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Trump doesn’t rule out nuke on ISIS if he becomes president


Trump wants ISIS to think maybe the US can use nuke on them.

Trump doesn’t rule out nuke on ISIS if he becomes president

On Wednesday, US Republican frontrunner Donald Trump abstains to rule out the use of nuclear weapons against ISIS when he was giving an interview on Bloomberg TV.

 “I’m never going to rule anything out…I wouldn’t want to tell you that because at a minimum, I want them to think maybe we would use it,” Trump said after asked about the possibility of using nukes against ISIS.

Although, in an earlier interview with the Washington Post Trump avoided to answer a similar question.

On Wednesday, the US President Barack Obama said that his administration will not change its strategy against ISIS since the terrorist group does not pose “an existential threat” to America.

In order to prevent any attacks, Muslim neighborhoods in America should be put under special watch, said Ted Cruz on Wednesday.

However, such rhetoric will surely put some impact in ballot counting but it has already raised fears of new waves of Islamophobia in the US which can escalate racism and religious hatred.



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