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Top Saudi ISIS Commander Killed in Clashes in Tadmur city


Top ISIS militant commander Sultan bin Abdul Rahman was reported dead on Thursday.

Top Saudi ISIS Commander Killed in Clashes in Tadmur city

Sultan bin Abdul Rahman was part of the ISIS terrorist group since 2014. He was reported dead in the clashes in Eastern suburb Plamyra (Tadmur) city in Homs province.

The senior ISIS militant was killed in a large-scale operation, intended to take back the city of Tadmur Rahman was killed in the Eastern areas just outside of the city.

Before going to Syria, Abdul Rahman was related to several position in ISIS and al-Qaeda and had fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Algeria.

Along with the news of the death of Rahman, it is reported that the Syrian army forces and their allies are advancing in the fights against ISIS in the province of Homs.

According to military sources tens of terrorists were fleeing Homs battlefields Eastward to ISIS stronghold city of Tadmur as Syrian army troops alongside the popular forces continued to smash terrorists in the Eastern part of province.

“The ISIL Takfiri terrorists left behind several dead and several more wounded members and fled their positions in Palmyra (Tadmur) desert in the Western swathes of the ancient city of Palmyra,” the battlefield sources said.

Following the recent information, the Syrian forces and their allies and capturing the ISIS towns to their way to the city of Tadmur.

Written by Yoana Manoilova for South Front



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