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‘Totally By Accident’: New Monument Of Alexander III Of Russia Appears To Be Marked By Star Of David

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‘Totally By Accident’: New Monument Of Alexander III Of Russia Appears To Be Marked By Star Of David

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On June 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the unveiling of a monument to Emperor Alexander III in Gatchina, Leningrad Region. Alexander III was the Emperor of Russia from 1881 to 1894.

Putin called the era of Alexander III’s reign a harmonious combination of technological, industrial and government changes with loyalty to national traditions and culture.

The head of state added that Alexander III “loved Russia and strove to do everything for its progressive and confident development, protection of its interests and strengthening of the Russian state in Europe and around the world.”

However, it appears that the personnel and officials responsible for the creating and establishing the monument made some ‘mistake’. The monument is marked by the Star of David (six point symbol) instead of the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called (eight point symbol) that Alexander III really had.

‘Totally By Accident’: New Monument Of Alexander III Of Russia Appears To Be Marked By Star Of David

Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called

SouthFront has been consistently standing against any historical falsifications – whether they are about the World War 2 or related to the new ‘mainstream tendencies’ of painting well-known historical facts in the framework of the LGBTQ+/BLM agenda.

The situation with the monument of Alexander III marked by the Star of David highlights that such tendencies also reached Russia, which remains one of the few countries standing against the ongoing expansion of the neo-liberal/globalist totalitarianism.

In light of this, there are two main explanations of the aforementioned incident:

  • The marking of the monument by the Star of David was an intentional provocation against Vladimir Putin as it was openly known that he is set to participate in the revealing of the monument
  • It is a demonstration of the graceful degradation of at least middle-level staff within Russian authorities, a symptom of the new Era of Stagnation and the developing destructive tendencies in the cultural life of Russia.

UPDATED (7.06.2021): It is also interesting to look at the previous biography and work history of Vladimir Brodatsky, the sculptor responsible for what he called a “technical mistake”.

From this information, it is pretty clear that Brodatsky is an ordinary representative of the modern mainstream neo-liberal/globalist agenda, who is far from any kind of Russian patriotic values.

Born in the City of Causeni, Moldova.

2002 – 2007 Odessa Art School of M. B. Grekova.

2007 – won first place in the all-Ukrainian drawing competition among art schools “Silver Bar” in the figure nomination.

2007-  entered the Imperial Academy of Arts (St. Petersburg).

2012 – won first place and the People’s Choice Award for the work “Barclay De Tolly” in the annual competition of the patron Igor Minakov. He was also awarded the Yu. G. Orekhov Prize in Moscow.

2013 – awarded a scholarship from the Government of St. Petersburg.

2013 – awarded with the medal named after V.I. I.E. Repina (by a trip to Italy).

2014 – in the competition of the patron Igor Minakov “Theater. Ballet. Spectator” won the online voting award for the portrait of Nikolai Tsiskaridze in the form of a demon.

2014 – graduated from the Academy of Arts with the work “The Sacrifice of Abraham”.

2015 – participant of the International Festival of Academies in Turin, Italy.

2016 – participant of the Venice Architecture Biennale.

2016 – the opening of a memorial bust to Alexander 2 in St. Petersburg. Author of the bust of A. V. Lunacharsky for the annual Cultural Prize in St. Petersburg.

2016 – author of the Woman of the Year award, St. Petersburg.

2015 – taught for two months at the Suzhou State Institute, China.

2016 – one month taught at the Shanghai Institute.

2018 – the unveiling of the monument to Anton Devier in St. Petersburg.


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Last edited 1 year ago by ....

IMO is simply a clusterfuck of incompetence, the idiots who were tasked with the creation of that monument didn’t do their homework properly, it should have some consequences fortunately for them the RF is way more civilised because under Stalin they would be shot and their families deported to Siberia.


I call bullshit,its nothing like the star of David.

jens holm

Just another killer star.


Order of Andrew has 8 points. This is more like the starfish of David.

Fog of War

Mistake my ass. Its just the Khazars marking their territory.


Alexander III was a reactionary who reversed the reforms initiated by his father, and whose rule – culminating in the accession to the throne of his incompetent son, who was totally under the thumb of his German wife and absolutely unfit to rule – made the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 17 all but inevitable.

I don’t think you have to look further than Putin to see who’s doing the historical falsification here.



jens holm

I can confirm that. He was in Denmark many times and we by that klow that Emporar very well.

He was not clever and for stubbern no change, which was a very good base for the uprises, which finally culminated in 1917.

The contrats to here are very visible. We had a stupid stubber king here in 1852, which made Preesussen take a part of us.

BUT WE LEARNED. From there there step by step was made a lot of small and big social reforms and education to all or at least more. There came agreements with the farmers and next workers. By that we had partly socialdemocratic reforms instead of 1917 revolusion and after that terrible civile wars.

Maybee Putin loves his NO CHANGE.

jens holm

I confirm that. Wee had stupid kings not smart as I, they preferred independent and sovereign Denmark. But wee had to beg Russia for protection against Preesussen and Swerige.

BUT WE LEARNED how to beg Americans. Now wee total cowards and slaves but wee love our overlords so very much. Wee so much enjoy being under occupation, not stupid today as our old kings.

jens holm

Thats total fake. In those days Russia at the Baltic Sea was nothing and Denmark a small well established superpower.

By thta we manly was allied against Sweden and Preussen.Preussen by that also was much smaller.

The Faker seemes to write her own memories, which is very impressing compared to the many memorylacks.

Danish kings just as many others has had clever and not clever ones. The Faker might think it is family related to a non clever one. That cant be true. They protected themself against unwanted children by killing them.

Maybee Faker is made by a man og two instead having 4 legs but only half of an almost unsused brain.

Israel is an Apartheid Regime

Why did so many old medieval European coat of arms have the star of David in them?


Because 54 million died in WWII because they tried to save 6 million Joos. Thats why.

jens holm

1 million was fighrting for other things moron. Did You count those 54 millions Yourself.

jens holm

You has an apartheid regime too.

jens holm

It has been used since the broza age. Why dont You look things up. The Jews took it as main symbol for them in 1897.

Many others has done that. The Nazis took the swastika.


It never represented ‘star of David’, just an ordinary star, with 5 or 6 or more points. This ‘israeli’ variant was actually used by muslim countries/ turkish emirates.

Arch Bungle

The Jews murdered Tsar Nicholas II, so they certainly would have their mark on any statue of him.


Maybe, but that’s a ‘Alexander III’ statue.

jens holm

He know nothing about that and dont care.

Arch Bungle

Of course. But I’m talking about Nick #2

jens holm

They even did it 3 times. He was a hard stubbern man and denied twice

Karen Gabriel

Definitely a major error made there but it doesn’t look like the star of David at all.

Pathetic how Putin-haters have jumped in as if it was all along Putin’s idea to have the “star of david” on the statue. Shows what little minds come up with sadly.


The statue itself looks like it’s made out of mud and concrete. The only parts where artist put some detail into was the face and the Star of David. :I


The Star of David is made of gold and the brain of Alexander is made of mud. The artist knew what he was doing.

jens holm

Thats highly incorrect.

He has a very visible military uniform, which show him as defewnde of Russia at the Krimerian war.

What You see as mud tell he is not sitting at home doing nothing looking nice but are an active fighter for Russia.

Its a dirty russian star.

Jens Assholm

Dipshit, your mouth are dirty from sucking american butts every day… Alexander III had nothing to do with the “Krimerian” war you clueIess imbecile…

jens holm

Thats normal for making statues in the whole world. You have the person with the important symbols.

A statue of You would only show Your behind with a corkscrew in it.

Jens Assholm

Dipshit, I make a statue of you every time when I take a dump… you use corkscrews for your buttplug?! wtf?? dammit you crazy sodomite.

jens holm

My point was about uniforms and war. And he did participate against Turks even it was at the Balkans and Caucasus.

As I recall many Cherkese left and spread out to several countries but as diapora kept contact with each other. Thats how the AL QAIDA was made by USA in Afghanistan.

Breaking up China 2023 agenda

5 Chinese killed in knife attack in Jian province

Arch Bungle

2023 Agenda? How come that agenda keeps getting pushed forward a decade every time.


Breaking news, Trump demands 100% tariff on Chinese goods,debt cancellation and $10 trillions in reparation for Covid-19, is Russian state going to condemn Trump’s invitation for WW3?


Someone has to pay for all the ME wars and America’s $-24 trillion debt. The fat lamb China is an obvious choice.


Even the so called “star of David” is an outright concoction. King David never wore such a symbol.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mario8282
L du Plessis

Hammer and Chizel, and 3 minutes is the answer.

Arch Bungle

Ah, a practical man among us!


Russia jew slaves hahaha

jens holm

Man funny farm comments. Ha ha. Very good because writer funny farm writer are not visible.

People just see what they want.

I see no jew star. The fellow, which of course is not mentioned and the reasons for the statue is not even mentioned.

More narrowminded comment from You then any railroad Im aware of.

Thank You. Thank You.

If Putin wasnt there ALEX NR 3 probatly was Jew too related to Rotchild even he has no curly hair. Instead he could be a bald eagle American…


His wife was danish, Princess Dagmar of Denmark. Russia and Denmark were always allies, pity you are such a pathetic bunch of yankeee slaves today.

Raptar Driver

I’m not sure this was an accident, how could it be? I don’t think this was against Putin either. Putin has used kids gloves when it comes to Israel and considers jews as Russians. Many consider him a crypto jew. The proof maybe that Russia bought into the whole covid nonsense. He is clearly listening to orders.


Vlad undoubtedly knows what it is an there was never a star of ‘david’ its the 6-point double-triangle Seal of SATURN and symbol of the longtime & clandestine world-religion of BAAL.


It’s the Sheriff’s badge you stupid moujiks :D . The russians cockroaches must submit to the shit yellow race.

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