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Trump Accuses SDF Of Letting ISIS Members To Flee Prisons To Get U.S. Involved


If somebody is not sure that the US is not going to assist the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces against the Turkish offensive, here you go.

On October 14, US President Donald Trump in fact accused the Kurdish-led group of letting ISIS members to flee detention centers to get the US involved in the situation.

Trump’s statement demonstrated that the ISIS card is not enough to get the US support if you do have not enough oil.

On October 13, the SDF reported that 785 ISIS-linked persons had fled the Ain Issa detention center with help from “a group of Turkish mercenaries and covered by Turkish shelling.” Earlier, the group claimed that it was not going to guard detention camps with ISIS members if the US provides no support to it against Turkey.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, there were about 14,650 ISIS members in 7 detention camps in the area controlled by the SDF.

Trump Accuses SDF Of Letting ISIS Members To Flee Prisons To Get U.S. Involved

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  • chris chuba

    I’m glad someone is questioning this, remember the meme that Assad ‘created ISIS’ because of one prison break to poison the democratic reform movement? No one gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe his guards were distracted by rebels.

    This was handled poorly, at the very least the U.S. could have offered to relocate or guard the prisoners (assuming we really cared).

    • Pave Way IV

      The US did relocate a few dozen “high value” (US citizens) ISIS that are really bad or some kind of immediate threat to the US, but supposedly couldn’t find all of the hundred(s) of US ISIS they know are being held in Syria. Maybe they just didn’t look too hard on purpose. The “high value” head-choppers were quickly shipped to the US ISIS prison in Iraq for intelligence gathering (torture) and disposal. Problem solved!

      CENTCOM didn’t want to take custody of the few hundred “low value” US citizen ISIS prisoners and ship them to Guantanamo. Eventually, someone would demand they be charged and stand trial or released. At trial, they might rat out CIA, US State Department, CENTCOM, Saudi or Israeli involvement in defense of their actions. That would be most inconvenient for the US. Executing them in Syria must be problematic from a PR standpoint or they would have just done that by now.

      Easier and more useful to arrange for their escape (SDF guards left! Turkish shelling! Riots!) where they can continue to create havoc and kill Syrians until the SAA hunts them down. Our ZATO buddies are making the same arrangements for their ISIS citizens so they don’t have to fetch them and put them on trial. Hard to see the Kurds in the SDF having any part in this ISIS early release program – they are more of a threat to Kurds than Assad. The US would have had any Kurdish SDF guards replaced by bribed Arab SDF guards for the escapes. Kurdish SDF commanders administer the camps, but undoubtedly follow helpful US ‘suggestions’ on issues like staffing.

  • grumpy_carpenter

    “Big sanctions on Turkey coming!”

    Has anyone shown Trump where Turkey is on a map and explained the strategic significance of that piece of real estate to US interests and NATO?

    Does he not understand that the USA and the EU have significant oil and gas investments in Georgia and Azerbaijan and that Turkey controls access to the Black Sea through the Bosporus straits?

    Putin is about to pull off the biggest check mate in history by handing the USA a major defeat in Syria at the same time as flipping Turkey without firing a shot on a NATO member. This will affect not only the ME and Caucasus but also influence the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania.

    I can understand Trump wanting to give the Neocons a bloody nose but in this case he’s bitten off his nose to spite his face.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Any reason for the US to leave the Middle East, and all other nations of the world for that matter, is fine wuth me :)

      There are decades of work to repair the US that would occupy the troops.

  • andres

    bring troops home were they belong.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Trump is right Israelis also fight unending wars with neighbors over 10000 years.Israel creates wars every day.Because their attack neighbors every day.Currently their are busy with covert ol tanker attack war in Middle East. Sabotage iran to get USA involved.

  • Sasan Jamshidi

    Lol fuck you moron trump. Also SIKTIR TURKIYE! (Fuck Turkey)

  • Thompson Thompson

    So basically Trump accuses the Kurds of letting ISIS go to get U.S involved, yet it was America that got the Kurds involved to take out ISIS, who also were funded by Americans and Turkey, the same country that is currently bombing our Kurdish allies…

    It’s like being teleported into the mind of a schizophrenic person!

  • John Marston

    He is an asshole. I do not doubt that.

  • Garga

    SDF recruited ISIS members before, some claim now up to %30 of it’s Arab units are former ISIS. So I don’t think it’s above them to do what Trump says they did.

    I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Trump!! But even a broken clock shows the correct time every now and then. In Trump’s case it’s just not as often as twice a day, is all.

  • FlorianGeyer

    ” Never ending wars will end! (Trump) ”

    Never ending sanction wars by the gutless that affect the poorest in society should also end as well Mr Trump.

  • Vitex

    Trump is a distasteful POS. About as much intelligence as a 10 year old schoolyard bully. AND he tweets!