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Trump Considering “Kinetic Military Action” On North Korea Including “Sudden Strike”

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Trump Considering "Kinetic Military Action" On North Korea Including "Sudden Strike"

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un guides Korean People’s Army (KPA) military drills © KCNA / Reuters

Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Following Sunday’s failed medium-range missile test by Kim Jong-Un, President Donald Trump has been evaluating his response options and according to Bloomberg, which cited a “person familiar with his thinking”, is willing to consider ordering “kinetic” military action, including a sudden strike, to “counteract North Korea’s destabilizing actions in the region”

However, before launching another offensive campaign – or war as some would call it – Trump’s preference is for China to take the lead on dealing with North Korea, according to the source.

While still afforded the luxury of time, Trump may be forced to decide soon how to respond: on its take on the ongoing North Korea crisis, the New York Times said in a front-page article that “what is playing out, said Robert Litwak of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, … is ‘the Cuban missile crisis in slow motion,’ but the slow-motion part appears to be speeding up.”

That said, Trump’s reported strategy isn’t a radical departure from long-standing U.S. policy. As Bloomberg writes, “he isn’t particularly interested in toppling the regime of leader Kim Jong Un and isn’t looking to force a reunification of the two Koreas, the person said. He instead wants to push for their long-term cooperation.”

Furthermore, Trump’s national security team had already thought through various scenarios that North Korea might take, and how the U.S. would react. So when the medium-range missile test failed right after launch early Sunday morning local time, Trump was informed immediately and decided to downplay it, according to the person. It was Trump’s decision that the administration’s initial response would come from Defense Secretary James Mattis, who issued a 22-word statement Saturday night.

This was followed by National Security Adviser General H.R. McMaster, who used familiar language Sunday to describe North Korea’s “provocative and destabilizing and threatening behavior,” while leaving all options on the table as his team helps develop plans of action for the region. In a previously reported interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” McMaster said Trump had directed the National Security Council to collaborate with the Defense and State Departments, and intelligence agencies to “provide options and have them ready for him if this pattern of destabilizing behavior continues.”

Hours after the failed test, McMaster emphasized Trump’s preference, as with this month’s airstrikes in Syria, for unannounced military action. He added that the North Korean leader’s unpredictability complicated U.S. strategy.

McMaster’s use of “provocative” and “destabilizing” to describe North Korea echoes administrations of both parties that have attempted to rally others on the global stage, including China, to help prevent fresh war on the peninsula. Trump used the language in his February visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Meanwhile, China has refused to commit to any specific course of action and as discussed earlier, Beijing made a plea for a return to negotiations. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Monday that tensions need to be eased on the Korean Peninsula to bring the escalating dispute there to a peaceful resolution. Lu said Beijing wants to resume the multi-party negotiations that ended in stalemate in 2009 and suggested that U.S. plans to deploy a missile defense system in South Korea were damaging its relations with China.

Ultimately, Trump may be in wait and see mode for the next week until all the available options are on the table: on April 25, the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is expected to reach the South Korea east coast on April 25. If Trump is indeed pressed to make a swift decision, he will surely do so once air support is available next weekend, just as the first round of the French presidential election takes place.

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Breaking News: Trump threatens North Korea with war



Euphemism “kinetic” military action implies simply we will bomb the hell out of you regardless of international law.

Why does the US always come with new ways to hide its intent?


The Pharisees use euphemisms often to cover evil deeds with pleasant words.

Fritz Otto

it is not really necessary to advance against North Korea what exists now since 1950 – it will change in 2022 anyway. Its not the need to engage just for 5 years…

John Whitehot

in 2022? why not in 2021, or 2023?

Fritz Otto

The October revolution was on 3. of October in 1917 in Russia where the UdSSR was created
The day where the walls falled in Germany was on 3. October 1989 – thats exactly 72 years. 72 has a special signification for human life. it is 8 x 9 years or 2x2x2 x 3×3 years. You see there are 2³ – three 2 and two 3 – Now its up to You to have a look at the earnings/beeings of the numbers… –
Since I have no exact knowledge of the creation of Northkorea I dont know really if to use 1950 oder 1953 or any else date between. But since it is also a normal life it means that the issue of this intention if it was wrong will be decovered…
There is sience called numerology…. – and also astrology aspects are interesting.
In fact the 72 is an indication of Rudolf Steiner who previewed the failure of the big socialistic experiment in 1920 about.

John Whitehot

nice. thx for the explanation.

John Whitehot

are the US military leadership aware that if attacked and cornered, the North Koreans will very likely drop a nuke or two on South Korea? Seoul is just beyond the border, it will take basically nothing to make a nuke blow up in the middle of the city. A city with around 20 Millions of people in and around it.


My niece, unfortunately, just signed up for another 5 years with the Navy, is in Japan now, and will soon be in South Korea… Hopefully she can get the new assignment she requested as mechanic for the Blue Angles.


Which would also thoroughly dust the US’s other regional friends either side of East China Sea, Japan and Taiwan, in radioactive fallout.


” Furthermore, Trump’s national security team had already thought through various scenarios that North Korea might take, and how the U.S. would react.”

And then the US generals choose between Bombs, Bombs and Kinetic Bombs.

The likely result being a devastated South Korea and US military in body bags and yet another failed and devastated state in the North.

The US have done this so many times that it must surely be the intent.


Why is the US cruise missile strike in Syria being reported as “airstrikes” in almost every report Cruise missiles are not airstrikes, they are more like a naval bombardment.


The planned Sixth test is for 200 kiloton. The Sixth test is buried deeper and can sustain atleast 250 KT according to 38 North. Most energy will come from analogs of Lithium Deuteride and U238. Lithium deuteride U 238 are all widely available to the poor countries of world. The globalist sell conventional arms to poor countries. Only a slave would buy a F35 for 150 million $ when they could purchase 20 ICBM nukes for same investment .But id any country chooses the nuclear path then economic sanctions will abound. So the slave countries must be intimidated to prevent them following the path of DPRK. The “negative consequences” inflicted upon DPRK are to discourage other countries imitating nuclear path. DPRK has low GDP and only 2 percent goes to nuclear weapon program and ICBM. DPRK is legally entitled to nuclear research and self defense. The US is likely to attack anyway to discourage imitators. The DPRK has hundreds of potential lithium deuteride warheads. They have less than 40 kilogram of Pu 239. They do not waste Pu 239 as pure fission weapons . Instead they use Pu 239 or U235 as the trigger or igniter to produce gamma rays for Lithium deuteride. The real threat of DPRK is that it mastered light isotope fusion. The initial three DPRK tests were all low yield tests. The low yield were called duds. DPRK had access to lithium deuteride and eventually is accused of selling lithium. The DPRK likely tested other light nucleons with atomic mass less than 12 for use in nuclear weapons. Lithium deuteride sustains a reaction based on high energy photon chain reaction at light speed. Plutonium or Uranium chain reaction involve neutron or fractured nucleus with mass moving at high speed but below speed of light.The mass chain reaction does not proceed at light speed. The radiation thermal energy can blow reaction apart in mass chain reaction but the photon chain reaction is much faster. With Lithium deuteride the chain reaction speed is at light speed . Both lithium 6 and lithium 7 are natural isotopes of lithium and are abundant and available .Deuterium is available in seawater. The need for gamma ray energy to begin photon chain reaction was first supplied by fission reaction in US program. The US and USSR did over 2000 nuclear tests. It is entirely possible that other better substitutes were found for Lithium deuteride with lower ignition energies than lithium deuteride. The low yield of DPRK first tests were likely searches for triggers or primers for analogs of lithium deuteride. The 2006 DPRK test was test for triggering Lithium Deuteride chain reaction with a yield substantially from primer. Interestingly DPRK is only country to claim in KCNA a break though in cold fusion in 2010 . With its limited stock of Plu 239 DPRK needed U238 and LiD or analog to provide energy. Fusion-boosted fission bombs can also be made immune to neutron radiation from nearby nuclear explosions, which can cause other designs to predetonate, blowing themselves apart without achieving a high yield. The combination of reduced weight in relation to yield and immunity to radiation has ensured that most modern nuclear weapons are fusion-boosted. Wikipedia says “fusion boosting allows the manufacture of efficient weapons that are immune to predetonation. Elimination of this hazard is a very important advantage in using boosting. It appears that every weapon now in the U.S. arsenal is a boosted design.” So while the world laughed at DPRK low yeild triggers it was searching for low energy triggers for Lithium Deuteride or its analogs. It shows a mature long term approach to solving DPRK lack of fissile material. This suggests the Sixth DPRK nuclear test should be a photon chain reaction producing 150-250 KT. 38 North has noted the spoils pile for digging the sixth test is deeper and has capacity 250 KT. The basic raw materials lithium deuterium and U 238 are available to all poor countries. If DPRK has mastered a trigger for these available materials or their substitutes nukes might become available in mass to all poor countries. Knowledge would create power to transform commonly available materials into kiloton and EMP weapons. All this information is available studying wikipedia and open non classified sources .
With KT weapons available what poor country would chose to buy from US weapon manufacturers? So you see the predicament of DPRK. DPRK will share their technology if attacked. If DPRK nuclear research succeeds then many poor countries will imitate their achievements and sales of US conventional weapons will suffer. US has countered DPRK nuclear success with economic sanctions to discourage imitators of DPRK program.

Expect either a negotiated exchange with each side receiving damage and limited war. Or expect unlimited war that goes global. Likely the Pharisees will not quit punishing DPRK until no other countries would want to imitate their nuclear program. Arrogance and corruption of the Pharisees will lead them to underestimate DPRK .

Toni Liu

Nice info, love someone post good article like this


Most of the mature nuclear weapon programs quickly move beyond pure fission weapons to fusion which is light nuclei energy chain reaction . Chain reactions involving fission plutonium uranium thorium are often discussed and widely known.
Pure fission weapons generally require lots of U235 and Pu239 that are tightly controlled and difficult to acquire . Pure fission weapons produce low efficiency of few dozen kilotons.Fusion weapons [lithium 6 lithium 7 deuterium tritium and other light nuclei] use widely available light nuclei . In contrast pure fission weapons use rare Pu 239 or U 235 and have very poor efficiency.
The classic light nuclei involved in light nuclei energy chain reactions LNECR include deuterium, lithium 6 ,lithium 7, and other light nuclei. The LNECR requires high energy photon as a trigger and this was supplied by plutonium fission in some of first nuclear weapons . LNECR included Lithium 6, Lithium 7, Deuterium, Tritium and almost every other isotope with less than 12 to 15 protons. Look at the Teller Ulam design in Wikipedia. High energy photon radiation from fission hit light nuclei [lithium and deuterium]. In LNECR, the light nuclei are hit with one high energy photon and the nuclei release two high energy photons so they can sustain a photon chain reaction. The photon chain reaction proceeds virtually at light speed. Many light nuclei can be used for photon chain reaction including Lithium 6 and lithium 7 and other light nuclei which are not publicly discussed. Castle Bravo’s yield was 15 megatons of TNT, 2.5 times more than predicted. The nine megaton increase was from LNECR of Lithium 7 which unexpectedly released energy.See Wikipedia. There are dozens of isotopes of light nuclei with potential to participate in photon chain reaction. The US followed Castle Bravo with a thousand nuclear tests investigating light nuclei use in nuclear reactions. The US investigated dozens and dozens of nuclei for use in nuclear weapons and then banned nuclear weapons testing to prevent other countries from investigating LNECR . The US made false promises to Iraq and Libya that it would not attack them if they stopped their nuclear fission programs. The Libya nuclear program were in research stage to make pure fission weapons. Few governments have ever conducted LNECR. Those government who master LNECR have never been attacked to prevent protracted destructive nuclear war.
The DPRK LNECR is not in primitive stage and has decades of research. It had high purity weapons grade enriched Pu 239 in 1990s. The reactor of DPRK was deliberately kept small limited to produce just 2-5 kilos of Pu 239 yearly. The argument was that DPRK was able to produce only 2 to 5 kilos a year or enough plutonium for pure fission weapon every 4-5 years. The USA assumed DPRK would collapse with only few nukes. The DPRK withdrew from NPT in 2003 so it could further pursue LNECR.
In 2006 the first public DPRK LNECR research event occurred. The 2006 DPRK one kiloton explosion was a LNECR trigger not a pure fission explosion as Western media claimed.It was an attempt to trigger LNECR using a minimum of DPRK limited stockpile of Pu 239. In 2010 the DPRK claimed on KCNA that it produced cold fusion break though. DPRK was only government to ever publicly claim a cold fusion breakthrough. The DPRK was using cold fusion also called low energy nuclear reaction to investigate LNECR .It possible that DPRK did decades of cold fusion research searching for light nuclei that produced high energy photon release with minimal photon input . The West makes a joke of cold fusion and LENR and does not fund LENR [low energy nuclear reactions] to discourage public research in these areas. In 2016 The UN accused DPRK of selling lithium isotopes which are useful in light nuclei photon chain reaction. The West down plays the DPRK nuclear stockpile. Western “experts” claim 40 kg of known plutonium would be used in only pure fission weapons. The reality is that the Pu 239 is only useful only as a “spark plug” for DPRK LNECR weapons .
The DPRK had decades to investigate every possible source of photon trigger for LNECR. DPRK has for two decades searched for light nuclei that require a lower energy “photon” spark or other sources of photon spark besides Pu 239 fission. Easily basic science would require over a thousand nuclear tests just investigating all the possibilities of LNECR. That is why both the USSR and US did over a thousand nuke tests each investigating LNECR . The KCNA claims DPRK nuke is unique Korean design. This means that DPRK may have escaped need to use Pu239 as the photon spark plug/trigger . The DPRK sought to achieve triggering LNECR with minimal or no limited fission materials i.e. little to no Pu 239.If successful DPRK could produce hundreds or thousands of light nuclei photon chain reaction without consuming any of the limited supplies of Pu 239. The 2006 DPRK test was a trigger test for photon chain reaction of light isotopes. Because it was only a kiloton or less the West called it a “dud”. The Fifth test in 2016 was called success of fusion [LNECR]. DPRK claims on KCNA it can produce as many fusion nukes ” as it wants”. That claim if true means that it can produce hundreds or thousands of LNECR. But that should be no surprise since US and Russia each have enough material for tens of thousands of LNECR.
Currently the DPRK primary limitation is in delivery systems not in the number of light nuclei photon chain reactions they can produce. The Sixth DPRK test is buried much deeper able to withstand 250 KT. See 38 North website. Light nuclei photon chain reaction can produce hundreds of kilotons of energy and powerful EMP pulse from photon burst. If the US does full blown attack the DPRK has as many as it wants of LNECR producing EMP and explosive effect . The DPRK is limited in number and accuracy of delivery vehicles. Ground forces attacking surface of DPRK would likely be nuked with abundant artillery stockpile of LNECR .The DPRK recently developed accurate 250mm surface artillery with 200 km range and pinpoint accuracy likely able to deliver LNECR. The US if it attacks would be left using nukes and ballistic missiles to destroy DPRK infrastructure. The DPRK developed over 70 years extensive military production sites underground below hundreds of feet of granite. The DPRK even while being bombed could produce ballistic missiles with LNECR warheads . The Houthi while has far less technical capability and underground facilities than DPRK. The Houthi fire ballistic missiles at Saudi that have total air dominance. Even if the US had air dominance production and firing of ballistic missiles from DPRK would continue . The DPRK leadership in bunkers hundreds of meter deep would survive. DPRK needs minimal resources less than 2-3 percent of GDP to continue its weapons program. So do not expect DPRK LNECR and missile program to stop if it gets nuked.
The US public does not control foreign policy. Often the US public votes for candidates that claim to seek peace . The US has elaborate electronic warfare devices including ABMs subject to EMP damage .The US complex fifth generation fighters have never been tested in EMP LNECR warfare scenario.The EMP burst of LNECR defeats many electronic warfare devices of US military conventional systems. If all poor countries obtain LNECR technology then US would lose its status to militarily and economically dominate small poor countries. The US military under control of private interests will seek to impose severe punishment on DPRK to discorage other countries pursuit of LNECR. The US civil war taught that slaves will not be set free without war. If the DPRK does not agree to limited war an unlimited nuclear war may occur with massive use of LNECR by opposing parties.
A war between US and DPRK is war between parties with well developed LNECR weapon systems. A full blown nuclear war has not occurred in world history. The EMP and explosive use could be unprecedented. Rational men would negotiate the terms of the conflict as well as terms of the peace. All the data available here is from public data without use of classified data. The effects of conflict between parties with unlimited nukes ie LNECR should be publicly discussed. The public of world will pay in severe suffering if such occurs. The US Constitution requires Congress to approve war. But in sham democracy ,private interests may create nuclear war without approval of Congress or those that faces injury. Due process requires an informed public know the consequences of war between DPRK and US.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Best-Korea needs an alliance with Syria and Iran and Lebanon and Yemen.
If one of them gets attacked, they all should simultaneously attack USSA forces and Tel Aviv across the globe!
If best-Korea faces invasion, then Israel should get pounded with 3,000 missiles per day till the US and Israel apologize for their hundreds of war crimes. Including an apology by the Jews for committing the Holodomor against Goyim.
Israel wants best-Korea destroyed for being nice to the Syrian people.
AIPAC is behind all of these wars.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Trump has even borrowed the vocabulary of the only president diameter than him since Reagan…W.
Kinetic action=war crimes. In for a penny, in for a pound: after the first war crime, who’s counting?

Rodney Loder

Watch the latest Cross Talk, they praise the White Supremeists le-Pen, they always do that but now their praising for the first time ever my Comrade Uncle Un, what’s with these cowardly Russian Orthodox weirdos, OH ! please Mr Trump Sir we are good girls and boys, tell me Sir do you feel threatened by our powerful friend in North Korea you should, please Sir Trump have your war in Korea, and they mention the 50000 Yankee boots defiling on the Syrian soil as sort of a good reason to run away.
Little Russian coward is no better than Khrushchev bangin’ his shoe on the table at the UN declaring I am the peaceful one, ! it was true he was a peaceful traitor that the West betrayed, and suffered the consequences, in fact Putin is exactly the same.


Imperial Japan and the 3rd Reich were also known for unannounced actions.


So…When did Congress declare war with North Korea?… I can swear there is something in the Constitution about the power to declare war rests with Congress. What a bunch of fearful wimps that they reject their constitutional responsibility and defer to the President just so they personally never have to be on record as a war monger.


“provocative” and “destabilizing”.. and this accusation from the US? Christ, pot meet kettle. Talk about F’ing nerve. These self appointed self righteous war mongering Zionists being eliminated would be the salvation of the rest of the world. Were it not for the US, would NK even be going down this path? Co-operation with the war mongers eventually ends very badly…ask Qaddafi or Saddam.

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