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Transfer Point For Terrorists Moving To Europe: Prominent ISIS Commander Detained In Ukraine

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Transfer Point For Terrorists Moving To Europe: Prominent ISIS Commander Detained In Ukraine

Al Bara Shishani

Over the past years, Ukraine has turned for a safe haven for various terrorists and radicals that are freely operating in the country as allies of the young democracy fighting against the Russian totalitarism. ISIS members also appear to be among these “democrats”. However, the difference is that ISIS leaders and expirienced commanders prepfer to use Ukraine as a transfer point en route to Europe.

On November 15, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) announced that they in cooperation with Georgian police and the CIA had detained a senior member of ISIS group – an ethnic Chechen with the Georgian citizenship, known as Al Bara Shishani. He was previously deputy to top ISIS commander Omar al-Shishani (“Omar the Chechen”).

Transfer Point For Terrorists Moving To Europe: Prominent ISIS Commander Detained In Ukraine

Omar al-Shishani

The SBU said in a statement that Al Bara Shishani left Syria in 2016 for Turkey, where he “continued to coordinate” ISIS activities. He reportedly illegally arrived in Ukraine in 2018 using a false passport. He was arrested near his house in a Kiev suburb.

The Georgian security service gave the name of the terrorists as Cezar Tokhosashvili and said he was wanted as “a member of a terrorist organization”.

This is not the first case when ISIS members publicly appear in Ukraine. Earlier, militants trained in ISIS camps formed the Sheikh Mansur battalion that participated in the conflict in the region of Donbass on the side of the Kiev regime.

The detention of Al Bara Shishani is mostly a PR move because of his prominence among the international audience. However, multiple similar “freedom fighters” remain in Ukraine and even use the country as a transfer point en route to states of the European Union.


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klove and light

jew Zionist Operation……ukraine has become a jew Zionist puppet state


It’s always been one.

Decatur Guy

It’s the original homeland of these so-called “jews”; the area north of the Black and Caspian seas.
I’d wager it may be a bug-out place for “Elitists” living in occupied Palestine when TSHTF.
Course, there’s this (((Lewis))) dude buying up huge tracks of land in the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia. We can all speculate whose bug-out place that will become. Cheers!

Black Waters

Terrorists have no chance against Russia. Soon or later, this head chopper moderate wahhabi will meet the cold soil.

Hasbara Hunter



when the USA, ISIS and Ukraine display there true values we must enjoy the irony


I hope the people here that support Islamic Jihad against Israel, get those nice guys back to the countries they live.


but they will be back when it’s time to finalize the israeli issue, when turkey, syria, iran iraq and hezbollah wil move in to terminate the illegal settlement called israel. that will be the day when the world will say halleluja not a day to soooon


Ah…. do notise, ladys and gentlemen the shere stupdity of the HasbaRats, again, thay cant think straight, and somehow, when we all know its Jewish Run Orcs, aka so called Nazis, witch again the western MSM is eary silent about, remarkable when they whine everytime they find an swastica painted on whatever, but the open use of it un Ukraina isnt even tuched like the scums are in Bolivia, even open racism, nope, not bothered to mention, and Islamic JiHAD is several things, but this Wahabai scums in Ukraina dn Turkien is something else, we all know that by now, expect of course the constant throwing of total bollocks to drown everything in manure isnt an surpirce.

Then we have something totaly different if you think about what is realy going on this days, of both and about Turkien, where I watched an Al-scam-jazzz program called The Chalipat, and I was a bit baffled about how much they didnt mention apart from the standard nonsense and lines witch is ok, but not about whom did what and why, and whom destroyed the Ottoman empire and destroyed the Turkish Chalipate.
So, whom are we talking about.
Second currios issue poping up this days is why is suddenly the Amrenian Genocide become an issue when its been dragged down into oblivion before, this days, when the otherwise DemonCratus and the ADLs have vigirously denied it even to have happened, but now, it have, weird isnt it if you have payed attention to the last years propaganda war/s.
So, to enlighten you more about that, I will give this to the Turks, my humble gift to you all, I have an freind that went broke because of banking issues annd was straned in turkien for weeks without an single nickle, but made it because of the people, and I mean about people at the bottom of the Turkish nation aka the poor ones, and even Syrian refugees, and they demand and will have my deepest respect for helping an man in dire need, may the lord bless you all.


What they dont tell you, Turks is why did we have the Inqusition, why did the Calipat go down, etc, etc, now you know, because of the Jews, and even the blacks whom drools something about black Moors, dont wanna talk about them that much because they where among the worst slave traders of them all, blacks hunting and selling blacks, etc.
The fall of the calipat occured because of greed, and ignorance.
And the final death came because of the Jews and again, some traitores from within, to the lies about Attaturk, witch isnt even His original name, He was an Donmeh Jew.
I end it here, the reason for this, is to make shure, Arabs that you know whom the enemy is, not me, but the truth about the fall of the Caliphat.

And when we are at this, I am feed up with HasbaRats and Friends of ISISraels constant lies and prevertions of truth, and wants to point out an Doc most of you never belived existed, and this is even from an sorce I despice, most of it is true, some is of course retracted, but this should for once berrie some of the propaganda we have been spoon feed our entire life.
The Haava Agreement.
Have an nice day.


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