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Trump Administration Considers New “Military Action” Against Syrian Government Forces – Reports


Trump Administration Considers New "Military Action" Against Syrian Government Forces - Reports

The U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Porter launches a Tomahawk missile in the Mediterranean Sea, April 7, 2017.

An administration of US President Donald Trump is considering a new “military action” against Syrian government forces, which will be justified by alleged chemical attacks conducted by them against peaceful al-Qaeda militants in Eastern Ghouta.

According to the Washington Post, President Trump, Chief of Staff John Kelly, National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met last week to disccuss the possible military actions.

The newspaper quoted one senior administration official as saying that Mattis was “adamantly” against the military action in response to the recently reported chlorine attacks and that McMaster “was for it.”

Another official was quoted saying that at the end of the day “the president did not endorse any military action and that officials decided to continue monitoring the situation.”

However, Dana White, chief Pentagon spokeswoman, denied that Mattis took part in such a discussion and said the “conversation did not happen.”



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    Trump is turning into a complete idiot, he has let his supporters down.

    • 888mladen .

      He hasn’t turn he has always been.

      • hamster

        Trump is successful, you’re not. You’re an unemployed buffoon, you go no business calling anyone an idiot.

        • alejoeisabel

          You are right. He is successful for the Zio-Wall Street oligarchs. Trump has succeeded in making billionaires exempt from paying taxes, and making American working class poorer.

          • hamster

            trump has not made billionaires “exempt” from paying taxes. His administration has lowered the corporate income tax rate, which was the highest in the world in order to avoid inversion and to spur economic growth.

        • Hrky75

          Trump “successfully” inherited his dad’s billions and still managed to incur net loss of his personal wealth, filing for bankruptcy twice – that’s about the limit of his “business talent”. And his “art of deal” consists of defrauding his suppliers and contractors and then letting his Jewish shyster lawyer friends drag them through US cort system until they go broke…Why would anyone call him a crook, idiot or just a lying sack of horse manure is beyond me…

          • KennyB

            For billionaires, bankruptcy is just another strategy. Trump has referred to “the Chapter Laws” when talking business. For us peasants, bankruptcy is a shameful thing. For the rich, it’s a strategy to walk away from a mess with the bulk of your wealth intact.

          • Hrky75

            I agree. It’s a strategy to screw over your creditors and employees. But it’s hardly a sign of ones business proves – quite the contrary. Also it works only for top 1% – if a small business owner tried to pull a similar stunt he would never ever be able to get another loan as long as he lives. Trump’s Wall street buddies always provided new credit lines for his companies. And now he has to return all the favours. I suppose we are lucky he never asked the Mafia for help, now that would make him a real idiot – oh wait a minute, didn’t he work with them too in the ’80s…

          • zman


        • AlexanderAmproz

          It’s an hamster criterium
          in the Corrupt US NeoColonial Empire
          and among uneducated US “Cheap Charlies”

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Don’t look at the appearances but at the ground.

        The Obama and Clinton’s
        were even worst, if possible !

        • Rob

          The Kurds strength you will see in Olive branch operation. Trump regime have moved all Kurds thugs from East Syria to Afrin to use against Turkey.

    • Rob

      Due to frustration Trump regime cannot protect their thugs and terrorists in Syria anymore. False flag chemical attacks propaganda also flopped seriously. Kick the asses of all pro Trump thugs and terrorists. Well done Syria.

    • Freespirit

      TRUMP making “America Great Again” with suggestion of a “President, in America, for Life” : http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/03/04/554284/US-President-Donald-Trump-China-life-presidency-Xi-Jinping

      Will the “President for life be a Zionist ASHKENAZI Jew”, by chance? …..And now, as per this article, MORE lies to JUSTIFY more WARS

      Yes, he is an IDIOT alright-but smart like a FOX !

      Most Psychopaths are.

    • John Whitehot

      in any case at least in this article he decided “against any military action”

    • atminds

      he is not a clown he is an employer of AIPAC your master .the owners of hollywood wall street the FED and main media

  • peter

    The administration of Trump/invalide duck/ need definitely preventive nuclear attack,should somebody stopped for ever this aggresion by geriatric congress USA !

    • hamster

      i dont even understand what the fuck you said here. Go take your fucking meds and learn some grammar, you illiterate 3rd world piece of shit.

      • so

        Still waiting for “World Class Affordable Health Care”. Sorry just another War Criminal.
        And I voted for him. Won’t make that mistake again. Vote I mean.

        • hamster

          Is donald trump a king? Can he wave a magic wand and just give you 100% of the things he promised on the campaign trail? Yeah, thats not how politics or the separations of powers work. God you’re fucking stupid. You think voting one guy into one chamber of government is going to automatically get you what you want.

          • so

            Peace would be a good start. He has to make the effort but I guess its above his intelligence and pay grade.

      • peter


        • zman

          Don’t be…he’s a fuck wad and he knows it..

  • AlexanderAmproz

    to let the World breath !

    • BL

      For (((Money)))

  • Joe

    Unbelievable . Well SAA should take care … take it as terrorists have an air force or navy.

    Don’t be surprised they would be attacked soon as the terrorist are faltering.
    Get the SAMs ready … as the cruise can be shot down too.

    • so

      The S-400 should do nicely.

  • peter

    The west coutries want discredit president Putin before new votes!England announced poisoned former Russian agent and wife in England…

  • Xanatos

    Turkey, Saudis, qataris, Israelis , all are afraid of losing their real estate in this Damascus suburb. Without ghouta, their war for regime change is over. The only thing left they can do is divide Syria.

    • peter

      Where are peaceful OSN ltd USA? Juesej likely to prepare scenario similar to Kosovo!

  • leon mc pilibin

    JewSA and Israhell IS ISIS

    • hamster

      You do realize saying shit like “JewSA” and “israhell” isnt particularly witty or funny, right? Like, I probably agree with your position, but saying that kind of shit makes you look like a 5 year old autistic fuckwit. It’s just cringeworthy to read.

      “israhell” WOW DUDE…. you SOOO fucking “cool” man. You learned to place word in the midst of another to try and make some “insult”. wow dude, youre SOOO fucking “funny”.

      Just like some of these morons that say erDOGan. “wow im so “funny”, i mentioned the word DOG in Erdogan”. Like seriously, thats shit elementary school kids do. How the fuck is that even remotely considered witty, or funny? If youre gonna try to be funny, at least learn some innovative jokes.

      You remind me of some dumbfuck unemployed protester (of any issue) holding some cardboard box wailing about how the “end is near”.

      Dumb fucking, worhtless piece of shit. Go take your fucking medicine, you unemployed, poor hygiene piece of shit.

      You’re actually NOT funny. This is why you dont have any friends. You lonely, pathetic piece of shit.

      • Paul

        Mate, I think it’s you who has forgot to take his medicine. Calm, breathe, it’s OK.

        • hamster

          “Mate”, I think your mom forgot to use condoms when she was banging blacks at the local motel 6, and thats why your ugly ass reared itsself into this world.


          • Paul

            Lol. Mate, calm down. It’s OK.

          • hamster


          • Turbofan

            Is that a new troll? And a racist Trump a** licking one it appears..

          • hamster

            Is that a fucking autistic queer living off welfare? This piece of shit “Turbofan” never seems to contribute anything of substance to any of his posts, ever. He’s just here to spout off one liner dribble as if his opinions “matter”. Guess what bitch, you’re not “special” regardless of what your shitbag mommy and daddy told you. You’re just a basic bitch like most humans. Noone will remember you when you die.

          • zman

            I think you struck a nerve.

        • 888mladen .

          Leave degenerate alone.

      • Turbofan

        Do you think using quotes makes you sound smart? No idiot it doesnt

        • hamster

          What the FUCK does using quotes have anything to do with being “smart”. Its called using fucking quotes for scare quoting. It’s not about sounding smart, its about proper usage.

          Some writers put quotes around words they want to distance themselves from. Quotation marks used this way are commonly called scare quotes or shudder quotes. It’s a way of implying that you’re using a term in an unusual way or that you don’t necessarily approve of it.

          Fucking retard.

      • Rüdiger Preiss

        Hamster, you swear better than Ken O’Keefe :D!

      • Rüdiger Preiss

        If you don’t have a partner to get laid, there are 3 ways to relieve yourself. a) DIY; b) go to a shooting range with a 45 Magnum and blow a few rounds into a cardboard Trump face; c) come on a public forum and swear better than Ken O’Keefe

      • leon mc pilibin

        Whats the matter Hamster?Does a little truth hurt so bad,after all ,you do only get fed fake news day in day out..Look at the makeup of your so called government.And then tell me how many duel citizens are inside it,,,and AIPAC gives orders to the paid congress men to carry out ,or they wont get reelected…It is jewSA,and its been like that for a very long time,but brainwashed idiots cant see that,probably too busy watching sport,hellywood ,eating like pigs,so that the average american looks like an Elephant..lol.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      Always has been…

  • Politolog Externista

    classical fearmongering feint. They wont do anything, but they cry bububu to put fear in others, people shouldnt be afraid at all, just wipe out terrorists and shoot down any US incursion when necessary.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Iraq, Libya, and Syria were Good and Stable Countries,

    That why they had to be shamefully Destroyed
    to please the US/Zionist Parasites !

    • 888mladen .

      Excellent research.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        You are welcome

    • George King

      Very good article, I would add this to how has this been possible? Manufacturing consent is the modus operandi by the octopus often referred to as the deep state. The MIC was mentioned as one of the apparatuses of the deep state, there are many one could name as all are controlled by the many tentacles. The progressives found this out in the exposure of the DNC as not a political party of the citizens but an apparatus in the control pf the deep state or what ever nomenclature one would want to assign.

      Manufacturing consent:

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Noam Chomsky is excellent,
        he is saving the US and Jews honor.

        Sadly the masses didn’t read his books…

        • j. jaxson

          he is a misinformer posing as good. so is amy goodman.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            Read him and meet him alike I did !

            Aside that a Friend who was a Berkley Professor
            admire him a lot, and he deserve it !

          • 888mladen .

            Surely they are both guilty ones deceived and deceiving others,

      • 888mladen .

        So you’ve bought Noam Chomsky’s sophistry? Haven’t you. You better inform yourself by reading this:

        • George King

          Change my mind about manufacturing consent?

          888mladen, how to you jump to the conclusion I have bought into anything other than how manufacturing consent relates to anything other than what was presented? Your leap to conclusions appears nothing more than an attempt to shoot the messenger, me. That’s ok but you did not address the issue, that is an issue.

          “Who controls the past controls the future…
          …who controls the present controls the past.”
          — GeorgeOrwell, from “1984”

          Quoting the same reference you provided acknowledges the same modus operandi as I presented. “Chomsky spends the entire book attempting to prove that newspapers diminish American war crimes while exaggerating those of foreign governments. Such a point is easy to prove, and he does so in his own droll and methodical manner.”

          As for Chomsky, the main critique appears “,Yet he stops there. Chomsky does not discuss the real elephant in the room: direct CIA collaboration with media outlets and journalists beginning in the 1950’s under Operation Mockingbird.” I would say that applies to many who are not willing to take on the deep state and in some cases does not have the actual proof of individual acts to state the obvious.

  • Dušan Mirić

    Well, I hope this is not true, but if it is Russia must assure destruction of the assault platforms… and some extras.

  • last time US sent 60 tomahawks , the syrian defensive positions shot them up and only 20 reached the airfield to bomb an empty place ..

    look at the stupid horrible cost , 60 cruise missiles , only 1/3 arrived and do nothing but bomb already empty field..

    this is what happen when US been fighting low tech insurgents who cannot fire back , now even the syrian air defense can do that easily with their pantsyr units , perfect defensive weapons to counter western overrated PGMs..

    what US gonna use except sending cruise missiles ? inserting special operation troops ? the latest video from niger showed how US ‘special’ force got massacred by enemy because they got no air support..

  • Don’t read butthurt replies

    “peaceful al-Qaeda militants”?!

    Did I read that right?! Holy shit. Stupid, idiots, dumb, braindead, pathetic and terrorist supporters in this country. A walking abortion problem.

  • antoun

    blabla at obama usa will be nothing!!!

  • François

    This is really US flight forward. They start to despair and give impulsive blows. They are likely to get trapped in a very tricky situation. This is not a really smart attitude, showing to whole world their villain behaviour. It’s “surprisingly” happening short after AIPAC conference on monday.

  • Hrky75

    Dual citizens holding US and Israeli passports, colloquially called the Neocons, exhibit signs of despair. The Ghouta operation is going on faster and more successfully then anybody ever hoped for. The last remnants of US sponsored terrorists posing threat to Damascus will be wiped out in a matter of days. First time in 7 years SAA will have a text book strategic advantage of clear interior lines of communication and force concentration on just one front line in Idlib. Free hands in and around Damascus will enable them to, hopefully start rebuilding it’s AD network and then it’s good bye with IAF terror attacks with impunity. And IRGC troops are still in Syria and Assad still can decide to up the ante by letting them engage the Israelis if Bibi misbehaves. Come to think of it – Neocons are not nearly as desperate as they should be…

  • Nosferatu

    So the US wants to see the new russian hypersonic weapons in Washington? No problem, Avangard glider can “land” there in 10 minutes or less….

    • velociraptor

      First the russians want see them.

      • Nosferatu

        Russians will see the starting, americans will see them “landing”. That is fair enough

        • velociraptor

          the may 9th parade is close ;)

      • I want to see if those new Sarmat work……
        Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago. London, Paris, Berlin – – – would make a very nice demonstration. Solve most of the world’s war problems too.

  • 1. So… last week the US was discussing dropping bombs on Syrian Govt forces for another US lie.
    2. Then Putin dropped his hypersonic bombshell and muttered something about an attack on allies being mistaken for an attack on Russia…
    3. Suddenly … America’s last week’s “Let’s attack Asaad meeting” didn’t happen?

    Now that’s a good sign.

    • John Whitehot

      it’s just press sensationalism.

      • It’s still a back-down.

        • John Whitehot

          it depends. the attack was fake and “involved” chlorine rather than sarin. It’s probably the only way the hollywood paid nusra directors may fake the effects of a “chemical weapons usage” as they would not be able to make up evidences of sarin attacks.

          Probably their current course of action is to fake a number of chlorine attacks rather than one sarins, and hope to have the same effect.

          95% of the public opinion has no idea about the difference, they only read “chemical weapons” and they outrage.

          trumps problem like now is probably on how to justify an attack in front of the international community, a large part of which supports Syria and Assad (something that never gets on neither MsM or alternative medias).

          As of now that condition is not matched, the described meeting probably is just a 5 minutes talk among the 3 persons publicized to show that they are on the case.

  • Ronald

    In related news, check out en.FarsNews.com Turkish Daily Discloses Five State Plan To Disintegrate Syria.

  • northerntruthseeker .

    “Peaceful Al-Qaeda militants”? Gee… Was it not only a short while ago when the entire fraudulent “war on terror” was hinged on “eliminating Al Qaeda” for its “attacks on 9-11”?

    Honestly, how stupid and gullible are people these days?

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Well, the Secret government and Deep state has to continue with their WARS without any consent from neither Americans or Syrians. Obomber never got any consent. In fact, he by passed Congre$$ and went straight to his JCOS-or Private army who he c an give orders to start the bombing of an unsuspecting country eg Syria in 2012. Now Obomber the Dronesmaster and International war Criminals is going around with Kamala Harris another WAR MONGERER thinking they could both fool the voters again???

  • Floyd Hazzard

    These people are shameless. They have not one shred of honesty ot dignity left in them. They are debased to the point where they are naked but refuse to admit that they have no clothes.

  • Feudalism Victory

    TRUMP 2020. He was fooled once with a fake chemical attack suckered in by images of hurt children. Id be surprised if he did anything again.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    thats why… last week Russia sent 2 more SU 57 stealth fighter….

  • atminds

    trump ready to kill americans florida school massacre was not sufficient for washington TRUMP must get more dead and suffering, american zombies are no longer needed. therefore more dead soldiers than the vietnam war, is the aim.

    • Icarus Tanović

      That’s well said.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Dumpest stupid fat fuck Trump.He Is billion crazy.

  • Potato Potato

    All it takes is one well staged chemical attack by Al Qaeda in Ghouta for Trump soldiers to march into Damascus.