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Top Threats To Ukrainian Aircraft In Donbass

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Top Threats To Ukrainian Aircraft In Donbass

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Top Threats To Ukrainian Aircraft In Donbass
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Top Threats To Ukrainian Aircraft In Donbass

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Despite the air dominance of Russian forces, the Ukrainian Air Forces continue their desperate attempts to use military aircraft for strikes both in the combat zone in the Donbass and on the territory of Russia.

The Ukrainian Air Force suffers not only from a shortage of aircraft, but also from a lack of professional military personnel. Ukrainian pilots often die in the incidents, as they are forced to fly at low altitude due to the work of  Russian air defenses.

According to a report of the Russian Defense Ministry published on January 8, Russian fighters shot down five Ukrainian aircraft in one day. A Ukrainian Su-27 fighter was shot down in the Lozove area of the Kharkiv region. An Su-24 frontline bomber was shot down in the Izyum area. Two Su-25 attack aircraft were shot down in the areas of Nikolaypole and Novy Donbass; and a MiG-29 fighter jet crashed in the Veseloye area.

Losses are increasing due to incompetent actions by Ukrainian servicemen.

On January 7, a Ukrainian MiG-29 was mistakenly shot down by the Ukrainian Osa air defense system in the area of the city of Kurakhovo, which is located in the DPR and remains under control of the Ukrainian military. The footage of the incident showed that the downed plane was equipped with a US-made HARM anti-radar missile.

According to the livery of the aircraft, it belonged to the Ukrainian Falcons aerobatic team which was created in 1995.

The group was disbanded in 2002 due to lack of funding and the tragedy at the air show in Sknilov near Lviv, where 77 spectators died in the accident.

After the outbreak of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine, the lack of aviation forced the Ukrainian military to restore these aircraft.

On April 16, 2014, Air Forces of Ukraine staged an intimidation operation in the sky over Kramatorsk. Then a fully armed MiG-29 flew at a very low altitude over the crowds of people who blocked the railway tracks. The impromptu “air show” was staged by one of the Ukrainian Falcons.

So far, the team of Ukrainian Falcons has already lost several aircraft in hostilities.

The professional actions of Russian pilots also pose a great threat to Ukrainian aviation.

According to Russian sources, on December 30, a Russian Su-35S fighter jet broke a record in the modern history of combat aviation, shooting down two Ukrainian planes and two helicopters in one sortie, using only four missiles.

A Ukrainian Su-24 and MiG-29 aircraft and two Mi-8 helicopters were shot down in two hours.

According to Russian military officials, a total of 360 aircraft and 199 helicopters of Ukraine have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation.

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Mini Tactical Hypersonic Nuke locked on Kiev

The question is why do the nazis still have aircrafts after one year of SMO? reduce them to ashes before they take off.


Ukraine had 200aircrafts , 160 aircrafts came from former warsaw countries, but Soviet aircraft from Ukraine and former Warsaw countries are near depletes.

Ghost of 3rd army

One month ago the accumulated losses for ukraine was 350 planes and 188 Hélis according to russian MoD 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡

Now this month with 5 planes per day can you imagine? Soon Will be at1000 planes those sneaky Ukrainian 🤯


Good job with the emojis, Ihor. They can take the place of all the aircraft lost by the failed Ukrainian CIA project. Ghost of Kiev!


It is strictly prohibited to make this war short. Russians kill Russians (from Ukraine). This is literally the dream come true for the enemies of the Orthodox Russian world. It must not be stopped or shortened in any way.

Fifth column (inside and outside of Kremlin) couldn’t stop the war. But still they have managed to force Russian army to retreat from more than 50% of the conquered territory. And they have also managed to restrict, or if not than postpone the strikes against any strategic facilities that can be of use to the Ukrainian army. To make this war last longer and augment the slaughter of the brotherly nations .


Good Point

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

If I would be an Ukrainian pilot, I would run with the aircraft to Russia. Or Turkey, if possible, just as good.

Ultrafart the Brave

Or China.

They have good food in China.

V for victory

We like to see atleast some proof of those downings…

Ultrafart the Brave

Or, we could do a head count at the UkroNazi air bases.

But to be fair, that sure looked like a Mig-29 smouldering in that field there.

Jan Malin

RF forces have to destroy all airfields on the eastern UA, no airfields no planes.


Destroy all airfields in western Ukraine too!

Mr. Gorilla Monsoon

One of the problems will always be fortified aircraft hangars inside hills and mountains and some air forces practice take off and landing operations from roads.


Congratulations to the Russian Ace on his historic performance on December 30th. All strength to Russia and all unity to the BRICS.

Ultrafart the Brave

FWIW, recall the reports of American F22s shitting themselves and running for the hills whenever an Su35 turned up over Syria.


How many sorties does Russia fly daily ??? From the looks of things it’s about 25-40


I know a lot of you guys talk about Western Armies being Satanic, HOMOS but you have to say this whenever NATO imposes a NO FLY ZONE it gets done and NOBODY CHALLENGES IT !!!

Ultrafart the Brave

Sure, they do seem to enjoy imposing “no fly zones” on small or impoverished nations lacking the means to defend themselves. A couple dozen European states ganging up on some hapless Middle-Eastern or African nation hardly qualifies for bragging rights.

How did the American “no fly zone” work out over Syria? Oh, that’s right, NATO shits itself on anything approaching a level playing field.

And BTW, if they’re serving a bunch of Satanic Globalists (which they are), that kind of puts them in the Satanist camp. Not to mention the open secret, the elephant in the room – Ukraine is Pedophile Paradise, global hub for child-trafficking and Satan Central for Planet Earth, as well as host to dozens of illegal American biowarfare labs which the Russians have already taken out.

Still want to talk about “no fly zones”? I can hardly wait for NATO to try – that will be the definitive end of NATO.

greg robinson

We read a few months ago that the Ukrainian air force was destroyed. It is puzzling where this recently shot down aircraft comes from. Where is it stationed? Where is it serviced?

Mr. Gorilla Monsoon

Of course NAZO nations have supplied them with familiar aircraft. They may have even been flown by NAZO member pilots. This type of thing was said to have been done in Korean War and Vietnam and I believe in one of Israels many wars. This is what I’ve heard. US aircraft and pilots flying for South Korea Soviet pilots flying for North Korea and Vietnam. Soviet aircraft with markings of Arab nations fighting US aircraft marked up like Israeli aircraft.


Who composed the music played at the end of your videos?


Ruskí vojaci pracujú, nezaháľajú. Deň pabedy je síce ešte ďaleko, ale treba pracovať na tom, aby sa každým jedným dňom viac a viac priblížil.

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