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Tornado IDS Fighter-Bomber (Infographics)

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On February 14, Ansar Allah (the Houthis) annouced that its forces had shot down a Tornado IDS warplane of the Saudi Air Force over the northern Yemeni province of al-Jawf. Later, the movement’s media wing released an infographics on the downed warplane. SouthFront provides its translation.

Tornado IDS Fighter-Bomber (Infographics)

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Zionism = EVIL

It is absolute junk that the devious Brits sold the Saudi arseholes who simply can not maintain or operate these pieces of shit. At Tabuk, dozens of these overpriced garbage are piled up as JUNK. A Saudi shithead told me the they cost $2 billion and not a single one flew, the Bedouins even took the tires home.comment image

Zionism = EVIL


comment image


Classic case of more money than brains. Easy come, easy go.


The picture you’re showing is the Tornado ADV, the air defense variant, the IDS is the ground attack version. Which is a very capable aircraft. In contrast the the ADV was really only suited for intercepting Soviet bombers during the Cold War, as the Brits needed something urgently to replace their aging F-4 Phantom fleet while they awaited the delivery of the Eurofighter. As an air superiority fighter the ADV was kinda useless, as you can’t really turn a bomber into a fighter (cough, F35, cough), so for the purposes of Saudi Arabia this version was utterly useless. But I think at the time US Congress was acting huffy puffy in not wanting to sell them more F-15’s, which was the aircraft they really wanted. So they bought some Tornado ADV’s from the UK instead. And also to keep the UK happy and supportive of SA. Because military purchases are basically a bribe that SA uses to keep its Western patrons happy and willing to defend SA.

The ADV has been replaced by additional F-15’s, which is a far better aircraft, so they were turned into the scrap in your pics. The IDS ground attack aircraft were kept in use, because they are really good aircraft. Which is why the RAF still uses them after they have long retired their ADV Tornados as well. Too bad the Saudi airforce is as useless as all the other branches of the Saudi military and only serves to give the equipment it uses a bad reputation. Just like the utter shit handling of the Leo 2 by the Turks has given it a bad rep. Or the bad handling of the T-72 by the Iraqi army has given it a bad rep. Bad handling does that. It does not however make the equipment bad perse. Unless you want to score cheap shots by distorting things.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Even though im more into Soviet/Russian aviation, i really like the Tornado, its a beautifull plane with just the right proportions.

The Tornado and Su-24 are the most beautifull VG (variable geometry) planes around, for some reason it just looks right on those two planes.

A few times a year im lucky enough to see them training in my area.
A sight i enjoy because it wont be long before they and our F-16 gets replaced by the plane “Whos-name-shall-not-be-mentioned”


the British tornado Panavia Tornado is how many years old, going up against the White Swan SS-N-17plus the SU-57
Did the people of the British Empire want their daughters fucked by niggers to give it to the Russians?

Im Russian, Well connected. I have no hate.
Take my hand Britain. Please.


1960s technology VS 2020 technology.

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