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Trump Blames Iran For Riots Near US Embassy In Iraq, Threatens It With ‘Response’

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US President Donald Trump reacted to the ongoing riots near the US embassy in Iraq that was caused by US strikes on the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq and Syria. MORE HERE

As it was expected, he blamed Iran.


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Of course, why bother with eh….. technicalitys, questionable and contains so in our face, inconsistency/s, so gross it hurts, intellectually not, but in general, since its coming from the assh….. whom invented, eh…. new realitys, and since the goal is and will be an war, the momentum is kicked in, this is of course, escalating, and its also the reson, to blame Iran, witch is also echoing in the western MSM, and the Iran backing nonsense, in this times where western backed NGOs arent even debated, aka color revolutions, and so on to the sudden consernes about the happy head chopping “moderates” in Ibdil, and the reminas of the invading forces remins in Libya, and the insanly rotten complyance to the slughter house known as Yemen and Gaza, but uses the Iranian backing for an reason is also highly questinable, but the propaganda in the west is about fighting the “rebels” in Syria and/or in Iraq, and witch western/arab nations suports them contra whom people rightfully and just in their fight agfainst the western backed f….. in the Saudi-brarbarian cometry of scumbags aka kingdoms, but attacks Iran whom have wast regions under their flag and by international laws and what this means to have rights in the open sea and borderlines, etc, but uses Iran to have something at least for the sheeps in the imperial banana republic UssA.

But sommehow uses Iran as an reason, and for conducting war fare on the scumbags whom destroyed what was Iraq, and have made Iraq to an shithole, and somhwhat is dragging Iran into this, but of course, Iran and Iraq have an long history and despite it, times where better before, but never forget whom did this to you, and they are to be blamed, because they want this, to make cash, never underestemate the Yankikes greed, and their God (Guns, Oil and Drugs) but comes up with this in the knowledge of that it matters only in the UssA, if people bit on it, because of years of idiot propaganda, and their undying suport of the Terror state ISISrael and will use this narrative about this Group, because of the groups name, Hezbollah aka in any Moronikans eyes, must be the same as the Lebanes one, because their name contains the word Hezbollah, eh….. but again, even the videos of the, are you joking, are nonsense, again, simpleminded fools created this idiot show for the, remeber, for Trumpstein and Co, its the coming election that counts, and they dont give an f….. about the rest of us, as the refugee scam is alive and kicking, what do you think will come out of an all out war on Iran, huh. Dunka, dunka.

But hey, why worrie, it looks for me to be the first New year evening that I can remeber for years, that I have perfect weather conditions, around 0, but clear blue sky, a little cloudy but it gives the wiu I have more spectaculare, and I have good wiue, straight out the outer Oslo Fjord. And a ham in the owen. Cheers. Happy new year. And to the boys/girls/72uh…..things, in the SF, we hope you survive next year.


Mehmet Aslanak

I think Baghdad will be the new Saigon for the US forces. Another lost war, trillions well wasted.

Zionism = EVIL

The nightmare that is coming for the cowardly Americunt arseholes is beyond imagination.



It wasn’t wasted. It went right where it was intended to. /sarc

Wayne Nicholson

Poor Donald …. tilting at windmills just like Don Quixote


Don Quixote at least wanted to defend the weak. Donald is a fool who sides with the thugs.

Zionism = EVIL

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Trump is on the verge of a stroke over Iran, Yemen is now a threat for the Zionists.

Zionism = EVIL

Iran not heading to war but not afraid of conflict: military commanders after a lengthy meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei

“We are not leading the country to war, but we are not afraid of any war and we tell America to speak correctly with the Iranian nation. We have the power to break them several times over and are not worried,” Revolutionary Guards Commander Brigadier General Hossein Salami was quoted by Tasnim as saying.

Azriel Herskowitz

Trump is right. Iran is 100 percent behind this attack on the US embassy. I mean just look at the flags the “protesters” are flying. They are flags of Iraqi Hezbollah which is backed by the Mullah regime.


seppuku for you – ever thought of that rather than contaminate the comments field where you are shunned like the plague or worse, as a hymie!

Joao Alfaiate

Please register as an Agent of a foreign power, israel. If you love the place so much why don’t you leave the US and take the rest of the israel Firsters with you.

John Wallace

Fake news false flag waving Izreal Megahertz returns with his new fantasy comic story. Shaka Zulu had the perfect treatment for you. He would have a stake planted in the ground so that it was about six foot high. It was sharpened to a point at the top. Anyone he disliked for no reason he would have stripped naked and placed anally on the greased point . You would look great telling your stories from high as you slowly slid down the pole.

James R

Too far.

John Wallace

What is too far. Nothing is too far telling a bullshit troll to take his fake made up news elsewhere.

We must liberate Iraq from Iraqis once and for all!

Zionism = EVIL

Fuck off evil Jew vermin.


” They will be held fully responsible. In addition, we expect Iraq to use its forces to protect the ( US) Embassy, and so notified!” Trump

Funny that. I don’t seem to recall that US cops or security forces did anything to prevent the ILLEGAL assault by pro-US demonstrators on the Venezuelan Embassy earlier this year.

Perhaps Trump forgot that :)

You can call me Al

Happy New Year to you and let us hope the forces of good overcome the US and Israel in 2020. Catch you when I sober up in the morning.


trump has proved over and over again that he is an idiot who can’t think or talk or act coherently.

Xoli Xoli

Trump is facing impeachment in USA this side is threatening Iran in Iraq.Poor fat fuck President of UnSafe Area 51(USA)

Doom Sternz

What led to the US Attacks on Iraqi Military Hundreds of Miles from the “Incident” at K1 base was that a US Oil Company Contractor was killed while stealing Iraqi Crude.

The attack Trump claims to be retaliating against was against an Iraqi base, not an American base, an attack by ISIS where an American oil worker was killed on an Exxon oil facility…where oil has been stolen from Iraq for years.

By the term “contractor,” the US is careful not to identify who he actually worked for and there is absolutely no reason for any Americans to be in Kirkuk.

The base which was attacked housed not just Iraqi regulars but PMU units, who were also attacked, the same units Trump says staged the attack….on themselves. The attack was using a Romanian built 122mm rocket, that were supplied to ISIS by the US.

The BBC admits that the K1 base housed PMU militias who were there to protect K1 from the Kurds…and ISIS. It is also more than possible that, if ISIS and Kurdish forces attacked K1, they were aided by Israeli commandos who are now training Kurdish troops and who have largely replaced the US as the force backing the Erbil government.


Top comment!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

US will be running out of the middle east so fast, absolutely terrified by Irans hidden true power , they will never want to go back again

Zionism = EVIL

The dumbass Americunts can do fuckall to Iran, and the Jew vermin are hell bent on creating a swan song war but have already failed as the rednecks are fed up with dying for the Zionist cowards and funding them while the average Americunt is starving and living on dog food.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Not to mention, with the subsequent closing of the Hormuz Strait, there will be backlash the empire has yet to date never experienced.

Jim Bim

The US only invades poor and weak countries, the US has never faced an qual foe. The US could not even win over Vietnam.

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