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Traditional Nazi Torchlight March Took Place In Kiev (Video)

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Traditional Nazi Torchlight March Took Place In Kiev (Video)

“Democratic” torch march in Kiev

While the whole world celebrates the start of the new year, Ukraine glorifies nationalist and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. On January 1, hundreds of Ukrainians traditionally marched with torches through the main streets of the capital and other cities in different regions in honor of the anniversary of Bandera’s birth.

According to the Ukrainian police, about 3.5 thousand citizens took part in the events on the occasion of honoring Bandera all around the country. It was noted that the public order was not violated during the marches.

The footage from Kiev shows people of all ages, carrying lighted torches and waving flags of the ‘Right Sector’ and other Ukrainian radical nationalist organizations. The nationalists were chanting slogans in support of Bandera. The march symbolically ended near the office of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Stepan Bandera is one of the ideologists of Ukrainian nationalism. During the Great Patriotic War he collaborated with Nazi Germany, until 1959 he headed the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), which fought against the Red Army. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN-UPA), the militant wing of the OUN, committed numerous crimes, killing about 100 thousand Poles, Czechs, and Jews in Western Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainians were also brutally killed for refusing to cooperate with the nationalists.

However, when the Germans occupied Lviv, Bandera evidently turned his back on his former terrorist group and began fighting against them, on behalf of the Nazis. He was soon arrested by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp.

In 2020, the CIA declassified a trove of documents describing the Ukrainian National hero and known Nazi – Stepan Bandera as a fascist and Hitler’s professional spy.

“On 30 June 1941, the Ukrainian fascist and Hitler’s professional spy, Stepan A. Bandera (according to his German appellation, “Consul II”), proclaimed in Lvov, then occupied by the Germans, the resurrection of the Ukrainian State in Western Ukraine. The same day a government was formed under the designation of the “State government” with Yaroslav Stetsko, Bandera’s deputy, as premier.”

Despite his very controversial personality, Stepan Bandera was chosen to become the new Ukrainian national hero.

As he was born on January 1, 1909, celebrations of his birthday have become disgusting New Year’s ritual in Ukraine in recent years, with thousands participating in Nazi-style torch-lit marches that include shouted protests against “Putin’s Russia” and rants such as, “Jews out!” which are heard by everyone except the police.

Former President Petro Poroshenko publicly identified himself as a Banderite after taking office in 2014 and officially added Bandera’s birthday to the list of Ukraine’s most important holidays. The then-President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko awarded to Bandera the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously), but it was officially annulled in one year.

Bandera was one of the most controversial Ukrainian leaders and his official rehabilitation was not well received in a number of countries, including Poland, the close ally of the current Kiev’s regime.

However, today in 2022, Israel is the only state to officially condemn the march of Ukrainian nationalists in honor of Stepan Bandera.

According to the message of the Israeli Embassy in Kiev on January 1: “Israel condemns the nationalist march in honor of Stepan Bandera. Glorification of those who supported the Nazi ideology desecrates the memory of the victims of the Holocaust in Ukraine. We demand a thorough investigation of the anti-Semitic manifestations that took place during the march, according to the law adopted in Ukraine in 2021,” it says.

This year, even such a quite voice from Israel was not officially supported by Warsaw or any other European country.

In its turn, Washington has recently openly declared its support to nationalistic movements and glorification of Nazism.

In December, the UN resolution against the glorification of Nazism that was presented by Russia to the United Nations was approved with 121 votes in favor, 53 abstentions and two votes against: United States and Ukraine.

Today’s torchlight procession in Kiev explains why Ukrainians are forced to forget about their great victory over fascism during the Second World War, and to honor traitors and bandits. The spread of aggressive nationalist ideas throughout the country is an important stage of the so-called “color revolutions” that have been staged in several post-Soviet states.


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If Israel codemned it, it surely can’t be bad? Respect to all who know their worth and protect their freedom!

Last edited 23 days ago by Seekthetruth
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

They are run by zionazis.
They condemn them but under the table they fund them.
These are braindead traitors worshipping nazis whom killed 12million Ukrainians.
Not patriots, but foreign funded traitors.

Tommy Lee

God, you’re fucking stupid. They’re not being funded because Israel secretly loves Nazis; it’s just a matter of Realpolitik. The nationalists are militant Russophobes, and there are a lot of them. They make useful anti-Russia stormtroopers. They’ll be dropped like hot potato as soon as their usefulness runs out. As for those 12 million Ukrainians, you wouldn’t happen to have the numbers on the Tsarist, and then Communist, kill count, would you? What’s patriotic about getting cozy with the bear, exactly?

Funny, when it comes to the Nazis, you’re all numbers, but you don’t mention how much they suffered under Russian rule. And to then be beaten down constantly by their former masters, told that they’re not a real country, that they have no culture, that they have no history, it’s no wonder they hate Russia. They chose the lesser of two evils, in a situation where there was no “good” option. I’d pick a pack of Hitlerites over the Stalin-lovers any day of the week.

As a final note, if Israel is a “ZioNazi” state, it would make sense for them to tacitly support the so-called “Nazis” by keeping quiet than to publicly condemn them, wouldn’t it? Jews have, historically, had much more of an affinity for communism, but we’ll just ignore that because it’s inconvenient for the narrative.

Ukraine uber anus

Nazi shitbot, you are not just incredibly, amazingly stuuupid, you are absolutely clueless and brainless fucking IMBECILE. So-called Nazis? They are (neo)nazis you blind and brainless idiot, you contradict yourself all the time. Israeli ‘condemnation’ haha what a farcical little joke (just as you are), their embassy in Kiev tweeted a few words, but then their Foreign Ministry immediately retracted; if they really want to condemn these a-holes they would do it 6.000.000 times more seriously. Only morons like you can’t see this.
And wtf you moron know about tsars? Kiev was a Russian city when your ancestors raped sheep in Wales. Tsars liberated this depopulated wasteland after centuries of Tatar terror, then Russian tsars settled Slavic orthodox refuges from Poland-Lithuania. So-called “Ukrainians” never existed, they were mostly Galicians from Lwow. Ukraine means frontier, nothing else. Germany and Austria created this fake nation to use them against Russia, like a virus. No, you pathetic monkey, they’re NOT a real country, they have NO culture, they have NO history. As we can see here – the greatest (and only) “hero” of their entire history was a common bandit and murderer Bandera who served nazis like a dog. He killed more Poles than Russians btw, but it doesn’t matter coz they have no one else to worship.

“Evil commies” that you hate so much completely rebuilt Ukraine after WW1, gave them Russian lands, enforced brutal Ukrainization of Russian population…. then “evil commies” rebuilt Ukraine yet again after WW2, after your loving Nazis thoroughly plundered and systematically destroyed basically everything. Soviets invested more in Ukraine than in Russia you stupid pile of Hitlerite excrement. Communists even gave them more Russian land including Crimea. Oh, bad, eeeevil commies, always oppressing little innocent Ukies. In reality, these absolute morons from Kiev should actually worship Lenin, they exist today because of him. If Hitler won, they would be completely exterminated in just a few years. Holotrololololdomor was invented by Goebbels and re-invented under Reagan to be used as a cheap anti-Soviet propaganda. Both Ukrainians and Russians died from starvation, nowhere near 6 million godzillion ; famine, soviet incompetence but also Symone Petlyuria’s terrorists (instigated by Brits) burned the crops and the granaries. Yet more people died in Russia under Lenin in 1920/1. and in India in 1943. but no one gave them a fancy “holo” crap name. There were more Ukrainians and other non-Russians in USSR leadership of that time than Russians. So keep your moronic CNNYoutube Mickey Mouse ‘history’ for your NATO husband. As a final note, go join Hitler and Bandera in hell. Also Lenin and Trotsky.

Last edited 23 days ago by Ukraine uber anus
Chris Gr

Holodomor happened!

Win stupid prizes!

Please come back to reality.
Azov exists only because they are NATO’s proxy war machine for the benefit of the United States of Amerika and the ZSU because they don’t have to fight against Crimea/DNR/LNR. – They are expendable Nazis until their forces go westward to Kiev (or other NATO aligned nations)


In other words; you support a contrived, corporate-backed entity that is paid millions of dollars to quite literally encourage a racial demographic responsible for 50% or more of that country’s overall crime rate to actively burn, loot and murder (i.e. BLM).


You are only capable of drinking the cool aid force-fed to you from your television screen, not unlike other vacuous “normies” who incessantly believe the jew jab will save them from the plandemic they orchestrated.

Furthermore, you buy into the anti-White lies aimed at White genocide. I have thoroughly looked at both sides of everything you and that other idiot said to me in this comment thread, I can tell you that you are brainwashed and do not understand there is plenty of proof to discredit and debunk the nonsense you stated.

But you are too lazy to look into any of that, you are but a mindless cretin with an enormously inaccurate concept of politics and pretty much anything I stated. You are only capable of digesting what the media indoctrinates you to believe; never do you investigate another side, always will you maintain a confirmation bias.

Last edited 23 days ago by Fritzzz
Win stupid prizes!

Congrats, you can copypasta an irrelevant post directed at me that is absolutely devoid of meaning because it has nothing to do with what I said.

Some would call you a propagandist, because you live in a fantasy land.
There surely must be something better than wasting your time on typing fiction on a blog.

You can use your wasted time more efficiently by looking at fallout shelters, writing for fanfiction.net or continuing to “help” the world by destabilizing it with leftist/wokeist propaganda.


“Please come back to reality.”

LOL, look in the mirror.

I was never referring to Azov, NATO or the US. I was exclusively speaking about NS Germany and the holohoax; since you know nothing else other than atrocity propaganda, you fail to realize “fascist, nazi” have become empty buzzwords devoid of their true meaning.

And no, nothing I stated has anything to do with the neo-conservative Ronald Reagan who was pretty much a liberal.

You are but a vacuous vessel that only parrots everything it sees and hears on its television screen.

Last edited 23 days ago by Fritzzz
Win stupid prizes!

You clearly have mistaken identity syndrome. You think a post directed at current nazi scum proxywar somehow attributes to supporting bitch lives matter, because of a correction to your misinterpretation of “NLM”.

Then somehow, you attribute your made up fanfiction as whatever the fuck this shit means “I was never referring to Azov, NATO or the US. I was exclusively speaking about NS Germany and the holohoax; since you know nothing else other than atrocity propaganda, you fail to realize “fascist, nazi” have become empty buzzwords devoid of their true meaning.

And no, nothing I stated has anything to do with the neo-conservative Ronald Reagan who was pretty much a liberal.

You are but a vacuous vessel that only parrots everything it sees and hears on its television screen.”

That should be twitter-worthy if you can keep it under 250 characters, and make sure it’s “safe” content to be approved by Comrade Parag Agrawal.


You accuse me of parroting what I am told when nothing I ever state is ever in the media, so what the fuck are you talking about? Not to mention National Socialism rejects Liberalism.


You are a bigger load of shite then what my Belgian shepherd just did

Chris Gr

Zionazis lol

Chris Gr

Yes, because Israel is with Russia on this fight.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Ukropnazis sink lower and lower.
They worship people whom wanted to genocide every slav on the planet.
Including them.
The sooner Kiev falls the better for everyone.

Tommy Lee



Oh vei…🤣 Heil King Chickenshit Satanyahoo…heil Sir gay boy Bennett

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