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Top Israeli Politician Released Supposed Map Of Trump-Proposed Palestine-Israel Deal


On Septemer 15, Israel’s former Minister of Education Naftali Bennett released a supposed map of the Trump-proposed Palestine-Israel deal. He alleged the territory marked ‘black’ is Palestine, while ‘white islands’ are Israel.

Bennett described this as disaster and claimed that Israelis will be in ‘danger’ if  such a plan is implemented.

Nonetheless, there are serious doubts that this map is somehow related to the real plan proposed by the US administration. Since the very start of the Trump presidency, Washington has fiercely supported Israeli agressive actions in the Middle East. The US even recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights.

Therefore, most  likely, the posted map is just a part of the ongoing internal political struggle in Israel ahead of the parliament election.

Top Israeli Politician Released Supposed Map Of Trump-Proposed Palestine-Israel Deal

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  • Mikronos

    Benni gets his orange bit and the Arabs get screwed. Palestine is an ‘tribal region’ of Israel with no uncontrolled access to anywhere else?

  • alejandro casalegno

    Bantustans……………………………..zionists edition……………

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    The Jews lied so much about the European wars, anyone doubt that they also lie about the Middle East wars as well?
    I am pretty sure then 70% of people now days know the truth about all wars the Jews have been involved in this last 1,900 years.

  • People should object how taxpayers funds [public monies] are being wasted on supporting a human rights denying apartheid regime that in turn has been busy donating funds to ”friendly” politicians re-election campaigns.

    • Mensch59

      An intelligent minority do object.

      • It needs all the exposure that we can throw at it.

        Bummer Helen4Yemen channel is down she posted some real good stuff.

        • Mensch59

          Internet censorship is on the rise.
          TPTB must know that their reign is waning.

          • Internet censorship was mentioned in the leaked part of the TPP, at one stage everyone was led to believe that the TPP was dead – however that turned out to be a ruse – the TPP negotiations continued only more secret than before.

            A few of the details mentioned in the leaked documents appear to have been rammed through and are now in play.

          • Mensch59

            Thanks for that piece of information of which I was not aware.

          • Would you be surprised if I mentioned that the TPP and global war on terror are [in my opinion] related?

          • Mensch59

            No. Little really surprises me anymore when it comes to the depravities of the ruling class.

        • Helen4Yemen

          Hi Southern, I have not been at this blog in a while and it was nice
          to see your comments as usual. I am not sure that I know what
          channel of mine is down, I will appreciate you letting me know.

          • Here’s the thing Disqus have deleted all the channels.

            I remember that you had a channel and I wasn’t quick enough to copy some of the stuff that was up.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Thanks Southern, I knew they were deleting them and I saved some but not all. Can you give me some idea what you may have wanted me to keep. I have a blog where I keep what I think is important that you might want to explore if you have the time.


          • The one with the pictures of the IDF soldiers – Geographically completely out of place.

            Thanks for the link – Bookmarked !!!

          • Helen4Yemen

            OK my friend, thanks, I know I will find them somewhere on my

            computer or on my blog and I will let you know.

  • d’Artagnan

    Israel is unsustainable blight on humanity and the sooner it is dismantled, the better for all.

    • Not to mention their close cousins in Saudi Arabia.

  • Helen4Yemen
  • Helen4Yemen