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Tripoli-Based Government Rejects Haftar’s Announcement Of Ramadan Ceasefire

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Tripoli-Based Government Rejects Haftar's Announcement Of Ramadan Ceasefire

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On April 30th, the Government of National Accord (GNA) rejected the unilaterally declared Ramadan truce, which Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar announced for Libya.

The Tripoli-based GNA said in a statement that it did not trust Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA).

“We confirm our fixed position that we will continue with our legitimate self-defence and strike the source of threat wherever it is,” the statement said.

LNA spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari said that the ceasefire came at the request of the international community and “friendly countries”.

Al-Mesmari warned violations by the GNA would be met with an “immediate and harsh response.”

In the previous week, the UN, European Union and several countries called Libya’s warring sides to lay down their arms during Ramadan.

The announcement following a statement by Haftar, who on April 27th made a televised address in which he proclaimed that the military would take control of the whole country, since popular mandate dictated so.

LNA-related networks also said that the House of Representatives, based in Tobruk would remain the legislative body, until elections are held, since it was democratically elected.

Other tribal leaders also accepted Haftar’s announcement.

The House of Representatives itself, in the face of its speaker said that they support Haftar entirely.

Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Aqeela Saleh said that there were no misunderstandings between Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and himself.

Saleh explained that his initiative for a political solution in Libya is based on Libyan and social norms, noting that Libya is linked to the international community and is not isolated from it.

He pointed out that this initiative aims to solve the Libyan crisis politically, and based on historical backgrounds, noting that the post-independence period of Libya witnessed the formation of the Constitution Committee by twenty representatives from each of the three regions of Libya, and that the Senate in that period was composed of An equal number of members representing the three regions of Libya.

Saleh stressed that the Libyan society is coherent, denying what he described as rumors that were reported about his threat or pressure on him after announcing his political initiative, noting that these rumors aim to spread sedition only and that it will not be feasible, as he put it.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the LNA reportedly captured a major leader and field commander of #ISIS-Libyan branch by the name of Tariq Al-Barasi Al-Makani.

Others known terrorists were also killed in the clashes in and around Tripoli.

Furthermore, additional regions announced that they were joining the fight against the GNA’s Turkish-led forces and to support Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

The UAE announced its support for a political solution in Libya and categorically rejected any Turkish military role in what transpires in the country.

“The UAE affirms its adherence to the political solution in Libya and the need for an immediate and comprehensive cease-fire

UAE expresses its categorical rejection of the Turkish military role that impedes the chances of a ceasefire in Libya, and prejudices the efforts of the international community to reach a comprehensive political solution there”

On the side of the GNA, Turkish Bayraktar TB2 continue being the most active asset being used in the fight, with air strikes being carried out on a LNA convoy on April 30th.

The GNA also recaptured Al-Hawatim and Al-Jabayiliyah from the LNA.

Finally, the GNA announced that any vehicle on the road from Bani Walid to Tripoli, without proper permission, would be a legitimate target, regardless if its civilian or not.


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Peter Jennings

The GNA not respecting Ramadan sounds about right. The puppet gov’t ain’t true muslims anyway. They take their orders from abroad, from non muslims, who profess to be christian. But truly, we don’t know what they are.

‘The GNA announced that any vehicle on the road from Bani Walid to Tripoli, without proper permission, would be a legitimate target, regardless if its civilian or not.’

So the GNA will even attack their own civilian population. That doesn’t sound like an admin that will last.

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