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Trump Claims Protesters In France Chant “We Want Trump!”


After calling previous US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “dubm as a rock” and “lazy as hell”, Trump continued to suprise the audience drawing news from some kind of alternative reality.

Mr Trump claimed that the ongoing protests in France are taking place because of the Paris Agreement [an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change] and that protesters are chanting “We Want Trump!”.




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  • Rob

    Trump mafia

  • Snowglobe

    “…and that protesters are chanting “We Want Trump!

    I saw a video of this the other day but I cannot find it now. Like most things of interest, they are being scrubbed. I will continue looking.

    As for Tillerson, he was a globalist obstructionist, and as dumb as a rock. His intention was to keep Trump on the globalist agenda.

    The Paris accord? That is part of the globalist carbon tax program. The summery of it is the globalists want to tax people for breathing/driving and all other luxuries.

    • BL

      Apparently that video was taken from a pro-Trump demonstration in London a few months ago. It had nothing to do with Paris.

      • Snowglobe

        I still cannot find the one that I saw, and of course it could have been a video taken from a different location and a time other than Paris currently.

        This is what I am going to do. I am going to sit back and wait. With Trump again shooting off his mouth (twitter fingers) for the entire world to see, and with the amount of global enemies he has, and with the millions of dollars that are available to them…they will prove him wrong. They will call him a liar, and defame him unto every corner of the earth. Every headline globally will trot him out as a proven liar.

        …or they will shut up and stick with their propaganda and censorship because he can prove what he says…just like they did when he said that Obama was spying on him. (which has been proven to be a fact.)

        Time will tell. ;-)

        • BL

          You’re a good American person looking for a legitimate solution to the problems of your nation, that part of it I can respect but assure you with 100% certainty that Trump is neither the person you think he is nor a solution to any problems your nation is facing. The act that they have put on for you to make it seem like Trump is some anti-establishment outsider is only that, an act. The American political system is corrupt to the core and it has largely to do with the fact that the United States was established from day one by Freemasons. Jews and Freemasons have total grip on the entire American nation, in every respect (political, economical, media, internet, military, etc) The enormity of that problem is such that ordinary people like you will not want to believe it and would rather take comfort in the fake figures, fake solutions, and fake act that the controllers of the US put in front of you.

          If you want legit solutions you can learn a thing or two from what the French people are doing right now.

          • Tommy Jensen

            Trump just appointed this lunatic to replace Dunford.

          • Snowglobe

            “… Trump continued to suprise the audience drawing news from some kind of alternative reality.”

            As a citizen of the commonwealth I respond to articles that I consider inflammatory in much the same way whether they are directed at Putin or at Trump. Being from the West, all MSM are bashing the two of them from morning until night ad nauseam.

            We agree that the US government, much like my government, is corrupt to the core. We have a large French Canadian population. Perhaps Quebec will be the area of Canada that will be first to catch fire like in France. Canada needs to be purged.

    • Tommy Jensen


      • Snowglobe

        That was not the video that I had seen, but I am not able to find and post the one that I did. I concede. :-)

      • Snowglobe
    • Brother Ma

      Maybe ,whilst giving all the globalist corporates disgusting tax relief. Tillerson ,a globalist obstructionist? Maybe ,but he was not Kushner nor the other cabal of Zionists that have their claws into Trump now.

      • Snowglobe

        I share your concerns about Kushner and others that surround Trump at the moment. It will take a little more time to be sure if they have their claws fully engaged.

  • hvaiallverden

    That Trump, dont exist anymore, that Trump was the idea served by the MSM and the so called alternate media, whatever that means, Trump sould us an vision of sense, an more grip on the real deal, to counter the path leading, as we all know, to the downfall of an nation, Trump lied to us, and taking credit, yeah, if you have no shame I guess everything goes, but the Trump we think, is dead and gone, up like an lion, down as an damp squid, like schewing robber boots, just an shaddow, pity, because everything He did say, apart from sucking Joohos and their war on Iran, he was The man, but then he have managed to do very, very little.

    Alternatives, well, then Trump is stil alaive and kicking, and dont drool something about surrender by scums, if He didnt know it, then we can question His knowledge or ability to be an president while He still have the people with Him, what I see is an big whimp, and is remarkably lame when it comes to doing something that aligns with comon sense, and facts, and what on earth is Boltons doing, they are f…. crasy.


    • Brother Ma

      Trump is a puppet as was obama as was Bush as was clinton as was Bush etc. America is ruled by the Deep State of powerful corporates and personages and these fools as Presidents are just brands of the moment.

  • Spit

    its much more complicated than this but yes, there where massive chants waving across the northern revolt chanting we want trump.
    This is not abouta gas tax. I will take heavy flak as will anybody for openly saying what these 2 things the revolt is about.
    We all know what its all about. Stand Fast. Do not back down. We here in America where about to do the same back in 2016 with disregard to loss of life and I Openly and with glee admit that I would have participated to say lightly for myself. “Nothing good in life comes easy”.
    (Ninja edit- Added the word “Good” in between Nothing good in life comes easy.)

    • BL

      No there weren’t, show proof if you disagree. There was one video from a pro-Trump demonstration in London a few months ago that was mislabeled as being from Paris.

      • H Eccles

        a pro-Trump demonstration in London..???

        oh please..

        • BL

          still waiting for proof.