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Trump Becomes 45th President of the United States

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Trump Becomes 45th President of the United States

Donald Trump has won 276 electoral votes, becoming the 45th president of the United States. The mainstream media looks like a funeral now.

“We have a great economic plan,” Trump said. “We will double our growth, and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world.” He also promised “great relationships” with other nations.

“We must reclaim our country’s destiny and dream big and bold and daring,” Trump added, before thanking his family.

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Let’s hope he will at least try to defuse tensions with Russia. His victory is not surprise at all but once he fails to deliver domestically that will act as sobering call to voters about disheartening reality they live in. On a more positive side ti could also be wake up call for Trump or anyone else who dreams of changing things.

Gary Sellars

He came, he saw, she died….

Karma is real, and its bite is a real bitch…. :-)

Tomko Kubianca

Putin hated Obama and Clinton. They were the ones that started the war in Syria. There’s no reason for the war in the first place. If Trump and Putin combine forces it could end very quickly.


Tomko Kubianca , respect , you condensed it well . The treason of allowing Saudi “royalty” to dictate US foreign policy is done . The Wahhabi ideology still needs to be defeated , not just in Syria , but around the world . This next fight is not on the street , but in the minds of We , The People . Understanding and cooperation by Trump and Putin , brings the real possibility of victory for all of us .

John Whitehot

Putin did not hate nobody. There are haters in this world, but they hide behind world like Charity, Hope, Integration and so on. Go find a picture of George Soros if you want to see how ‘s the face of a hater.

Tomko Kubianca

OK…Putin disliked Obama and Clinton IMMENSELY. Is that better?

John Whitehot

it’s not. In regards to Obama, Putin said “It’s actually a very decent person”. idk which Clinton u’re talking about, but I’m pretty sure that Putin has never expressed dislike to any foreign head of state or candidate publicly, which is something that in itself is a shameful act, especially since it’s a big lack of respect towards the people that elected that person.


Hehe I have to admit, all thoe I am not on my knees because of this, its to early to say anything, but to congrats His champagne, and now the seat in the WH, I feel an kick of utter clouting and have cramps in my face because of smiling, hehe, it hurts.

And to read our “eminent” MSM whom didnt see anything nor it coming, and of course, when everything you believe is what the MSM writes you have an problem, and never have it been so crystal clear, as now, and they where wrong all the way in.

I hope that the American people never ever forgets nor forgives the treason, the hate rhetoric, the lies, the massive diversions of politics thru an barrage of bullshit and gossip so lame it was spectacular to behold.. And still they lost it.

WE in Norway have politicians, all of them, telling us this was and is an dooms day, we are screwed, and some take it further to be about hating women and racism an mass, and non of this scums in our MSM nor politicians is willing to admit they where wrong, Norway whom is the biggest founder of the criminal entity called Clinton Fund. millions of dollars, and now, huh, they scream at Trump.

I would never forgive them, Yankees, in times of deep problems and when the road is jammed, remember those that stood by your side, Yankees, and whom did not. No Russians did anything. but your own criminal elite and their MSM.

And where is the row of celebritys what “threatened” to move, huh, to where Haiti. I want to see them flee, kick them out, and remember whom own your MSM, whom owns your Banks, whom owns your politicians, never forget them, the enemy within. And now, they all try to distance them self from the insane amount of drivel and lies they them self have thrown on Trump and still do. And I read so much bollocks this days its downright good and Im having an ball.

Yeah, an good day after all, nothing is more invigorating than to watch the creeps crawl and shitting down their own nest, and forgot the rule number one, even among the Mafia, never, ever shit in your own nest.


Tomko Kubianca

We all know how Anders Breivik felt about the Norwegian politicians. Some day he will be looked back on as a hero, or you’ll all become slaves to the Progressive Globalists (which is a nice way of saying COMMUNISTS). The MSM in the USA are one and the same. Voting Trump was a small step in the opposite direction without taking the drastic measures that Anders Breivik took. The second amendment is there in case Anders Breivik’s method becomes necessary.

Tomko Kubianca

“whom owns your Banks”…The same people own YOUR banks. They’re not just in America. Libya was destroyed and now Syria is being destroyed. WHY? Because they won’t allow those same BANKERS in.

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