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JULY 2020

Top Iranian Diplomat: US Cannot ‘Expect To Stay Safe’


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made a series of threats over ongoing tensions in the Persian Gulf amid a visit by Germany’s top diplomat who sought to diffuse the situation.

Top Iranian Diplomat: US Cannot 'Expect To Stay Safe'

On Monday, Zarif threatened that the United States”cannot expect to stay safe” after initiating an economic war against the Islamic republic in the wake of President Trump’s decision more than a year ago to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal, along with tough sanctions targeting Iran’s oil sector.

“Mr. Trump himself has announced that the U.S. has launched an economic war against Iran,” said Zarif according to the Associated Press, adding “The only solution for reducing tensions in this region is stopping that economic war.”

Whoever starts a war with us will not be the one who finishes it,” he added.

For his part, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas insisted his country and other European nations want to find a way to salvage the nuclear deal, which saw Iran limit its enrichment of uranium in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. But he acknowledged there were limits.

We won’t be able to do miracles, but we are trying as best as we can to do prevent its failure,” Maas said.

However, Europe has yet to be able to offer Iran a way to get around the newly imposed U.S. sanctions. Meanwhile, a July 7 deadline — imposed by Iran — looms for Europe to find a way to save the unraveling deal. –Associated Press

Anger over Israel

At one point during the meeting, Germany’s Heiko Maas angered the Iranian diplomat while discussing Israel.

“Israel’s right to exist is part of Germany’s founding principle and is completely non-negotiable,” said Maas, adding “It is a result of our history and it’s irrevocable and doesn’t just change because I am currently in Tehran.”

According to the report, Zarif grew visibly angry, then offered a list of problems throughout the Middle East, ranging from al-Qaeda to the bombing of Yemeni civilians which he blames on the US and its allies – primarily Saudi Arabia.

“If one seeks to talk about instability in this region, those are the other parties who should be held responsible,” said Zarif.

Zarif’s sharp tone likely comes from Iran’s growing frustration with Europe, as well as the ever-tightening American sanctions targeting the country. Iran’s national currency, the rial, is currently trading at nearly 130,000 to $1. It had been 32,000 to the dollar at the time of the 2015 deal. That has wiped away people’s earnings, as well as driven up prices on nearly every good in the country.

European nations had pledged to create a mechanism called INSTEX, which would allow Iran to continue to trade for humanitarian goods despite American sanctions. However, that program has yet to really take off, something Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman noted before Zarif and Maas spoke to reporters.

“We haven’t put much hope in INSTEX,” spokesman Abbas Mousavi said, according to Iranian state television. “If INSTEX was going to help us, it would have done so already.” –Associated Press

In withdrawing from the nuclear deal, Trump noted that it hadn’t limited Iran’s ballistic missile program, or dealt with what US officials describe as Tehran’s malign influence throughout the wider region.

According to the Tasnim news agency, Iran’s deputy head of their nuclear program, Ali Asghar Zarean, said Tehran had increased the number of centrifuges from 720 in 2015 before the 2015 nuclear deal, to 1044 now at their Fordo underground facility.

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, said last month that Iran had begun installing a chain of 20 IR-6 centrifuges at its underground Natanz enrichment facility. Iranian officials say the IR-6 can enrich 10 times faster than an IR-1.

In late May, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said that “up to 33” more advanced IR-6 centrifuges have been installed and that “technical discussions in relation to the IR-6 centrifuges are ongoing.”

Under terms of the nuclear deal, Iran is allowed to test no more than 30 of the IR-6s once the deal has been in place for 8 1/2 years. The deal is murky about limits before that point, which will arrive in 2023. –Associated Press

On Wednesday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will arrive in Tehran as an interlocutor for Trump. Japan was previously a buyer of Iranian oil until the US sanctions took effect.



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  • Hasbara Hunter


    • Zionism = EVIL

      The first bullet fired in Iran’s direction will bring about the destruction of the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Germans and Japanese are USA slave since WW2. Germans will always praise Israel to be in USA good books.Both Germans and Japanese were rape and killed by USA.Dont expect anything good from France,Britain, Germany and any other puppets of USA.

  • Cool Since 1776

    In the documentary,
    “The Greatest Story Never Told”
    on Brighteon Video, it tells of who it was who decided to send the German jew to the middle east.
    I’m not condoning this documentary, but is does offer a viewpoint never heard before,
    and it appears to me, that history has not been accurately told about this very subject.

    In Part 4, you can also see why the infernal jew was the start of another world war…
    I am an American Christian, do not associate me with zion, nor zionism.
    Stinking jews have been the cause of this worlds problems since the before the days of the Pharohs.

  • Rob

    All world countries must ban America and Israel. Stop taking loans from US lenders. Don’t buy weapons, iPhones, foods or other shit from them. Even don’t buy their gold. No need any type of deal with America and Israel. This is addiction.

    They are sanction, bombing and killing you and you buying their weapons, jets, cars, iphones, foods etc. to flourish their businesses. Shame on you. Don’t scare, they cannot sell anything by force to you. Ignore them, don’t listen to them.

  • iosongasingsing

    And certainly as long as there is Israel that dominates them, they are not sure at all. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f309461bcc59a0d329067f960bd9049be1e5d47247381c89ab434aed6c4f00e.jpg

  • wwinsti

    If Abe walks into Iran empty handed, if he turns out to be another Trump stooge who rephrases everything that’s already been said a million times, then war is assured.

    • Sinbad2

      All the western politicians are the minions of America, they all say and do whatever the US tells them to do. When Japan agreed to cripple its economy at the Plaza Accord, it showed how it was merely an American colony ruled from Washington.

  • meridius

    My concern is that if Iran feels increasingly with the back to the wall economically, it may have little to lose by striking back the US interests across middle east. At this point is is only them suffering. They may think at some point soon, it is about high time others( US , Saudi Arabia, Israel) get test of their own medicine and start suffering. Besides, they have grown quite a bit more confident in their military capabilities. After all they had 40 years to prepare for the battling the hydra.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Is this one article an obvious provocation to all us? What they’re trying to achieve with citing Associated press? To make us nervous? To insult us? What? Trying us, or something how we all will react? “Javad grew visibly angry”?! What is this? A rude joke, or they just testing our nerves to see how we will respond.
    What, 40 years of suffering in vein, and decade long war on Iran with uses of WMD (back in the days when Saddam was American apointed guy, and darling).
    If Iran goes down all we are going down, including Russia and China, entire free world will be destroyed. I’d rather have WWIII than that.

  • Ronald

    While I love Iran and her people, it amazes me that they do not understand that verbal threats are counter productive, and will only be used against them by western media.
    Silence is much more effective.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Not that the Americunt cowards will ever attack Iran, however…

    War With Iran Won’t Be Iraq All Over Again. It’ll Be Much Worse and US will lose and Zionist regime destroyed..

    That’s precisely why the Iranians have prepared a completely different strategy.

    The Iranians know very well that the American public has little tolerance for war casualties or a long and bloody slug fest, which the Iranians with their Shia martyrdom ideology excel at. Thus, their defense strategy has been primarily aimed at deterring an attack by preparing attrition warfare that raises America’s risks and costs to an unprecedented level. Instead of focusing on reducing Iran’s own costs, the goal would be to cause as many U.S. casualties and drag Israel into the conflict as early and as quickly as possible in order to strike a massive psychological blow to America’s willingness to continue the fight and rally Muslim masses around it. The strategy is not focused on directly defeating the U.S., but rather to make the cost of victory politically non-viable for America.

    The Iranian government has worked hard and successfully to strengthen its national security within a supportive regional framework and military alliances with the powerful Hezbollah and local resistance groups in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. It has developed formidable asymmetrical warfare capabilities, matched by an equally impressive array of missiles and regional force projection capabilities.With a large, nationalistic educated manpower, Iran can mobilize large numbers of trained men from within and regional Shia allies for an indefinite conflict. In a conflict with the U.S.,therefore, Iran would not be a pushover. On the contrary, any major military assault could result in an uncontrollable regional inferno and global economic crash.

    Both sides have good reason not to start a war, which will not remain contained.

  • Tommy Jensen

    US is already safe little boy. Its YOU who are not safe……………………………..LOL.

    US is about to build up nuclear capacity in Saudi. In short Saudi will be able to fire small tactical nukes everywhere and Europe will soon be able too.
    Saudi and Iran can thus destroy each other, and Europe and Russia will destroy each other, and who do you think will benefit from behind?

    We Americans and our little partner won again and YOU lost………………………………LOL.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Do Russia still have an airfighter base in Iran or were they kicked out??

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    The man is 100% right. A while ago as I was praying, I had a vision of netanyahu kind of talking to himself, looking up to Iran, realizing how powerful iran is, and how he would not be able to stop it. It was very interesting.