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Top Iranian Official: Syrian Army Will Advance To Liberate Raqqa City Soon

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Top Iranian Official: Syrian Army Will Advance To Liberate Raqqa City Soon

On November 3, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will soon advance towards Raqqa city to liberate it, Ali Akbar Velayati, a top adviser to Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said after meeting with Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon Nabih Berri in Beirut city.

“We will witness in the near future the advance of government and popular forces in Syria and east of the Euphrates, and the liberation of Raqqa city,” Velayati said according to Reuters.

Velayati also accused the US of working to divide Syria by deploying its army on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. Back on October 30, the commander of the US-led special operations task force responsible for defeating ISIS revealed that more than 4,000 US troops are deployed inside Syria.

“The US is planning to divide Syria in East Euphrates though it will never obtain this sinister objective,” said Velayati, according to the Iranian MEHR Agency.

Velayati statements are another evidence that the SAA and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are heading towards an armed tension after ISIS is defeated in Syria. The Syrian government announced back on October 29 that it will continue considering Raqqa an occupied city until the SAA enters it .

While some observers hope that the upcoming Syrian National Dialogue conference in Sochi on November 18 will calm things down between the Syrian government and the SDF, many pro-government activists believe that the SDF is not willing to give up on its agenda yet.

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Axis of Resistance

I don’t think so since there are US troops in between the SAA and Raqqa. US would love an excuse to escalate its interventionism in Syria.


USA is finished. The days where the USA enters with 500k soldiers are long past. Airpower is not enough.


Yes, and as TheSaker wrote some months ago:


USA doesn’t want any direct large scale involvements, only use of proxies, because such conflicts are “cheap”. The problem is that through the decades, those who have willingly acted as US proxies from time and time again, have learned that the US can’t be trusted, have no loyalty and can change alignment in a blink of a second depending on their current benefit/disadvantage analysis. Such could be the case for the whole SDF as well, just excluding their few corrupt leaders on Washington payroll. USA will eventually throw them under the bus, marking the end of era for the Pentagon proxy war doctrine.

Deo Cass

The US and all other Western military forces on Syrian sovereign soil were not invited by the UN recognized sole legitimate elected government of Syria. The are therefore illegal invaders and occupiers of Surian sovereign land and Syria has a right according to international law and the UN charter to expel them from Syria if need be by force.


Neither Russia was invited.


Don’t be stupid. They are invited of course .

L'Obelisk Jewellers



But Syria needs its own Tabbqa dam back under state control – US and YPG/SDF proxies are occupying this major Syrian infrastructure utility – water and hydro-power. Any US plans for Syrian-Kurdish partition requires them to steal exactly this sort of Syrian state infrastructure to make the Kurdish state-let remotely sustainable project.

Axis of Resistance

Of course


That is why there will be no way Assad will allow US backed forces to hold them. With Russia’s air cover, US foces no contests vs battle hardened troops vs US newbies


“many pro-government activists believe that the SDF is not willing to give up on its agenda yet”.

SDF hasn’t got any agenda of it’s own. The agenda belongs to the ones who pay SDF or more appropriately, PKK in Syria.


“The agenda belongs to the ones who pay ” that is the US .


Not only US but it’s cronies and puppets as well. PKK in Syria looks like a “thousand grooms” bride.

Ishyrion Av

you mean a whore…


Pkk has more dignity than you coward man. Don’t thik that the syria with Assad and the fucking Iran are better of the us. All are different kind of oppressors as the stupid Erdogan. But life under western influence better.

Ishyrion Av

I used to sympathize with you, kurds. When you fought with ISIS in front and Turkish army in back and you won. When you seem to fought for your freedom with justice. But then I noticed you are just some opportunists. Like in the Armenian genocide, when you spilled the Armenian blood. You, kurds, are as guilty as turks of that bloodbath. But today I thought you changed, and you have some truth in you. I was mistaken. In the moment when you grew strong enough, you stabbed in the back the Syrian people. The others fellow citizens, cause some of you are Syrian too. And you made a pact with the devil – with US and Israel. You want your Kurdistan but how? By killing and forcing the other people to flee from your Kurdistan? What happened in Raqqa is a new genocide. You didn’t free the city, you killed it. With as many Syrians you could, while the others were forced to flee. Then you made another deal with another devil, ISIS. In order to weaken Syria, to deprive it from resources, you just gave shelter to ISIS East of Euphrates and they changed the color. But murder is still murder, a killer is still a killer and an opportunist is still an opportunist. You didn’t change at all. If you think this will go unpunished, you wrong. US betrayed every and each ally when the time has come. You will be betrayed too. But you will have your Kurdistan. Not as large as you wanted it, but it will be. Some part of the Turkey will be your Kurdistan. Turkey will fall soon because their sins are greater than yours. Still, I hope you will understand how badly you are mistaken. And stop being a whore. Because in the end, it matters what’s in your heart.


Thank you for your articulated answer but i have no evidence of wath you say in the central part of your replay and i will inquire better with my friends that partecipated in the Raqqa campaign.


You are only stupid fanatic. Did you fight or die against daesh? Now as real cowards want to retake a freed region as Basur in Iraq after peshmerga liberationv of village from wich Iraq army fleed when daqesh attacked now they retake the control post referendum. Let’s people decide.

Weldon Cheek

The iraqi forces you say ran away when isis came were poorly disciplined and trained they had no moral as the U.S. meddling in their political and domestic life had puppets and con men in places of power who the troops had no wish or reason to obey and die for,and most of all the military commander in the area was an iraqi KURD, so go think about what you say before you make a fool of yourself again, oh i notice you say about brave men and asking did Garga fight and offer his life to daesh, well DID YOU???


Just a thinly disguised barb at Russia who is competing with Iran for Influence in Syria. At first blush, it’s obviously insane for Iran to threaten US Coalition backed SDF — as it will result in annhilation. But Russia is backing SDF in Manbij & Efrin which are still hot points in the conflict zone. So taking cheap shots at SDF is about all Iran can do.


Syria better think hard about this. If it tangles with Americans using airpower America will wipe out every Syrian airbase leaving the SAA to do battle with al qaeda and everyone else with no airpower. They had better go after HTS and all those moderate beheaders first. Thisnk about what they are about to lose if they do this and then Don’t Do It!


True but i think the political backlash for them is going to be big. Especially when ISIS is no longer around. Time will tell. If they do decide to do so this will be a huge turning point depending on it’s outcome. Personally i would want them tie up the loose end as well as solidifying their alliances through binding pledge first.


In the short term, USA can ignore political backlash, but in the long term every time they do so is whittling away at their influence on their Empire. Even their strongest puppet EU told that they don’t want to get involved, they are only partially involved because USA is using direct forced control over some of their military assets, not because they want to.

I believe they won’t care about political backlash this time either. I think Iran is forcing a game of chicken on USA, on which they either attack Iran directly or not, after which US logistic hubs in the Middle East will be finished. USA in reality is not capable of attacking Iran by itself, and Saudis are not in the shape of joining in, and even whether they would want to is in question. Saudis are the cornerstone in this potential strategy whom without it won’t work. I don’t think Turks will allow to use Incirlik to bomb for the benefit of SDF kurds. What cards do they have left? Some carrier air groups?

Though lets all hope that these theories won’t be put to the test and USA can be kicked out peacefully.


Yes based on how bombing the Syrian convoy calling it self defense as well as how they decides to throw away OPCW credibility it seems more likely. Let’s hope the people that ordered these US army occupation sane enough to avoid unnecessary escalation.


You have it right sir.


I agree. I hope the USA just bails out.


So it’s normal to invade a country with a few Toyota’s, plant flags here and there and then claim that lands to be yours? :)

USA will not go into another illegal war without “international” backing or at the very least congressional approval. Those days are over.


I didn’t say anything was normal, You used the word. Do you think the term is to be applied somewhere here? You seem to think the word “normal” is what I am representing. You seemed to have inferred it somehow-certainly were the first to use the term. If the Syrians threaten US troops with air power they will lose the ability to use air power. The Russians will have to protect them. Consider this, Every airbase has a location. The USA has lots of cruise missiles. The only thing keeping those two apart is American desire not to use them yet. If you keep thinking about what is normal you will not understand why the Syrian Air force got wiped out when it happens.


There is no need to “threaten US troops” to defeat the artificial SDF project, which imports “citizens” from outside Syria. It seems the Kurd state project in Iraq will not lift of. This means that SDF area in Syria is landlocked and can be strangled from all sides through blockades and a no fly zone. If they try to launch wars from SDF area against Iraq, Syria, Iran, or Turkey, then that means they are fair game and can be attacked from multiple fronts quickly. Tactically US air support would be too far away to intervene and strategically they wouldn’t probably even want to risk large scale conflict over a losing proposition.

Solomon Krupacek

yanks told several times clearly: they will destroy every saa unit east of euphrates. the bitter reality (thanks putin for inviting western brothers against isis!) is, that assad has no chance to send units in east syria. the yanks will tho the same model what does russia in donbass. there will be revolutional government sopported from abroad. thats all. and syria will be de facto divided.


Not true. Yanks told SAA not to cross the river, but with Russian help they did nothing. All empty talks. US can only fight against small defenceless armies.

As Syria is in war and so many died because of the pipeline line that would have destroyed Russia, Russia HAVE to standby Syria and the tiny US force is no match for Assad’s allies. In fact I think they really are eager to take on the US forces as lond as US and Iran provides air cover. US forces are no match for Assad’s battle hardened allies .

All eager to go into action.


It would be foolish for Assad or Russia to seek confrontation with America. They should continue as they are now and not engage in any hostile act. America wont fight on the ground. It will cripple Assad’s air power and Russia cannot really sustain an air war in Syria without expanding the war to other theaters. America can then do what it wants in Syria, perhaps give the Kurds a port in Latakia!! If Russia expands the war it will lose there and bring in all of NATO. Huge mistake. Americans are a proud and earnest people prone to fight rather than argue once you have our attention. If its a fight Syria is looking for, America will be its huckleberry. Better to avoid hostile acts and wait for the American political instability to reach the stock market. Then American troops come home.

John Brown

Part 1 You are either really dumb of a Mossad disinfo expert. Within about 2,000 km of Russia, including over NATO countries territories as Russia has total strategic military superiority over the USSA and is master Israel’s global racist supremacist Jewish slave empire, due to Russia’ superior military technology in the areas of offensive and defensive missiles and electronic jamming etc. It is amazing to me to see the role reversal of how much the USSA is now like the Soviet Union was and how much Russia is becoming like America was. What about the fact that the USA spends more of “defense” (read “wars of aggression”) than the rest of the planet combined? Surely that counts for something? https://southfront.org/saker-do-you-think-paul-craig-roberts-assessment-is-accurate/ Actually, no, it does not. First, because most of that money is spent on greasing the pockets of an entire class of MIC-parasites which make billions of dollars in the free for all “bonanza” provided by that ridiculously bloated “defense” budget. The never mentioned reality is that compared to the USA, even the Ukrainian military establishment looks as only “moderately corrupt”! [Sidebar: you think I am exaggerating? Ask yourself a simple question:why does the USA need 17 intelligence agencies while the rest of the world usually need from 2 to 5? Do you really, sincerely, believe that this has anything to do with national security? If you do, please email me, I got a few bridges to sell to you at great prices!

John Brown

Part 2 Seriously, just the fact that the USA has about 5 times more “intelligence” agencies than the rest of the planet is a clear symptom of the the truly astronomical level of corruption of the US “national security state”] Weapons system after weapons system we see cases in which the overriding number one priority is to spend as much money as possible as opposed to deliver a weapon system soldiers could actually fight with. So here we have it: the Americans are hands down the leaders in quantitative terms; but in qualitative terms they are already behind the Russians and falling back faster and faster with each passing day. Do the US military commanders know that? Of course they do. But remember what happened to Trump when he mentioned serious problems in the US military? The Clinton propaganda machine instantly attacked him for being non-patriotic, for “not supporting the troops”, for not repeating the politically obligatory mantra about “we’re number one, second to none” and all the infantile nonsense the US propaganda machine feeds those who still own a TV at home. To bluntly and honestly speak about the very real problems of the US armed forces is much more likely to be a career-ending exercise than a way to reform a hopelessly corrupt system. There is one more thing. Not to further dwell on my thesis that most US Americans are not educated enough to understand basic Marxist theory, but the fact is that most of them know nothing about Hegelian dialectics. They, therefore, view things in a static way, not as processes.

John Brown

part 3 For example, when they compliment themselves on having “the most powerful and capable military in the history of mankind” (they love that kind of language), they don’t even realize that this alleged superiority will inevitably generate its own contradiction and that this strength would therefore also produce its own weakness. Well-read US American officers, and there are plenty of those, do understand that, but their influence is almost negligible when compared to the multi-billion dollar and massively corrupt superstructure they are immersed in. Furthermore, I am absolutely convinced that this state of affairs is unsustainable and that sooner or later there will appear a military or political leader which will have the courage to address these problems frontally and try to reform a currently petrified system. But the prerequisite for that will probably have to be a massive and immensely embarrassing military defeat for the USA. I can easily imagine that happening in case of a US attack on Iran or the DPRK. I can guarantee it if the US leadership grows delusional enough to try to strike at Russia or China. But for the time being its all gonna be “red, white and blue” and Paul Craig Roberts will remain a lone voice crying in the desert. He will be ignored, yes. But that does not change the fact that he is right. The Saker PS: As for myself, I want to dedicate this song by Vladimir Vysotskii to Paul Craig Roberts and to all the other “Cassandras” who have the ability to see the future and the courage to warn us about it. They usually end up paying a high price for their honesty and courage.

Solomon Krupacek

deir ez zor city was allowed. oil fields not. and russia also did not support assad. why do you all think, that in the future russia will fight for assad? russians clearly told, for them the war has finished and will reduce the ruaf activity in syria. assad should first build up the country and give food for hungering inhabitants. strong aconomy makes strong army.


Do not give excuses for US not acting on their threats not to cross the river. It was plain as day US meant what it said but Chicken out because Russia supported the cross over.

How the heck you know that they allowed that? No news about that.

So your claim is very unfounded.

Now it is a sure thing, after the fight with ISIS is over, an Ultimatum will be issued for SdF to withdraw or face the same fate as the Kurds in Iraq.

Russia in this final phase will support Assad as it is Assad that saved Russia because of the pipeline. There would have been no Russian gas supply to EU if Assad had allowed the pipeline.

So as sure as the sun sets tomorrow, Russia will help and they with Turkey, Iran had agreed on the integrity of Syria.

So any American dream of splitting Syria and hold on to the important assets of Syria will fail and Assad’s forces with allies plus Russia can beat any force US can muster

Solomon Krupacek

i dont excuse american politics. i write simply about reality. assad without russians is so weak, that will fall. hezbollah, irgc were not enough also in the past. the bitter truth is, if russians finish their activity, assad has no chance to free other territories.


Of course Syria without the Russians providing the air support, he would have been defeated long ago.

Remember, who are the ones dying and doing the fighting against US, Nato, RichArab countries, Turkey etc ?

Russia provided the bombing from the air, but Assad the great did the fighting AND won.

Russia inspite of economic sanctions, yet spent so much of money and men to ensure Assad will continue will abandon him at the last moments to the vultures? Come on, Russia surely will make sure all is finished and start rebuilding Syria.

So you can be sure, Russia will standby Assad when he demands return of all assets belonging to Syria after all he won the war not SDF or US.

Just watch what I posted and see if I am right.

There is no other ways and he can do it as he has powerful friends like Hez, Iran, PMu, Syrian people,and Russia.

US side has nothing

Solomon Krupacek

i will see. my experiences with russian politics tell something else in what you believe. but be right! :)


Without Airpower the SAA is in a slug fest. Morale will crumble.


Russia can still back the Syrian government without backing Assad.

John Brown

So Solomon Mossad how will racist supremacist Israel or its USA puppet slaves back the SDF in Syria once ISIS is defeated and all the surrounding countries close their land borders and impose a no fly zone over their own territories as they did with the Iraqi Kurds?? They don’t even have to close their airspace just close their land borders. What legal precedent will racist supremacist Israel and its USSA slaves use to deny, Syria, Turkey and Iraq the right to control their own land and airspace? Without declaring war, a war they will lose. Russia could support the Donbas as they actually had a land border with Donbas. Once ISIS is gone and Idlib has been cleared Turkey, Syria Iraq, Iran, Russia, Qatar and China will be ready for war with Israel and its USSA slaves a war the collapsing and bankrupt USSA will lose.


I agree with that. But if it comes to Assad attacking Americans, his air force will be crushed. Just crushed. I think Americans will find come compromise with the Turks and screw the Kurds again. Assad better be smart and play the long hand

L'Obelisk Jewellers



You forget that the figheters on the ground were Syrian for the most and they fought boots on the ground. and died for Rojava revolution. It’s easy to claims rights on a freed region. Let’s people decide.


‘Wipe out every Syrian base”! Uh, uh, oh, oh! How can they do it since so many birds is in the Syrian sky are waiting for American F-35s? Well, it’s out of question, the liberation of Syria is completed when every square inch of Syrian sacred land is in control of SAA and the government of Syria respectively.

Solomon Krupacek

yanks in 1 week took out whole assads air defense and air force. with 10% loss. syria is extremly weak in comparison to irq in 1990. ruskies will not fight americans.


I think you meant to say Saddam instead of Assad. I agree, Syria is already on the back foot and cannot stop even one Israeli attack already. Drones and cruise missiles alone could do tremendous damage. This would be timed with offensives from the moderate beheaders. any attempt at scrambling air support would be met with overwhelming force. Turkey would not want this to happen however so who knows what they do in this scenario

Solomon Krupacek

yes, i meant saddam


‘Ruskies,’ as, you, Czech Jews enjoy to employ, have already taken Yankees’ challenge. Be patient a bit.


Right against defenceless US took out 10% of Assad’old planes. Now the planes are in Russian air Base. You dare now ?

I can tell you for sure, with Russian no fly zone for US planes, on the ground Assad’s battle hardened soldiers can lick your 4000 soldiers there.


Joe are you talking about Syria’s ability to achieve air superiority over the US or are you talking about where the Syrian aircraft will be hiding from US reach?


I am saying Assad’s planes need the protection of the Russians as surely you know that US will give no quarters to Assad’s forces on the ground and the air so long as US uses their cowardly air power just like the Israelis.

So what is wrong with getting protection from Russia after all this war is about saving Russia economically and poor Syrians died doing it.

Why you dare to brag about American air power is beyond me . To me it is cowardice when confronted by Russia , US quiet like mouse. My point is having Russian air cover, no need Russian troops, the US forces there would be easy meat for Assad’s soldiers and his allies.

Understand my post?


Yes I understand the post. I am not bragging about anything, I am representing what I believe to be reality. Do you really think it cowardice to use aircraft in war? Does the charge of cowardice root itself in the lack of balance between opposing forces and if so is it cowardice for the SAA to get air support from anyone? Or is it just when the USA uses it? War is about fighting and fighting is about killing. War should be avoided when possible and embraced with both arms when not possible. I swear If the Syrians use one plane to threaten the Americans they will respond with Fire and fury. Four thousand will become 40,000. When has America ever been beaten in maneuver warfare with anyone? think about that. You do realize that Trump is going to use Syria to send a message to North Korea and he wants to send a very, very strong message. Trump is looking for a huckleberry and I’m afraid Assad is gonna step up.

Assad should let the Russians negotiate the Americans out of Syria while he turns on HTS with a fury. The Jihadists are starving their children and their communities children so they can play victim and collect all that empathy. The war needs to be ended fast. This misery has to end.


True the war needs to end fast and it is true Assad will leave the Russians to deal with the Americans as the Americans would be too arrogant to even want to talk to Assad, the man who defeated their agenda.

Surely Assad is in no position to directly confront the Americans .

If you think Trump is using Syria to showcase to North Korea , it surely has failed badly as it showed US is more talk than actions and about everything they tried ,it failed so far.

They messed up the Kurds/Turkey issues and failed in all their attempts to detail Assad. Trump has even showed himself to be not treaty trustworthy and does not honour them from Iran nuke issue to climate change.

Notice that US is not part of the Astana agreement how how to solve the Syrian crisis

We all agree , the war should end soon. So stop killing Assad’s soldiers who are killing terrorists on our behalf and stop the stupidity of Western sanctions on Syria.

Assad prophecied 5 years ago, these terrorists they supported would return to haunt them. His prophecy is now coming to past.

See how great he is and without him not a single Christian would be alive in Syria today.

God bless him


Shut up u ignorant retarded redneck

Solomon Krupacek

but he described the real scenario



Solomon Krupacek

you will see



Solomon Krupacek

in albania sell good grass :)))



Solomon Krupacek



is good shit:?

Solomon Krupacek

i read, that yes. i dont smoke. but every year i read articles about albanian villages, where produce large amounts. in high qualiy.


Cool do u live there?

Solomon Krupacek

no. never were there, but maybe this summer i visit montenero and albania. one of our friend has challey in montenegro.


What is challey

Solomon Krupacek

sorry, chalet.

cabin, weekend house.

spinworthy .

I re-puke you! Dream on and choke on your own vomit. Your drivel is for the timid and easily scared. The Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis and Hezbollah are not the least bit worried about what the US may or may not do. Their multi-billion dollar proxy war has just proven to be a complete operational failure. US and its gypsy vagabond mercenaries will eat dust in the Middle East from this point on. Save your spew, your posting here is pointless and ineffective.


Same thing IS said. Tell me this? Who is winning without air support? The Islamic State expanded until, there was air support. Without air superiority-dream on. Israel slaps Syria-Hezb at will with no response. Pah-leze.


If Russia provides air cover, US forces have no chance


If Russia provides air cover, Flags its spotters at the front lines clearly, provides humanitarian support in the rear as they go to publicize their presence, Trump freezes, does nothing and ar Raqqa goes to Syria as the Kurds run like runners. I’m pretty sure thats what you meant, so I’m agreeing with your reply.


This Iranian official does not speak for Syria or SAA. This is just so much BS noise ! The HTS in Idlib and elsewhere know that they are in big trouble after ISIS is defeated. SDF matter will be settled in time, the US coalition is running out of excuses to be involved in Syria. The sooner they leave the better !


Fair points and observations. Thanks


US out of ME!


US out of the world.

Michael Qiao

Syrian army needs to finish ISIS first


ISIS is the US, so to defeat ISIS, you have to defeat the US.




Anymore? As if there was a time someone liked them?


Haha no prolly not


May be you like the fucking Iran and the sick Erdogan. You are welcome.


I love the fucking Iran , do u love the fucking terrorists?


No because i don’t like Assad, Erdogan or Rohani wich are the commander in chief of terrorist gangs.


So u are mossad or Saudi bitch?


Go to fuck your goats with mossad and saudi rats too.


Thats what you love to do!!! You love the rat terrorists so go fuck goats with them!!! LOL!!

L'Obelisk Jewellers



You go to fuck your goats together the mossad rats.


I think we have to keep in mind that when Iran talks about Syria, it only speaks for Iran. Russia has a separate mind of its own in this case.


DIVERGENT INTERPRETATIONS IN THE ANTI-IMPERIALIST CAMP – PART 1 http://www.voltairenet.org/article197477.html

The anti-imperialist camp: splintered in thought

by Thierry Meyssan

In 2011 when his country was subject to a jihadist siege, President Bashar el-Assad’s reaction was against the norm: rather than strengthening the powers of his security services, he cut them back. Six years on, his country is in the process of emerging victorious, in the most important war since Vietnam. This same type of aggression is unfolding in Latin America. Yet here, it is sparking off a far more classic response. In this article, Thierry Meyssan distinguishes the analysis and strategy of President Assad on the one hand and Maduro and Morales on the other. His aim is not to place these leaders in competition, but rather to call upon each of them to remove themselves from political catechisms and to pay due attention to the lessons learnt from the most recent wars.

In May 2017, Thierry Meyssan appeared on Russia Today and explained where the South American elites were going wrong in their fight against US imperialism. He insisted that there has been a sea-change in the way the US now wages armed conflicts and we now need to radically rethink how we should defend our homeland.

The operation to destabilize Venezuela continues. The first phase: violent gangs demonstrating against the government killed passers by, as if citizenship created no bonds between them. The second phase: the major food suppliers organized food shortages in the supermarkets. Then some members of the forces attacked several ministers, called for a rebellion and now have retreated into hiding.

Of course the international press never ceases to hold the “regime” responsible for the deaths of demonstrators. Yet it is a fact that a number of videos testify that these demonstrators were deliberately assassinated by demonstrators themselves. No regard is paid to this and on the basis of this false information, the press then proceeds to qualify Nicolas Maduro as a “dictator” just as it did six years ago with respect to Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar el-Assad.

The United States has used the Organization of American States (the OAS) as an arm against President Maduro just like it once used the Arab League against President al-Assad. Caracas, not expecting to be excluded from the Organization, denounced this method and left of its own accord.

Maduro’s government has however two failures on its balance sheet: the vast majority of its voters did not go to the polling stations for the legislative elections of 2015, allowing the opposition to sweep a majority in Parliament. it was caught out by the crisis of food products, even though the same thing had been organized in the past in Chile against Allende and in Venezuela against Chávez. It required several weeks to put in place new circuits to provide food.

In all likelihood, the conflict that begins in Venezuela will not be held back by its borders. It will ooze out, embracing the entire North West of the South American continent and the Caribbean.

An additional step has been taken with military preparations against Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador following Mexico, Colombia and British Guyana. The team responsible for co-ordinating these measures is from the former Office of Global Democracy Strategy. This was a unit established by President Bill Clinton, then continued by Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz. Mike Pompeo, the current director of the CIA, has confirmed that this unit exists. This has led to rumours in the press, followed up by President Trump, of a US military option.

To save his country, President Maduro’s team has refused to follow the example of President al-Assad. Maduro’s team thinks that there is no real comparison between what is happening in Venezuela and Syria. The United States, the principal capitalist power, would set off to Venezuela to steal its oil, according to a plan that has been repeatedly played out in the past on three continents. This point of view was given further weight by a speech that Evo Morales, Bolivia’s President, recently delivered.

Let us recall that in 2003 and 2011, President Saddam Hussein, the Guide Muammar Gaddafi and a number of President Assad’s advisors reasoned similarly. They thought that the US would attack the following states in succession: Afghanistan and Iraq, then Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and Syria. And why? For the sole reason of bringing about the collapse of regimes that were resisting its imperialism and controlling hydrocarbon resources in an expanded Middle East. A number of anti-imperialist authors cling to this analysis today. So for example, they use it to try to explain the war against Syria by reference to the interruption of the Qatari gas pipeline project.

Now, this line of thinking is turning out to be false. The US is not looking to reverse progressive governments (Libya and Syria), nor to steal the region’s oil and gas. Its intent is to decimate States, to send people of these countries back to a pre-historic time where “man did not love his neighbour as God loved him but would pounce like a wolf upon his neighbour” [Translator’s note: the literal translation of the French original is: “man was a wolf for man”].

Has toppling the Saddam Hussein regime and the regime of Gaddafi brought peace back to these states? No! Wars have continued even though “government of occupation” has been set up in Iraq, then a government composed of other governments in the region including those who collaborated with the imperialists opposed to national independence. Wars are still being waged. This surely evidences that Washington and London had no intention of toppling these regimes nor defending democracy. These were transparent covers for their true intentions which were to eliminate the people in these states. It is a basic observation that rocks our understanding of contemporary imperialism.

This strategy, radically new, was taught by Thomas P. M. Barnett following 11-September 2001. It was publicly revealed and exposed in March 2003 – that is, just before the war against Iraq— in an article in Esquire, then in the eponym book, The Pentagon’s New Map. However, such a strategy appears so cruel in design, that no one imagined it could be implemented.

Imperialism seeks to divide the world in two. One part will be a stable area which profits from the system while in the other part a terrifying chaos will reign. This other will be a zone, where all thought of resisting has been wiped it; where every thought is fixated on surviving; an area where the multinationals can extract raw materials which they need without any duty to account to anyone.

JPEG – 37.9 kb

According to this map, taken from one of Thomas P. M. Barnett’s power point slides, presented at a conference held at the Pentagon in 2003, every state in the pink zone must be destroyed. This project has nothing to with the struggle between classes at the national level nor with exploiting natural resources. Once they are done with the expanded Middle East, the US strategists are preparing to reduce the North West of Latin America to ruins.

Since the eighteenth century and the British Civil War, Western development has been triggered by its attempt to do all it can to avoid chaos. Thomas Hobbes taught us to support the thinking of the State rather than risk experiencing this torment for another time. The notion of chaos only returned to us with Leo Strauss, after the Second World War. This philosopher, who has personally trained a number of personalities within the Pentagon, intended to build a new form of power by plunging part of the world into hell.

Jihadism inflicted onto an expanded Middle East has shown us what is chaos.

While President Assad reacted as anticipated to the events of Deraa (March – April 2011), by sending his army to quell the jihadists of the Mosque al-Omari, he was the first to understand what was happening. Far from increasing the powers of the forces to maintain order to repress the aggression sourced from abroad, he equipped his people with the means to defend their homeland.

First: he lifted the state of emergency, dissolved the special courts, freed the Internet communications and forbid the armed forces to use their arms if to do so would endanger the lives of innocent civilians.

When Assad took these decisions he was clearly not going with the flow. And these decisions were ladened with consequences. For example, at the time of the attack of a military convoy at Banias, soldiers held off using their weapons in self-defence; they preferred to be mutilated by the bombs of their attackers and occasionally die, rather than to fire, risking injuring inhabitants that were looking at them being massacred without intervening.

Like many at this time, I thought that the President was too weak and his troops too loyal; that Syria was going to go down. However six years on, Bashar el-Assad and the Syrian armed forces met the challenge. While at the beginning the soldiers have struggled alone against foreign aggression, gradually, every citizen came on board, to defend the country.

Those who were not able to or who did not want to resist, went into exile. It is clearly the case that the Syrian people have greatly suffered. That said, Syria is the only State in the entire world, since the Vietnam War, to have resisted until imperialism tires itself out and surrenders.

Second: faced with this invasion of a multitude of jihadists, from Muslim populations all over the world – Morocco to China, President Assad took the decision to abandon part of his territory to save his people.

The Syrian Arab Army confined itself to the “useful Syria”, that is, to the cities. It abandoned the countryside and the deserts to the attackers. Damascus kept supervising, uninterruptedly, the provision of food to every region under its control. Contrary to an idea accepted by the West as common knowledge, the only areas where there is famine are those areas under Jihadi control and in the cities that it has besieged; the “ foreign rebels” (forgive this oxymoron), supplied by “humanitarian” associations, use the distribution of food packages as a means of making starving populations submit to them.

The Syria people have seen for themselves how the Republic alone assumed the role of feeding them and protecting them. The Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadists played no part.

Third: In a speech delivered on 12 December 2012, President Assad traced, how he intended to remake political unity in his country. Of special mention, he pointed out the need to draft a new constitution and to submit it to adoption by a qualified majority of his people then to proceed to democratically elect all institutional officials, including of course, the President.

At that time, the Westerners mocked the claim of President Assad to call elections when the war was at its bloodiest. Today, all diplomats involved in resolving this conflict including the UN, support Assad’s plan.

While Jihadi commandos were freely roaming the entire country, notably Damascus, and were murdering politicians even invading their homes where their families were, to do so, President Assad has encouraged dialogue with nationals who oppose him. He guaranteed the security of the liberal Hassan el-Nouri and the Marxist Maher el-Hajjar so that they too, might risk presenting themselves at the presidential elections in June 2014. Despite an appeal to boycott issued by the Muslim Brotherhood and Western governments, despite jihadi terror, despite the fact that millions of citizens were exiled abroad, voter turn out (of those present) was 73.42 %.

In the same way, from the beginning of the war, he created a ministry for National Reconciliation, something never seen before in a country where war is going on. Assad handed the ministry over to Ali Haidar, the President of PSNS, an allied party. He negotiated and concluded thousands of agreements taking into account the amnesty of citizens who had taken arms against the Republic and their integration in the Syrian Arab Army.

During this war, President Assad has never used force against his own people. This is so, despite the allegations of those who freely accuse him of widespread torture. So, let me be clear: he has never set up mass executions nor mandatory conscriptions. It is always possible for a young man to avoid his military obligations. Administrative procedures allow any male citizen to evade national service if he does not desire to defend his country with weapons in hand. Only the exiled who have not had the occasion to pursue these procedures may find themselves in violation of these laws.

For six years, President Assad has not stopped on the one hand, making an appeal to his people, asking them to thrust upon him obligations, and on the other hand, trying to feed them and to protect them, as far as he is able. He has always assumed the risk of giving before receiving. That is why today, he has won the confidence of his people, and can count on their active support.

South American elites are wrong to pursue the fight of the previous decades for a fairer distribution of their wealth. The battle which they must focus is no longer one where the majority of the people and small class of privileged individuals are on opposite sides.

The choice put to the peoples of the expanded Middle East and to the people of South America is this: aut defendendum vobis patriam est aut morendum vobis est (you must either defend your homeland or die). It is this question that they will have to respond to.

The facts prove it: the number one priority of imperialism today is no longer plundering natural resources. Imperialism, unscrupulous, dominates the world. Yet now its vision has expanded to wiping out people and to destroying the societies in the regions where it is already exploiting resources.

In this iron era, the Assad strategy alone allows us to stand tall and free

(To be continued…)

Thierry Meyssan


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The imperialist strategy that Thierry Miessan describes is typically multi-vectored, serving multiple purposes. This manifold approach is a hallmark of deep state, military, and intelligence services gaming strategy. Destabilizing and permanently crippling the most populous regions of the globe offers more than just easy pickings for global corporations. Apart from leaving the unaffected regions of the globe to prosper at the expense of the those that are affected, it serves the ultimate technocratic goal of forced global de-population. For this purpose alone, Barnett’s psychopathic ideas are worth gold to his masters!

Geoff Johnson

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Syria and Iraq are well aware that in order to get rid of ISIS and its ilk one has to get rid of the US.


We want to see united Syria and not divided Syria. Soon Syria and their allied forces will show some lessons to the traitors.

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USA is busy with decide and rule plus Arab cleansing to put Kurds in power over Syrian oil and gas.


The kurds were taught a lesson in Iraq, I hope they learnt it.

Melotte 22

SDF is no different from ISIS or Al-Qaeda. They are all enemies of Syrian state and need to be eliminated.


I like his choice of words, ‘liberate Raqqa’, because SDF is the second illegal occupation by proxy of the US. Any US agents in Syria are illegal and are uninvited guests.



Revelations – Lafarge-Holcim’s jihad

by Thierry Meyssan

On the occasion of the release of Thierry Meyssan’s new book , «Right Before our Eyes. From 9/11 to Donald Trump», we are publishing a series of articles which develop a few of the numerous points he mentions.

After the comments by Jean-Luc Mélenchon during the debate for the French Presidential election, we shall begin with the true story of Lafarge-Holcim in Syria.

On 2 March 2017, the company Lafarge-Holcim admitted that its Syrian subsidiary, in violation of UNO resolutions, had «paid sums of money to third parties, including certain third parties who are under sanction, in order to facilitate arrangements with a number of armed groups with a view to maintaining the company’s activity and ensuring safe passage for its employees and supplies to and from the factory» [1].

The cement company has already been the object of two enquiries. The first was initiated by the associations Sherpa and ECCHR, on 15 November 2016, while the second was launched by the French Minister of the Economy. Both were reacting to the alleged revelations in Le Monde, according to which Lafarge paid money to Daesh, in violation of UNO resolutions.

It’s important to note that the articles published on 2 March in Intelligence Online (a confidential site belonging to Le Monde) and in Le Monde itself on 22 June 2016, were written by a journalist who is not affiliated with these news outlets – Dorothée Myriam Kellou. This young woman studied at Georgtown University. Her statements were confirmed in a book by Jacob Waerness, Risikosjef i Syra, in which the ex-employee decribes the frightening security situation of Lafarge personnel in Syria. The author pursued his collaboration with the cement company after the publication of his book.

The pseudo-revelations of Le Monde were organised in coordination with Lafarge-Holcim in order to focus the attention of the public and the judges on a single point of detail – namely, should they have accepted being held to ransom by Daesh.

The truth is worse than that.

The preparation of the war against Syria

In June 2008, NATO organised the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group [2] in Chantilly (United States) during which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama presented themselves to the participants.

Among the 120 people present were Bassma Kodmani (future spokeswoman for the Syrian National Coalition) and Volker Perthes (future assistant of Jeffrey Feltman at the UNO, for Syria). During a debate on the permanence of US foreign policy, they spoke up to commend the importance of the Muslim Brotherhood and the role they could play in the «democratisation» of the Arab world.

Jean-Pierre Jouyet (future Secretary General for the Elysée), Manuel Valls (future Prime Minister of France) and Bertrand Collomb (head of Lafarge) were present alongside Henry R. Kravis (future financial coordinator of Daech).

Lafarge in Syria

Lafarge is the world’s leading cement company. NATO entrusted it with the construction of the jihadists’ bunkers in Syria and the reconstruction of the Sunni part of Iraq. In exchange, Lafarge allowed the Alliance to manage its installations in these two countries, notably the factory in Jalabiyeh (at the Turkish border, north of Aleppo). For two years, the multinational supplied the materials and equipment for the construction of the gigantic underground fortifications which enabled the jihadists to defy the Syrian Arab Army.

Lafarge is currently directed by US citizen Eric Olsen, who has integrated into his company the factories of the Sawiris brothers and Firas Tlass. The latter is the son of General Moustapha Tlass, President Hafez el-Assad’s ex-Minister for Defence. He is the brother of General Manaf Tlass, whom France had once considered making the next Syrian President. He is also the brother of Nahed Tlass-Ojjeh, the widow of Saudi arms dealer Akram Ojjeh – she works with the journalist Franz-Olivier Giesbert.

The links between Lafarge and the French Special Forces are facilitated by the friendship between Bertrand Collomb (who became the honorary President of the multinational) and General Benoît Puga (Chief of Staff for Presidents Sarkozy and Hollande).

The lies of Le Monde

First of all, the online news outlet of the anti-Syrian mercenaires, Zaman Al-Wasl, published e-mails showing that Lafarge was paying money to Daesh. Then Le Monde published its articles and took the documents from Zaman Al-Wasl off its Internet site (although you can find them here on our Internet site).

According to Le Monde, the multinational was buying oil to keep its factory running. However, this is untrue – the factory in question runs almost exclusively on coal, which was still being delivered from Turkey. Without realising the enormity of its confession, the daily admitted that Lafarge produced 2,6 million metric tonnes of cement per year, destined for the «rebel zones».

Yet throughout this terrible war, civilians could not obtain permission to build in these zones.

Daesh soldiers at the Lafarge-Holcim factory in Jalabiyeh (Syria)

The construction of the jihadists’ bunkers

2,6 million metric tonnes for two years adds up to at least six million metric tonnes produced for the «rebels». I’m putting the word «rebel» in quotes, because these combatants are not Syrians – they come from all over the Muslim world, including Europe.

This amount of concrete is comparable to that used by the German Reich, in 1916-17, to build the Siegfried Line. Since July 2012, NATO – including France – have organised a war of position in conformity with the strategy described by Abou Moussab «The Syrian» in his 2004 book, Management of Savagery.

We can imagine the number of military engineers from the NATO Engineering Corps – including the French – who were necessary to build these colossal structures.

Lafarge, the Clintons and the CIA

During the 1980’s, Lafarge was defended in its Alabama pollution trial by a famous lawyer, a certain Hillary Rodham-Clinton. She managed to reduce the fine imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencydown to only 1,8 million dollars.

During the mandate of George Bush Sr, Lafarge helped out the CIA by illegally transporting to Iraq the weapons which would be used later on during the rebellion, when Iraq was planned to invade Kuwaït, and the international Coalition was planned to come to liberate it.

During the same period, Hillary Rodham-Clinton became an administrator for the multinational, a post she left when her husband was elected to the White House. President Bill Clinton then reduced to 600,000 dollars the fine that his wife had been unable to avoid for Lafarge. Good relations continued between them, since the cement company donated 100,000 dollars to the Clinton Fondation in 2015, and its new CEO, Eric Olsen, never hesitates to have his photo taken with Hillary Clinton.

The Russian military intervention

Entrenched in their bunkers, the jihadists were not afraid of the Syrian Arab Army, and had no difficulty in holding their positions. For two years, the country was cut in two, since the government chose to save the population and thus to abandon the area.

When Russia stepped in, answering the request by the Syrian government, its mission was to destroy the jihadists’ bunkers with penetrating «bunker-buster» bombs. The operation was intended to last three months, from September 2015 until the Orthodox Christmas (6 January 2016). However, the extent of Lafarge-Holcim’s constructions proved to be so massive that the Russian Army needed six months to finish the job.


When the transnational company Lafarge-Holcim finished its mission in service of the Military Engineering Corps of NATO, it closed its factory and lent it to the Alliance. So the factory in Jalabiyeh was transformed into a headquarters for the Special Forces of the United States, France, Norway and the United Kingdom, who were occupying the North of Syria illegally.

Contrary to the smoke-screen raised by Le Monde, this is not at all the sad story of a construction company which was forced to negotiate with jihadists in order to save its personnel. Lafarge-Holcim’s responsibility is its central role in a vast military operation aimed at the destruction of Syria – a secret war which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Thierry Meyssan

To know more about the secret war against the Greater Middle East – read Right Before our Eyes. From 9/11 to Donald Trump

[1] « Communiqué de Lafarge-Holcim sur ses activités en Syrie », Réseau Voltaire, 2 March 2017.

[2] “What you don’t know about the Bilderberg-Group”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Michael McGee, Komsomolskaïa Pravda (Russia) , Voltaire Network, 9 May 2011.

Jens Holm


Angelo Cinarelli

Kurds allied with Americans? If I am not mistaken, the leader of the Kurds is Ocalan, Just? Okay, But do the Kurds know that it was the Americans who arrested their leader Ocalan? Ocalan is still in prison in Turkia thanks to the American CIA who arrested him in Kenya in February 1999 when he was a refugee at the Greek Embassy in Kenya. CAZZO! BUT DO THE KURDS KNOW THAT IT WAS THE AMERICANS WHO ARRESTED OCHALAN? NOW THE KURDS AND AMERICANS ARE ALLIES. INCREDIBILE!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Dear Kurdish friends, be careful, do not believe the Americans, now they are your allies and then they will all sell you to the Turki of Erdogan. NEVER TRUST THE AMERICANS AND ISRAELIS!! NEVER!!

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