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Trump Calls Buzzfeed As ‘Failing Pile Of Garbage’, Rejects CNN Question Calling Them ‘Fake News’


US President-elect Donald Trump called Buzzfeed “failing pile of garbage” following their report that he was “cultivated, supported and assisted” By Russia.

Trump also refused answering the question from CNN, calling it “fake news”.



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  • Percival
  • Marco

    The situation in the US is quickly degrading, the behaviour of even the top politician and institutions is simply disgusting. Trump will have an hard time in managing this mess, but hopefully he’ll do a bettet job than Obama.

    • Bob

      It’s getting messy – disgruntled elites and their media doing best to deligitimize Trump in a
      really sustained and unprecedented way, hard to see how the pro Clinton MSM media can
      backpedal from all this mudslinging so early on (perhaps they assuming they won’t have to) and form any kind of longer term working relationship with Trump, and Trump is known to
      seriously hold a grudge.