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Tough Guy Lukashenko Vs “Baltic Superpower”

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Tough Guy Lukashenko Vs "Baltic Superpower"

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On August 23rd, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko began presumably cosplaying Colonel Walter E. Kurtz from Apocalypse Now (or presumably Kurtz from the novel Heart of Darkness, depending on preference).

With protesters being in front of the presidential palace and calling for him to give up power and organize new elections, he arrived with the presidential helicopter.

Notably, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and had an automatic rifle in his arms. This can be seen on the footage below:

He presumably could have also had no shirt on and only worn a bulletproof vest, but it appears that he has overlooked that detail.

There are several other videos of Lukashenko in the airplane, getting off it. Also of Lukashenko’s son – Nikolai, who is 15 years old.

He was also given an assault rifle by his father and was wearing a bulletproof vest.

There are also security guards and soldiers protecting him.

Later on, a photograph was released of the crisis center showing Lukashenko, his son, and presumably a presidential press secretary. Those are all of the members in the crisis center present at the event, as can be seen on the photograph below.

Tough Guy Lukashenko Vs "Baltic Superpower"

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The Independence Palace in Minsk was closed off with a cordon of security personnel. Lukashenko went to the barricades to thank the troops for protecting him.

He thanked the security officials:

“Thank you, you are handsome!,” he said

“We are with you until the end!,” they replied, in a ridiculous exchange.

And it would appear that not all of this is without reason. Reportedly, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus recorded an attempt to violate Belarusian airspace from Lithuania.

This was reported in the department’s Telegram channel.

According to the ministry, the “provocation” took place on 23rd August at 19:30 in the village of Volkovschina, Oshmyany region, which borders Lithuania.

“A probe of eight balloons with anti-state symbols was launched from the adjacent territory,” the message said.

As such, it appears that the Baltic states believe that Belarus under Lukashenko is so far ‘lost’ that it is like North Korea and needs opposition leaflets dropped from across the border.

The flight of balloons was suppressed without the use of weapons thanks to the crews of MI-24 helicopters from the air defense forces on duty, the Defense Ministry said.

And to reinforce the notion that no external pressure is being exerted on Lukashenko and his aides, approximately 50,000 people formed a human chain from Vilnius to the Belarusian border to express solidarity with protests in the neighbouring country.

The president of the “Baltic superpower” was present to support the expression of solidarity to the Belarusian opposition.

This also took place on August 23rd, which is the anniversary of when in 1989 over a million people formed a human chain spanning Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to demand an end to the Soviet occupation.

An air balloon took off from Cathedral Square and take a 15-metre long Belarusian flag into the sky. It is also not the actual Belarusian flag, but the white-red-white flag used by opposition.

The Freedom Way was followed by a concert and TV marathon in the courtyard of Medininkai Castle. A fundraiser collected money for the BY Help organisation that “has been helping injured, detained and persecuted Belarusians and their families since 2017.”

“Freedom is not only a fundamental human right but also a nation’s fundamental right. It’s also a daily commitment to defend it from any attempt on it by those who would replace freedom with darkness, oppression ands fear,” said Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda.

“Thirty years ago Lithuania broke its shackles of oppression by forming the Baltic Way with its Latvian and Estonian brothers and showing the world that we are free and, first of all, free in our spirit,” he said.

“Today, time has come for our Belarusian brothers to say the dear word ‘Freedom’.”

No foreign meddling at all.

Lukashenko and his government clearly demonstrate that they are not going to submit to the foreign pressure and surrender the power to the pro-Western opposition. Meanwhile, the political and security situation in the country has been deteriorating.


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Zionism = EVIL

At least he should put a clip in the AK or he would end up shooting blanks at the Americunt arseholes.

Lone Ranger

The three balticnazi CIA colonies combined have around half the population of Belorussia.
They are dying out.

Jens Holm

Thats not the point. And You dont mention, that Russia took it by Molotov-Ribbentrop and gathered aming the non communists. The the Nazis came and gathered among the communists and killed all Jews, and then Russia came back and killed many as well as jailed them outise those countrues for many years or deported them.

Many states are much smaller then those states and are doing fine. Many contries has a low birthrate as well. You forget that.

Tempting: https://www.thoughtco.com/population-decline-in-russia-1435266

Lone Ranger

Baltic states were historically part of Russia for hundreds of years.
These cia colonies not only have liwt birth rates, they also lost 40-50% of their population in the past 30years, you cant show another country like that…

Jens Holm

1000 of years they were not. I dont have to shopw anything from You if You cant even see they were a part of the Balotc sea area, where Russia wasnt at all.

They also are critianized by swedes, danes and germans and until recently had no russion citicens at all. That includes St Petersburg and parts of Finland.

All that are Russian expansions and some are of the worst kind ever seen.

Lone Ranger

BS as usual Jens.
Baltics wouldnt exist today, neither would Poland or Finland if not for Russia.

Jens Holm

I can relate like that too. If there wasnt any Mongols, there wer no russians. The mongols helped the locals making babies.

Lone Ranger

In disney movies.
On the other hand there would be no Denmark without autistic nazis…

Jens Holm

We hardly has any nazis here and hardly ever had.

Lone Ranger

Except for those Waffen SS divisions…

Jens Holm


Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger

Your point?

Jens Holm

Maybee I should send You some DUPLO.

My point is those countries was hit hard in population decline by communists twice, by nazis once and germans also took all jews.

Thats a reason for low population there.

Let me remind You Kaliningrad after WW2 had no population at all, which could claim it. By very strange reasosn Russians got it.

Maybee You also will deny Leningrad lost many inhabitants becasuse none was evacuated and Stalin starved them to death.

Lone Ranger

You missed the lil fact that population of Baltic states were in a steady rise from 1945 till 1990.
Since than in 30 years they lost half their population.
Let that sink in…

Jens Holm

And You missed the fatct, that those addings all were Russians. Many were retired militaries, others was on growing bases and others russians were getting a job there.

I am sure corners of the declining are Russians going home to their own country as well. None will blame Baltics for limiting the Russian occupants.

You again just try to serve the cheep versions by using statistics as some Muchause by proxy with no reflexions for, what really happend ans happens there.

Lone Ranger

Why would it be strange?
Kaliningrad is a Russian city.
Was since WWI.
They fought for it.

Lone Ranger

Worst expansion was done by Brits, Americans, Germans.

Lone Ranger

Swedes, Germans genocided that area for hundreds of years.
Teutonic Knights were the Waffen SS of the era…

cechas vodobenikov

CIA lies little jenny…M-R developed only because the fascist UK/amerikans rejected Stalin’s efforts to ally w USSR…the Nazi amerikans more antisemitic than Germans iduring the WWII era…to this day u discriminate against Greenlander—u disgusting racist

Jens Holm

Thats 99% against any facts I know about and I know a lot more then You.

You represent Stalinisme well.

You of course forget USA at that time alos had many communists and hardheaded communists and they later on was eliminated too by Hoover and Mcharty.

Zionism = EVIL

These are failed Baltic shitholes and that CIA arsehole Gorbachev really did immense damage by destroying the USSR, these cunts are untenable like the Zionist shithole. Most have large Russian or mixed populations. anyway.


Zioterrorists might be wanting to gauge Putin’s response, whether he’ll seek for more “partnership and business”, order the big guns roll out, let it slip, or whatever. Russia should offer a fake non-aggression agreement to Polacks and Lithuanians just to see a Berlin and Brussels reaction.

Jens Holm

Thats very unneeded. We have shown almost since the Russian collapse.

We will never trust Russia, but we could have better relations and make benefit both ways.

But hard times for the Russians, which has to live hard 10 more years hardly with no pension.

cechas vodobenikov

u pitiful liar—Pensions available to Russians’ nobody trusts u cowards—merely a US colony—u have extreme poverty—Russia none…there was no Russia collapse; USSR was not Russia….there was a danish collapse—your former territory is now in Germany, Norway, Sweden—I tiny ugly flat nation of potato farmers where miserable cheese is produced….although your bakers r superior to the swedes, inferior to Germans, Austrians, Russians

Jens Holm

No You were not. The Lituanians just as Poles always has been Jew haters and all Jews from there are killed apart from the few ones in USA and Israel.

You just lie and lie and lie.

Today Jews in Lituania are 2000 (in 2005).


2 millon and 792.000 are not

If it would help liars like You should be crusified with the head down. Thats the only thing, You understand.


Look at those Lithuanian hand holding cunts!
When the next time Russian tanks start to role over Lithuania they will cry like bitches in the meantime they NEVER lose opportunity to do something anti Russian!
If you got your undeserved “independence” why don’t you mind your own business instead of pissing all the time over Russian fence you effing morons!

Jens Holm

No wonder they invited Nato and EU. We are back in Europe, they say. And as dane I say, You are very velcome and we will help You.

No more Neocolonialisme.

cechas vodobenikov

u cannot help yourself—u r racists ike amerikans

viktor ziv

EU is “Neocolonialisme”!!!!Unfortunately I live in EU, it is the dungeon of the people!!! Orwell 1984 is kindergarten to EU!


With global Ziocorporate terrorists the world loses. Putin’s Jewligarch allies may benefit a bit but the majority of Russians won’t so fuck EU/WEF scum types and their designs for Belarus. Time approaches to take a little Polish-Lithuanian territory to make a land connection between Belarus and Kaliningrad unless US/NATO terrorist aggression roll the fuck back to Germany.

Jens Holm

Non sense again. I do admit Russian ships are rusty and no good, but Kaliningrad has fine connections by the sea.

cechas vodobenikov

LOL your feminine insecurity amuses

johnny rotten

Lithuanians have become so free that half are out of the country looking for work, yet they pretend to care about the freedom of others, there is something perverse about all this if they have invited NATO foreigners to occupy their own country, how can they give others lessons of freedom? freedom and democracy are false myths for the use and consumption of the power of money.

Jens Holm

That has been decided for the whole EU for many years.

If people have no job its A RIGHT to go anywere else in the 27 EU countries.

“Half of the Country” are not looking for jobs. They have got jobs by Our help and often send money home.

Obvious You have no idea aboutwhat EU is. We are not Neocolonialistic plunderes as Comecon.

I also will say its better to be invited then arrive based on T34 and Stalins, where Stalins after that even are their fathers and mothers and cant say no.

cechas vodobenikov

u submissive cowards invited the nazis into your little US colony—poverty in the Baltic’s, Poland, Ukraine has increased dramatically since 1990

Cronos Sin Apellidos

Well. A lot of central americans go to US to find jobs. And they have jobs. And send money to their homes. But it`s a really bad thing, and their independence in the home countries are highly compromised. And their economy in complete dependence and in pretty bad shape.

Lithuanians are in the same problem.

Lone Ranger

Hopefully Belorussians are smarter than Ukrops.

Tommy Jensen

95% are for sale.
“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and only few find it”.

Jens Holm

Thats how collapses sometimes are. You fx might need to start with something completly else and in another context.

And You can be raised so You are not even able to try to look for any ither oissibilities. Thats how Russa and Arabistan run things – and even bæame them once, which are raised to try as well as making safetys systems to compensate by their Govermenets from the top to locals parlaments.


If those Lithuanian and other Baltic Nazis are looking for trouble they will get more than they can handle.

Jens Holm

You made them.

Lazy Gamer

Rambo with no ammo:)))comment image


Fake. Special forces don’t dress like that.


Sliver watch on the special forces. Ha. Nice try cia


Protest and die for Israel, dumb goy

James Adams

Should someone tell him theres no magazine in the AK? haha I think its time for the dictator to step down !!!

Антон С

It’s not belorussian flag, but a rag of nazi colaborators.


The CIA has never really been interested in historical facts, they get their history from Hollywood. :)

Al least MI6 might have researched the correct flag, but when I look at the White Helmet fiasco. perhaps not.

Антон С

It’s easy to find correct flag – actual state flag. There was no other flags (except BSSR), because Belorussia is just ~100 years old as separate entity. Before 1917 there were 4 governorates (provinces) with different borders.
comment image


The days…. Elizabetograd is Kirorograd?

Антон С

Yes, Kirovograd was Yelisavetgrad, now Kiev regime call it Krapivnitskiy (provincial dramatist, unknown to me, not Stanislavskiy or Meerhold definitely).


Born Kherson…buried Kharkov but there are many theaters in Kirorograd so maaybe plays Played there.

Jens Holm

Yes for the Ukrainiens another Stanislavski was the important one. It was capital for “west Ukraine” for a while.


completly irrelevent, but I have been reading a lot from WW1 about who was figting there, and that was many by the tzars, which finally lost because of the bolsjeviks.


Yes, the most intelligent flag for the US sponsored opposition tp adopt would have been a new design that incorporated the national colors with a motif of some sort.

To use a German WW2 occupation flag was crass by any standards, even for the muppets in the US ‘Intelligence’ asylums.

Антон С

Now I see your point, didn’t get it immediately.

Jens Holm

I see that as a point, but its a low point as if they are and were some artificial and random new invension.

They do have their own well descriebed history even they most of the rime has been a part of several other countries as well as their own.

Jens Holm

None others should decide that.

Before Denmark was Christianized it had a Raven flag but changed to a cross as for Jesus.

I will remind You that Belarussia means white and the color says clean, because it was never possed by the Mongols, so its no coincidente they use a lot of white.

The opposition red and white also was the Belarus flag color 1918 to 1919 and again 1991 to 1995 and it was vored away by Lukashenko.

To me it kind of symbolize them being their own and also affiliated with old USSR

Jens Holm

Those are correct Bolsjevic flags only.

Many parts of You maps were independent or parts of other countries havig their own(many) flags as well.

It goes for what USSR collapsed from in 1991 as well in Europe as well as Asia.

So I would prefare to focus on what those political parties actually works and why they are supported because then seemes needed to grow as a cvontrast to Putin.

Jens Holm

Thats only flags, borders and “states” made by communists after 1917.


Like the modern Russian flag which was Vaslov’s. Is Putin a Nazi?

It’s also worth noting that the Red, White and Green flag was adopted by Belarus after Lukashenko became President. He was sworn in under the the Red and White flag.

j m

uh…who’s the Baltic superpower???


Not sure, but either Estonia. Lithuania or Latvia.
All 3 are superpowers in their own minds. :)

Jens Holm

They never has said so. The just prefare to be with us as they used to.

Some might forget, those were driven by Germans, Swedes and Jews. Those are all killed or gone.

Rhodium 10

Latvia is part of Russia..Latvia before 1721 dont exist like state..and in 1721 to 1917 all that territory is part of Russia empire and from 1917-1918 part of German empire..1918-1940 they created the entity Republic of Latvia…in 1990 traitor Gorbachov give them that territory and created the republic of Latvia again!…Russia should take note and know that part of Russia are using to hit them beside the Russian citizens living there!

Tommy Jensen

Islands come and go.
Baltikum were not happy in Sovjet but attracted to rich West.
A few years after fall of the wall I were in Lithuania a couple of weeks and afterwards to Gotland Sweden. The contrast was enormous.

Putin is aware of the negative impression Baltikum have from the Sovjet time, and has been tolerant so far to the attitude giving it time to adapt to a new era.
If the tolerance and free way however lead to spoiled child mentality, Baltikum may lose it all again.

Rhodium 10

Sweden is full of islamist refugees…Baltics are part of Russia and now is only a NATO base targeting Russia.. the problem of Russia is traitor Gorbachov and drunk Yeltsin signing rubbish agreements.

Jens Holm

Baltikum was not attracted but a part of the rest of Europe with us. They all were connected to us since we know and fx by trade routes from there all the way to Byzants – iraq as well as east to Samarkand.

We have it in writing man many many silercoins from there. We didnt know money in scandinavia but used silver pr gram.

We exported a lot here from Skandinavia andin the expensive part it was amber and ivory by wharous. And they were a step, becaue the iveroy came from the danish/norweigian positions in the Atalntic sea, where Iceland was a part of that too.

They also was important as trade harbour for the Russian export and import, where Russia as alternative Contructed Peterborg, which became important,

Baltics will be helped not to loose again.

Jens Holm

You are right about the calender, but You forget that Europe then was Empires and so many other countriis did not exist.

I allow me to remind, that Preussen was an own state and not Germany.

cechas vodobenikov

Baltic’s are depopulated nations devoid of culture or economies—coca-colonized NATo slaves

cechas vodobenikov

lies from the CIA
Russia male life expectancy 76 and improving, females 79.5 increasing
of course u r an idiot donut dane that requires immigrants to increase your population
while 5 million Ukrainians have relocated to Russia in the past 6 years, apparently the CIA is unable to observe this…There is also vast numbers of Tajiks/Uzbeks that live and work in Russia…your repeated stupidity is tiresome
I suggest that you refer to WHO data or Russian demographers, instead of your backward anglophone propaganda—something that I have already refuted

Robert Ferrin

Wow this article must have come out of the bowels of the C.I.A. for it fails to match up with all the other articles that I have read on this.Propaganda at it finest.!!!!

Jens Holm

Its so primitive to excuse everything by CIA. I only say, You are nothing Yourself. “Jews” is same thing.

Me&Myself None

This guy has earned my respect long time ago. His response to the covid-19 virus SCAM earned him major respect from me. The guy has proven to be a true alpha male, not a sissy (like his midget neighbor) bending over backward trying to be friend or please the west and the Zionist regime currently occupying Palestine.


Is humanity ever going to have an awakening experience when it realises its putting gangsters and literall mental retards as its leaders.

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