Tribes Army: New Pro-Government Force Appears In Southern Syria


Tribes Army: New Pro-Government Force Appears In Southern Syria

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Rifai is in the center

On December 4,  the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) formed a new force named “Tribes Army” in the southern Daraa governorate, according to Syrian oppositions sources. The Tribes Army will allow former fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in southern Syria to join its ranks according to the sources.

The Syrian pro-government newspaper al-Watan said that the Tribes Army will be led by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Rifai. Over 160 former FSA fighters and commanders from Daraa have already joined the new force, according to the source.

Syrian opposition activists from Daraa revealed that most of the Tribes Army fighters defected from the al-Omari Brigades, one of the biggest FSA groups in southern Syria. In an official statement, the al-Omari Brigades acknowledged that “only few” of its fighters and commanders defected to the pro-government Tribes Army.

This is the second pro-government force to be formed by the SAA in southern Syria in the last few months. In November, the SAA established a local force known as the “133 Brigade” in Izra town in the northern Daraa countryside.

The SAA is likely forming these new local forces in order to aid it in any future military operations there. Especially that the SAA suffered from a series of setbacks in Daraa governorate in 2017.



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  • Len Zegelink

    good job.

  • Time to switch to the winning side!

    • Icarus Tanović

      Seem so.

    • Justin

      lol yeah

  • Man Dagang

    Fsa southern front need Hts leadership to resume southern operations capturing Daraa soon

    • Tudor Miron

      Who the hell are you?

      • Lupus

        its a retarded troll

      • You can call me Al

        Just block it, look at the rest of it’s comments. A Troll.

      • FlorianGeyer

        He is a rather dubious and not very successful idiot Tudor :)

      • John Whitehot

        may i hazard a dutch nationality?

    • Justin

      HTS can’t even hold onto Idlib, why the hell would they come to help Daraa?
      I think u mean to say the FSA southern front needs Israeli leadership! But if they accept it, then they are agreeing that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and that eventually the second Jewish Temple will be built in place of the dome of the rock! Destroyed by a false flag even for sure!
      Deep down u know this to be true!
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    • Samuel Boas

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  • Serious

    Use Trump statement on jerusalem to make more people defect from american FSA.

  • Lupus

    Well lets hope they can be trusted.

    • FlorianGeyer

      ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’.

      The main challenge for the SAA will be to prevent a Local Warlord mentality that will alienate the civil population.

  • Hodei

    Parece que unas milicias de carácter local y popular no son tan efectivas como un ejercito profesional; sin embargo, hay ciertos momentos de la batalla donde pueden ser hasta mas importantes que el. Por ejemplo, en un asedio a una ciudad, gracias al apoyo ciudadano que pueden recibir, o en una emboscada, gracias a poseer un conocimiento mas preciso del terreno

    • Pavel Pavlovich

      Yo también creo que ellos habrán sido útil en los meses que vienen, debido a que la guerra todavía no está acabada. Aunque, segun parece, se habrá acabada esta pesadilla en un futuro bastante próximo al presente a pesar de todo(s). Que muera la opresión!