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JUNE 2021

Trump Administration Officially Approved Lethal Arms Sales To Ukraine

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Trump Administration Officially Approved Lethal Arms Sales To Ukraine

Barrett M107A1. Photo: Jim Watson / AFP

On December 20, the US Department of State officially confirmed that the White House has approved US commercial sale of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine.

“The Department of State has licensed the commercial export of a limited number of small arms and light weapons to Ukraine from U.S. manufacturers,” a State Department official told the Russian state-run news agency TASS. He added that the US has “never had any policy that restricts such commercial sales.”

According to earlier reports, an administration of US President Donald Trump approved a commercial license for exports to Ukraine of Barrett M107A1 sniper systems, munitions and spare parts for them to a sum of $41.5 million.

“We have crossed the Rubicon, this is lethal weapons and I predict more will be coming,” the Washington Post quoted a senior congressional official.

However, the official version of the US State Departement went in another direction. Washington said there is “nothing new” in the leathal-weapons sales to Ukraine.

“The U.S. government is not selling the Ukrainian government these weapons. Under the previous two administrations, the U.S. government has approved export licenses to Ukraine, so this is nothing new,” State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said in a statement to ABC News.

Earlier in 2017, SouthFront revealed facts and documents confirming a sale of shoulder-fired rocket launchers by AirTronic, a US manufacturer in Texas, to Ukraine. According to the documents, the US firm signed a contract with the Kiev government on November 11, 2016.

Later, Richard Vandiver told Voice of America that his firm has been selling the weapons since 2016, and “we are continuing deliveries up until now.”

On December 13, Canada gave the green light for national defence contractors to sell lethal weapons to Ukraine. Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said that the country will include Ukraine in the Automatic Firearms Country Control List (AFCCL). This will enable Canadian companies and individuals to apply for a permit to export certain prohibited firearms, weapons and devices to the Ukrainian government.

The recent arms sales came amide the increasing tensions in eastern Ukraine where forces loyal to the Kiev regime remain in a constant confrontation with forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

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Promitheas Apollonious

yes and before the approval the Ukrainians, did not have this weapons. This idiotic attempts of the western people to dress with legality, to all their war exporting efforts, it is pathetic.


Trump will be very happy when he grabbing lands from foreign nations through their own terrorists groups.

Promitheas Apollonious

well daydreaming, it is for free – pay no taxes and basically never hurt any one, but the one who does it. And trump is nothing but a figure head, that does exactly what is told so lets not elevate him to something he never going to be, a leader.

Think of him for what he is a third rate holywood starlet. You use them, you f*ck them and then you throw them away. This is what and who trump is. A starlet.

Jens Holm

??? It is very limited, what Trump can do. They have a Constitution with a parlament and cant just evaporate the many, many treaties as they wish.

You might notice the many protest from Europe according to Jerusalem. Thats against agreements against facts from 1947 or something.


The Deep State wants Ukraine ‘hot’, like Iran wants Yemen ‘hot’. This is how the Great Game brings misery to so many ordinary innocent people. Iran is ‘justified’ by a desperate attempt to use proxy wars to slow the planning of the Iran War. The Deep State just wants difficulties for Russia right on its national borders.

Putin could confront the Deep State, but his loyalty to Israel means he never will.

Jens Holm

Russians do most of the heat all over, where they can and try very hard to gain control of Estonia, Lituania, Latvia, White Russia, Ukraine, parts of Caucasus as well as other places.

We in west see the agressiveness by Russians deploying missils in Kaliningrad. By that Denmark and Sweden now has to put up Scudd batteries as well as many small missiles.

They also fly their jets closer to our territories as in th cold war again, so we are close to have to shoot them down.

At least dont tell, we are the only agressive ones. We have reduced the americans in Western Europe from 300.000 at the cold war to 30.000, but know we escalate to close to 50.000 again. And why: Well Russian activities in Ukraine is not held back.

And let me remind, that making Ukraine was a part of a big trade in the Sovjet collapse, where Ukraine got their part. If/when Ukraine by that loose harbour facilities, Crimera and the Russian areas there – They or others should have something else in return.

It could be russians buzzing of from their agressivnes in Caucasus incl. Thetjenia.

Jens Holm

Of course it is not pathetic. I only see it as unweise.

Melotte 22

Lethal arms? Amazing.


America main business is War. China main business is trade.

Tudor Miron

China… just wait and see.


She does not wait for anyone fools.
She moves forward trading with everyone while you move forward getting COUNTRIES to drop bombs at 1 milllion a pop thus increasing your fake GDP .

Tudor Miron

I’m Russian so when you say “you” it’s just…Lol “while you move forward getting COUNTRIES to drop bombs at 1 milllion a pop thus increasing your fake GDP”(c) – that was a good one :)
Regarding China – what I’m saying is that China according to plan is the new center of global governing (global predictor) which is being removed from US in front of our eyes. It’s a long term process that started long ago and was planned for… hundreds of years.
Just remember my words in about 15-20 years from now.


Oops … thought your are American


US can’t even rebuild our own infrastructure much less Syria. Ask Iraq and Afghanistan. Were destroyers not builders.

Jens Holm

Its not a matter of can or cannot. Its a political solution. We see it inside USA. You dont invest in the poor ones and see millions as only expences.

Only the Sander line by the Democrates are like that, and they are a minority.

Thats USA.

We do kind of semilar to Sanders here in Denmark as well as Scandinavia. We invest in the poor as well and it is very expensive, but by that we also make more average taxpayers to at least the middle class level, so they pay for it by not using wellfare as well.

We think it make more dignity and involve in stead of seperate our countries. We also think we see lowering the crimerates for that saving money for police, courts and jail.

Wellfare for us is not keeping as many criminels in jail, but keeping them out even many in US say its akward.

I here all the time, that the American Middle Class seemes more and more reduced. Ours are not even we have orther problems, You might solve better.

By the way we send out votingletters to all. People dont have to registrate, where some states by You even test people. The letter give You(with ID) where to vote and when, where You get the elections lists and vote.

That gives us 70-80% voting. Very few are not allowed to vote compared with many places in USA.

USA can rebuild infrastructures in USA as well as helping others. But it also is about giving people, what they acually wish fore – and ask for.

AM Hants

Must say, I have no problems with it moving to China. When was the last time China invaded anybody? Will prefer cheap labour to certified thermo-nuclear war, anyday. At least you can survive the latter.

Jens Holm

It was North Vietnam. They did not like the North Vietnamese veterans having artillery.

Tudor Miron

Problem is that at a later stage China cheap labour model will be introduced to those parts of the world that are used to much higher consumption level. What do you think – China as a new world leader will rise wealth of its sitizens (consumption level) or it will take ther rest down to their level? Europe is not in the focus now because reasons for huge refugee inflow are weakened but I don’t think that this is over for Europe – let’s wait and see what happens.

AM Hants

Have no idea how it will pan out, but, the Chinese way appears to avoid the thermo-nuclear WWIII, that Washington DC so desires.

So I am going for the lazy and easy option. This lot have not done us much good, over the last 2000 years.

comment image

Jens Holm

Fine for me all chinese can have a good life too.

Tudor Miron

I have to say that gp’s plan doesn’t go towards good life, unfortunately. One of the reasons is that gp prefers Chineas model thats because it has much lower level of consumtion than is common in Europe (not for very long anyway). That country is already a large working camp in many ways.


NO- Humanity has never seen a trading and industry nation like the USA. The inventiveness of New Britain is unprecedented. The war-mongering is just a purposeful vulnerability in American society- one that is exploited by VERY evil forces from time to time.

So the American people literally have more to lose than anyone else on our planet as a result of Deep State war making. Which is why the American people are subject to jewish controlled saturation propaganda making them forget how important trade and business is the the States.

Jens Holm

Very optimistic. I see the chinese build up because they now have an economic sensible way to improve the conditions for all chinese.

I dont see that in Syria, Iraq and iran. Most mini-progress there is only getting money from oil. They are in dictator emirate level and insist very hard in remaining like that.

The Chinese now are able to replace the millions of only riffels with a some smaller bút much more advanced defence.

Tudor Miron

That’s a dangerous move…I suspect that Ukronazi should be worried – it looks like US at the same time pushing them towards escalation while giving Russian’s pretext for more direct involvement in Ukraine. Sad thing is that Ukronazi will first draw lots of blood before seizing to exist.


These gangs will not seize the east..Russia will never allow that to happen..If Russia was willing to go to Syria to fight Islamic western backed terror just imaging what they will do to western backed Nazis..Russian loses to Islamic terror doesn’t even start to compare to Russian losses to Nazi terror…

Tudor Miron

They (ukro nazi) will seize to exist themselves but they will try to draw blood as much as they can. Do not forget that current Ukraine is an attempt of recreation of Khazarian kaganat v3 (v2 was busted by Stalin) and those guys love when Goyim kill Goyim. Simply look who’s the owner of Pravi sector (ulta nationalist/fascist paramilitary organisation for those who don’t know), who’s paying their bills and directing their moves? Kolomoysky – Jew oligarch, religious talmudist and active chabad member.

Jens Holm

Against all historian facts. And they are zion jews as well.

Jens Holm

You might read again. USA has until now denied to sell any weaponds to Ukraine. Very slow escalation.


I think the US has always sold lethal arms to Ukraine.After all remember the Us never officially armed ISIS either..

Jens Holm

Hahaha …

Daniel Martin

I wonder if they’ve mentioned in the end of that PM if they (the U.S) don’t expect this decision to negatively influence the already bad U.S-Russian relationship and that Washington still expect Russia to fully cooperate and influence the North Korean government to deescalate the tensions created by Washington on the Korean Peninsula. Or as President Putin asked in the annual QA the other day, “ are you people normal …? “


Yet Putin remains on his knees to the West. Instead of playing the Great Game, as an Empire Power must, Putin plays the ‘muscular vicar’ crying “can’t we all just get along”. You know- that sad religious figure who goes up to the evil invading aliens in some Hollywood movie begging them to be “reasonable”.

Evil ain’t ever going to be reasonable. Putin argues that there are ‘reasonable’ people to be found in the West- but the rise of the demon Tony Blair ensured all people in power in the West are blairites or compromised and blackmailed.

Gaddafi thought Tony Blair was his best bud- remind me how did that work out for him?

When it comes to powerful people, Russia is FRIENDLESS in the West. But an Empire Power doesn’t need such friends- when it is willing to play the Great Game, and USE its empire power. But Putin refuses to play the Great Game, so the Deep State batters Russia endlessly.

Jens Holm

In most matters Russia is no big power anymore. They have not regained much since their collapse and are lowered more then raised in most matters.

BNP is like Spain even You of course get a lot more for dollars in Russia.


Before the “revolution” Ukrainian “non-patriotic” governments were maintaining a military industrial complex that sold quite sophisticated and complex hardware all over the globe, including Russia. After just 3 years of “patriot” rule, they import bolt action rifles. Talk about progress…

Hide Behind

Those ” bolt action rifles” in the right hands are lethal for 2000+meters.
At that range will penetrate concrete walls, 2 inch mild steel, a head hit leaves but mush and bone fragments, hit to body cuts in two spreading blood and gore in 15 meter streak.
The 50 cal round is supposedly only supposed to be used upon hardened targets, and no a man wearing body armor is not hardened.
As article did not mention calibre, to be
fair one must include the 338 Lapua, which while a bit shorter ranged round does just as nasty a job on humans as a 50 cal.
Am no expert but I have fired both bolt and semi in both cals. multiple times, and a 2000 meter hit and full penetration on 12″ diameter steel plate is quite easy once you find range.
What is not mentioned is that snipers work as teams, a spotter and a triggerman, and while weapon is deadly the spotters “electronics include even a GPS, rotational direction of earth, range to target, wind direction s between them and target, and then calculates what scope settings trigger man sets rifle optics ($4500-6000 USD), and while not foolproof 99% accurate if triggerman does his part.
Oh ya, optics of spotters and rifle tools work in pitch black nights.
ANY MILITARY WITH 20 OF THESE CAN DECIMATE A TOWNS PROTECTORS, assassinate officers and village elders with impunity,; as today’s foreign grunts use Russian weaponry that reaches max 800 yards and is not able to penetrate US body armor at even 50 meters.
Dragenov 7,6wx57 is piece of crap in comparison.


You’re missing my point. I’m quite sure that old Uki military industry was quite capable producing quality systems in .338 lapua or 12.7 Russian – after all Iranians have mastered production of adequate quality sniper rifles in 12.7, while Russia produces SOF snipers in those calibers for better part of 2 decades. Yet “the patriots” just shovel cash to the US for some second hand rifles, spares and – ammo. So each bullet shot will cost Ukrainian tax payers some hard currency – ’cause their US “allies” won’t even let them produce bullets domestically. In other words – a racket pure and simple…


Great post. I didn’t realize it was the Barrett when i read this yesterday. Doesn’t Geneva convention mention something about this caliber not to be used on humans. i.e. sniper rifle? Obviously, they use it.

Many moons ago, i remember a drill sergeant showing us holes in armor plating on APC that he said was from a 50 caliber. Very impressive. You are definitely going down if hit by a 50 cal.


And that helps the innocent people of East Ukraine who are dying daily how? Always the problem of our side. Sniggering and cynicism. Only an Empire power like Russia, ACTING like an Empire Power, can end the terrible situation in Ukraine- but Israel doesn’t want this so Putin won’t do it.

Of course Ukraine has devolved into a cr-p-hole. Look at Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. It’s what the Deep State does. But by doing so, the Deep State WINS. Russia has supported UN sanctions on Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc- sanctions the West proposed. Russia supports ruining Iran if it persues nukes and REWARDING the jews of Israel for their horrific WMD programs.

Putin the hypocrite, who thinks jews are above planetry law, will always be compromised in any way he chooses to act.

Did you know Putin BANS the sale of s-400 systems to Iran and Syria, while offering the best Russia has to offer to Israel and Saudi Arabia. Don’t you see the problem here?

Jens Holm

That is not correct. They should by local voting give those 2-3 counties back to Russia. That would help a lot.


That’s the whole point – non of the “aid” will actually help people in the east or in the west Ukraine. And it has to be paid by hard currency. Ukraine doesn’t need US help to continue a war on itself.
As for Putin’s strategy everyone around, both “experts” and regular knobs can only guess – which is his strongest weapon really. Only I wouldn’t put my money on wonder weapons like s-400, or Su-35s to solve ME problems with Israel or Saudi. These things only work as a part of a complex multilayered systems designed not to win, but to make an attack too costly for the aggressor. Neither Iran nor Syria are rich enough or technologically advanced to finance, maintain and regularly upgrade those systems. Saudis only buy hi tech weapons as a part of a elaborate political bribery scheme and I don’t think Russians sold any to Israel…


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Jens Holm

I can confirm that. Russians has taken out almost all scientific crew out. That include their rocket science.

None seemes to be able to regain Ukraine. It is full of local corruption by several locals and seemes not to be able to take in new things from west as well.

Parts of their agriculture are the only parts, which has improved some.

I wonder how they even can pay for thes weapons unless they are sold to local warlords.


It shames me to say it, but the RF will have no choice but to escalate. Those of you who keep decrying NATOs hypocrisy don’t grasp that the Ukraine is going to be sacrificed to prop up the new Russia-is-evil narrative. If Canada is really building a base in Ukraine, then it’s almost time for Russia to act. The US already knows they can’t hold on to Kiev, so they plan on “making the most of it”.
It sounds crazy that they’d betray Ukraine for so little, but consider that the US is the country that invaded Granada for the sole purpose of covering up for the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon.

AM Hants

NATO is building a base in non-NATO Ukraine, in Kharkov. Canada, building another base. Remember back in 2014 when Russia presented a bill in the UN, to outlaw the N *zi Party. Three nations voted against it, or gave full support to the N *zis. Canada, US and America. The tax payers of those nations must be thrilled, with regards what their leaders sign up for.

Jens Holm

Thats right. But You forget a lot about russians.


Russian action is invasion and partition. The invasion will be overwhelming and PEACEFUL. Partition into East and West Ukraine will be peaceful and a happy outcome for ordianry Ukrainians.

But the time for this SANE action has passed and Putin is entrenched in DISASTER re:Ukraine. When Putin is forced to match the West backed neo-nazis, Britain will ensure the World Cup is taken from Russia – did you know Britain has preparations to host the World Cup well under way?

Jens Holm

And if my behind had solar cells in it, I would no use toilet paper …

AM Hants

Wow, US and Canada must be so proud to support the ethnic cleansing and genocide in Eastern Ukraine. For what?


GB/US always considered another nations as savages that have not any right for life, That is main goal to make Russians to kill Russians.

AM Hants

The millions of displaced Ukrainians is showing that is not happening. The Galicia citizens of Ukraine appear to have no problem with genocide and ethnic cleansing.


Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians are one nation. That is confirmed even by US scientists in genetics investigations.

So Russians kill Russians: dream of West.


american weapons every where time to make money again!!!!

Boris Kazlov

They illegally lend the money to pseudo-Ukraine first, then take it back and give arms to molest Russia.


So let’s have Team Saker explain to us all again why it was ‘GOOD’ that Putin didn’t invade Ukraine in the first place, ebd the civil war, and oversee the PEACEFUL partition of Ukraine into two new nations?

America invades at the drop of a hat, so does Britain and France. All in the name of EVIL, but also cos they are EMPIRE POWERS. Why doesn’t Putin allow Russia to act like the Empire Power it is.

By allowing Russia to look like a second world nation, Putin allows the other Empire Power to feel so emboldened, it even subjects Russia to thje greatest insults imaginable. MI6 working to throw Russia out of international sporting events. Nations subjecting Russia to sanctions without any fear of reprisal.

Had Putin put on his ‘big boy’ pants, and rolled into Ukraine, there would be NO sanctions now. Ukraine would be multiple new nations, all peaceful (is there any fighting in the Czech Rupublic or Slovakia or Serbia or Bosnia or Croatia?) When an ethnically divided SYNTHETIC nation reaches boiling point, it must be broken down into new nations.

Instead, Putin listened to Team Saker, and Ukraine grows into an ever more deadly cancerous sore on Russia’s flank daily. And people here are supposed to listen to Saker, and think the solution is Russia pouring weapons into Ukaraine to match the West. All that means is far more INNOCENT people dying in Ukraine while certain people bask in complete safety in Florida USA.

Russia’s pre-Putin mistakes in Ukraine combined with the toxic evil of the Deep State means ONLY a split in that nation along ethnic lines can bring peace.


“Russia that supports Israel and Saudi Arabia”? )))) Putin does not call to Israel and SA, but Israel and SA call to Putin after any step of Russia in Middle East. It seems as creation of real threat for above countries and not as “support”.


Hello Starlight. I have to disagree with you a bit on things. Russia has played this like a pro. They are crushing US/Occidental efforts everywhere within their sphere of influence. It played it perfect; let the guys pushing their way in ( NATO et al ) think that they are in charge, while you look a bit dumb, look a little slow, look a bit inactive and disoriented, then let them stroll right into the fun house unopposed ………… after, when it gets a bit stickier than presumed, hits the light to the on position and let the games begin.

The US and it’s friends are bleeding six ways from Sunday now and …… something you might not know, there is a major change in the mind of the US public now. Nobody is covering that because, it is at a grass roots/pre news stage. One has to talk to individuals in the country at this point to know it is happening. They are now, individual by individual, beginning to weed the truth out of the nonsense. The US citizens are not automatically dismissing other opinions, which are contra the mantra at this point. That was not happening 5 years ago. They know something is seriously wrong now. Stay tuned, it is going to be very interesting. I wish well to you.

Tudor Miron

Its like if you don’t realize that it is US that supports Israel in it’s madness. Was it Putin who dreamed up that “Jerusalem stunt”? Or was it Trump under influence of Russian hackers?


As early new types of weapons will be sold to outside of Ukraine by Ukraine itself and some time captured by East Ukraine fighters for investigation).


Hasn’t USA supplied drone and radar targeting equipment to Ukraine already?


Now is time for Russian to delivery rocket IGLA,for Taliban,as reciprocity opposite NATO helicopters and
revenge for us Stinger during Afgan war.All wil be legal!

Hide Behind

A good snipers team in Fahluja Iraq could on average in 4 hours 20 or more kills. At a leisurely pace and place bets on targets chosen.
You do not over heat these specialized weapons, take a look. At marines warrior. Oath.
Know them, mostly marines but some army.
Shoot a child , and a parent, mostly older leader of family will rush to child , making another dead target, If no pne else is seen await ambulance crew and pop one of them.
Once mound was built surrounding Fahluja, no one left inside could escape, and any human was legal target.
Of course these targets only had ancient AK and very little ammo, ammo that ca not penetrate US body armor, a d were but non human sand niggers, yes US troops called them same .
Once citizens stayed hiseen and snipers got most observable targets then they sent in “door kickers, and snipers got those who ran out back doors or to top of house or mosque.
Ukraine troops being trained y bot Private Co tractors mostly ex spec ops military and US official Spec ops.
Anyone closer than 3000meters of one trained Ukraine assassin team is dead meat.
As Falluja was a sanctioned massacre so too will those trained by ex US Marines , some of whom racked up 100 – 300 kills, a massacre is coming to rebels.
Power is not All, accuracy and repeatability it is,
That is one reason for $4500-6000 scopes.
That is one thing lacking besides training and it is the cold blooded killer , not an instinct just cold as he’ll killer, no moral just gratification.
In US we love those guys so much we hire at high pay as our civilian police.
In Balkans and Iraq journalist were enemy of US and fair targets. As were Red Cresent medics.
This is time of war and rumors of war, not spouting bible bs, just world reality

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