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Trump Denies US Involvement In Venezuelan ‘Coup Plot’ After American Mercenaries Captured

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Trump Denies US Involvement In Venezuelan 'Coup Plot' After American Mercenaries Captured

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So, now, the US wants the world to believe that Washington is not seeking to stage a coup in Venezuela.

ZeroHedge reports (source):

updatePresident Trump has addressed the bizarre headline-grabbing development which has jolted Venezuela back center-stage in the news and in Washington.

On Tuesday afternoon Trump told reporters at the White House he had no knowledge or involvement in the latest failed plot to oust Nicolas Maduro, which resulted in the capture and detention of two American former special forces soldiers – dubbed “mercenaries” by Maduro – who were involved in an apparent ‘invasion’ from the sea, likely launched out of neighboring Colombia. Per the AFP:

President Donald Trump denies US government involvement in what Venezuela’s president says was an attempted overthrow in which two Americans were arrested.

“It has nothing to do with our government,” Trump tells reporters at the White House.

Two Americans identified as Luke Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41, are still reportedly in Venezuelan detention and have been paraded in front of state TV.

Maduro has since accused both Trump and Colombian President Ivan Duque of being behind the plot, the AFP reports further.

* * *

An astounding and unexpected development which is about to launch US regime change efforts in Venezuela straight back into the headlines. The Maduro government says it has captured two Americans who were leading a ‘Rambo-style’ armed coup effort. CNN reports:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says two American “mercenaries” have been apprehended after a failed coup attempt launched over the weekend.

In a live address on state television late Monday, Maduro brandished what he claimed were the US passports and drivers licenses of the two men, along with what he said were their ID cards for Silvercorp, a Florida-based security services company.

Trump Denies US Involvement In Venezuelan 'Coup Plot' After American Mercenaries Captured
Luke Denman, 34 (left) and Airan Berry,41 (right), being paraded in front of Venezuelan state TV cameras after their arrests Monday. 

Silvercorp, it must be remembered from our reporting days ago based on the Associated Press, is a Flordia-based private security firm founded by a former Green Beret soldier who hooked up with Venezuelan military officer defectors for a half-baked ‘armed invasion’ of the socialist country in order to overthrow Maduro.

Airing photos of the men on state television, Maduro further described the pair were playing “Rambo” illegally in his country. And further:

Footage posted on Maduro’s official Twitter account shows several unidentifiable men in a boat with their hands in the air and a helicopter overhead. The men in the boat were not identifiable in one video, but a separate photo more clearly depicted two men who Maduro claimed were American.

One of the now detained men apparently even had a US military ID on him:

It total Maduro said 13 “terrorists” had been captured by authorities in connection with a bid to invade the country and stoke insurrection on Sunday.

Maduro paraded what were described as passports and other identification cards of Airan Berry and Luke Denman, described as employees of Silvercorp.

Crucially, the family of one of the detained Americans has confirmed to the AP on Tuesday he is currently missing.

Per the NY Times: “Kay Denman, the mother of one of the captured Americans, told The Associated Press that the last time she heard from her son was a few weeks ago when he texted her from an undisclosed location to ask how she was coping with the coronavirus pandemic. She said she never heard her son discuss Venezuela and only learned of his possible capture there after his friends called when they saw the reports on social media.”

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Ashok Varma

Obviously Trump being a pathological liar will deny any US involvement, the Americans have been meddling in Latin America since Monroe Doctrine and their worst disaster was the Bay of Pigs illegal invasion of Cuba, which failed and they denied as usual. It is shame that US creates so much instability and militarization globally but fails to address the issue of poverty and lack of medical care at home. The world will not allow an outright invasion of Venezuela, which will fail anyway and prove very costly for the bankrupt US economy.


It’s standard procedure to deny involvement, regardless who is president.

AM Hants

Wasn’t Pence offering $15 million to capture the President of Venezuela?

How much did they pay the captured green beret?

How many did he hire and at what cost?

How much was left from the $15 million bounty, for job done?

Lone Ranger

What retard carries his personal IDs during an operation?
CIA must have lost all their smart operators in the middle east…
Also Venezuelan spec ops using M4 carbines is a nice touch…


I guess somebody, retard or not, who has observed that Maduro is a bit lacking in the balls department. The Venezuelan government has done a good job nabbing these goons, but they’ve utterly failed to demonstrate to Guaido and his minder Lopez the consequences of treason–that’s why this soap opera goes on and on. The more they flout their affiliation with an established American PMC, the more there are hints of an indirect link to Trump, the stronger is their expectation that Maduro won’t dare make an example out of them. I’m afraid they’ll turn out to be right about that.

Cronos Sin Apellidos

Guaidó is an incompetent. Maybe they let him stay free because of that.

Still, it is probable that they are waiting for new elections for the Asamblea (congresss). Guaidó will lose, and with that, he will lose his inmunity.

Traiano Welcome

It think it would help to protect their rights as enemy combatants. The options are:

a) Their invasion was successful, in which case the passports are not an issue.

b) They fail and are captured in which case they’ll need it to survive.
If they had no passports they could be treated as if they had no human rights under international conventions, in the event of capture.

It means, if they end up in a Venezuelan prison, then they may still have a hope of being extradited to the US as maybe part of a future prisoner exchange programme.

But if they had no passports, they’d be well and truly screwed if things went wrong.

So it looks like a CYA measure …

Lazy Gamer

Picture was on point. These guys were expendables. But who was throwing them away? ?


Great question. Smells like a frame-up.

good american

Smells like it, along with the tenuous connection to Trump. Elliot Abrams and co. up to no good?

AM Hants

Elliot Abrams – US Ambassador to Venezuela.
Elliot Abrams – sits on Board of Directors NED. Tax payer funded NGO, involved with regime change, which runs parallel with Open Society Foundation.

Wasn’t Elliot Abrams involved in some dodgy dealings/war crimes, back in the 80s?

Didn’t Elliot Abrams, with VictoriaNuland’s husband, Robert Kagan and Bill Krystal, set up one of the Greater Israel Project, ‘Think tanks’ in Washington DC? Was it APEC?

good american

An all-around rotten guy.

AM Hants

Sadly not the only one out of the limited mobster clan.

cechas vodobenikov

until the fascist amerikans and Israelis face themselves they will remain barbarians—the Germans, less racist acknowledged their nazi past—not so w amerikans and Israelis….soon to changes when the crumbling empire suicides


nah the jews in palestine have to go and the americans will soon be bankrupted by their own follies and the people should be able to rid themselves of the criminally corrupt traitors that are ruling the federation with no regard to the people.


if you offer a bounty of 10 million bucks for the arrest of maduro this is what you can expect with the same certainty that a stone dropped will fall to the ground – and nobody in a sound frame of mind (and I’m not talking about fatso or dunny the dunce, who both are off the necessary medication, obviously) would read a) the arrest bounty to be anything else than a dead or alive bounty and b) would realize that the bounty would attract misfits and under-educated no gooders from primarily the disintegrating states of A.

the respect for the american law in the moronic government in washington dc is nil. trust maduro, who is entitled for a tit for tat, offers a huge bounty on fatso and dunny the dunce, dead and alive (and for good measure includes family and children granchildren in the tit for tat)

Traiano Welcome

Capitalism. Often the result is mediocrity.

Alberto Garza

nothing is more mediocre than socialism i have traveled to cuba and its really bad in there.

good american

They should be given the same international opportunity as most others and then be judged.

Traiano Welcome

I think. we should first wait for the Anglo-American barricade around that little island to be removed before we comment on the results of Socialism.

In any case, the mediocrity of Socialism just differs by degrees from the mediocrity of American Capitalism (AKA “Corporatism”).

AM Hants

Didn’t Erik Prince’s Blackwater Mercenaries use many Columbians? How many Columbians were trained at the Blackwater Academy, over in the USA, in time for the Iraq War? How many since then?

AM Hants

400 bio-chemical weapon labs, with full diplomatic immunity, set up around the planet. Comes in handy when USA wishes to deny involvement in false flags.

How many mercenaries, with links to NED and Open Policy Foundation, are funded by the US private military industry?

Why did Dick Chenie set up the private military industry, when he was US Defence Secretary and just before he went to lead Haliburton?

cechas vodobenikov

we proudly bombed 7 muslim nations—b obama
I am proud to announce that we invade any weak defenseless nation that rejects colonization
d trump

Kathi Prapul Chandra

To save themselves from getting killed by showing their us passports.now America has to show their arse to get them back.

Traiano Welcome

Yes. That’s the smart reason for carrying their identification.

Traiano Welcome

Those mercenaries are probably loaded with some kind of mutant
biological viro-weapon with a timed incubation period. It was probably
the plan for them to get caught …

AM Hants

I like the fact they were spotted by the Venezuelan fishermen.

Cracks me up laughing how so much Washington DC sets up, simply fails and In full public view.

Traiano Welcome

That the fisherman reported this means that ordinary Venezuelan people wouldn’t simply stand by for their government to be overthrown. Definitely a significant sign!


doubt they’ll be back stateside in the nearest future -trust they’ll be locked away for a considerable time, such as 20 to 25 years.


If that was a US military operation, it had to be the worst since the Bay of Pigs. Mercenaries or private militaries seem to be the wave right now with Wagner fighting on behalf of the Russian government in Syria, Libya and elsewhere. They provide plausible deniability for the government. It seems hard to believe that this was attempted without any knowledge by the CIA or the Trump Administration.

AM Hants

Go back to Dick Chenie, back in the 90s, getting them up and running. In time for NATO invasion of Kosovo and in time for him to leave Washington DC and head Halliburton.

Russia using the private military came decades later, did it not?

How long have the Blackwater/Academia Mercenaries been going?

Didn’t Monsanto take them off Erik Prince and got them up and running in Ukraine? How many decades after using them in Kosovo?


Blackwater is the original private military founded in 1997. It has worked off of government contracts since its founding. The US government pays Blackwater for security (etc). Blackwater works throughout the world much in the same way as Wagner. Four Blackwater security personnel were convicted in a US court for an incident in Baghdad – one for murder and three for manslaughter. As with any private military operating under different rules, there have been other incidents as well.

The problem with Wagner in Libya, Ukraine and Syria etc. is that the Russian government denies it has anything to do with Wagner. So Russia denies that Wagner fighting on behalf of General Haftar in Libya is in any way connected to the government which we all know is false (Russia’s Putin: Russians fighting in Libya do not represent the state https://reut.rs/2tbuOGy).

Russian President Vladimir Putin, asked on Saturday whether mercenaries known as the Wagner Group, were fighting in Libya, said that if there are Russians in Libya, they are not representing the Russian state, nor are they paid by the state.

Putin lying through his teeth. IF there are Russians in Libya indeed. The same in Ukraine and in Syria. Of course, private militaries operating in a combat zone are illegal in Russia which is another reason Putin denies Wagner has anything to do with the government. When Wagner commits war crimes as in Syria, for example, Russia again denies they are connected in any way to the Russian military.

AM Hants

Moscow Times??????? Rupert Murdoch and mates.
Wagner Mercenaries, clue I mercenaries.

Kosovo – 1997.

Blackwater Mercenaries – 1997?

Dick Chenie – US Defence Minister 1989-1993

Dick Chenie US Vice President 2001-2009.

Dick Chenie Ceo Halliburton 1995 – 2000.

Why did Dick Chenie, when US Defence Secretary, cut back US Defence Forces so they would be dependent on the Private Military Industry? Why was the private military industry so important to Halliburton?

Dick Chenie, US Defence Secretary during dismantling of the Warsaw Pact and also Iraq War I. Dick Chenie US VP 9/11 and also partner with Bush and Bin Laden family, in Carlyle Group, around the time of 9/11.

Dick Chenie, US VP Iraq War II.

Dick Chenie, US VP, Ukraine Orange Revolution 2004.


Why did Dick Chenie, when US Defence Secretary, cut back US Defence Forces so they would be dependent on the Private Military Industry? Why was the private military industry so important to Halliburton?

You answer the questions.

Dick Chenie, US Defence Secretary during dismantling of the Warsaw Pact and also Iraq War I. Dick Chenie US VP 9/11 and also partner with Bush and Bin Laden family, in Carlyle Group, around the time of 9/11.

More conspiracy theories? The family of Bin Laden was worth about 7 billion dollars and invested in the Carlyle. They withdrew their investment after 911. The Warsaw Pact dissolved when the USSR dissolved.

AM Hants

Conspiracy theories????

A conspiracy is a hunch until proven fact.

Are you saying Dick Chenie was not US Secretary of Defence, when the Warsaw Pact was dismantled and during the first Iraq War?

Are you saying that Dick Chenie did not cut back the US Forces, to basic figures, before he left his position of Defence Secretary, to take over as the CEO of Halliburton?

Are you saying Halliburton and subsidiaries were never involved with the Private Military Industry?

Are you saying Dick Chenie was never CEO of Halliburton?

Are you saying subsidiaries of Halliburton were not involved in the Private Military Industry and never sent their mercenary contractors to Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc, etc, etc. Nations whose natural resources were demanded for the Globalists?

Are you saying Dick Chenie was not Vice President of the US, when Bush Junior was in power, during the early Millennium?

Are you saying Dick Chenie was not a partner in the Carlyle Group, with Daddy Bush, Bin Laden family and even John Major, back in the days of 9/11?

Are you saying the Bush family were not dining out with their Bin Laden business Partners, the night before 9/11?

Remind me, but, the above list of questions, which ones are factual questions and which ones are conspiracy theories?


Remind me, but, the above list of questions, which ones are factual questions and which ones are conspiracy theories?

Conspiracy Theory: a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

Whether this is another conspiracy theory – which are frequent on this site (like MH17) – depends on what point(s) you are making with this series of questions. For example, if members of the Carlyle group were having dinner with some of the Bin Laden family (who invested in Carlyle) the night before 911, what are you implying? What do you think that means?

AM Hants

What was I implying when asking if Carlyle members were dining with their Bin Laden partners, the night before 9/11?

I was implying nothing, besides the Bush family and Bin Laden family were closely connected. As in business partnersyour version of conspiracy theory is different to mine.

Conspiracy is a hunch, until proven fact.


Fair enough.


Alberto Garza

so according to the venezuelan goverment these 2 americans were going to knock in the door of the venezuelan president office and just kill or kidnap maduro ?? i really laugh at how stupid the people that believe them they are communists and experts on deception .

Assad must stay

and he thinks he can take on iran and cant even pull off something like this lmfao

Traiano Welcome

Check out operation Eagle Claw, the US has tried this kind of thing with Iran before:

Operation Eagle Claw, known as Operation Tabas (Persian: عملیات طبس‎) in Iran,[1] was a United States Armed Forces operation ordered by U.S. President Jimmy Carter to attempt to end the Iran hostage crisis by rescuing 52 embassy staff held captive at the Embassy of the United States, Tehran
on 24 April 1980. Its failure, and the humiliating public debacle that
ensued, damaged U.S. prestige worldwide. Carter blamed his loss in the 1980 U.S. presidential election mainly on his failure to secure the release of the hostages.[2]
The operation, one of Delta Force’s first,[3] encountered many obstacles and was eventually aborted. Eight
helicopters were sent to the first staging area, Desert One, but only
five arrived in operational condition.[4] One encountered hydraulic problems, another was caught in a sand storm, and another showed signs of a cracked rotor blade.
During the operation’s planning it was decided that the mission
would be aborted if fewer than six helicopters remained operational,
despite only four being absolutely necessary.[4]
In a move that is still discussed in military circles, the field
commanders advised President Carter to abort the mission, which he did.[5]
As the U.S. force prepared to withdraw, one of the helicopters
crashed into a transport aircraft which contained both servicemen and
jet fuel. The resulting fire destroyed both aircraft and killed eight
In the context of the Iranian Revolution, Iran’s new leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini,
used the failed operation as a propaganda tool. He claimed that the
mission had been stopped by an act of God (“angels of God”) who foiled
the U.S. mission in order to protect Iran and his new conservative theocratic government.”

Assad must stay

Yes God is always protecting Iran

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