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Trump And The Bubbles From A Sunken (Old) World

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

First, a confession: I really don’t know how the corporate media has covered the Trump trip to NATO and the G7 summit. Frankly, I don’t really care – it’s been a long while already since I stopped listening to these imperial shills. There is a risk in completely ignoring them, and that risk is the risk to say “white” when everybody else says “black”. This is a small risk – and, after all, who cares? – but today I will take it again and give you my own take on Trump’s trip to Europe: I think that it was an immense success. But not necessarily for Trump as much as it was an immense success for the enemies of the Empire, like myself. Here is my own rendition on what I think has taken place.

First, Trump was consistently rude. I cannot judge if this lack of manners is the real Trump or whether Trump was tying to send an unspoken message. For whatever this is worth, I know of only one person who had personal and private dealing with the Trump family, including The Donald Himself, and according to him, Trump is an impeccably courteous person. Whatever may be the case, whether this was nature or no so subtle “messaging”, Trump truly outdid himself. He unceremoniously pushed aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro, who richly deserves being treated with utter contempt. Then he blocked out Angela Merkel during the official photo taking. He made the G7 wait for over an hour, he refused to walk to another photo op by foot. He didn’t even bother putting on his translation headset when others were speaking and, crime of crimes, he told the NATO members states to pay more money while not saying a single word about Article 5. It is hard to gauge what the rest of the assembled politicians really thought (prostitutes are good at hiding and repressing their own feelings), but Merkel clearly was angry and frustrated. Apparently, everybody hated Trump, with the sole possible exception of Marcon (but he is a high-end prostitute). As much as Obama was a charmer, Trump seems to relish the role of ruffian. But most importantly, Trump treated the EU/NATO gang with the contempt they deserve and that, frankly, I find most refreshing. Why?

The ugly truth about NATO: Eurosissies and Eurodummies

What is NATO? Originally, NATO was supposed to be a military alliance to oppose the Soviet armed forces and, later, the Warsaw Treaty Organization. Now that these two have disappeared, NATO has no real mission. What NATO still has is a huge bureaucracy. There is a lot of money to be made through NATO: salaries, contracts, investments, etc. Heck – these guys just built themselves gigantic and brand new headquarters, probably to “deter the Russian aggression”, right? NATO is also a huge bureaucratic lift which can pull people up to the real centers of power, including financial power. Furthermore, NATO is also a gang of people who use NATO to advance their petty career or political agenda. At best, NATO is a gigantic fig leaf covering the obscenity of western imperialism.

What NATO is not is a militarily useful alliance. Oh yes, sure, the Americans can use NATO to force the Europeans to use US military hardware, that is true, but should a war break out, especially a *real* war against Russia, the Americans would push all these Eurosissies out of the way and do 90%+ of the fighting. Most NATO armies are a joke anyway, but even those who are marginally better fully depend on the USA for all the force multipliers (intelligence, logistics, transportation, communications, navigation, etc.).

And then there is the “New Europe”: the crazies in Poland or the Baltics who are making an immense effort in trying to get the Old Europeans (who made the huge mistake to accept them into NATO) on a collision course with Russia. From a pragmatic point of view, NATO member states should have never EVER incorporated the “New Europeans” into their alliance. The same goes for the EU, of course. But in their illusions of grandeur and their petty revanchism they decided that *real* Europe needed to be joined at the hip with “New Europe” and now they are paying the price for this strategic mistake of colossal proportions. Of course, the Americans are bastards for encouraging the Eurodummies in their delusional dreams, but now that the deed is done, the Americans are doing the rational and pragmatic thing: they are letting the Eurodummies deal with their own mistakes. This is best shown by Trump’s new policy about the Ukraine: he simply does not care.

Oh sure, he will say something about the Minsk Agreement, maybe mention Crimea, he might even say something about a Russian threat. But then he turns away and walks. And the Eurodummies are not discovering something which they should have suspected all along: the Ukraine is *their* problem now, the Americans don’t care because they have nothing to lose and nothing to win either, and so besides empty words they will offer nothing. Much worse is the fact that it appears that it will be the Europeans who will end up paying most of the costs of rebuilding the Ukraine when the current Nazi regime is finally removed (but that is a topic for a future article).

There is karmic justice at work here: all the Eurodummies will now have to deal with the fallout from the total collapse of the Ukraine, but the first ones to pay will be the Poles who tried so hard to draw NATO and the real Europe into their revanchist agenda. Besides, is it not simply justice for the Poles who for years have been ranting about a Russian threat and who for years have been supporting nationalist and even neo-Nazi movements in the Ukraine to now be faced with a deluge of problems (social, political, economic, etc.) coming from “their” Ukrainians will the Russians will be looking at this mess from the east, protected by the two Novorussian republics and formidable National and Border guards. As most Russians will, I wish the Europeans “bien du plaisir” with the upcoming waves of Ukrainian refugees and the “European values” they will bring with them.

[Sidebar: will Russia fare any better with her refugees? Absolutely! Why? Because the Eurodummies are not just Eurodummies, but also Eurosissies. When faced with a refugee-generated crimewave all they can do is roll over and go into deep denial. In Russia any such crimewave will be met with all the force and even violence of the state. Take a look at these guys:

Trump And The Bubbles From A Sunken (Old) World

Russian National Guardsmen

and imagine how they would react to the kind of events which have taken place in “Old Europe” recently. Try raping their women!]

The sad truth is that NATO and the EU are do not deserve to be treated with any respect at all. Trump’s condescension is fully deserved. Worse, the Americans don’t even have to pretend to take the Europeans seriously because, for the past decade, the latter have sheepishly obeyed the most ridiculous and even self-defeating orders from the Americans.

Truly, Victoria Nuland’s famous words about the EU were expressing something of an American consensus about the Old Continent.

The G7: “bubbles from a sunken world”

Bubbles from a sunken world” is not an expression I coined. It was the Russian author Ivan Solonevich who wrote that about the kind of exiled Russian aristocrats who still thought that they would one day recover all their properties seized by the Soviets in Russia. Still, this expression also applies to the G7 leaders who meet with a great deal of gravitas and pretend like they really matter. In truth, they don’t. There used to be a time when the G7 really was huge, but now with China and India missing at the table and with Russia expelled, the G7 has become just a kaffeeklatsch for ugly rich people, an occasion to reminisce about the good old days when Europe still mattered.

In reality, of course, and just like with the EU or NATO, the G7 is an anachronistic leftover of a long gone past. G7 countries are simply not the place where the real action is nowadays. But even worse than that is the fact that the leaders of the G7 suffer from the same form of senile dementia as the EU or NATO leaders which is unsurprising since they are more or less the same people: they have nothing original or new to say, nothing important for sure. They have no vision at all, very little legitimacy and even less credibility. Yes, sure, in France Macron did win, but only because the French establishment engaged in a massive propaganda campaign combined aimed at beating Marine LePen. But if you consider that only about 20% of the French voted for Macron in the first round and that he achieved that rather pitiful score even though he had the full support of the French establishment then you realize how unpopular that establishment really is with the French. While the Rothschild propaganda machine tried to present Macron like some kind of de Gaulle, most French people did see him for what he was: a hollow puppet in the hands of the transnational plutocracy. And yet, of all the leaders of the G7, Macron is undeniably the most dynamic one, not only due to his young age, but simply because he does not come across as some kind of fossil from a distant past.

We are told that the G7 is composed of the seven major advanced economies on the planet (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States), but the only real power in that list is the USA. Next, it would be Germany, but Merkel’s immigration policies have resulted in a EU-wide disaster and she is very much an embattled leader. She is also a prime culprit of the Ukrainian fiasco. Next in line would be the UK, but the UK has just left the EU and May is presiding over a process which she herself opposes, as do the British elites. Which leaves us with Japan, Italy and Canada. Japan’s past economic power is being overshadowed by China’s immense economy while in political terms the Japanese are voiceless US subcontractors. Italy should not even be part of the G7, at least not in political and economic terms, because Italy is much closer to her Mediterranean neighbors such as Spain and Greece and therefore looked down with contempt by the “northerners”, especially Germany. Which leaves Canada, arguably the most irrelevant and subservient country of them all (when is the last time Canada had anything of relevance to say about anything? Exactly). The bottom line is this: in economic terms the G7 has pretty much been replaced by the G20 while in political terms the G7 is an empty shell. Trump fully realizes that and that is why he does not even try to be polite with them.

Trump And The Bubbles From A Sunken (Old) World

Trump and the Eurodwarves

Obama was a born used car salesman: he could be charming and polite with anybody and everybody. Trump has never had any need to act in such a way and, in the case of the Europeans, he does not even feel like trying.

Trump’s contempt for European leaders is definitely undiplomatic and shows a basic lack of education, but it still is a contempt the European leaders richly deserve. Furthermore, while it is true that the AngloZionist Empire is sinking, the European part is sinking much faster than the American one. Which is unsurprising since the USA is truly a very unique country.

The American Sonderfall

As I was writing this article have been listening to the press conference of Donald Trump in the Rose Garden explaining to the world that the USA would now withdraw from the Paris Agreement. I don’t want to discuss the merits of this agreements or the reasons behind Trump’s decision, but I will stress that this places the USA in direct opposition to 195 other countries who signed this treaty expecting the USA to abide by its terms. 195 countries really means just about the entire planet. And yet Trump feels confident that he can afford taking a separate path and the rest of the world will have to shut up.

Trump is right. The USA is a “special case”.

There is absolutely nothing the rest of the planet can do to prevent the United States from withdrawing from this or any other agreement. The best proof of that fact can be found in the more or less official US position that it does not need a UN Security Council to impose sanctions on another nation, threaten it with military aggression or even go to war against it. Right now, the USA have attacked Syria several times already and there are US forces deployed inside Syria and nobody seems to care, which is kind of ironic considering how many lawyers there are in the USA and, even more so, in Congress. Yet everybody sheepishly accepts that the US is, for some reason, above the law, that laws are for “others”, not for the “indispensable nation” with a “duty” and a “special responsibility” to “lead the world” (sorry, I indulge, but I just love this kind of imperialistic language!).

In politics, power is not absolute, but relative. Sure, the US military is basically dysfunctional and doesn’t seem to be capable of frightening anybody on the US list of “enemies”, but compared to Europe the USA is a powerhouse. As for the Europeans, they are depending on the Americans for pretty much everything that matters. Trump understands all that and he seem to have more respect for Kim Jong-un than for Angela Merkel. I can’t blame him as this is also how I feel.

The many sweet ironies of it all

The traditional British foreign policy has always been to fosters wars in Europe to prevent any kind of continental unity. As for the US, its main objective has always been to keep “keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down”. And now we see the Brits leaving the EU and the Americans pulling out well, maybe not out of Europe per se, but out of most of Europe’s problems. So why are the Anglos pulling out? Is that not a clear sign that Europe is sinking?

One of the favorite slogans of the Ukronazis is “Україна – це Європа” (The Ukraine is Europe). Alas, as I wrote in a past article, it is Europe which “became” (like) the Ukraine: poor, corrupt, lead by hypocritical ideologues totally detached from reality and, most importantly, totally fixated on imaginary threats. The only difference between the EU leaders and their Ukronazi counterparts is that while the latter have declared that they are already fighting a Russian invasion, the former are only preparing to counter it. That’s it. Other than that, I see no difference, at least none that matters. Oh, I almost forgot the Americans: they don’t fight the Russians (yet?), but they are “defending” their country from the onslaught of Russian hackers and pro-Russian moles in the entourage of Donald Trump. Brilliant.

In this world got mad, only the Russians are patiently trying to convince their western partners to return to some semblance of sanity. But, frankly, I don’t think that they are very hopeful. They see how the so-called “West” is falling apart, how the ruling elites of the West appear to be hell-bent on self-destruction and they wonder: why are our “western partners” so determined to bring about their own demise and why are they blaming us for what they are doing to themselves? They also often laugh at the quasi magic powers the paranoid crazies in the West seem to ascribe to Russia. One senior US official, James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, even thinks that Russians are “almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor, whatever, which is a typical Russian technique” to subvert democracy (I can’t decide if he sounds more like a Nazi racist or a clown… probably a mix of both). As I said, the Russians are mostly laughing at it all, but just to make darn sure things don’t turn ugly, they are also re-creating their famous “Shock Armies” (including at least one Tank Army) and doubling the size of the Russian Airborne Forces bringing them to 72’000 soldiers and generally preparing for World War 3.

But for the time being, war is far less likely than it would have been the case with Hillary. What we see is Trump making “America great again” by stepping on its allies in Europe and by contemptuously disregarding the rest of humanity. That kind of arrogant megalomania is not a pretty sight for sure – but way better than WWIII. And “better than WWIII” is all we can hope for in the foreseeable future.

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I enjoyed this and thank SF for offering it. What I liked most about the article, is that the Saker is taking a step back and looking at the state of the day, with a wide lense. The details are there but, the whole picture is integrated into the view. I agree with the article. I wish well to all.


Saker highlights what it must seem like from the standpoint of normal people, which is to say, the Russians. They look at European and American elites, and the morons who vote for them, and see arrogance, stupidity, denial, aggression, paranoia, profligacy, cowardice, and a determination to commit suicide.

They have the delicate task of trying to persuade a drunken friend to put down the gun and let the family out of the basement.


Hey Ace. I Iike the analogy, it put a smile on my face. I would only add that the family is truly in the basement. But, ………. they have already used the keys to open the armory down there and are pateintly waiting, fully armed, until the child upstairs finishes the Jack Daniels and descends the stairs to their death.

The brewings of civil war has been stirring in the US for a very long time. By 1969 or 1970, the intellectual revolt began in the educational system. As liberals thought they were proceeeding right along on schedule, conservative Americans began searching for a way to stop this. I know, I grew up in it. Most of the time they are vilified from all sides.

They are not stupid or ill prepared. This large part of the unspoken population is determined to survive it all. They make up probably the vast majority of the security structure and are very well educated. Shooting has not started because they do not want to end the country. It is not an organized bunch, just a huge number of individuals, who actually want the United States to be the country the founders dreamed of in the beginning.

One day, the likes of the delusional media elite, NeoCons, Extreme Progressives, et al the rest of the ilk, will render unto themselves the final blow to the door which has held it all back. They are going to find out how weak they have truly been the whole time. The example of Trump pulling out of the Paris accord, among other things, is probably being misread. It is the departure of the waters from the shore, before the tidal wave hits. This tidal wave is directed internally too. When it does appear, it will be a tradgedy to behold. I hope things can change for real, before that happens. More and more people know now, what kind of games have been played for way too long. I wish well to you.


Thank you. I went into the military in ’68 thinking the country was basically normal and run by grown ups. However, the feminist disease had just taken hold and there went normal educated women in large numbers.

The racial experiment took off too with a vengeance with results that disappointed year after year till now when outright concealment and Grade A flapdoodle are required to conceal the full nature of the “diversity” catastrophe. When Ron made that last chopper ride away from the White House we descended into the land of Rule by Midgets. Every policy decision you can list was counter-intuitive, to use a nice word, not the least decision of which was to offshore tens of thousands of our factories and place them on the shores of a communist dictatorship. That actually made sense to the political class, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

How this will play out is in the lap of the gods. I agree there’s a built-in weakness in the liberal view, not least of which is its disdain for light infantry.

The electoral advantage of concentrated urban populations is in fact but the primer in a set of explosive objective realities in which existence for many will be measured in terms of half lives of about seven days. If the Giant Just In Time Delivery system of this country even hiccups it won’t go well. And at this late date, at this very moment, my patience is thin. I never knew public life could be a daily fireworks show of utter stupidity, recklessness and depravity but it is. Forget actual meltdown or rebellion, just the withdrawal of consent to this could be devastating. Loss of the Mandate of Heaven. That sort of thing.

Best wishes to you as well.

Russell A Wilson

Both the US and the European Union are commiting suicide not just politically but financial as well. How do they expect growth to occur if they keep putting sanctions or invading countries that do not accept the dictates of the US? All they are doing is locking themselves out of potentially growing markets.

Jens Holm

With britts EU has a bigger BNP then USA even a little slow down wouldnt harm. Russian BNP is like Spain.

Growth is many things. If You reduce Your waste its an improvement. If You use windpower you dont need much oil.

China is now on the next step. All is not new and they dont clean. So now they have to learn to makle the show go on by renewing and repairing and where own smog come from, so they will slow down and has to restructure.

You forget we are potential markets growing or the opposite as well. Im fine with we improve our level rather then raise it – If others – especially the poor ones which work well in more advanced ways get their share.

George King

Another great article and take on the current situation globally with the exception of the ME and South America but he covers these in other articles with the same clarity and realism.

At first I thought the Trump Administration (least of two available evil choices) would be the catalyst for addressing ““keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down” as just good business sense. The possibility of it changing to “keep the Americans in” as in make “America Great Again” which could of revived the view of co-operation in a multi-polar world view with pipelines across the Bearing Straight (35 miles and shallow) tied into an existing upgraded Alaska pipelines to the lower 48 as well as a high speed “New Silk Road” transportation links.

Alas this is not to be in the near future as we have seen the powers behind the facade of a goverment for the people. The thought of wealth transfer from the MIC alone to infrastructure repair and expansion (jobs and locally recirculated wealth into the local economies) could have revived a business climate for making “America Great Again” for the Citizens’ Treasure, Commons and Inalienable Rights.

Solomon Krupacek

same bullshits i listened for long time about shitty, weak nato and gloriuos soviet army and socialist sytem victory. but somehow the warsaw pact (and not wto as writen in article!) lost verything.

dear witer, i tell you the truth: the european memebrs of nato are able de deter russia in conventional war. in each parameter are better. and the capacity of industry is 100x higher. today is not 1940, when was enough to produce stell for wapons. russia is not able produce 1000 armatas yearly. if the western european want, they could 5000 yearly. so, within 2-3 yearrs. they would take whole russia up to vladivostok. 500 000 000 versus 140 000 000. no chance without nuclear weapons.

other important think. the european countries do not want wars. is this problem? you, russian idiots* always write, russia does not need lot of weapons, because less is enogh for defending of country. dear idoits. THE SAME IS TRUE for west europe!

this article is really shit. i can compare socialist and capitalist system, compare the WP and NATO. the truth is, the NATO is much mor modern, better. and america is less lord then was the USSR. i remember, moscow forbad the develop electronics, bacuse this is trap of west. invest lot of money for nothing. similar stupid brezhnew like today trump, who told, the global warming is chinese trap.

*russian idiot is that category, who sings aris about russian hypersupertechnology, bestest invicible army, giant economy. these are only part of al russians. the normals are more.


Let them have their phantasies.

Let them live in a poppy induced dream while the rest of us just live.


just keep on watching the BBC/CNN it is all fine, you are the best, you are the most powerful, you are exceptional and you rule the World. Strike those who dare questioning you with your righteous overwhelming power? Pretty much every word in this great article is truth, you just “commented” on things/issues not even mentioned in it like a first class troll (you must be getting top shekels)…

Solomon Krupacek

Zionist Package, maybe your brain has only 1 bit, therefore you did not understand, if I comment here, I read also SF and other not MSM. Of course, if in one article are bullshits, I commented, comment and will comment. ;)


your “comment” was a loose rant, not related to the article at all, due to lack of any arguments you resorted to your favourite: personal insults and character assassination? my interest in you is zero, but I had to comment cause you wasted some of my time

Solomon Krupacek

you are so primitive!


Europeans can’t even deal with immigrants, how would you expect them to wage an offensive war in deep Eurasia? Unlike Hitler who rallied an entire nation, had the worlds most brilliant Prussian generals surrounding him and was super popular, Merkel has shattered Germany more than ever before and it relies completely on a professional LGBT wage army. France? Belgium? Don’t make me laugh. Poles and pseudo Baltics don’t do anything on their own and have been waiting the “Russian invasion” for almost 3 decades now. They only do it to suck Uncle Sams tit. Kiev regime doesn’t have time on its side, and meanwhile the mother ship EU is imploding itself culturally, socially and economically with unlimited, uncontrolled African immigration. This process will get even more crazy in coming years, if you read between the lines of Euro politician statements.

Automation today really releases a lot of workforce to do other things, large workforce population for mass serial production is not so important as before. Russia is continously increasing the automation level for equipment.

Sorry, I see a lot of sense in the Saker article.

Solomon Krupacek


thankds. we, european are OK, and can solve any our problem.


Ignoring facts won’t change them. And btw we, the Europeans are not okay if we read the writing on the wall.

Solomon Krupacek

we have no realproblems. the EU has 500 million citizens. russia 140 million. in russia yearly go mor islamic imigrants than in eu. who has problems, is russia, my dear!


Obviously they haven’t been integrating too well to European values. In fact this is working as intended per the illuminati plan who use the real power of EU/UN.

Every day 500 – 2500 low IQ, fertile, aggressive Africans arrive in Italy, which are the requirements for being recruited. Huge time bomb for havoc on the streets as you can witness all over Germany, Sweden, Belgium and France.

Solomon Krupacek

boy, i do not know, what plans have illuminati. i do not care about this. history of europe show, ALWAYS was able to solve the problems. big problems had longer duration, maybe century. like vikings, hungarians, arabs, later turks. if for you are important illuminati, templars and others were also destroyed or kicked out. what was important, europe rised and developed countinuously during solving of problems, therfore is more and more rich, powerful. yes, powerful. maybe america could defeat europe. we do not need lot of nuclear weapons to defeat us. IF the islamic migration will be too painful, europe – as always in history – will find the correct solution. because the migration caused by environmental changes will last the whole century, we have time. the empires are not being thinking in years, but in generations. i have no fear. russia will have much more problems. influx of moslems, emmigration of rusians, drinking, drugs, no children, aids … we will see, what happens, when in 30-40-50-60 years will move half billion of chinese ;) rassia has only 1 chance. get closer to EU.


I think of course Europe will remain as a geographic location. But with good reason I don’t think current Europeans can survive the EU and bringing half a billion Africans. I would much rather have the Chinese here.

Solomon Krupacek

sutvived vikings, survived movement of nations, survived arabs, survived mongols, survived turks. and his will continue. and the economical, political system debveloped and will develope.


This is different. No resistance to very bad influences now at all. PC is destroying everything built in thousands of years. I’m done and agree that to disagree.

Solomon Krupacek

no different :D

europe was always golem. slowly got in motion.


You do not understand. 1000 million Africans will end Europe.

Solomon Krupacek

sure not. :)

ntw., we alla came from africa, 100 000 years ago ;)

Jens Holm

Yerrrh You are right. How would You like 10 million europeans comming to the middle east having pigs all over and females commanding men whering bikinis or something in the streets.

Brad Isherwood

Trump FreeMason https://deusnexus.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/trump-freemason-connection/


It must be nice living in this alternative world, not havintg to cope with reality, just phantasizing as one likes.

I would almost envy you, were it no so childish.

Keep on dreaming man, while we keep on living.


Yup, all true, and listen pissants, you may have all the bombs, buddy boy, but as the old tribal leaders in Afghanistan says, they have all the time, witch one do you idiots think will prevail. The reason for its name, the graveyard of empires, Afghanistan is infact one of the few areas I can think of wanting to go and stay for an while, like in the hay days, when peace was in the land, my hart bleeds for the Afgan people, and the only think the wankees have done is to ruin it completely. No shame, no remorse, and no morale, no credibility, no accountability, and no truth what so ever about the real reasons for staying in Afghanistan.

I am afraid, the paranoia, the wankees have been spoon feed for decades is so attached to their bone marrow, and is behind everything they think and “know”, that they will not sign any bloody peace deal before their own citys are bombed back to the stone age. They live in an fantasy lalaland, and thinks the seas protects them like before, that is an ilution wankees, but hey, continue to chew Prozacs and look for Russians crawling in your chimneys. You never know. huh I have even experience with your “best” aka the US-sub-Marines, stupid headless chickens. I know of special troops beaten to shit and captured by Norwegian cooks and they are conscripts. Hehe I liked the Canadians better, nice chaps. And what I saw and heard was not in your favor, boy, any Russian grand mother is an much better choice, at-least they are experienced and smart anuf.

The world have only one problem, and that’s You wankee boy, nobody else, of course, we should have adults whom could slap the Israelis to their rightful place, drag em by their ears, but still, you are the SOBs of the universe.




I think most of this article is Russian propaganda. Whenever I read ‘Ukranian Nazis’ I know I’m reading Russian propaganda. But the article raises a few good points. – The EU and G7 leaders haven’t had an original thought in their brains, other then go run to the US whenever there’s a problem. When the US then does something it gets fixed, if not the Europeans keep on squabling amongst eachother and the problem continues to fester. – EU and NATO expansion eastwards was a giant mistake. The NATO expansion only served to piss off Russia, even though I can understand why ‘New Europe’ was desperate to join. 40 decades of Soviet rule (more in the case of the Baltics) was no picnic to them and not something they wanted to experience ever again. The EU expansion only brought underdeveloped economies into the EU and saw a massive influx of money going from the West to the East and economic migrants going from East to West. It’s no wonder so many people now hate the EU when there’s East Europeans doing the work you used to do, or because the company you worked for moved to Eastern Europe. – The US really is an exceptional country, as it can get away with behavior that would see any other country be called a rogue nation. It helps that there are so many countries who want to freeload on the massive US armed forces for its protection. In which case it’s also highly ironic that Trump called them out on that. – No matter how arrogant Trump was, I happen to think he was right to tell 23 NATO countries they were basically freeloaders, it still beats the WWIII we would have gotten for Hillary. So at least thank god for small favors. We all at least get to live.

Solomon Krupacek

You are principally right, but in ukrainian government really are also fascist groups and have influence.


Nailed it.

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