike

So the operation succedded then, the russians still did it.

The delusions are real.over here, so i might as well.have a pint of beer.

You can call me Al

Get it down your neck Mike. Relax, it is just more Yank shite.


Not really! $5000 facebook adds is NOT what i would call collusion but thats all it takes to blame them! Plus the same Russians who were accused have decided to fight this in court even though they cant be touched since they do not live in America!
Also, if u KNOW whats going on (because nobody on this site has a fucking clue) Assange will be the source that proves all! If / when he proves that the DNC hack was leaked by Seth Rich (DNC IT staffer who was murdered) then Russian collusion goes out the window!
Also, Ukraine’s involvement! Do u know about the Ukrainian prosecutor who was fired for investigating the Ukraine gas company who hired Joe Biden’s son as its CEO? He knows all!

The “Russia Collusion” that is proveable was done by Ukraine!!!! Notice Ukraine is in the news lately?

I roll my eyes when people on this site know nothing about this because the people here THINK they are informed! they are not!

I told everyone Assange will be given a plea deal or will be pardoned by Trump! Granted US citizenship and safety! The reason i know this is because its simple to work out with the timing of his arrest and knowing what he knows!

People on this site only read this sites information and pretend they know how the world works! They are like cavemen chanting “Russia good, Iran good, Israel bad, USA bad” when in fact its much more complicated than u think!

Why Trump atttacked so much? Why is Russia blamed for everything? If Trump is an Israeli puppet, why does the MSM attack him so often? NOBODY on this site can explain these reasons! Why would MSM have John Brennan and James clapper on their shows all the time as guests spouting crap about a President who aids Israel? Doesnt Israel control America? Isnt the CIA working for Israeli interests?

People on this site THINK they know! But they cant explain this shit i just mentioned to u! BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO DAMN LAZY, or it doesnt fit their narrative of ideals!

People dont understand that WW3 already started! its an intel war! Cyber war! u dont need bombs when the ultimate power is to control the media and control the heads of state! Believe it or not, Putin and Trump are on the same side but the Media is making out that they colluded to rig the election! Only China and the CIA /Mossad rigged the election (CIA = Soros and China)

Rex drabble

You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink!
There are none so blind as those that choose not to see!
Ignorance is bliss!


…and for some it is easier to stick with what you know than have to re-calibrate.


We have people on this site who think China is good! lol

Rex drabble

You are correct about Assange.He is the KEY,he is the down fall of the people
who created the war/s S/F writes about.
Putin is indeed working with Trump,Remember the soccer ball!


yep! The soccer ball was awesome!
Allies after 2020!

You can call me Al

In my original, the last word “what” should have been in capitals but I was slamming my head against the table.

They (the Yankers) are so stupid and insane now, I am finding it extremely difficult to fathom out their logic (if there is some).


Let me help.

Within “the Yankers”, there is more than one faction. The factions are fighting. One side is setting trap, the other side is falling into them and then flailing about like rabid zombies. Flailing rabid zombies are dangerous. They do things like increase the amount of false flag incidents. This is going to continue for quite a while.

Have a nice day. :-)

You can call me Al

You have taught me well Grasshopper.


lol! :-)


“….or it doesnt fit their narrative of ideals!”

This is exactly what it is Justin. Even when we deny it, we all have our blind spots and ideals that effect our perception. Not everyone is going to get it. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow I know that I saw the trajectory (that has been forced on us against our will)…change.

The way that I have been explaining things lately is using the LOTR story line. In the Shire life went on and things were pretty much the usual drudgery and the Hobbits did not know the threat that was coming against them.

Even so, Frodo and the other hobbits went to Mordor and did what had to be done.

When I began to see that something was going on I came to this forum to let a “friend” know. I did that on the chance that in knowing he could position himself better for the country. I have made peace with the fact that he never will get it.

Things are going to continue playing out in the news battles but I doubt that many from this forum are going to notice. This locker room talks about war like a team sport and I hate to think what there will be to talk about if wars stop. They will be left with gardening? ;-)

Not everyone is going to level up. It is the way that it is.


The Americans have done a Ziggy Stardust, they have sucked up into their own minds.

They are simply too stupid to survive, natural selection will see them become extinct.

You can call me Al

I totally agree.


R: You face an unprecedented situation

BARR: Is there another precedent for it?

R: No

BARR: Unprecedented is an accurate description then

Booyaa! Mic drop moment just there.


lol! Exactly! :-)

Xoli Xoli

Trump and Putin can enforce peace over the whole world but jealous Pompeo and Bolton and other satans dont want peace including Saudi.

Rex drabble

Its not in their power any more!!
They are finished!!

Xoli Xoli

Yes current results shows obviously that their are done and expired.


the leftist zionist j3ws (against-Trump) vs the conservative zionist j3ws (support Trump)… leftists lose… ultra conservatives win

Xoli Xoli

Wither we like him or hate him God uses Trump.First and only President who admitted that USA is also killing lots of people.Zombies like Bolton and gay Pompeo block every positive move of Trump.Those are used by satan.Please pray for Trump evil one’s are planning to kill Trump because of truth.Trumps good start with Putin were killed by inner circles. Syrian withdrawal stop by evil ones.Immigrant process declared as threat which prompted Trump to build a wall out of fear and safety for his people.In reality USA is full.I dont like fat fuck Trump but this is the case.

Rex drabble

Well,FAT FUCK TRUMP will work in YOUR interests even though you
dont like him!!
Would you do the same for others???
I think not!!


Trump is an egotistical moron, but so are most of the other American politicians.

Trump could have been destroyed and left no chance of reelection if the Democratic party had stuck to fighting Trump on policy and performance.

However the Democratic party chose to try and frame him for crimes it was really obvious he did not commit.

Trump may be a moron, but Pelosi Schiff most of the other Democrats and importantly the MSM are even worse, not just stupid but totally incompetent.

If Trump gets a second term, it will be because of the Democrats.

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