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Tribal Leaders From Damascus And Al-Rukban Camp Meet Near Al-Tanaf

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Tribal Leaders From Damascus And Al-Rukban Camp Meet Near Al-Tanaf

US forces in the Syrian town of al-Tanaf, by Hammurabi’s Justice News

Tribal leaders from Damascus met with tribal leaders from the al-Rukban refugee camp in the 55km de-escalation zone around the border town of al-Tanaf to discuss the situation in the region, the Syrian Hammurabi’s Justice News reported on September 29.

A commander of the Revolutionary Commando Army, which is stationed in the US-led coalition base near the al-Rukban camp, told the pro-opposition blog that the group was not a part of the talks. The commander added that the refugees in the camp have the right to determine their own fate.

“The Revolutionary Commando Army did not participate in any negotiations. The Revolutionary Commando Army secured the area in the 55km deconfliction zone making sure the Regime did not abuse the agreement. The Syrians in Rukban can make their own choices,” Hammurabi’s Justice News quoted the commander as saying.

Two weeks ago, Nikolai Burtsev, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, revealed that Russia is working closely with the U.S. to evacuate refugees from the al-Rukban camp to the government-controlled areas. According to local observers, the meeting is a clear sign that the evacuation agreement is near.

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Good, Al Rukban refugee camp needs to be cleared out.
It is a staging point for ISIS and FSA rats.
Time for FUKUS to leave Al Tanf. :)

Ray Douglas

Not time for them to leave, time for them to be blown out.


Subtle, this is a classic power center meeting together to work out a plan with or without their superior’s approval.
Assad should not tolerate this.

Hisham Saber

What is happening in Deir Ezzor, Hasaka and Al-Tanf is that Arab tribes are getting together and planning a vicious insurgency against the Turks, U.S., U.K, and French in Syria. You can bet that the Iraqi Hashd Al-Shaabi (Iraqi Popular Mobilization) units and other allied militias will join in. The Arab tribes of Iraq will help their brethren from Syria. The U.S., /SDF/Kurds east of the Euphrates better get ready, and AL-Tanf U.S. base is a sitting target for artillery and missile bombardment. They have been warned many times by the forces of the ‘ axis of resistance’ that their day is coming.


It is easy to say that but there is no way to know if their agenda will fit in with yours. These locals wouldn’t feel the need to form their own confederations if they were planning on putting Damascus’ orders above their own, making this effectively an independent command structure. My guess will be that Assad will quietly reorganize and disperse commanders and militias participating in this because if he doesn’t they will make demands on him which he will have listen to or risk them getting mad enough to defect.

Consider how Deir ez-Zor militias on several occasions crossed the Euphrates only to be forced back? Long story short, those guys clearly had their own reasons for ignoring the truce so they ignored it.


Well said.
Iraq I hope will also expel the US again


Tribal leaders, that’s why Arabs are so easily manipulated, they still operate as tribes within nations.
The Russian German and British tribes are strong, because they value the nation tribe more highly than the local tribe.
Maybe if they had Federal systems of Government they could end the constant tribal bickering that allows the Saudis, another tribe and the Israelis to manipulate them.

America is a mixture of tribes so is my country Australia, and can function in a unified manner, why not Arabs?

al quaida

All humans are easily manipulated. Regardless of race. Americans and Australians are just as manipulated as Arabs. It all comes down to tribalism. Which is all about survivalism. Most leaders are sociopaths or at least narcissists, whose lack of conscience provides them with an advantage when it comes to manipulating others. They manipulate that primal urge of needing to belong to a tribe in order to survive. Geography allows some tribes to become empires, and empires dominate with the aid of divide and conquer techniques. Empires carved up the middle east at the end of the first world war, the effects of which we are witnessing today.


The UK is slowly reverting to tribal systems due largely to immigration but also to the latent desires of previously subdued ‘tribes’.


There was no agreement, the US bombed a Syrian army patrol twice that tried to approach their border and decided to annex the land illegally.. These terrorists need to be eliminated with the foreign invaders. They also turn into ISIS when they sneak past the mountain routes and kidnap women in the nearby villages.

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