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JUNE 2023

“Toughest Sanctions Regime Ever”: Trump Reimposes All Anti-Iranian Sanctions Lifted In 2015 And More

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The US will reimpose all anti-Iranian sanctions, which had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal, the administration of US President Donald Trump announced on November 2.  According to the US Treasury, the sanction list will include over 700 entities and individuals, including 300 new names.

“Together with the unprecedented sanctions actions taken by the Trump Administration, this will be the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed on Iran,” the White House said. “Sanctions will target critical sectors of Iran’s economy, such as its energy, shipping, shipbuilding, and financial sectors.”

According to the White House statement, the sanctions will target the following:

“- Over 700 individuals, entities, vessels, and aircraft are going back onto our sanctions list, including major Iranian banks, oil exporters, and shipping companies.

– The sanctions also target transactions with the Central Bank of Iran and designated Iranian financial institutions.

– Sales of food, agricultural commodities, medicine, and medical devices to Iran have long been—and remain—exempt from our sanctions.”

The statement emphasized that the Trump adminsitration “will continue to stand up to the Iranian regime’s aggression and will fully enforce the reimposed sanctions” as well as paid a special attention to the part of sanctions targeting Iran’s oil export. The sanctions will come into force on November 5.

Earlier on November 2, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also threatened Iran with sanctions against the transaction service SWIFT.

“SWIFT is no different than any other entity,” Mnuchin said. “We have advised SWIFT that it must disconnect any Iranian financial institutions that we designate as soon as technologically feasible to avoid sanctions exposure.”

Nonetheless, it seems there is some gap in the Trump adminstration’s plan to “fully enforce the reimposed sanctions”. According to Bloomberg, the US already granted waivers to 8 states importing Iranian oil. The lest is expected to be announced by State Secretary Mike Pompeo later on November 2.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said the US is seeking to wage an extensive “psychological war” against Iran by imposing a fresh round of sanctions.

“There is no room for any concern. We should wait and see that the US will not be able to carry out any measure against the great and brave Iranian nation,” Qassemi told IRIB. “It seems that the US has no more capability to put countries and global economic enterprises under pressure”

He claimed that the US carried out numerous measures and spent huge sums to exert pressure on international banks, companies, commercial enterprises and institutions in order to dissuade them from working with Iran but all such efforts failed to bear fruit.

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Trump does look like a Zionist lap dog.


As the duck test states:

If he looks like a Zionist lap dog, barks like a Zionist lap dog and acts like a Zionist lap dog then he probably is a Zionist lap dog.




Stone cold reality. ZOG lackeys.



stary ujo

This unqualified president more quick speak , than think !!


I am sorry the president doesn’t speak, he farts loud and smelly only.


Whats the qualification for president?





LMAO so much LOL it looks brand new movie release or new episodes of Trump reality shows. LOL its like a movie cover tho. Well he also might get a deal with some Hollywood producers and they can actually make this a movie series or really shows titled “Sanctions are coming” November 5th Season 1 Episode 1……..


Well it’s a good way to get a message to the durka dur’s.


An old trick actually. In 1940 the US did the same to Japan to force them to attack the US. I’m sure they are hoping for Iran to make any such move as the Japanese did so that they can declare war on them (in “self defence” ) and replace their central bank with a Zionist one.


Russia…Iran…China…they are waiting for the Americans, The British, The IsraHellis & the Frogs to start….the AngloZioNazis should start THEIR WWIII…They will use their Legal right of Self-Defense to Obliterate the West….First Punch Knock-out this is what the West will teach a lesson…they’ll get the message…

Zo Fu

I really doubt that China and Russia will obey some laughable sanctions imposed on Iran. It will backfire for sure as more and more countries will avoid petrodolar and start using clearing accounts and yuan.


That’s why they “exempt” these 8 countries is just to save face. Most of them announced that they won’t stop oil purchase. Now they must be sooo glad the US “allowed” them to do so, otherwise they had to just ignore it.


The countries that continue to buy oil from Iran, will demand a discount, so their manufacturing costs will be lower than countries that obey the fuhrer in Washington. Basically the US is just hastening its own demise.


Mo’ Sanctions… U.S…. the Iranian kids are not yet Dying like the Kids in Yemen U.S…..Sanction the World in your Desperate Demonic & Satanic attempt to Starve the World to Death… you Failed Loser…and you all will Fail some more…


Are the sanctions any more than just talk and bs propaganda. They seem like the tariff threats to China and the rest of the world. Sitting from behind the iron curtain (US) I can’t figure out what’s reality or fantasy. Think i’m losing it.


This will keep you sane I trust :) The link includes the complete poem that is as pertinent today as it was yesterday.


“IF you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, Or being hated, don’t give way to hating, And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise: ” Rudyard Kipling


Thank you for the Wisdom.


It was written by a far wiser man than me :)


All the sanctions are pretty useless… the only one paying more for their products is the U.S…. Steel became more expensive to import into the U.S…. but the U.S. can’t produce every quality of steel themselves…so they still have to import it… Prices of Building materials in the U.S. went up 15 to 20% because they have to pay for the American Materials…which are more expensive….It is All a Show for the American Public….Europe is slightly different than the MSM in the U.S….and Europeans are a bit more critical audience…. Western people in general just have to wake up… they don’t need very much intelligence to understand the Evil & the Lies that our Governments used to manipulate us all… The evidence is overwhelming and very very clear….and it fits on a couple of pages to still get a good overall picture….


US and Iran trade is non existent while trade with Russia is over $30 billion, 35 billion with Turkey and about $20 billion with India and China each. Iranian trade with EU nations is growing as Spain, Germany, France and even Italy has billions of trade and projects underway. Russo-Persian trade has the most rapid growth potential followed by India which is heavily involved in Iranian oil purchases and infrastructure. Iran, India, Russia and Turkey have a market of close to 2 BILLION people, so what sanctions on whom?

Brother Ma

It is all to stop the West trading with this Bloc and to trade only with the USA to benefit only the USA.

It will lead to the above Bloc making more of the products it can not now get outside. Import substitution will occur with knock-on effects. Short-term pain for long-term gain for its citizens.Bravo!


Realistically speaking, Iran has been under the toughest US and Zionist inspired sanctions, embargoes, wars and terrorism since 1979 and all these failed measures have yet to make a dent in Iranian economy or capability, if anything it has made Iran more resilient and created far greater regional alliances with rising Asia and Russia. Iran is poised to be top 20 economies regardless of sanctions or not as it has a large educated population, infinite natural resources and a huge landmass that is a pivot for all EurAsia. Indians are not naive that they are investing billions on the mega Chah Bahar port which is already operational and Russia, India and Iran are thinking of connecting the Caspian, Black Sea and Persian Gulf via an extensive canal that will make the journey via Suez obsolete. It may also come as a surprise to most that Russia, Iran and India graduate more scientists and engineers than US and Europe combined. US is a losing sunset power and all its impotent actions are a sign of fading influence and desperation.


The West has had their chance to become a World Leader…. but they screwed up their chances by being Untrustworthy….a Supremacist…a Deceiver… Trickster…a Liar…a Backstabber, Traitor and a Massmurderer…thoroughly Corrupted by their Banksters & Elite…. Let’s see how the East will pick up Their newly gained responsibilities…


The US has squandered any moral authority it had in the world, which lately isn’t much.

A country that would appoint an absurdity like Haley to be UN rep is a joke.


They Lied about everything they could Lie about….Genocides, High Treason, Warcimes & Crimes against Humanity is what they committed under the Veil of Deception…. they should be held responsible and Hanged for it…or Firing Squad…If I was the Judge I would hang them all for what they have done…


They did. Hanging after trial in a kangaroo court, of course. We must observe the legal niceties.


So typical of my country to destroy and exploit while Russia, China and India build and share. Shows us who the real adults in the room are.

Brother Ma

Fascinating and exciting.

Brother Ma

Correct me if I am wrong but apart from a few years has anybody actually conquered Persia since Alexander? I know the Ottomans had some control or did they? But did anyone conquer Iran as the Mughals and British conquered India or the Turks did Asia Minor and the Balkans?


“Toughest Sanctions Regime Ever”: Trump Reimposes All Anti-Iranian Sanctions Lifted In 2015 And More.

The Washington sanction regime cannot be imposed on other countries. Let Russia, China, Turkey, Iran to eliminate the Washington created ISIS and Israel. Washington needs money to come out from economic collapse which is impossible during current war games. Therefore, Washington is requesting to 3rd world countries to buy their weapons which are so expensive and inefficient. Therefore they prefer to buy Chines and Russian made weapons.

Kelli Hernandez

Meanwhile,China bought a record amount of Iranian oil last month and Turkey is number one importer of Iranian oil. Trump looks a FOOL, as do Pompeo & Bolton. US citizens said no more wars for Israhell. What has Iran ever done to the US citizen? This is about 7 countries in five years. Intelligent Americans know this is about ISRAHELL. NO. MORE.WARS. FOR.ISRAHELL.

Jim Prendergast

Sanctions no longer signify anything. They are good in that they are insignificant.


” The Art of the Deal” has become the ” Fart of the Deal ” :)


Pretty much. All the buffoon has really done is show what a paper tiger the US has become. This is what happens when every other word out our your mouth is a lie and your foreign policy is designed to benefit another country at the expense of you and your ‘once’ allies.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What a joke, most pro US countries are hit with sanctions if they do business with Iran, but SWIFT isn’t thanks to some EU intervention. So in other words China, India, South Korea Japan and a few others will still be able to buy Iranian oil without incurring US sanctions but no one else can.

H Eccles

any day now the fat dude will end up sanctioning himself…


You are correct, the US is a dying power and new sanctions of just about every country that does not tow the Zionist line is only weakening the US and increasing anger among the white trailer trash unemployed that voted for the orange fat moron. The attacks on Jew parasites are a symptom of US populations frustrations and worsening situation. Over a 100 million Americans are on some sort of food stamps or handouts and even manufacturing jobs are declining, 6 million Americans are homeless or in severe housing strife. The UNDP global livability index now ranks US as below most third world countries in HDI and human life span and quality of life. US white male life span is now barely 78 years and declining rapidly, thanks to lack of health care, drugs and alcohol. Average American made in China Walmart flag waving idiot is in worse shape than most third world populations. US is in an epidemic of meth and violence fueled by the moron Trump’s hate-mongering.


Let’s not go overboard. Alcohol is extending my life by decades.


Yes, The Orange Buffoon has basically sanctioned the US…He has destroyed the political framework in co-operation world-wide. Seems to be an extension of ‘you’re either with us or agin us’ BS. But you are wrong that it was the ‘trailer trash’ that elected him. I couldn’t believe the people that said they were going to vote for him. I thought the very same…the ones that vote for him tend to be NASCAR types, but there are also a great many that have money and are educated(common denominator? they all tend to watch Faux News). Not all those fooled are poor ignorant trailer trash. But they voted Trump for different reasons. Mostly, they wanted the forever repug strategy of ‘tax cuts’ and the dumping of Obama care. They didn’t like it when they had to pay through the nose for healthcare like the rest of poor America has had to forever. The site of millionaires whining because they had to pay @$500 a month for their medical is enough to gag a person…but believe me I’ve seen it. The main driver for voting for Trump is the same as it’s always been, me, me, me (GREED)…and Trump exemplifies this. The best I can exhibit this is by one guy that posted on facebook that he was right! He ate lunch at a pro-Trump restaurant, which had at the bottom of the bill $.25 surcharge for ‘Obamacare’. I had to laugh though when a member of his own family came back and said; “Bitching about paying a quarter for their employee benefits after paying $12 for a hamburger? Get real.” The thing is the one bitching makes $750G a year from porn sites. His cousin that laughed at him makes $17G a year. Make your own conclusions. The rest of Trumpets seem to be easily led super-patriots (in their minds at least) that don’t mind being led by a bunch of draft-dodging chickenhawks. Your post is absolutely right on the money otherwise.


You like fat men don’t you.


With all due respect Mr. Trump, so what. You telegraphed your moves way too long ago and the word is out about you; you talk too much. I was hoping for better from you. I think you might be surprised how little lasting cooperation you will get out of this. After all, the key to global success is not ham fisted policies, it is cooperation and discretion. These are things you seem to disdain. My take on this nonsense.

To those effected, hang in, it will be not working out well for those policies in less than 6 months. In a year from now, I expect Mr. Bolton and Mr. Pompeo to be fired, along with many others ( that is if they do not bring physical harm to the President beforehand, out of blind desperation ). I wish well to all.


The solutions to this problem include dejudification to get the Jew neofascists out of the equation who are driving much of this type of policy. And the growth of the non Jew world order government’s portion of the global economy compared to the Jew portion, primarily NATO. So that other options are available to NATO goods and services. So that NATO sanctions become increasingly irrelevant, because they can just be circumvented by using non NATO sources. Which in the end only leads to a faster erosion of NATO economies because they’re walling themselves off from the rest of the world economy with self destructive isolationist antisocial behavior. Who wants to do business with A##holes when you can do business with decent people? It’s a no brainer.


The greatest gift that the US government could give the American people and humanity. Would be to outlaw Judaism and close and demolish the synagogues and yeshivas so that there are no more American Jews, and they go extinct.

R Trojson

We should all agree non-military actions like sanctions are far better than a shooting war with Iran. No one wants Iran to be the next Syria. Hopefully sanctions will bring them around.


“Hopefully sanctions will bring them around”

Bring them round to what? What does Trump want them to do?


And by what right does Trump dictate to Iran? Personally, I think the Austrian, German, French and UK governments are filth. Let’s sanction them.


And why exactly? These governments are quite different from each other. How are they ‘filth’?


They are identical to each other in that they all actively work to inundate their white, native populations with hostile, aggressive, supremacist, and parasitic third-world people. They do nothing to defend their borders from migrant invasion and poison the native culture forever with the importation of the hateful and unassimilable. Their elites loathe their own people. They concoct outrageous lies about Russia and Syria and hypocritically cloak themselves in the mantle of saints who live to defend “our democratic values.”

They all aggressively prosecute patriots who object. UK prison authorities connived in a plot to throw boiling sugar water on Tommy Robinson when he was in their custody. They grovel at the feet at Muslims and Africans and studiously ignore their crimes. They all are enemies of free speech. France employs against Le Pen the tool of political repression through bogus allegations of mental instability, a page right out of the ghastly Soviet play book. France has turned its streets into open slums that stink of urine and feces.

They wage aggressive on Syria, or support it, and are a party to NATO’s provocations on the Russian border.

I should have added Sweden to the list.


‘Hopefully sanctions will bring them around.’

To what? The US Neo-Con camp, currently publicly fronted by Bolton, want full regime change and dismemberment of the Iranian state. It is about removing the largest natural rival to Israeli regional dominance. Iran has been under US sanctions for decades, and yet still remains the primary regional rival, which indicates both the resilience and (repressed) power of Iran. The Neo-Con ideologues think in terms of the ancient world – the complete destruction of opponent states and displacement of entire populations – ie, think of Rome sacking and razing Carthage. Do you really believe that this many decades into the scenario, the Iranian leadership is going to suddenly buckle under, and just hand over their power and state?!

Ivan Freely

LOL Iran will not capitulate, especially when they have the backing of both China and Russia.

Brother Ma

Why? Iran has done no wrong.

Icarus Tanović

Then, if so Iran will continue to work on its own peaceful nuclear program. That was the deal. America broke the deal, now Iran can continue to build its nuclear power. Clear.

John Mason

The way to get even with trump is to knock down some of his buildings that are spread out globally. Hit him in the pocket where it hurts the most.


The terrorist option is expressed.

Ivan Freely

BDS movement against Trump Hotels and whatever business Ivanka owns.

Luke Hemmming

I suppose the thing to watch out for is the US, under pressure from Israel, might start to interfere in the oil ships from Iran. Targeting these ships under the guise of preventing funding to a terrorist state which you can see Israel is trying to paint the narrative of just that with his speech in Europe just the other day. Norway, France, Fraudia, whoops sorry Saudi Arabia, are all jumping on the Israel’s “Iran is a terrorist state” bandwagon. If there is a false flag staged event that implicates Iran as the perpetrator then it will be open slather on Iran. That’s when we will see the proverbial shit hit the fan. Let’s hope this scenario never happens and if it does let’s be quick to expose it.

Ivan Freely

Pipelines will solve the naval blockade.


The US has stopped all proposed Iranian pipelines.


I doubt the US would be stupid enough to seize Iranian ships, because Iran would seize, or sink Saudi ships.


He can talk all day but no one is listening.


And Iran is our enemy why?

Even Gilbert and Sullivan could not mock present American stupidity and arrogance.

If the US says it is on the way to “help” you, that is your moment of maximum danger.

Promitheas Apollonious

I wonder when he will begin to fart their @@.

Ivan Freely


Joe Kerr

More to the point- bankruptcy is coming, for Israel’s U.S. colony. Wars are expensive, especially wars for lies. As the host bites the dust, the parasite will follow.


We are witnessing the destruction of a economic/military western empire due to the cabal behind it that controls much of the world. That in itself would be scary (and it is) because of the consequences. But this IS the plan and Trump is the merely latest instrument at hand. Total chaos and the unraveling of civilization is the goal. From there, corporate control, enabled by the incessant privatization of natural resources and services that has become rampant world-wide, will be established. At least that is the plan. It is likely to succeed due to the massive propaganda issued by the ‘press’ because the majority is still asleep. The transfer of economic leadership is due to be handed to Russia and China…as is the plan. They have the resources that have been kept from exploitation for the last century. The west is nothing more than a captive worn out and broke buyer from now on, the stars of Russia and China are rising quickly and due to Trumps maneuvering, the US is losing influence, while sane leadership is non-existent. The fact that there are ‘waivers’ for certain countries vis a vis Iranian oil says it all.

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