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Trump Asked Pentagon Chief For Plan To Blow Up Iranian ‘Fast Boats’: Media


Trump Asked Pentagon Chief For Plan To Blow Up Iranian 'Fast Boats': Media

Iranian Revolutionary Guard patrol boats shadow the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, December 21, 2018. IMAGE: .Jon Gambrell/AP

During the first year of the presidency, Donald Trump repeatedly asked his national security team to draw up a plan to blow up Iranian “fast boats,” Axios reported on January 14 citing sources.

“Why don’t we sink them?”, Trump allegedly asked then Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“So these boats, they get in, they come in really fast, they come in really close… and they might have explosives on them and we don’t even know,” Trump reportedly told staff. “Can you believe this? And we don’t do anything?”

However, the sources told Axios that such “disproportionate” response could have quickly led to war. This is why no actions were done in response.




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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    Lead to war……….. more likely what they lead to is every american ship in the vicinity will become home for the fishes along with the sailors of them who will become snacks for the sea life there.

  • LOL, God must have blessed US with the worst idiot politician.

  • Rob

    These morons from Washington want with every single country in the world.

    • jako

      Plan to blow up Iranian fast boats is nothing less than plan for war.
      US are just posturing and blabbing their BIG mouth.
      Those who really want war don’t spend so much time in publicly talking about it or reveling any of their plans or tactics.

      • Rob

        You know in each war they fuck themselves like evil but still they don’t leave their habits.

        Like Vietnam they say that we want to leave Afghanistan but Pakistan does not help us. Similarly tomorrow they will complain that we want to leave Syria but Syrian and Iranian regimes does not help us to leave Syria.

        • jako

          But what I am trying to say is simple
          This time US does not have GUTS to attack Iran not even with Israel-Arab or NATO backing .
          Iran is too dangerous as enemy and too many complications will arrive with oil jumping on 300$ over the night and will be collapsing US and World economy in immediate depression

          All this is just US – POSTURING.

          • Rob

            This is absolutely true.

            The Iranian and Russian vessels in international water is to stop smuggling of weapons from US, GB etc to the global terrorists organizations like ISIS, Israel, Al-Qaeda etc.

    • Brother Ma

      As long as America has reserve world currency it is bulletproof with regards to economic downfall. Countries have to leave the dollar enmasse for America’s economic woes to catch up to it.
      Which countries are brave enough to do that apart from Iran ,Russia and China?

      • Rob

        Many countries have started to do trade in their own currencies. Fuck dollar.

        • Brother Ma

          Yes. You are right and it is a good start.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    War is coming, Russia what are you doing?
    Sell Iran the S-400 system now, don’t wait till Israel airplanes are bombing Moscow years down the road cause all of Russians allies have already been conquered.
    Sell Iran 3 simple sets of S-400. It is easy, you just do it.

    • christianblood

      Indeed! And sell them some more anti-ship missiles too!

  • Smaug

    FWI, contingency planning like this the norm, and 90% of it is not used.
    Although this problem is why a lot of people, including some in high places, are advocating taking the fight to the enemy.