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Trade Deficit Widens & 3 More Data Points Proving The U.S. Is Losing The Trade War


Written by Mac Slavo; Originally appeared on SHTFplan.com

As the trade deficit continues to widen and President Donald Trump ramps up his rhetoric on China, one thing is for certain: the data points show that the United States is the loser in this trade war.

There is no coming out on top when the tariffs, which are paid in whole by American consumers and businesses, are a financial burden and additional tax on your own.According to a report by Reason, investment in American businesses has fallen sharply since the start of the trade war, and American exports are way down too.

The gap between how much America exports to China and how much it imports from the Asian nation grew to $30.2 billion in July, up from $30.1 billion the previous month, according to Commerce Department figures. But there are three more data points of importance that prove the United States is losing the trade war.

Trade Deficit Widens & 3 More Data Points Proving The U.S. Is Losing The Trade War

The widening gap was due to a decrease in the value of American exportsBloomberg reported. The trade deficit has been a problem for Trump and one of the main reasons he started the trade war. Trump has used America’s trade deficit as a key justification for his trade policies, and he has repeatedly promised that tariffs on China would reduce that deficit. But as predicted, when one uses central planning and government intervention to mess with the free market, things get worse. Economists generally agree that trade deficits don’t matter, as free trade is more important for a stable economy. This is the same reason that you wouldn’t worry about running a “deficit” with a grocery store, Reason stated.

Trump’s tariffs are having an impact, but not in positive ways for the United States. During the first six months of 2018, U.S. exports to China fell by 18 percent relative to the same period last year. Imports from China slipped by 12 percent. Both sides are doing less trading, but the trade deficit persists.

Three other data points are showing the trade war as an abject failure too:

1. Business Investments Plummeted 

According to the Commerce Department, investment in American businesses has fallen off sharply since the start of Trump’s trade war in mid-2018.

Trade Deficit Widens & 3 More Data Points Proving The U.S. Is Losing The Trade War

This is a sign that businesses are holding off on hiring and expanding in the face of uncertainty and higher costs.

2. Loss of Goods-Producing Jobs

Trump has also tried to justify his bellicose trade policies by citing the importance of American manufacturing jobs. Not only is the manufacturing sector officially in a recession, but the job losses will have a ripple effect across the landscape of the American economy.

3. Loser for The Treasury

The trade war has been a net loss for the treasury. Sure, there are the billions of tariff dollars paid by American consumers and businesses, but the amount paid to farmers to offset the damage done to them is higher.

Trade Deficit Widens & 3 More Data Points Proving The U.S. Is Losing The Trade War

It’s time to remove the partisan political blinders that keep people supporting the horrible trade war policies and open our eyes to what’s really happening.  The U.S. is losing this trade war and the American consumer is the biggest loser of all.

More government intervention will not fix the problem. Central planning has only made things worse, and it’s past time we realize exactly what’s happening.

Trade Deficit Widens & 3 More Data Points Proving The U.S. Is Losing The Trade WarBrace yourself; the future economy’s outlook is bleak.



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  • BillA

    re-elect Trump; just what the US needs, and deserves

    • FlorianGeyer

      Yes, the effectiveness of Trumps tariffs are akin to the effectiveness of the US Patriot Missiles.

      Both do more damage to US interests :)

      • Zionism = EVIL

        In all seriousness, besides third grade weapons at inflated costs the Americunt morons do not produce anything. Going by the Boeing 737Max, their planes are pure suicidal junk, Americunt cars are shit and besides racism and hate and Jew parasites, what do they produce: fuckall.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Very true.
          The US does excel in the fantasy world that all too many of those who play video games exist in though, I think.

  • Rhodium 10

    its easy China dont import from USA as dollar is high+ China tax…while USA continue importing from China as Yuan is low in spite of US tax…

  • hvaiallverden

    My final advice in this trubling times, is simply, you either fight or die as an slave, there is nothing in between, mastering your self, your hart and you are one, I dont usually talk directly about religion, because I belive in something much more fundamental, life or death, what path you go, is all yours, be an warrior of light, fight for life and love will be your ultimate weapon, for now and into enternity, there is nothing inbetween.
    You, have to do it your self, because nobody els can, and it have to come from within.


    I know we are aproaching something really bad, what it is, I dont really know, but its not important, its what we do from now on that matters, fight or die, live or die, love or die, its all yours.
    And thats been my mantra for years when I used the term wake up.
    Or die asleep.
    So, be the light, the most formidable enemy you have, is your self, your own mind, once you see that, everything changes.
    This video is my gift to you.
    Wake up, and be the light.


    • You can call me Al

      I am a keyboard warrior, does that count ?.

  • Peter Jennings

    Maybe the extra tariffs, paid in dollars, will take some US currency out of circulation?, and before the US ponzi scheme can no longer create enough currency to pay the interest on the debt it has accrued.

    IMO, the last thing that a global corporation could want is for gov’ts to begin trade wars with one another, including trade disrupting sanctions and retaliatory tariffs. As the piece has highlighted, it’s bad for business.
    Or maybe it isn’t, as it will slow the flow into the swamp?

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Americunt economy is deadbeat and $25 TRILLION in debt, thanks largely to the moronic lost wars non-stop for 30 years now in the Mid East and now a suicidal economic war with China and attempts to destabilize Russia and grab its resources. It is time Russia, Iran and China bleed the Americunt warmongering Jew infested losers with a death of thousand cuts. The US is an imploding evil and heading towards a domestic racist war and conflict. Trump the idiot is destroying whatever was left of the Jew controlled monstrosity called United Snakes.

      • Peter Jennings

        I sure hope you’re correct, the world is relying on it. Many countries are already taking steps to circumnavigate the american dollar system.

        If the Trumspter does indeed destroy present america but in the process rids the country of its foreign parasites, will that mean the Trumpster won’t be such an idiot after all? that’s only if the Trumpster survives his assassination attempts.

        Evidence emerging because of the Jeffrey Epstein case has demonstrated very well that the Trumpster was never into their parasitical lifestyle, other than being a ruthless businessman.

        The Trumpster says that he has little respect for those who run the present monstrosity and wants the whole thing drained. He seems to have done little over his first term, yet i think this is deceiving because i cannot help but think that if cataclysm was about to fall, it will happen during his second term when he has all his ducks in a row. I guess we shall soon know one way or the other.

  • RichardD

    Like the US really needs to garrison the planet for Jews with a through the roof military budget. “Paid” for with a staggering national debt. So that Jews can enslave and victimize humanity. What the US needs to do is to get rid of it’s Jews so that the US is Jew free and there are no more American Jews. And to support and ratify a UN convention abolishing Judaism on this planet so that Jews go extinct and Israel is replaced by a unified dejudified Palestine at the UN.

    China has a larger PPP GDP than the US and a national debt and military budget a fraction of the US. Because they’re not trying to conquer the planet for vermin Jews like the US. And they got rid of their Jews and outlawed Judaism so that they’re not victimized by Jews like the US.

    Unlike the US, China can almost pay off it’s national debt with foreign reserves if it wants to. China has $5 trillion in national debt and $3 trillion in foreign reserves. The US has $22 trillion in national debt and $126 billion in foreign reserves. The US has a $693 billion military budget. China has a $146 billion military budget. China has a $27 trillion PPP GDP, the US has a $21 trillion PPP GDP.

  • RichardD

    The US is turning into one more Jew pump and dump ponzi scheme. To be followed by asset stripping and vulture capitalism. To consolidate their control over the disaster that they’ve created. Carried out by Zionist Israel firster anti American swamp traitors in the US government and legislature who hate America and are deliberately destroying it for their vermin Jew overlords. The US needs to be dejudified so that there are no more American Jews.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Did you by chance get raped by a big black jewish man .

      • RichardD

        You’re sick in the head constantly spamming these threads with your lies and twisted depravity. You were probably the one who really was raped by a perverted blood sucking Jew cannibal prostitute during one of their pedophile mass rape cult rituals. That they use to felony statutory rape 1,000 children worldwide every week. The evil cult that you shill for needs to be abolished worldwide to create a Jew free world.

      • RichardD

        Did they infect you with venereal disease when they raped you that brain damaged you, is that why you’re constantly spewing insanity on these threads?

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    The Zionist Jews opened up massive trade between China and the US, cause they knew it would destroy the US and hurt China also.
    Both nations should shake hands and part ways for eternity. Trading between the two is bad for both.
    Both nations need to learn how to make things 100% on their own as Iran has done.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Americunt deadbeat economy is falling apart and a domestic race war is coming too. China is laughing all the way to the bank as it devalues the Yuan to accelerate exports and ruin the Americunt dumbasses.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Recessions always trigger a war somewhere. lol So the US is pinned from printing more toilet paper while the Chinese loves more of that paper. lol TPTB, keep a very tight control on money supply.
    The affluence of empires usually required an infusion from outside through spoils.

  • Toronto Tonto

    China is on a downward spiral like Russia is and will implode from the inside when the people join hands .