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Trump Entrusts Fight Against ‘Defeated ISIS’ To Erdogan & Turkey

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Trump Entrusts Fight Against 'Defeated ISIS' To Erdogan & Turkey

The image shows a Turkish Leopard 2A4 main battle tank captured by ISIS near al-Bab in 2016

On December 23rd, US President Donald Trump said that he entrusted the fight against ISIS in Syria to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Earlier Trump claimed that the defeat of ISIS is the reason that US Troops are withdrawing from Syria.

Following Trump’s most recent tweet expressing his faith in Turkey in the fight against ISIS, it appears that the reports citing anonymous US and Turkish officials that the POTUS decided on the withdrawal during a phone call with Erdogan may prove true.

AP reported that “Trump stunned his Cabinet, lawmakers and much of the world with the move by rejecting the advice of his top aides and agreeing to a withdrawal in a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan” on December 14th.

The White House rejected the description of the call from the officials but was not specific.

“In no uncertain terms, reporting throughout this story is not true,” National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis said. “It is clear from the context that this false version of events is from sources who lack authority on the subject, possibly from unnamed sources in Turkey.”

US State and Defense Departments refused to comment.

The Guardian also reported that the recent resignation by US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was caused by the phone call between Trump and Erdogan.

According to the outlet, Mattis on December 20th went to Trump to attempt and change Trump’s mind to the benefit of the US Kurdish-led ally the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). After failing to change the President’s mind, Mattis provided his resignation letter.

On December 23rd the outgoing Secretary of Defense signed the executive order for the withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

Trump also praised a “long and productive talk” he had with Erdogan and that they agreed on a “slow and highly coordinated pull out” from Syria.

Regarding the conversation, the Turkish presidency released a statement claiming that Trump and Erdogan agreed to avoid a power vacuum in Syria after the US leaves.

“The two leaders agreed to ensure coordination between their countries’ military, diplomatic and other officials to avoid a power vacuum which could result following any abuse of the withdrawal and transition phase in Syria,” the statement read.

Thus, it appears that if the withdrawal is now a fact, Washington is giving a green light to a Turkish military operation against ISIS, but it is also abandoning the Kurdish-led YPG and SDF in northeastern Syria.

“As soon as the US folds its tent and leaves, Turkey will immediately begin an air bombardment followed by a ground attack by the [Ankara-backed] Free Syrian army. Thousands will die, thousands will be displaced and will be given no haven within Syria. They will be turned away at the Turkish border,” said David Phillips, a former senior state department official was cited by the Guardian.

“For more than three and a half years, they have been our boots on the ground and were the point of the spear in retaking [the Isis stronghold] Raqqa,” Phillips said. “Who is going to fight for us in the future when we throw our allies under the bus?”

On December 21st, Erdogan said that the military operation against the YPG in northeastern Syria was delayed. It was not cancelled, though.

With the US withdrawal, the US-backed proxies in Syria are scrambling to find a “savior,” whether they will be successful in doing so, or will Turkey simply deal with them is yet to be seen.


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Kurds have little choice now they either deal with Assad from a weak postion or they get crushed by Turkey & lose everything.

Mustafa Mehmet

Crush them. terrorist bustards pkk ypg

Brother Ma

It serves the traitors right as they bit the hand that fed them for over a century…Syria.

Brother Ma

Here is an idea. You wanted to prevent a power vacuum? Don’t fing invade Syria ,Turk and American dogs! Now that you have dogs ,America you should ensure it goes back to Assad. Get it cowboy Trump?

Kire Stojanovski

Exactly, the land should be given back to Syria and it’s people, under its legal, elected president Asad. No need of bloodshed. Kurds will be saved and happy, the Syrian-Turkish border will be secured so the Turks will be happy too (if that is their real intention of course, and it is not the Omar oil fields) and of course, Syrians will be happy too. So everyone will be happy. IF America want it can help this to happen, but it’s not needed. I just hope the Kurds will show a bit wisdom and make a deal with Asad, that is all that is needed. Any help in achieving this, from anyone would be welcomed.


How can you “strongly” inform someone?


I’m not shouting, I’m strongly informing you to go and have a good time!

Tudor Miron

Thanks for informing us strongly :) Merry Christmas my friend!


President Erdogan is one of the best ally America ever had, great ally, very, very great. He’s a wonderful president. Asked him about Syria and he gave me the best answers, very powerful answers. Tremendous, tremendous words. We made fantastic business together. He just ordered 3.5 Billions of our best missiles. That’s fantastic for American jobs! Very strong partner!


Asking Turkey to take care of ISIS is like asking the biggest criminal in prison to run the prison for you. Erdogan cares nothing about ISIS, except how he can profit from them again, like he did when ISIS was selling him oil cheaply.


the last time Erdogan fought vs ISIS he lost 10 tanks…

s Slippy

Cool story did he also lose Istanbul to PKK?


Learn to read the news it was in ALBAB or go back to bed

Rodney Loder

Turkey is the only alternative to Saudi Arabian domination of the Middle East.

But that in itself is only the peak of the mountain, and the mountain is of course Allah’s Ambitions for our human destiny to be whatever we want.

I personally never wanted Climate Change But the poxy Christians did, I personally never wanted the Left to become the queer left joining the righ, alas, !!! the Christians got what they wanted allrigh, no doubt about that, pox is the Christian destiny .

Brother Ma

You are weird. Turkey and Saud are the same. Both headchopper Moslems. So out they go.! Get out Yankee cowboy deputies!

Rodney Loder

Saudi Arabia is the only Country maybe UAE a bit where al-Wahhab represents a Theological Doctrine of Salafist jurisprudence, Turkey is mostly Hanifi, all other Salafist Muslims outside of Saudi Arabia only recognise Ahmad b. Hanbal and ibn. Taymiyyah as authorities.

The other thing is Islamic Religion is all that’s left the Secularists are queers and the Christians are traitors, the ME will never accept either any more.

Just because the IS Caliphate wasn’t successful doesn’t mean to say the next one won’t be, it could be centred in Saudi Arabia once these hypocrites are overthrown, Allah Akbar. If Allah is Willing.

Brother Ma

May all Jihadi Muslims perish! Why you became a Muslim from a Jew i will never know.

Rodney Loder

Samaritans aren’t really Jewish before, what I will explain, we were all the Children of Israel, what happend was, there was an argument about not putting salt on the Offering, there was a great discord between the descendants of Phinehas.

Eli who everyone knows is evil with his two sons Samuel 1 ; 2.

Well it was the insidious Eli doing the Offering when the Sacred Chest was located on Mt. Gerizim and Uzzi his Cousin noticed Eli was cheating by putting the salt aside probably to sell.

There was a great schism Eli split to live in Shiloh and collected a multitude of follower he fabricated a sacred chest with nothing inside it and the Real Sacred Chest went into Occultation.

Anyhow the Great Prophet Moses (that’s me) is coming back as The Taheb I could go up to Mt. Gerizim and a mysterious cave that also disappeared will reappear, I will then proceed into the mysterious cave knowing that if I’m not the Real Great Prophet Moses the cave could vanish again with me in it.

However I was willing to give it a go but I lost my enthusiasm and settled on being Isa son of Maryian, for better or worse.

Brother Ma

Then that makes you Jesus; thus a Christian. Friend ,you must speak to your doctor about your medications.

Rodney Loder

Seroquel 400 mg maybe was only 300 mg can’t really remember that far back, I still got packets 300 mg.

Year, the Christian swine used that trick to marginalise me until I would agree to be the jew Messiah Event but I was born 1950 too late to lead the real Jews back, they didn’t want to go anyway.

Without Salafist willing to take up me claim I wouldn’t have a prayer, I was always a Commie or maybe using that to escape the evil clutches of the evil Christian swine.

I mean why does Messiah Jesus have to be taking up the slack left by Sabbatai Sevi just because my father hated Muslims (Sid Loder Mitchelton Brisbane they named the Sid Loder Park after him) Sid Loder was a criminal scallywag like Nathan who exploited Sabbatai’s cognitive medical condition, but hay, !! the Talmud has got nothing to do with the my second coming. (Check out Sabbatai Sevi also spelt Zevi).

Tommy Jensen

Trump told Erdogan his Mad Dog turned out to be a cocker spaniel.

So if Turkey could take over the Great Israel area of W-Syria and make Assad go, Trump would promise Erdogan that Turkey would get Visa Free Europe. A deal, said Erdogan.

That´s the way we Americans make business folks. $billions earned and 2000 young American guys safe home to their families. All done in a 5 minute telephone call………………….LOL.

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