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Trump Administration Imposes New Sanctions Against Iran Targeting Banks, Factories, Mines

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Trump Administration Imposes New Sanctions Against Iran Targeting Banks, Factories, Mines

U.S. President Donald Trump welcomes Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. March 20, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

On October 16, the Trump adminsitration blacklisted some 20 Iranian companies, including banks, steel mills, zinc mines, and manufacturers of cars, buses and tractors accusing them of supporting recruitment of “child soldiers” for Iran.

“This vast network provides financial infrastructure to the Basij’s efforts to recruit, train, and indoctrinate child soldiers who are coerced into combat under the IRGC’s direction,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated.

The US Treasury stated that the imposed sanctions are aimed at a “multibillion-dollar financial network” that supports the Basij Resistance Force, a volunteer militia within the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to recruit and train “child soldiers”.

Nonetheless, the list provided includes compnaies that do not have public links to the IRGC. For example, the sanctions targeted companies like the Tehran-based Bahman Group, which produces vehicles under license by Mazda, Isuzu and Mitsubishi, and the Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company.

The new round of sanctions imposed on Iran by the US is a logical continuation of the policy provided by the Trump administration in the Middle East. The current Washington leadership is actively fueling the conflict with Iran supporting both Israel and Saudi Arabia in their efforts against the Middle Eastern country as well as taking direct steps in this direction.

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Manuel Flores Escobar

Iranian forces are deployed in Syria and in the gate of Hormuz…bad new for Israel and Saudi Arabia…

Luke Hemmming

Is the USA going to sanction Saudi Arabia after Turkish police have said that they found evidence of Kashoggi been murdered at the consulate in Turkey? Don’t answer this question, this is merely a rhetorical question which Im sure we all know the answer to it… a big resounding NO!

Gary Sellars

The Murican Clown Empire is circling the drain-hole… only a failing dysfunctional state would ever behave like the US does.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

without the US government, world will be much peaceful and better place

Promitheas Apollonious

only when Uk goes out with them and the new israels, that are the scandinavian countries.

Lena Jones

And that turgid colonialist France too.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont disagree with you but frogs are errand boys in this as is also the greek politicians. The ones pull the strings is city of london, that is often confused with the rest of the population. What often surprises me is none ever mention the ones who pull every ones strings and always think that US is making global policy.

Αndrew Jackson attempted murder

Lincoln murdered 1865.

Garfield murdered το 1881.

McKinley murdered το 1901

Kennedy murdered 1963

All this presidents had one thing in common they all killed because they attempted to eliminate the banking system that controlled US, via their banking system. The exception was Jackson, whose assassin failed to kill him and Jackson beat him up with his walking stick until the people there lynched the assassin. The two Rs been controlling not only US but also all western colonies since their creation if in doubt , search it.


Banking cartels are really dangerous and damn near invincible. They own and have insane amounts of power in Western nations.

Promitheas Apollonious

nope just zombies that follow them, watch the posters here, that think all is about monopoly money and missing the forest for the tree. All the people who vote them and all who work for them even when they with words are claiming to be against them, none the less in reality are their full supporters and are the idiots who think sending their children to genocide whole nations, is the patriotic thing to do.

As long this clones of the system exist and are left unchecked and live this will never end at least in the western world.


“Andrew Jackson attempted murder”.

This is what is being attempted again. Slowly Russia and China are selling off their Federal Reserve debt. The Federal Reserve had guaranteed to buy it back. The Federal Reserve is being bankrupted.

There is more going on and things are not as they appear. I am weak at discussing this in depth so I will not.

We all have a common enemy, and it is the banking system.

Tommy Jensen

Banking is a cancer. comment image


*yawning * Did something new happen or is it the same old crap? Okay, it is the same old stuff…….. back to sleep. :P


“Saudi Arabia—not Iran—is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world today and Wahhabism remains the source of most radical Islamic extremism. For years Iran has borne the unenviable title of “world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism.” However, out of the 61 groups that are designated as terrorist organizations by the U.S. State Department, the overwhelming majority are Wahhabi-inspired and Saudi-funded groups, with a focus on the West and Iran as their primary enemy. Only two are Shi’a—Hezbollah and Kataib Hezbollah, and only four have ever claimed to receive support from Iran. Nearly all of the Sunni militant groups listed receive significant support from either the Saudi government or Saudi citizens.”

– The Real Largest State Sponsor Of Terrorism –


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