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Top 6 Tips For Caring For Your Goldendoodle



Goldendoodles are a great companion.” And I mean that in every sense of the word.

Talk about a dog capable of reading moods, sensing emotions, and livening owners up, and you’re looking at an F1 Goldendoodle.

Doodles will – for all good reasons – draw the right attention to you, be your in-house dance partner, hit the pool with you, be the guy that follows you to a pet-friendly restaurant, and even agree to go shopping with you. Oh, and lest I forget; they’ll welcome guests on your behalf, engage the kids at home, and even run a few errands for you.

All these they will do, and in return, guess what they ask for?

Only your utmost attention and care!

To help you deliver this, check out our list of Goldendoodle caring tips.

Puppy proof your home

Even though their smartness is there for all to see, we need not forget that Goldendoodles are still animals. And like any other kind of animal, there’s little they can do to protect themselves.

This is why we say that the most important gift you can give to your Golden Doodle puppies, once they step out of the breeder’s home, is to puppy proof your home. Of course, by puppy-proofing your home, you’ll be saving your million-dollar furniture or carpet from being chewed. But even more importantly, you’ll be safeguarding your furry friend against any harm.

Puppy proofing your home could mean clearing your surroundings of harmful objects, keeping certain plants out of the house, getting a dog crate, and making sure certain areas remain off-limits to him.

Training begins from day-one

To care for a Goldendoodle is to subject him to the right kinds of training. Failure to do so might just be a shortcoming on your part. Goldendoodles are, by nature, a highly intelligent, sociable, and energetic breed of dog.

So, when they come into your house, the best thing you can do for them is to help them become what they’re really meant to be. To do that, you’ll need to begin their training right away.

Give them simple commands, show them the little signs that matter, signal instructions to them, teach them language, make them run around, and don’t forget to end it all with a Hi-Five.

Toys are a must

I remember saying in one of my previous posts about Goldendoodles that “If you know you can’t afford to take care of them, please don’t get one.”

Well, by “taking care of them,” one of the things I was referring to was toys.

And you’ll need quite a number of them. As you may already know that almost every dog loves toys, the love of doodles for toys is even on another level.

In fact, just the way parents change their baby’s toys while he moves from infancy to the toddler stage, Goldendoodle owners should prepare to buy a new set of toys for their doodle every time there is a noticeable change in their growth (i.e., as he grows older).

Additionally, as you may already know that almost every dog loves toys; the love of doodles for toys is even on another level. So, if you know you aren’t ready to scour the internet every now and then for new and engaging toy sets for your doodle, please don’t bother buying one.

Walking and feeding are just as crucial

One of the perks of having a Goldendoodle is that you don’t have to go on those long street walks before walking your dog. Simply stepping out of the sitting room and walking around the compound, through the corridor, and back to the stairs should suffice if you don’t have the time for those long, lengthy walks.

Also, as far as feeding goes, Goldendoodles are as attractive as their last meal. Of course, they’re no food-freaks or choosy dogs, but they do love a timely meal, especially when you’ve mastered them to a feeding schedule.

Make time for them

Goldendoodles are neither a cage dog, nor a crate dog (don’t condemn them to crates for too long). Instead, they’re a family dog, and they demand constant companionship with humans. Anything less, and they’ll get bored, dull, and spiritless.

Trust me, for a dog lover, a dispirited Goldendoodle is the last thing you want in your house.

So, therefore, from time to time, do ensure that you leave them in the company of humans.

Have a vet in hand

Goldendoodles are not disease-prone. If yours is, then he’s most likely a doodle clone (Lol). One of the logic behind the creation of the breed, in the first place, is to create a breed that carries the hybrid vigor of a retriever and a poodle, so much so that it boasts such a stable health condition at all times.

However, that’s not to say that your doodle won’t call ill once in a while. Far from it! It’s a living creature, after all, so it’s to be expected that there might be times when he’s feeling less of himself.

To prepare for this time, ensure you have a vet in hand – someone to call or talk to when your furry friend is starting to behave strangely.



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