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Russian Tor Surface-To-Air Missile Systems Shot Down 45 Drones In Syria

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Russian Tor Surface-To-Air Missile Systems Shot Down 45 Drones In Syria

Tor short-range surface-to-air missile systems have downed more than 45 unmanned aerial vehicles launched by Syrian militants, according to the chief of the Russian Air Defense Forces Lieutenant General Alexander Leonov.

“Since the start of combat duty, the calculations of the Tor combat vehicles targeted over 45 UAVs crafted by militants”, Leonov said in an interview with the National Defense magazine.

Tor missile systems, alongside with short range Pantisr-S and long rage S-400 systems are the core of the air defense capabilities of the Russian military group deployed in Syria. In 2019 alone, Russian forces intercepted 53 UAVs and 27 rockets fired towards the Hmeimim airbase.

In 2020, the intensity of UAV and rocket attacks on Russian military facilities in western Syria decreased. The main reason is the successful counter-terrorism operations in the southern part of the Idlib de-escalation zones in previous years that allowed for the destruction of infrastructure used by militants for such attacks.

Meanwhile, the militant-held part of Greater Idlib remains in a state of constant chaos even without any large-scale clashes involving the Syrian Army.

On June 15, the head of Jaish al-Suqour, Abu Husain, was assassinated south of the village of Ariha. Another militant commander, Abu Usama, was injured in the incident. Usama is a member of Liwa al-Hansa. Both Jaish al-Suqour and Liwa al-Hansa are a part of the coalition of Turkish-backed militant groups known as the National Front for Liberation. Pro-government sources say that the assassination indicates the ongoing undercover conflict between militant groups directly controlled by Turkey and their more independent counterparts.

Turkey and its proxies seek to expand their influence and gain additional leverage to put pressure on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic Party, Horas al-Din and other militarally capable organizations. On the other hand, these groups resisting Turkish attempts to do so are simultaneously continuing to receive financial and military support from Ankara.

On June 16, the Syrian Army sent reinforcements to the contact line with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other militants south of the M4 highway in the Idlib de-escalation zone. Damascus is deeply concerned by the growing Turkish military presence in the area and reasonably expects that radical militants may use it as a cover for attacks on the government-controlled territory.

On June 15, locals from the villages of Jamalu and Merikiz in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah blocked a Turkish military patrol and prevented it from passing the area. Such protests in northeastern Syria are a rare development. Turkish forces do not shy away from using force against Kurdish protesters if they pose even the slightest threat to their interests. The Turkish military regularly claims that Kurdish armed groups, which it considers to be terrorist organizations, prepare attacks on Turkish positions in the area of Operation Peace Spring. By such claims, Ankara justifies the use of force there.

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Next is providing Syria with enough S300 to shoot down Turkish F16s covering for ISIS/al-Qaeda. Why the fuck does Syria have S300 if it’s never going to use them? Especially when Turks and Rothschild neocolony Ziowahhabi in Palestine terrorists keep bombing Syria incessantly so their useful idiot Islamists can try to advance on SAA positions. Turks make their own drones but not their own F16s, it’s high time Russia reminded those neo-Ottoman cunts that Russia’s ally Syria is a sovereign nation.

Jim Allen

Don’t get your knickers all up in a twist, now.
It still costs money to produce drones, regardless where they’re made. As we’ve seen in US it’s often less expensive to have China, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc., than to manufacture the product here. Then ship the products to US.
There’s something called strategy, and this is what’s happening now. Russia’s got interests all round the world to monitor, and act on if needed. Many related to the Middle East. Russia’s got domestic issue’s, like all countries.
Syria wouldn’t shoot the IDF planes down with
S -999 missile defense systems. It’s about the location IDF attacks from, when they had a shot, they took it. Was luck that had the Il landing at that exact moment, after the S -200 was on it’s way the IDF pilot had the opportunity to hide under the big planes radar signature. Missile’s, after launch will automatically Change to the larger radar signature, which it did. I know MoD Shoigu was non-plussed about it. Russia knows what it’s doing, no worries about that. Suggest you unlax, and watch the show.

Jens Holm

They are testing Your IQ about militry and political matters.

So far You scored nothing and therefore win a bag of sand from Al Tanf and one lira of any kind of any currency, You choose.


Unfortunately, hurting Turkey via helping an SAA victory in Idlib would mean for Russia worsening Turkey relations. So Russia must weigh how much business they could do with Turkey – TurkStream, tourism, trade etc.. how much profit Russia can expect – and how much money they can make with Syria. Which country Russia should help, which country will be worth to support.

Since President Putin & his amazing Team are fond of peace, I think they were waiting for a chance to somehow peacefully settle the situation. But since Turkey grew very belligerent, the wait seems to be over.
Russia probably decided they would use stronger convincing measures that both countries should strictly get within their borders, get their own countries in good working order and work on prosperity and not on Gnashing of Teeth in the future.

Jim Allen

With Syria, it’s not so much about money for Russia. Long, long time allies, sure Russia’s making money most if not all Syrian military hardware is Russian.
The article mentions Panstir “S”-100, and S-400, but nothing on S-200, or S-300.
There’s a bunch of S -200, and several
S -300 systems in Syria. Neither of these have been used, so far. They’re not needed as of yet, Syria’s been using S -200 o good effect, as all have the latest upgrades. Holding back on using new technology that’s unneeded at this time, helps to keep an enemy off balance, without any data to to use in counter-measures. Strategy.

cechas vodobenikov

SAA shot down 2 Israeli US made f16 2 years ago w S-200


Only one F16, dumbass.

Jim Allen

And, damaged F-35

cechas vodobenikov

defensive weapons are not required to counter Israeli/US/turkey aggression…the best they can do is target sand dunes or assassinate Iranian generals….it is well known that important Iranian Syrian military hardware is underground—-the stupid amerikans illegally bombed Serbian cardboard tanks; the actually military vehicles were hidden in farm warehouses, etc—the best these barbarians can do is to attack civilians and impoverish civilized peoples w sanctions on medicine, livestock, agricultural products and energy —when the amerikan turkeys attempt to smuggle oil from Syria, Russian sukois obliterate these caravans….they spend money on their militaries to impoverish their own populations, yet lose wars routinely, Israel to Hizbollah, US everywhere and now turkey in Syria, Libya… the temporary setback of the LNA has merely motivated Egypt, Greece, France to increase their support for the LNA—that controls the vast majority of Libyan oil…the Turk/US economies r rapidly declining—Israel, a US colony, receives more than 3 billion $ annually

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