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MAY 2021

Trump Administration Fights Iran In Middle East As Qods Force Expands In U.S. Backyard

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The United States and Israel are preparing for even more military action against Iran following the assassination of prominent nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, in the countryside of Tehran last week.

The Israeli Defense Forces and the United States have already stepped up coordination mechanisms to react to what Israeli media likes to call  ‘non-motivated aggression’ by Iran. The accepted measures reportedly include procedures for joint detection of missile or rocket fire at Israeli or American targets. Israeli sources claim that Iran will respond to the attack, which took place near Tehran, most likely in some asymmetrical way, by the end of December.

In another sign of the coming escalation, the White House is partially withdrawing staff from the embassy in Baghdad and other diplomatic facilities in Iraq. Dozens of diplomats and specialists have already left Iraq, according to US media. It should be noted that on January 3, 2020, when a US drone strike assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani at the Baghdad International Airport, US military bases in Iraq became targets of an Iranian ballistic missile strike. Taking into account the tendency of the Iranian leadership and the Axis of Resistance in general towards a symbolic move, Iranian-led forces may opt to align their retaliation moves with the anniversary of the killing of Soleimani.

At the same time, the administration of US President Donald Trump is trying to do whatever possible, as long as Trump in the White House, to rescue Saudi Arabia, the key ally of the US-Israeli bloc, from a total defeat in the Yemeni war.

On December 2, the State Department approved a possible $350 million deal to continue providing security support services to Saudi Arabia. The ‘technical and advisory’ assistance mission in the Kingdom under this deal requires the permanent assignment of approximately 330 service members and specialists. A previous deal of this kind was reached in 2016 but this did not help the Kingdom to deal with its failing military adventure in Yemen. Instead, the situation only deteriorated and the Houthis are now regularly launching drones and missiles at key Saudi military and infrastructure objects. Therefore, it is unlikely that the $350 million mission would be able to advise the Kingdom how to reverse this trend.

Another frontline of the restless US efforts against Iran is Venezuela, which Washington calls its own backyard. According to recent claims by the Pentagon, Iran is now actively sending weapons and deploying personnel of the elite Quds Force to the country. The year 2020 is slowly coming to its end, but it seems that there is enough time for President Trump to launch a ‘little victorious war’ with Iran before leaving the White House. The only potential problem is the price that the US nation would have to pay for Mr. Trump’s goal of gaining new fans in Israel.

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  1. MADE MAKER says:

    Trump is just a Nasty piece of Work , Starting a War with Iran on Behalf of the Israelis

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Actually its more like Trump was stopped to do more for many good reasons.

    2. The Objective says:

      Almost every country in the Middle East wants an attack on Iran. You need to ask yourself why. Even Turkey would be happy to see the Mullahs gone.
      Iran should blame itself for the mission it sets to take over the Middle Eastern Muslim countries.

      1. StafJustice says:

        Nobody can attack the Iranian nation! Only in your Wahabi dream.

        The obvious answer to you foolish question is because their all Zionists….

        1. The Objective says:

          No. The answer is because the Shiites are after Mecca and Madinah, not even Jerusalem at this time. That’s their major goal. And I promise you that it’ll never happen. Your heroes are already biting the dust. There is much in store for Iran.
          What idiots to keep saying there will be no attack on Iran when the US and Israel keep picking off your heroes and scientists.
          Breaking News: US pulling out embassy staff from Iraq in anticipation of an Iranian attack.
          Breaking news: Iran’s president opposes bill that would boost uranium enrichment
          Breaking News: Joe Biden Sets New Demands For Iran Nuclear Deal: Report

          I wouldn’t be so confident there’ll be no attack on Iran.

          1. Free man says:

            There will be an attack against Iran and/or another action in Iran and/or an attack against Iranian forces/Iranian militias in Arab countries. It is not a question of if but questions of when and at what intensity.

          2. David Parker says:

            The first action of president Harris will be to attack Iran. She is a whore and more than willing to do tricks for those particular demons called zionists.

      2. Free man says:

        “Iran should blame itself for the mission it sets to take over the Middle Eastern Muslim countries.” – Absolutely right. In addition the mullahs regime has turned the only world power into their No. 1 enemy. And they are also threatening to destroy sparta Pro.

        1. Emad Irani says:

          only world power hahaha are u still in your lovely 60s?

          1. Free man says:

            Then there were two world powers.

          2. Emad Irani says:

            yeah, one of them even failed in Vietnam back then. Today there isn’t something called “only world power” because of shifting and balancing of regional powers

          3. Free man says:

            The US is the only country that can start a comprehensive war anywhere in the world in a short time. There is no conventional military force that can challenge the US. This is my definition of a world power.

          4. Emad Irani says:

            then keep dreaming because that is the reason why US is losing on all fronts. If you would have a little bit knowledge about missile technology for example you would know that the US is way behind Russia or China. US couldn’t even defeat Taliban for more than 20 years… but that is a small example

          5. Free man says:

            I state facts as I understand them.
            Your rulers see reality differently, which is probably why they chose to turn the United States, Arab countries and Israel into enemies.

          6. Emad Irani says:

            I see no correlation between your answer and my comment but ok hahaha. First of all, bunch of oil sheikhs are not “arabs” because arabian world is much bigger than you can realize. Secondly, Israel or Jews are Irans enemy for 2500 years nothing new if you would know history. Third, US has no friends, only business partners or servants, the others all enemies. I see many Amerikkkan don’t now anything about geopolitics neither history or anything else…

          7. Free man says:

            So I will put it simply:
            You guys try to chew much more than you can swallow.
            Choking is always a danger in such a situation.
            Be careful.
            There is nothing more to add.

          8. Emad Irani says:

            Like always just empty talks without any logic argument. Keep studying your “own definitions”. Chewing is something for the US marines who have a sucking dildo challenge on the Navy, nice try dude

          9. Free man says:

            I’m trying to explain the situation to you but you unable to understand, too bad.
            I am happier than ever that my parents left Iran.

          10. Emad Irani says:

            hahaha ok exile iranian be happy with that dear Barandaz. I don’t need your low advises but you screwed very badly

          11. Free man says:

            Every teacher knows that there is no 100% success.
            There will always be those who will not understand.

          12. Emad Irani says:

            Just like I said, I am not interested in your advises because you not have any knowledge. In the US only Pentagon commanders have enough knowledge about that and this is why they will never go on a full war on Iran neither Russia or China. They can’t because they know about the suicide rate of the Army and the dildo sucking Navy. Please make us a favor and never ever return to our beautiful Iran. Be happy in your US. Thanks Barandaz! (I know you can’t even speak Persian, nevermind…)

          13. Icarus Tanović says:

            In your case 100% failure.

          14. Jim Allen says:

            And, you are one of those who will not understand. Mr. Irani speaks the truth, and you are an empty headed pitiful overpaid troll.

          15. cechas vodobenikov says:

            “Americans are not educated to think historically or sociologically”. Morris Berman

          16. Icarus Tanović says:

            You don’t state facts. You facelessly lie.

          17. Jim Allen says:

            Iran didn’t choose this, stupid clown.
            The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal at The City of London did. Iran has not attacked another country since since 1775, so is not the aggressor. The sanctions piled on Iran is tangible evidence that identifies the aggressor. Your comment identifies a willfully ignorant brainwashed idiot.

          18. David Parker says:

            Jews within the US, Britain, France, Germany, etc., are behind all such divisions. Zionist Jews mastered the art of deceit and treachery centuries ago. They have organized governments such that in the name of nations Christians slaughter Christians while Muslims and Jews also slaughter Christians. Satan fights unrestricted warfare against Christianity. Hollow men such as Winston Churchill are puppets for Jewish manipulators, propped up to continue slaughters worldwide in the name of empire but busily raining death and destroying infrastructure through proxy US military and Wahabi demons.

          19. Jim Allen says:

            Taliban, like al CIAeda, and ISIS is a Western creation. US isn’t trying to defeat Taliban it’s a pet enemy.

          20. David Parker says:

            The Russians could sink the US Navy in about two hours.

          21. Free man says:

            More like 32.5 minutes, to be exact.

          22. Slave bitch, your definition of a world power is retarded: anyone can start a war, the problem is to end it. Your “superpower” can’t end the war in Afghanistan for 20 years fighting against barefoot peasants.

            “There is no conventional military force that can challenge the US.” That’s even more retarded: Russia and China can easily ‘challenge’ the US.
            China challenged the US (and their coalition) back in ’50s. US had fleet, bombers, tanks, heavy artillery… plus allies. China almost nothing but light infantry, not even Stalin helped them much. No chinese ‘hordes’ either, that’s another american lie. Read about the Battle of the Chongchon River, the biggest US retreat in history (*total rout actually). Most US soldiers were battle hardened WW2 veterans back then, today they are bunch of homos and sissies. US is a paper tiger.

      3. Potato Man says:

        “Almost every country in the Middle East wants an attack on Iran.”
        Before they DID – Saddam and somehow they all failed and back then it was their chance to do so….but now it is not really the same. The Arab block failed apart Syria-Iraq-Lebanon…the main countries. Which are now more pro Iran because you know Wahhabi State and Zion attacked them and send support to Wahhabi/Sunni terrorists.

        KSA/Qatar/UAE can’t do shit…they never have done shit. They can’t even end Yemen war…or defend themselves at this point.
        Turkey under Erdogan is nothing but Sunni brotherhood gay sex film and he having his wet dream…they failed in Libya – Syria.

        Iran came under attack from each side, fuk no they gonna support Shia + Sunnis that fight against Wahhabi, Muslims brotherhood, Zion or NATO block.

        “Iran should blame itself for the mission it sets to take over the Middle Eastern Muslim countries.”
        Okay fuk off bud.

        1. verner says:

          I would say that each and every country in the middle east would like to finish off israel or the jews in palestine – the accord between uae and bahrain and the jews in palestine isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and came about only because kushner/moronpompeo promised the poor suckers lots of stuff to play with at affordable prices. and the stupid arabs love their toys.

          1. Potato Man says:

            Iran-Lebanon-Syria-Iraq are the main supporters of Palestinian and still are…Wahhabi Sunnis and Turkey Muslims brotherhood love Zion and work with each others against Shia and Sunnis that don’t follow Wahhabism.

            Both Bahrain and UAE are US dogs in ME and they are very useless beside being used as base.
            Bahrain was part of Iran and have high Shia Muslims and UAE was made by British, they can’t really do much without US…they knew they have no power to help Palestinian and they don’t want to…and yes once the fats pigs came and tell them BS they bought it.

            The stupid Wahhabi Sunnis love their toys but they can’t even use it. US not gonna sell fuking apes their good systems, Zion said it. Shity F-35 with a backdoor for Zion and US LMFAO.

          2. David Parker says:

            I agree. Throughout history the Jews have made themselves odious to the people among whom they settle. They infiltrate rather than assimilate Christian civilization and work to turn civilization celebrating individual liberty under God into a barbaric low-tech serfdom. Ditto for Muslims, infiltrate rather than assimilate, with the goal of overthrowing Christian civilization in the blind faith that the barbaric Islamic culture can produce the standard of living and technology that is only possible in Christian society. Don’t tell me about the long list of demons who have claimed to be Christian, by their fruits you will know them. War mongers, swindlers, robbers, aggressors, et al., are not Christian. In the process of sanctification Christians still disobey and dishonor God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – but short of capital offenses. The indwelling Holy Spirit does not allow habitual sin in the process of sanctification. That’s why we look to Jesus rather than fallible man as our standard.

          3. The Objective says:

            Trust me, right now, Israel is less of a threat to the Muslim world than Shiites of Iran. At least Israel doesn’t have militias in 7 Muslim countries. Israel’s problem is limited to Palestine and parts of Lebanon.
            The Iranian regime is no doubt a greater threat, and the earlier America destroy’s Iran’s terror militias, the better.
            There is absolutely no need to invade Iran. Just destroy or weaken its militias, put pressure on its economy, and isolate it completely.

          4. “Trust me” lol. Yeah, I trust you as much as I trust Netanyahu… you are his little bitch anyway….

        2. David Parker says:

          I wish you were correct, BUT Erdogan has a very successful war machine. The Turks have mastered drone warfare and jamming of the Russian S-400. The last thing I read from TheSaker.is pointed out that Erdogan is costing the SAA 5 to 1 losses in material and equipment. For every drone the SAA manages to shoot down, the SAA loses five times as much. The GNA almost had Libya until the Turks got there and now look at Libya – the LNA barely exists anymore. Look what happened to Armenia when Erdogan attacked Armenia using Azerbaijan as his proxy. The Turks controlled the air. The Armenians never had a chance, Armenian losses were equal to the attacking Turk ISIS proxies advancing against the defending Armenians in mountainous terrain.

          1. Potato Man says:

            Turks haven’t mastered drone buddy far from it…they still buying parties from Canada/EU/US and they are part of NATO LMFAO.

            “jamming of the Russian S-400” is that why they bought S-400 hmmm buddy did you forgot what happened in Libya? or in N-K? Nor Libya or N-K had S-400 or good team to know how to use S-300 systems or other Russia ADS.

            You got that from “thesaker” and how they now that again (give me the link)…and those drone price gonna change soon buddy both US and EU putting sanction on Turkey “soon”.

            “the LNA barely exists anymore” Okay buddy you claim a lot of BS now. GNA was dying and bagged Turkey for help and Turkey failed and LNA have more power and NATO stopping Turkey shipment to Libya and search them. Turkey still pushing for war in Libya…fun fact GNA no longer care about Turkey or want to fight.


            Okay I see…you may be a Turk and talking mad shit buddy trying to save face…I don’t care to talk to a moron that talk shit overall buddy. Stupidest shit I heard for a long time now…fuking hell.

          2. David Parker says:

            You are a bad joke compared The Saker. You have not a clue what happened in the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Take a look what has happened in Libya and to Armenia. Oh, forgot, you can’t see much from your mother’s basement. Too bad.

          3. Potato Man says:

            Typical Turk-ISIS fuk off and you poor shit we don’t have basement in my country LMFAO, how about you stop eating Zion cum from Erdogay cage and look outside…ohhh wait you can’t femboy.

            Turkey is NOTHING ape, they are still buying most of their parts from EU and NA.
            They work with Ukr to make shit still…fuk off bitch.
            “mastered drone warfare and jamming of the Russian S-400”
            You stupid fuking ape, when did Turkey jammed Russian S-400 bitch if it was so easy for them why did they bought it huh.

            Armenia (The country) didn’t help N-K not once (Do you understand where is N-K and Armenia?) , people in N-K had nothing to fight with against Azer/Turk-ISIS. You fuking stupid or something kid. They had weapons from WWII.

            LNA doing fine and if Turkey dare to send more weapons/Terrorists to GNA EU/US gonna sanction the mother of Turkey. Even now US and EU seeking to sanction Turkey. Both GNA and LNA are under EU/US+Sunni State block as Erdogay cry for more war in Libya and GNA ignoring him.

            Get fuking outside for once and stop dreaming this and that, LMFAO if Biden wins we see how Turkey gonna cry.

      4. cechas vodobenikov says:

        lies–even UAE funds Syrian govt; Turkey/Iran only conflict in Syria

    3. David Parker says:

      The one thing Trump refrained from, resisting intense pressure from the deep – Zionist – state, was to start yet another war. We all know the demonic Zionists lust to turn Iran into yet another mass of Islamic chaos as they have done in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Afghanistan.

  2. Jens Holm says:

    What a joke. Iranians do as they please. Fine more QODS FORCEs are made. They are like this:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13dd70f84c9c8f469ab998f5f528047a26e26661594bbc9950c0c31497b6207d.jpg

    1. Free man says:

      I don’t always understand what you write, but I love your writing style, it always makes me laugh.

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        Because you are stupid, so this crook and bum makes you laugh.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        The Iran expansion is planned un-independent of any Trump or anyone else.

        1. Free man says:

          This is the policy of the mullahs regime. Most Iranians want a good, peaceful life, without wars and without “death to America” demonstrations .

  3. mehmood mayet says:

    Jews and Shitites must duke it out now

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Whats duke – work, fight?

      1. David Parker says:

        “Duke it out” is an English idiom that means a fistfight.

    2. David Parker says:

      I wish. However, the zionist Jews control the US military.

  4. Potato Man says:

    From day one people knew Trump is nothing but Zion horny dog and nothing more…he was owned by Zion in US and Zion helped him to become the president and they also blame Russia for it.

    Iran – Trump Obey his masters in Zion State
    Afghanistan – Trump obey his masters in KSA
    Iraq – KSA+Zion
    Syria – Zion

    The Wahhabi, Zion block would fail sooner or later.

    1. verner says:

      and in the spell of his odious slime son in law, kushner (whose father gifted harvard with 2 million bucks to secure the son’s attendance).

      1. Potato Man says:

        That fuking Zion ape have his hand all over the place in ME (Kushner – He is Zion): “Raised in a Modern Orthodox Jewish family, Kushner graduated from the Frisch School, a Modern Orthodox yeshiva high school, in 1999. With help from his father, he enrolled at Harvard University in 1999.”

        Both Trump and Kushner are dogs of Zion. The kid don’t know anything…a fuking clown would do better and yet somehow people ignore him and say he is “good”.
        Trump ass lickers were fast to attack Biden stupid son yet Kushner the dog following Zion orders and people don’t say shit.
        Zion had both of them and they failed to achieve anything…they just told they were having gay sex with Wahhabi Sunnis.

  5. Zaphod Braden says:

    Trump lost because all he really worked for was ISRAEL —Israel—Israel
    Trump did not focus on getting the trade deals done quickly and he left the Farmers twisting in the wind.
    Trump did not pardon Assange & Snowden — whose courage GOT HIM ELECTED>
    Trump did not force the Tech Midgets to recognize the 1st Amendment RIGHTS of Conservatives. Thus Conservatives trying to get Trump reelected were DE Platformed & blocked. So Trump lost support due to HIS failure to deal with the ILLEGAL censorship.
    Instead of working for AMERICANS — getting a stimulus Bill through, FIXING the infrastructure, helping those who could not afford GAS to get to those circuses he put on ….. Even as he is escorted out the door he is STILL PUTTING ISRAEL FIRST.
    Trump’s DOJ — “BULLSHIT” Barr a sock puppet for the bushs
    Trump’s FBI — Christopher Wray a slut from the Deep Swamp
    Trump’s CIA — Haspel a Sadistic Nazi Camp Guard
    He filled the “justice” system with ENEMIES of Justice and he/you expect them to work for justice?! To oversee and prosecute voting cromes?!
    How STUPID can you be?!
    As I said – — Trump should have paid attention to AMERICA
    Where was Trump demanding action? https://parler.com/post/bd1314e764a041349c84d3eddc4b035b
    Has he pardoned Assange or Snowden, the two who PUT him in office??? He should have long ago. Did he lock “HER” up? Did he lock ANYONE up? Did he drain the Swamp, or HIRE it? Has Trump really done anything to take down the deep state or the MIC, which he personally put in charge of everything for four years? he did nothing during his four years in office to take the corrupt parties who had worked against him to court. After priming his supporters at every rally into chants of “Lock ‘er up,” Trump chose to disappoint all of them by doing what every presidential winner seems to do as soon as he has secured victory: he chose not to prosecute anyone in the deep state. In fact, he immediately put the deep state characters in charge of everything. Trump had years to get on top of this, and he utterly failed because he didn’t dog it every day and didn’t publicly release information that would have implicated Clinton and Comey and Brannen and Clapper and others, instead he focused on giving YOUR wealth to ISRAEL

    1. verner says:

      and he totally screwed up the corona pandemic situation although putting on a brave face claiming everything is hunky dory, which it isn’t.

      1. Zaphod Braden says:

        For 4 years I have wondered just WHOSE side is Trump on ……………
        He says all the right things, then HIRES the Swamp intead of draining it.

      2. chris/irish says:

        “brave face” he created tis scamdemic as he was told to do.

      3. David Parker says:

        The “corona virus” has not been isolated. Go all the way back to the scares of the 70’s and NONE of the viruses claimed to be the end of life on earth have been isolated.

  6. chris/irish says:

    just look at the millions to other countries and zero to the citizens of the usa.

  7. Франциск Спиридонович says:

    Donald Trump can not accept his defeat and the fact that he has to leave the White House in January. He will do whatever he can, to extend his stay.
    He tried to undermine the legitimacy of the voting process by accusing and indicting the electoral boards for fraud, but when his advisors, informed him that this is dangerous for the U.S economy because it could lead to internal political instability and even civil war, thus affecting negatively the U.S economy and his personal businesses, he stepped back, and tried to find other ways to achieve his goal.
    Many say that he is now seeking to find a way to put the U.S in a state of war against a foreign country, so that he will be able to ask the (Republican majority) U.S Congress, to extend his term for some more time because of “extraordinary reasons”.

    1. David Parker says:

      Trump won the election.

  8. cechas vodobenikov says:

    trump-biden; 1 bumbling failure the other demented corrupt failure…as Laski long ago observed schizophrenic amerikans choose a weak ambiguous president (Obama), then a “stronger one (trump) then a weak Morin (Biden)…amerikans never change, except in their increasing self loathing narcissism

  9. Trump, Biden, same shit, different assholes…

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