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Trump Claims He’s Considering Military Blockade Or Quarantine Of Venezuela

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Trump Claims He's Considering Military Blockade Or Quarantine Of Venezuela

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On August 1st, US President Donald Trump said that he is considering a blockade or quarantine of Venezuela.

He admitted it answering a reporter question, asking whether a maritime blockade or a quarantine was possible in view of China and Iran’s involvement in the country.

The US has clearly not given up on its regime change attempts in Venezuela.

On August 1st, US special representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams said that the US and Canada were working on a strategy to prompt the EU to sanction Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s “regime.”

“We both agreed that it would be really helpful if the EU would follow Canada and the U.S. in imposing sanctions on the Maduro regime,” said Elliott Abrams in an interview on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics.

“Europe is a kind of playground for people from the regime and their families — where their money is, they have houses there, they live the high life there — which is really disgraceful. So we strategized a bit about how, with the help of the Latin American democracies, to move the EU in that direction,” Abrams said.

When Canada’s Global Affairs was asked for comment, it didn’t specifically answer the question.

“Canadian government officials discussed how Canada and the U.S. can work with the broader international community to return democracy to the people of Venezuela,” said Barbara Harvey, a spokesperson for Global Affairs.

“For some time, the Lima Group has been engaging its partners around the world in support of sanctions and other measures to pressure the Maduro regime,” said Harvey.

Canada and the US further appear to have differing views on Cuba – according to Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, Cuba could play a significant role in a peaceful transition in Venezuela.

Abrams said he was skeptical. “We wish you luck,” said Abrams, when asked what he thought of Freeland’s position. “We’re very pessimistic about it. The Cubans seem to be the dead-enders on Venezuela.”

Abrams said there are between 2,000 and 3,000 Cuban intelligence agents in Caracas, permeating intelligence agencies, the army and the national guard.

“To show you how deep in they are, Maduro’s body guards aren’t Venezuelan. They’re Cuban. So, they’re very important to holding this regime together and we really think that if they weren’t there it would start to fall apart,” said Abrams.

“The Cuban and Venezuelan governments have a really deep strategic connection where both regimes, since neither of them are elected, seem to depend on each other for regime survival,” he said.

Abrams said that a military intervention was always on the table, but that didn’t represent US policy on Venezuela.

“Our policy is to put diplomatic, political, economic and international pressure on the regime. We are still doing that. We announced sanctions a few days ago. There will be more in the coming days. So, that’s the policy. But you know, the option – the president can’t say there is no option on the table, there is,” said Abrams.

Regardless, coming back to Trump’s claim that he’s considering a blockade on Venezuela. The realization of such a blockade is an act of war.

Another Trump administration official, who kept silent throughout the Venezuelan crisis is now taking part in efforts against Maduro.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the US was ready to support pro-market reforms and privatizations in Venezuela with investment and credit to reverse socialism and rebuild a ruined economy.

“For immediate relief, the United States will ease sanctions, promote domestic and international trade credit, deploy technological advisers and engage international financial institutions to rebuild confidence in Venezuela’s new economic policies,” he said.

Of course, the people don’t need to suffer, but only if they’re “ruled” by the US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido and the US-backed opposition.

In his speech in Brazil, Ross outlined how much the US considered Venezuela as its back yard and as a sort of “pet project.”

“Nothing works properly, not the electricity, not water, not sewage, not telephones, not the bus system, not healthcare, not distribution of food and medicine, and certainly not liquidity,”

“Over 4 million people have fled, including many young professionals,” Ross said.

Multinational engineering and technology companies see Venezuela as having the greatest potential for capital projects when the day comes, said Ricardo Wernikoff, Oracle sales director for Latin America.

“The opportunities are huge. We are looking at rebuilding a country from scratch,” he said.

On the Venezuelan side, President Nicolas Maduro rejected the US’ smear campaign against Venezuelan officials.

“I repudiate the fallacious and manipulative the attacks that have been made against the minister and I ask the support of the Venezuelan people.”

This was in relation to a recent accusation by the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement – On their official account they stated that Venezuela Industry Minister Tareck El Aissami is ‘Wanted’ for drug smuggling and links to Hezbollah.

On August 1st, Venezuela reported another violation of its airspace by a U.S. Navy EP-3E Aries II electronic spy plane, which entered the Maiquetia airspace area, near Caracas.

On July 28, due to repeated attacks on its sovereignty, the Venezuelan government announced that it would file a complaint at the United Nations regarding the repeated violations of its airspace by the United States.

“As we have denounced, the Trump Administration confesses and boldly accepts that it effectively violates Venezuela’s air control space. Very serious and criminal confession. There is no doubt of its perverse intentions. We will raise the issue at the UN,” Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza had tweeted.

In support of Venezuela, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova expressed support of Venezuela and said that the US should stop meddling.

“Russia cautions against any comments or external influences that try to sidetrack the course and objectives of the talks between the legitimate Venezuelan government and opposition members,” she said.

The US-backed opposition in the country has been running around in circles and appears to be completely out of gas, but a military blockade and an intervention would surely create quite a momentum.


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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Trump should just put on a dress and call himself hillary

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

lmao yea that oughta help the people of Venezuela, that’s just what they need, a blockade, can trump get anymore moronic?

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

largest oil reserves in the world. USA Military Industrial Complex runs their foreign policy. has done for decades


Also the quality of the oil is so bad they need US special refineries from Texas to process it. That’s why USA is still the main importation of Venezuelan oil which makes almost 90% of all Venezuelan exports.


Beyond time for change then, let them deal with Russia, China to help their country and not the Excited states of America that only want to steal their oil for their greed !


China and Russia could have been the major oil importers from Venezuela by now already, but it’s just not worth it. USA remains the major importer of that oil because the counties are closer.


Russia does not need to import oil and gas. China would probably like to access it but the issue is not distance but, guess what, a potential blockade by the mental midgets in Washington.


So China didn’t import more oil by now, fearing a potential blockade in the future?

I know Russia doesn’t need that oil, I was replying to the comment above.


Not true. Lots of refineries can handle Venezuela crude. The three refineries Venezuela ships crude to in the USA is the Flint Hills and Citgo refineries in Corpus Christie and the irving refinery in Canada. Most refineries that can refine diesel can refine Venezuela oil. The USA WAS the main importer of Venezuelan oil because the Venezuelan state owned Citgo operated in the USA. Venezuela stopped shipping crude to the USA after the USA seized Citgo.


First interesting fact from you, I admit I have to read more about this


Israel have fkd America and Russia both because both take commands from Israel.


US is a degenerate nation

Sadly the TERRORIST actions of the US/israel COUP makers are the main reason that the people of Venezuela are suffering through the SANCTIONS that are illegal against a freely elected GOV’T . That is the real reason for the suffering people. Venezuela must fight with all its power by asking Russia,Cuba China and the more than 150 other countries for help against the TERRORIST war crimes of the US/israel war combo. Sadly my own weak country of Canada is too afraid of the US/israel war makers to say NO ! to their COUP of Venezuela, Shame on Canada and the other PUPPETS that blindly follow the excited States of America to take over countries for the resources,(oil) of that country.



Warmongers Limitless shamelessness ! ==================================== https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/07/18/bernie-sanders-anti-imperialism-and-venezuela/

Bernie Sanders, Anti-Imperialism and Venezuela

Throughout the last century, socialists have faced an uphill battle within the United States. Unlike other similarly high-income countries, the U.S. has largely remained a bastion of deeply individualist attitudes and unregulated capitalist policies.

Yet, over the span of the past decade, socialism has transformed from a demonized ideology to a publicly discussed economic model that many Americans are now seriously considering. Indeed, the Pew Research Center just last month published data showing that 42 percent of the country has a positive view of socialism, including 65 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters.

There is no doubt that Senator Bernie Sanders has boosted socialism’s favorability. In 2016, he became one of few Democrats to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic candidacy. While he lost the nomination, his candidacy both rehabilitated the idea of socialism and vividly altered public discussions, putting propositions like “Medicare for All” and free higher education on the Democratic agenda.

Similar to decades past, though, Bernie’s opponents have resurrected Cold War phobias. And although the Soviet Union dissolved nearly 30 years ago, critics have found a new country to scream in response to Sanders’ popularity: Venezuela.

A quick perusal of conservative outlets, from the Heritage Foundation to the National Review to Fox News, will find you a litany of articles likening a potential Sanders presidency to an economic implosion à la Venezuela. All other serious Democratic candidates have avoided and even explicitly denounced socialist policies. Elizabeth Warren, for instance, provided Trump with a standing ovation when he denounced socialism during his recent State of the Union Address, and she has described herself as a “capitalist to the bone.”

While Sanders himself has continually pointed to Scandinavia as providing inspiration for his policies, critics have sought to seize upon his disposition toward the Venezuelan government as evidence that he would allegedly destroy the U.S. economy “because socialism.”

Sanders, however, has never embraced the Venezuelan government — either under former President Hugo Chavez or now under President Nicolas Maduro. He never met with these leaders. He never claimed that Venezuela serves as a model of a socialist society. In fact, in 2016, he even specifically stated: “When I talk about democratic socialism, I’m not looking at Venezuela. I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden.”

And, while it’s true that Sanders has not referred to Maduro as an outright dictator, he has continually noted that recent presidential elections were flawed, and he has called for new elections in the country.

Anyone who suggests that Sanders wishes to “turn the U.S. into Venezuela” is a bad-faith actor. They’re distorting reality and deceiving citizens.

Where Sanders meaningfully differs from other Democratic frontrunners like Joe Biden and Warren, though, is in his commitment to an anti-imperialist, anti-interventionist foreign policy.

While others have supported economic sanctions, Sanders has recognized that sanctions harm poor citizens much more than they harm governments. While others have called for the Venezuelan military to rise up against Maduro, Sanders has drawn attention to the nefarious role played by the United States throughout Latin America, including its support for coups that have resulted in military regimes like the one formerly ruled by Gen. Augusto Pinochet in Chile. While others have called for isolating Venezuela, Sanders has positioned himself as someone who would prefer engagement on mutually respectful grounds.

Given the recent popularity of socialism, Americans seem far less susceptible to Cold War-style smear campaigns that simplistically attempt to demonize socialism. Though the causes are more complex than “because socialism,” it’s true that countries like Venezuela and North Korea are failing. It’s also true that many countries guided by capitalist ideas are failing. Argentina, for one, recently elected businessman Mauricio Macri. Yet, since coming to power, the Argentine economy has faced currency depreciation, high inflation and rising unemployment.

People are traveling more than ever to countries with socialist-oriented policies, they have access to more information than ever demonstrating the benefits of socialist policies, and, within the United States they experience an array of inequalities in their own life surrounding, for example, health and education.

All of these dynamics diminish the effectiveness of fear-mongering around socialism. People know that they could have better access to opportunities and resources. People know that rationing insulin, getting priced out of college opportunities, and getting priced out of owning houses and raising families after college due to exorbitant student debt, do not constitute the good life. And if capitalism won’t provide such opportunities, it’s no surprise socialism will garner ever more support among the population


Democracy is just the seed of socialism. We call ourselves a democracy but when almost every legislation passed is Socialist then how can anyone really try and make a distinction? More socialism is not the answer and it will not give you the utopia you desire. Freedom is a lie and no government will provide it. We all have to live under laws and the freedom you feel is determined by how much you agree with those laws. So it doesn’t matter what kind of government you have, what matters is what laws that government is bound by. Democratic Socialism is the worst form of government since their are no set laws and the ignorance of the people is what rules. And since the people are so easily swayed by Money, Power and Entertainment then that society is destined to degenerate. Any government that is designed to appease the ever changing and easily influenced will of the people instead of adhering to set laws is going to degenerate. Also the idea that there can be a utopia where everyone is “equal” and “free” and “wealthy” is a demonic pipe dream of lies. People are not equal and never have been, people are not free and never have been and not all people can be wealthy.


For Rich or Poor, the quality of Life in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland is excellent if compared with the US or any other places !

The US/Israel Warmongers are the Planet Cancer !


I wish he would. Anything to light the fuse that is needed.


isn’t there enough misery in the world caused by the fully dysfunctional states of A(rschlöcher) to hope for more – sick!


Elliot Abrams is a convicted and shameless criminal. The US is actively attacking the Venezuelan state infrastructure with malware attacks on major utility mainframes, and more traditionally with agents using basic physical sabotage on range of sites – oil storage and transport facilities.

Tudor Miron

US is failing miserably in Venesuela – right in front of the eyes of the world watching it. As I said before, it’s not over yet but it is a loose-loose situation for US. If they win it – world knows that it is a pure racket and if they loose – it will harm (very much so) their fading image of dominating force. Their supposed gains are questionable at best but possible losses are very serious and that shows true quality of their game – below par.


The US is going to start a major conflict.


“Raise the issue with the UN” — yeah like that’s going the send the Trump clan running for the hills. Look, if you’re scared to death of los yanquis then better keep quiet instead of drawing attention to it. As a wise man once said, “When you have to shoot, shoot don’t talk”. Seems like Iran has a better handle on how to protect their country; CIA spies also have a shorter life expectancy over there.

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