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JUNE 2021

Top Israeli General: 8,000 Hezbollah Members, 10,000 Foreign Shia Militiamen, 2,000 Iranian Military Advisers Operate In Syria

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Top Israeli General: 8,000 Hezbollah Members, 10,000 Foreign Shia Militiamen, 2,000 Iranian Military Advisers Operate In Syria

A fighter waves an Hezbollah flag during a rally commemorating ‘Liberation Day’, the anniversary of the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Southern Lebanon in 2000, in Nabatiyeh, Lebanon, 24 May 2015. Photo AP

About 8,000 Hezbollah members, 2,000 Iranian military advisers and 10,000 foreign Shia militamen are currently particiapting in the Syrian conflict on the side of the Damascus government, Israel’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot claimed on January 2.

Eizenkot added that Iran spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually to assist its allies across the Middle East and this amount is growing. The general accused Iran of establishing a “Shia crescent” running through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain and Palestinian-ruled Gaza.

“Just glance at the scale of Iranian investment in order to achieve regional hegemony – it adds up to giving Hezbollah between $1 billion and $700 million each year,” the general said in a speech to the IDC Herzliya university. “In recent months, investment in the Palestinian arena has also been growing out of a desire to influence it – with an increase in the funding in the Gaza Strip for Hamas and Islamic Jihad to $100 million.”

However, Eizenkot was not able to provide sources for his data on Iranian spending. Generally, they are based on goals of the Israeli propaganda and the estimates of Israel’s intelligence services.

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Cool. 20.000 friends fight along side. And how many foreighn rats, supported by Israhell, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France, UK, USA, etc are the cause of the tragedy and are in Syria to kill, rape, steal and demolish?? ? This Israeli clown makes me puke!

Man Dagang

What make you love iranian ayatoullah so much, why dont you write in persian


Why dont u go fuck yourself


So, what ? they are operating with the authorization of the legit government of Syria. What is your point Israel ?


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Agreed that’s just half the amount needed to really eliminate the jihadi terrorists sponsored by the so called ” coalition of the willing “

chris chuba

And they were able to whip 100,000 fighters backed by the U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the EU; impressive.

George King

Waiting on the cost of funding the terrorist and who funded and materially along with in country advisors and commanders. Let me guess operation color revolutions included, trillions +

It appears that this small number is quite remarkable along with managing a very good return in Syria’s internationally recognized nation.

As an American tax payer I demand an accounting and a freez on any more disbursement’s to Israel and US MIC, NGO’s and traitors for malfeasance and theft


I agree, and I too am an American Taxpayer.

Matt Lazarus

If you are US taxpayer, you must contact your Congressman and Senators and let them know your views.

George King

Matt, they are unresponsive and quite honestly can’t be bothered as they have campaign funds to raise and my taxes are not part of their personal funds needed. Even when we run some one such as a Bernie Sanders because he didn’t accept corporate funding and won the primary in the state with 70%, the Congressman and Senators endorsed the other non elected choice Clinton. They also pledged their (non democratic) Super Delegate votes as an override of the taxpayers/voters choice for our representation.

Langaniso Mhlobo

It is none of Israel terror state problem mind your own business.Concentrate on why did you kill your Mesiah Jesus.Or is killing you regimes pride for existence.


Yup ! We trust your figures since most of them got an Israel travel VISA am I correct?

leon mc pilibin

More fake news from another fake jew.Why allow this evil vermin to be even heard.IGNORE THEM.

Walter White

So what? there are currently hundreds of terrorists on your border that you give first aid to fucking ass holes


My guess would have been more then 8.000 Iranian proxies.

However, let us assume 20k at $ 500 pm,. that means $ 10 million a month in salaries plus weapons, ammo, food etc, let us say $ 30 million a month. All that influence for just app 400 mln a year. A bargain.

leon mc pilibin

What about the israhellis poxy proxies,ISIS?How much did they cost?A big loss i think,lol.


Considering that Israhell doesn’t spend any of its own money, but funded ISIS thro’ illegal means , such as human and organ trafficking, drug trafficking on a scale greater than that of the CIA……………..I figure that the Shitskas are making a handsome profit, as much as I hate the idea.

Jim Martin

The Regime in Tehran is bleeding the Iranian people dry with foreign misadventures and then taking money from the public pure to stuff in their own pockets

Hide Behind

The facts are as you said, but lets look at full context.
First off name a Euro nation that today is not taking away from their people’s millions of dollars in support of NATO and national interest.
And corruption is all part and parcel of every nations political financial players.
While Iran may be funding it’s military at cost of less social welfare programs it is US NATO Israel and Saudi Arabia that threatens the very existence of Iran as a nation and peoples.
If Iran had not helped support Syrian peoples, Hezbla in Lebanon, Israel would of long ago destroyed a huge portion of Lebanon. Drive more Palestinian and Gaza people’s into fyi g oreaving, and even to takngg more lands from Syria.
IRAN for over 50 years has been threatened by Israel with nuclear anihalation, and backed by US military nuclear might as well.
US CONGRESS without shame appropriates 10’s of millions to fund regime change within Iran, and 10’s of millions supporting MEL and Iraq’s Kurd Persmergra for terrorist attacks in Iran.
I would say for a small nat ion to have withstood all of the abuses thrown at it for all these years and still the Israeli leaders BLEAT like afraid sheep is quite an accomplishment. What problems Iranian peoples have with own government will be decided by Iranians and screw what Israel and its allies say.


Amen to that Bro’

Matt Lazarus

Sounds like US, where 40 million Americans live in poverty and over 10 million American children are malnourished. All US taxpayers’ money goes for militarily-obsolete aircraft carriers, airplanes that can’t fly (F-35, Osprey), and maintaining golf courses on US bases around the world for the thousands of generals and admirals who have nothing better to do.

Jim Martin

and that is on the same level as oppressing and murdering Iranians in the streets of Iran by a regime who ceased representing the Iranian people years ago, and only “claim to fame” is their death grip on the freedoms of the Iranian people?

When did your species land on the planet earth? Is your space ship broken? Did you run out of gas, and ideas?


What Iran and Hezbollah are doing in Syria is none of Israels business.

Solomon Krupacek

10x more needed

John Mason

Israel shouldn’t be too concerned over Iranian cost because once the war is over their will be applications lodged with International Courts to recover those costs for reparations. No worries, Israel is well loaded with stolen money.

Langaniso Mhlobo

It is only Devil and demons who monitors humans movement and activities.Israehell of Hellaviv of Satanyahu.

jim crowland

You know what to do with those terrorists! Send them back to Iran in boxes!


Seems Israelis are getting nervous and couldn’t happen to more deserving vipers

They should be happy my Irish compatriots are not there…..yet???????

Now that would be reason for you Psychos to be truly nervous


20,000 personell summed up. That is very efficient to help reverse an imperial proxy war given that international jihadist influx was estimated by a Bulgarian minister as being 248,000.

If Iran spending figures are correct it is still a pittance of what Washington ( + AIPAC and various globalist elite organisations) has given to Israel. USAID is about 3billion/year, but this does not include a massive trade deficit favouring Israel over 6 decades, nor dark slush fund donations from international illegal drug trade, nor wars waged to benefit Israel, and not Rothschild banking benefits either.

Kenneth Hammond

So what? Hundreds of thousand jews are operating illegally outside Israel’s declared borders in the state of Palestine.


Great discussion about Hezbollah and its support of Shia Muslims.
They seem no more radical than the Jews of Israel, I pray they can all live together without strife.


……………Heavy sarcasm noted ! ; p

Jim Prendergast

From a western perspective a “Shia Crescent” would be the best outcome. That would bring cultural integrity, peace and reason to the region. If this world is going to become multi-polar it would be nice to have a solid Shia pole.

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